Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 271 - Masters Strong and Powerful Penetration

Chapter 271: Master’s Strong and Powerful Penetration

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After a long time, Wang Lu finally recovered from shock. He laid down Senior Sister on the ground, and then forcibly shook his head, still somewhat in disbelief.

Actually, Wang Lu’s nerves have been honed by the previous countless jaw-dropping turn of events and would not feel surprised no matter what happened in this sword tomb.

But he did not expect to see his master at this time!

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The woman in white coldly humphed. "Nonsense, look at how amazing I am, like a god descending to earth, if I am not your master, then who!"

Wang Lu sighed. "I am relieved to hear how shameless your opening remarks are, which no one else can duplicate."

With that, Wang Lu’s complexion immediately sank as he seriously asked, "How is the situation?"

Wang Wu’s emergence was an extremely shocking experience for Wang Lu, nevertheless, he had expected the rescue team from his sect to arrive. After all, while he and Big Sister were in the deepest layer of the sword tomb, Liu Li and Little Bai should have already been evacuated earlier, so they should’ve reported the situation back to the sect. Similarly, after being eliminated, the three sects Shengjing, Ten Thousand Arts, and Kunlun would’ve certainly contacted their respective sect elders to inquire about the next plan.

And after knowing how things progressed, the elders of these sects would not remain indifferent. Especially the elders of Spirit Sword Sect, they should be well aware that he and Zhu Shiyao have encountered difficulties.

The team leader handbook was not only the one in his hand. There was another copy of it in the Heavenly Sword Hall and they ought to know that he and his Senior Sister were in an extremely dangerous situation, and taking into account that one of them was the lead representative while the other one was the Big Sister, which would undoubtedly be the backbone of the Spirit Sword Sect in the years to come, the sect naturally have to rescue them.

Letting disciples through hardship was one thing, but letting them die was entirely a different thing. For this reason, it would not have been unusual if all the Heavenly Sword Hall Elders came. However, no matter what, Wang Lu never thought that his master would be the first one to appear.

If he alone were trapped here, it would’ve been his master’s responsibility to rescue him. However, Big Sister was also here, so how could Sect Leader remain indifferent?

Therefore, Wang Lu was very suspicious about the situation outside.

"The situation is very messy." Wang Wu was brief and to the point. "The four sects were alarmed, and currently, their elders are already quarreling outside."

With a simple sentence, she outlined the outside situation and the players. The four super sects were alerted by the bad news, but at least, it did not turn for the worst; they were just quarreling instead of fighting. As for why Wang Wu came alone, there seemed to be an explanation: Daoist Master Feng Yin and the other elders were wrangling with the other sects elders, especially the elders from Shengjing. Therefore, she could come in while the others were distracted.

"No, they are arguing outside because nobody could come in." Wang Wu lightly said, "There’s a very special restriction on the last layer of the sword tomb. Besides banning anyone except for the specially designated person to come in, the restriction also secretly contains the four in nine divine tribulations, which although weak, was still a genuine divine tribulation. The elders outside could only come in if all of them can break the restriction with a special technique, otherwise, they would have to give up their life trying to pass through the four in nine divine tribulations. When I came here, they were still arguing about the approach to break the restriction. While Ten Thousand Arts Sect was fighting alone against the other three sects, it seemed like they still maintained the upper hand. Unfortunately, if all of them agreed on the method from Ten Thousand Arts Sect, they would need around three to five months to break the restriction at the very least."

"Mm, and then?" While asking, Wang Lu looked at his master in disbelief. The existence of the four in nine divine tribulations was not strange. At the time when Zhong Shengming was seriously injured, it was likely that his primordial spirit was suffused with the energy of the four in nine divine tribulations, which was then extracted by the earth immortals and placed here as a restriction. However, for a restriction that was put in place by the earth immortals and even caused the Ten Thousand Arts Sect to be at a loss, how could his master come in? Was it because her moral integrity was particularly worthless, far below even from the level of human, thus was not identified as a person by the sword tomb’s identification system and instead considered her as a dry leaf, rubble or other inanimate objects, thus allowing her to pass?

"Then I took advantage to come in while they were busy quarreling among themselves."

"What about the four in nine divine tribulations?" Wang Lu rhetorically asked, only because that was really unbelievable.

Wang Wu casually said, "It’s not the full version of the four in nine divine tribulations, so what’s the problem? I simply just rushed in."

"You just barged in!?"

Wang Wu knitted her brows and asked back, "What’s so incredible about that? I just simply cut the gordian knot! It’s like if you chase a girl and you can’t catch her, so isn’t simply using underhanded means, by drugging her, the natural option here?"

"… I think there is a big difference between our values."

"Come on, you were obviously trying to rape Yao’Er."

"It was just a misunderstanding."

"Oh? That’s a misunderstanding? Do you think when Yao’Er wakes up she will believe what I say?"

Wang Lu looked down at the still unconscious Big Sister and thought that this was a topic that he was bound to lose. His master was someone with moral integrity, or lack thereof, that was difficult to overcome, therefore, he had to change the topic.

"So this means that, by rushing through the four in nine divine tribulations, you were basically risking your life to save me?"

When speaking about this, it seemed like his master’s image suddenly grew tall. No matter how serious was the absence of her moral integrity, it was undeniable that she was, after all, a really good Master.

Wang Wu somewhat embarrassedly said, "Oh, you don’t have to praise me like that, it’s not the complete version of four in nine divine tribulations, so it’s not that big of a deal. There’s no danger in it at all."

Although Wang Wu made it seem like nothing, Wang Lu was inwardly aghast. Just the partial version of four in nine divine tribulations you say? Even Zhong Shengming didn’t have the confidence to break through the restriction, yet you just casually passed through it like it was walking in the park? Master, you’re just a damn f*cking Jindan, are you kidding me!?

However, Wang Wu didn’t want to continue to dwell on this topic but just shrugged and asked, "So, what happened here?"

Wang Lu had nothing to hide in front of his Master, so he told her the story in detail.

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For Wang Lu’s encounter with Sword Demon, which was akin to a fierce struggle between two unevenly matched opponents, although his Master didn’t comment anything, she gave him a slight nod of praise. However, when it came to the part about the matter of earth immortals, her complexion suddenly changed.

"Tsk, tens of millions of sword tombs? What a great skill."

Unlike what Wang Lu expected, upon hearing about the inheritance of earth immortals, his Master didn’t reveal her greedy face. Instead, she showed a bit of disgust, like she simply didn’t care at all about those tens of millions of immortal treasures.

Wang Lu naturally caught this detail. His heart was moved and guessed that his Master likely knew the existence of earth immortals, and very likely have had dealings with them… However, since during their ten years as a Master and disciple she never once brought up this topic, obviously, his Master didn’t intend to say it.

"So, as the legitimate successor, what are you going to do?" His Master shook her head and asked.

Wang Lu said, "I haven’t thought about it, but for sure, I can’t keep it for myself."

Wang Wu smiled. "Yes, this is not an inheritance that only one or two people can monopolize."

Tens of millions of immortal treasures that required a great deal of effort to get and not just lying around waiting to be taken. If each of them was as difficult as this sword tomb, Wang Lu didn’t think that he had the patience to go through each of those tens of millions…

Moreover, for things like immortal treasures, it was not the more the better. In general, a cultivator only needed two or three of personal magical treasures. Of course, for a place as big as Nine Regions, It was bound for some cultivators to have countless magical treasures. However, in the actual combat, more was not always better.

Therefore, as one wise cultivator once said, for cultivators, having countless magical treasures was like having a harem. Having many women to pleasure you indeed sounded really good, but in fact, they would only hasten your death.

Therefore, Wang Lu didn’t intend to monopolize the tens of millions of immortal treasures of earth immortals— there was a better use for them rather than to be monopolized.

"That Sword Demon left me something really precious before he died."

Wang Lu said and then stretched out his hand to project the picture that was marked in his primordial spirit.

It was the huge, bright like a galaxy network, which was the tens of millions of three-dimensional maps of the immortal tomb.

"This is truly a priceless inheritance. The tens of millions of immortal treasures are just virtual, but, if this map were sold at high price to those suckers at Shengjing Sect, the benefits are real."

Wang Wu said, "Yes, we have to strip those local bosses naked. But, the premise is to first find the legendary key."

Wang Lu nodded. "Master, do you have any clue?"

"I wish." Wang Wu helplessly said, "According to you, that key is at least at the level of immortal treasure. If I have the clue, I would’ve snatched it and sold it."

After a pause, Wang Wu also said, "However, although I don’t have the clue, I know someone that does have it… But, we need to postpone this matter until we get back on the mountain. Right now, Sect Leader and my Fellow Apprentices have definitely become impatient."

With that, Wang Wu pulled Wang Lu with one hand while hugging Zhu Shiyao with another, then they flew towards the dark sky.

Flash of lightning sparkled on the sky above while the black mist tumbled. The closer they were, the more Wang Lu felt the suffocating burst of awe-inspiring power.

This was the power of the four in nine divine tribulations… although it was only the residual force extracted out from the primordial spirit of the Sword Demon by the earth immortals, it was, after all, a wrath of heaven, something that a mere mortal could challenge. In the face of four in nine divine tribulations, Wang Lu felt a deep sense of powerlessness and fear.

Suddenly, an invisible shield wrapped around him, and immediately after, the repression in his heart disappeared.

Wang Lu smiled as he knew it was his master launching her Non-Phase Sword Defense. In fact, by bringing Wang Lu and Zhu Shiyao with her, was it not to show the invincible might of her prowess?

Previously, when Wang Lu told her that Sword Demon had imparted him the Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword, she always smiled without saying anything, not even trying to refute all the various derogatory words about Non-Phase Method by Zhong Shengming. However, Wang Lu was very clear that his master actually cared. Although she was not a narrow-minded person, she was not exactly broad-minded either… which was also confined to the physical level; spiritually, however, she was not a generous person. She didn’t haggle over those derogatory words because Zhong Shengming was not present to hear it. She was not going to waste her time in spouting empty incendiary rhetoric.

She would rather show than tell.

Do you think Non-Phase Sword isn’t good enough? Then I’ll let you see the real power of Non-Phase Method!

Seeing the ever nearing sky, the four in nine divine tribulations were already in sight, Wang Lu took a deep breath to calm the uneasiness in his heart.

The next moment, the emerald green sword light flew straight up through the sky. The dark cloud rumbled, and lightning snaked around. However, they were firmly isolated within the sword light, and no outside force could penetrate even for half a step.

The four in nine divine tribulations contained the infinite change of the law of heaven. Countless mysterious changes bloomed and extinguished before his eyes, making him unexpectedly somewhat dizzy as if his head spun again and again.

However, no matter how many changes were contained within this four in nine divine tribulations, no matter how many rounds of offensive that it set off, under the emerald green sword light, all of them vanished one by one. Although both of her hands were occupied with holding Wang Lu and Zhu Shiyao, and she only controlled her sword through primordial spirit, her sword defense was actually flawless that even the four in nine divine tribulations could not shake it in the slightest.

A moment later, the cloud broke and the sky split open.

Looking at the sight of the long-lost light, Wang Lu had to sigh with emotion.

Master, you really blew up the sky.

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