Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 266: I Have Coveted This Fresh and Tender Body for a Long Time

Chapter 266: I Have Coveted This Fresh and Tender Body for a Long Time

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

"You’re indeed a model of falling out with someone and immediately becoming hostile. Previously, you were a gentle, amiable, and genial elder."

"If you really think I am a gentle, amiable and genial elder, then you’re the one stupid here. Before the struggle of ‘God’ and ‘Demon’ has been settled, and before the unification of primordial spirit, I will not be so confused to possess my assistant. When Sword God rashly possessed Zhu Shiyao while the primordial spirit has yet to unify, even though he was a majestic Mahayana Stage, in just a few strikes, you’ve already managed to kill him."

Facing the dense chill air of Sword Demon, Wang Lu felt as if his limbs and bones were frozen. On the other hand, he also wryly smiled as if this was as expected.

Why didn't the other side possess him earlier? Because of the simple truth that the benefit of possessing earlier was not good enough.

From their first meeting, he was already wary of this Sword Demon. And during their time together, there were many times where he nearly could not suppress his impulse to fight it out with Sword Demon.

He had already guessed that this Sword Demon was not good, and if things continued, it would end up like this. Therefore, he tried to catch the previous opportunity to no avail.

Unfortunately, this was the end of the road.

If he could choose, Wang Lu would still like to be the opponent of Sword God, who although strong, wasn’t that smart. Only Zhu Shiyao, that fool, could be easily deceived by others.

Now that the one he faced was Sword Demon, he was completely at his wits end.

He felt a kind of omnidirectional repression that made people suffocated and weak at the same time. Wang Lu knew that this was not because he was weak, but because the opponent was simply too strong. After all, a Xudan Stage cultivator contending against a peak Mahayana Stage was just a fantasy.

However, even if his power was not enough, his ambition was! Even if he knew perfectly well that there was only a narrow escape ahead, he had to at least try it first.

In the past, when Zhong Shengming bravely took the divine tribulations at Bai Li, was he certain that he would succeed? Wasn’t he still holding onto the slim chance of survival?

"If he can do it, why can’t I?"

"Moreover, at this time, Sword Demon has just recovered from unifying his primordial spirit, so it could be said that he is in his weakest moment. Although the gap in stage could not be crossed, he is not that much powerful than Sword God. And since I can force Sword God into a hopeless situation using the God Destroying Sword and God-Seal seal, I should not be without resistance in fighting Sword Demon!"

Thinking to this, Wang Lu also felt that there was nothing to say anymore. Since Sword Demon could spend his time talking so much with him, then that meant he didn’t expect him to be able to win. It was because Sword Demon looked at their previous collaboration that he tried to explain to him as clear as possible so that he could die without regret.

Of course, although Sword Demon was acting on his whim, he still did not stoop to the same level as a lowly villain. Of course, the personality of Sword Demon was not a matter of concern. Regardless of him being despicable or above board, since it was clear that the other side wanted Wang Lu’s life, he had to fight it out first.

Looking at the still firm eyes of Wang Lu despite being under pressure, Sword Demon nodded in appraisal. "Yes, facing a hopeless situation without losing the fighting spirit, you are indeed worthy to be the top talent in Nine Regions. Once I’m inside you, I can see that there would be bright future ahead."

After a pause, Sword Demon continued, "And in my hand, you will play a greater role in everything."

"Go f*cking f*ck yourself!"

Wang Lu cursed and decided to make a preemptive strike! He launched his original magical ability! Thousands upon thousands of broken swords crowded like forests suddenly appeared around the two of them. The surrounding boundless sea of bitterness was replaced with the scarlet sky of Wang Lu’s hundreds of meters world!

"Mm, amazing talent indeed. How long was it the last time? This original magical ability is even more perfect."

Sword Demon, with a wooden expression, looked at the original magical ability world that was even more impressive than the previous one. From his expressionless praise, obviously, he didn’t put Wang Lu’s unique skill in his eyes at all.

Towards a Supreme Mahayana Stage, all of the skills of Xudan Stage cultivator were just little tricks—it was impossible for him to pay attention to them.

"Alas, your original magical ability is evolved from my Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword. Displaying this in front of its original master, don’t you feel it’s laughable?"

Then, Sword Demon loudly laughed. At the same time, Wang Lu felt that his primordial spirit, Jade Mansion, and body simultaneously shook. Like a broken glass, the world around them shattered into millions upon millions of fragments.

The scarlet sky and tens of thousands of broken swords puffed into smoke under the smiling face of Sword Demon. After his original magical ability was broken, Wang Lu felt his head spun under the backfire force. His head became dizzy, his chest stifled, and blood flowed out of his seven orifices.

"I know everything about Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword. The more energy you spend on it, the less chance you will win. Even if a genius from immortal world descends to earth, it is impossible for him to have a deeper attainment in Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword than me."

Wang Lu of course knew all of this. From the very beginning, he didn’t completely accept the inheritance of Sword Demon with open heart. His original magical ability contained the essence of Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword, however, the framework was still from Non-Phase Method… it was just that, he didn’t think that it could still be used by Sword Demon.

For a Supreme of peak Mahayana Stage, a single move from the primordial spirit could ground a trivial Xudan Stage cultivator into dust. While the current Sword Demon has yet to restore most of his power, however, based on pure skill alone, he was able to push Wang Lu into a disadvantageous position.

As a matter of fact, when his original magical ability was broken, Wang Lu couldn’t even distinguish whether that was because of the strength of the opponent or by opponent’s skill.


His skill being thwarted in a single move didn’t discourage Wang Lu. On the contrary, he became even more determined. Since Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword could not be used, then he would use his old routine, Non-Phase Sword! Actually, although Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword was indeed good, Wang Lu was more comfortable in using Non-Phase Sword. Perhaps it was similar to the old saying, a wife who shared her husband's hard lot must never be cast aside.

Compared to the sharpness that was against the heaven of Bai Li’s Sword God, he was more familiar with and thus could fully use Non-Phase Sword. Moreover...

Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword was indeed his weak point against Sword Demon, but he could also use it as a breakthrough. As long as he carefully analyzed it and then applied the result to his Non-Phase Sword, Wang Lu believed that his sword defense would not be easy to break through.

"Non-Phase Sword is indeed brilliant, but unfortunately..."

Sword Demon then raised his hand and rotated his wrist. On Wang Lu’s side, he immediately felt as if there was a mountain pressing on him. All his limbs and bones were powerless against it, and he immediately fell forward, unable to use his sword defense at all.

"Unfortunately, your body has already long been invaded by Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword. You have lost your freedom to act independently."

Wang Lu tried to move his primordial spirit, trying to regain control of his body. However, he found out that the outside of his purple mansion gradually turned dark. His Non-Phase Sword Bone and Jade Mansion was enveloped by darkness.

"One of the reasons I sent you my Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword Qi is to break your Non-Phase Sword Defense. Once a hole has been broken, you can no longer use any of your big skills."

"Heh!" Even though he has gradually lost control of his body, Wang Lu still did not give up. The Void Core inside his Jade Mansion crazily rotated in response to the roar of his primordial spirit in the purple mansion.

However, he still could not stop the darkness that slowly crept in. Only an inch area outside his Jade Mansion remained bright. Wang Lu even saw the Demonic Mansion of Sword Demon was already constructed right next to his Jade Mansion.

With the strength that was still left in him, Wang Lu tried to strike up a conversation. Because the other side was willing to waste time talking with him, it meant that there was still an opportunity. "You’ve really planned this for a long time. From the start, you’ve already laid out everything, plotting for my youthful, beautiful and tender body."

Sword Demon said, "Correct, I will not let go of this unprecedented Void Spirit Root. But, to successfully possess it, there is indeed a key obstacle."

"Non-Phase Method?"

"Humph, I don’t know what’s so good about your Master, but although your attainment in Non-Phase Golden Body is still shallow, vaguely, it actually contains the supreme main path 1 of immortal cultivation; you already reached the realm of the leakless golden body. In my remnant soul state, I can’t possess you by force. Without any better option, I was forced to use Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword as bait to entice you to destroy this great wall. Fortunately, you’re really obedient."

Then, Sword Demon sighed. "I initially thought that after the Age of Chaos, it would be difficult for the cultivators of the Nine Regions to comprehend the opportunity on the main path of immortal cultivation. I never thought this land could still breed an amazingly rare talent. No doubt there’s an enormous side effect of this Non-Phase Method, however, a unified system that sticks closely to the main path is no less inferior than any Immortal-level method. And this was purely based on self-comprehension alone, not depending on the immortal world to pass it. It is really hard to imagine that such a talented person actually exists."

Wang Lu was inwardly shocked; he even stopped the struggle of his primordial spirit for a moment.

"However, what I previously said to you about this still stands. Although Non-Phase Method is strong, it’s not suitable for you. When your Master created this method, it must have been under extremely harsh condition… Tsk, I’m afraid even the ninth underworld survivor would not create this kind of method. This method is not compatible with you, and Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword Qi is indeed more suitable. Unfortunately, this is a mixed blessing, so you are doomed to be robbed."

As the voice of Sword Demon continued to sink, Wang Lu felt that the darkness has completely spread out inside his body. One by one, a pitch black totem started to stand erect on the ground, rising up the demonic fire; this previously incomparably familiar body has begun to be rapidly branded by Sword Demon.

Wang Lu struggled to maintain the light of the Jade Mansion, yet the darkness continued to seep in.

"Give up. The reason why I spent my time explaining to you everything is not so that you could have the chance for a comeback, but to reward you for helping me get rid of Sword God, so that you will die with a clear mind. Pointless struggle is not going to show your bravery, instead, it will only add to your trouble."

While Sword Demon was speaking, a light suddenly lit up in the darkness.

"Demon, you will not prevail!"

The sound pierced through the dark like lightning. Within the thousands of devil flame totems, like an angel, a white-clothed female appeared with bright-galaxy-like sword lights behind her back.


In astonishment, the fire of hope was suddenly rekindled in Wang Lu’s heart. Despite his opponent was a complete primordial spirit of Mahayana Stage, if it was his Master...

However, when he took a closer look, he could not help but become stunned. The woman in white was not the Fifth Elder of the Spirit Sword Sect, but...

Sword spirit of Sword of Mount Kun, Autumn Beam!

No one knew why that uncommunicative sword spirit would appear inside him and firmly launch the sword light against the Sword Demon. However, one thing Wang Lu was very clear, Autumn Beam was not the opponent of Sword Demon—she was clearly on the suicide path.

For the action of sword spirit, Sword Demon was extremely surprised. "Unexpectedly, there is such a loyal sword spirit? Little girl, you have already cultivated for around a millennium, and obviously has been passed on between one or two masters, yet you actually have a blind loyalty to your current master?"

Autumn Beam replied with a cold voice, "In my one thousand years of cultivation, I have never abandoned my master and run away!"

"It’s not easy for you to cultivate. Since you have almost succeeded in creating the sword heart, why would you want to destroy your future? Never mind, after I take control of him, you will still end up in my hand!"

During his talk, the black demonic fire went ablaze, gathered together and then rushed towards Autumn Beam like a black dragon.

Autumn Beam used her own cultivation base to urge the sword light to resist the black dragon with all her power, not retreating even for half a step. The one thousand year cultivation of the spirit of Sword of Mount Kun was extraordinarily displayed!

Sword Demon slightly furrowed his brow and began to mobilize even more power to encircle Autumn Beam. However, in mid-air, Autumn Beam, with her white dress, was like an unextinguished star. Her sword light remained as bright as ever. Even though the power that besieged her was far stronger than her, her sword light was even sharper. And in the center of her forehead, vaguely, a spiritual eye began to open.

"Humph, using the fight to catalyze the sword heart? Reckless, naive girl, your cultivation is just a mere one thousand years long, I can kill you off easily!"

All of a sudden, a flurry of demonic qi spread out, and in an instant, the sword light of Autumn Beam was engulfed by the black demonic fire.

It was indeed easy for Sword Demon to destroy Autumn Beam. If not for somewhat appreciating the blind loyalty towards the master by this woman, she would’ve been turned into ashes early on. However, seeing that Autumn Beam actually wanted to activate the sword heart in the fight, he immediately dealt her with a heavy hand, else it would delay and give him trouble. After suppressing Autumn Beam, it was time for Wang Lu. He has been playing the game of cat and mouse long enough; now it was time to end it all.

Thinking to this, Sword Demon suddenly felt that his enthusiasm was somewhat waning.

And just at this time, a strange light pierced through the dark clouds that covered the surrounding.

The light actually came from Wang Lu’s Jade Mansion!

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