Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 275: Unsinkable Fortress

Chapter 275: Unsinkable Fortress

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Back at the mountain, life was not as leisurely as expected.

He had just received severe internal injuries, thus he badly needed time to recuperate. At the same time, he also needed to steadily research the combination of Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword and Non-Phase Method, meaning that he needed a long closed-door training. However, there were too many works that needed Wang Lu’s involvement by the sect, which he could not shirk from. After a short rest back at the mountain, Wang Lu was put in an intense job.

Although it was Feng Yin who proposed to set up a special committee to deal with the inheritance of earth immortals, the initial framework actually came from Wang Lu’s creativity. Moreover, Wang Lu also held the most key element: Map. Thus, Wang Lu was duty-bound and must be involved.

It could be said that the most important reason why Spirit Sword Sect was able to make Shengjing Sect recognize its position within the committee was this three-dimensional map. When Sword Demon initially projected the map in Wang Lu’s primordial spirit, he has actually left behind an extremely mysterious seed. The more it was studied, the more endless marvel could be discovered—it was by no means just a simple projection. After finding the key in the future, Spirit Sword Sect could have a far higher efficiency than the other sects in exploring the tomb with this map.

This advantage, which was not intended to be fully monopolized by Spirit Sword Sect, was now being used by the established committee to win over allies. And for such an important outreach work, how could Wang Lu be kept out? After more than a month’s time back at the mountain, Wang Lu began to follow Feng Yin as he went to various sects to contact them. In addition to the Five Uniques, they also contacted other high-rank sects like Myriad Forms Sect.

Two months later, after numerous meetings and consultations, the overall framework of the committee was truly established. The committee was called Nine Regions Tomb Excavation Management Committee, or Excavation Management in short. It has more than fifty committee members, of which, two-thirds came from the Five Uniques, a total of thirty members, yet from these thirty members, Spirit Sword Sect was accounted for ten people. In addition to the nine Elders of Heavenly Sword Hall, even Wang Lu was accounted for. Most of the members of the committee have already reached Yuanying Stage at the minimum, except for the Fifth Elder of Spirit Sword Sect who was known as the number one Jindan, and Wang Lu. This illustrated the pivotal influence of Spirit Sword Sect within the committee.

Of course, this agreement could not be achieved two months ago when the initial agreement was agreed in the sword tomb. In the past two months, the hard work of Daoist Master Feng Yin and Wang Lu was not negligible.

As for the standing committee, it was all represented by the representative of the Five Uniques. Although other sects criticized this in silent, they have no other choice—the influence of these five super sects was just extraordinary.

As the committee’s list has been fully established, the statute of the procedure was also tentatively formulated, which also took another two months time.

After all of those, by Wang Lu’s proposal, the founding ceremony, as well as the first committee meeting, were arranged on a flying boat. Certainly, it was not a common pleasure boat, but of Shengjing Sect, which was known as the largest and the luxurious flying boat in the entire Nine Regions. It was an immortal tool accidentally uncovered by Shengjing Sect while exploring an immortal tomb. In its heyday, it could blot out the sun as it soared to the sky and emit dazzling light. At the bow was installed several cannons that could even sink one corner of the continent, let alone destroy a city or annihilate a country.

Unfortunately, after the Age of Chaos, all the combat devices on the ship has already been damaged, and because of the change in the surrounding spiritual energy, it could no longer be repaired. Nevertheless, after the restoration effort from Shengjing Sect people, at least it could fly again. Although it no longer has combat capability, its flight speed was very slow, and has no transport capacity, it was now used by the elders of Shengjing Sect and their outstanding disciples as a place for spending their holiday. Shengjing Sect was filthy rich; they equipped and modified this giant flying boat with the best material and devices money could buy. They proudly called it the unsinkable fortress, while the envious and jealous cultivators called it the golden tyrant, everyday hoping it would meet disaster and thus fall from the sky.

Wang Lu’s proposal to make this flying boat as the venue received great backing from Shengjing Sect. Although Spirit Sword Sect and Shengjing Sect have yet to smooth out their recent frictions, in the face of huge benefits, past contradictions were as transient as the fleeting clouds. Right now, the Excavation Management has just been formed, the morale was still high, and everyone was of one mind. By graciously lending their luxurious flying boat, Shengjing Sect not only showed their sincerity, but also their strength. Under the instruction of Daoist He Tu, the Excavation Management was given a long-term preferential leasing contract, almost hiring this golden tyrant for free. Simultaneously, insiders could also enjoy a very big discount for private purposes.

On the first meeting, nearly all the more than fifty committee members were present on the scene. When they landed on this unsinkable fortress, most of them felt blinded by this ostentatious flying boat. Even Wang Lu could not help but click his tongue in amazement, thinking he should forget his cheap custom made flying boat. Then another strand of thought came to his mind. If now he offered to switch side to Shengjing Sect, what price tag the opposite party could offer him? Since he was now considered as an eminent person in Nine Regions, surely for a rich and powerful sect like Shengjing Sect, they could offer him a premium...

As for the agenda of the meeting, it was actually nothing worthwhile. First, the chairperson Feng Yin gave his speech about the completion of the foundational work. Then, Wang Lu, as the representative of the concerned party, made a special report in front of the general assembly, detailing about the principle behind the immortal tomb and so on. After that, the assembly made the arrangement for the work of finding the key. The preliminary information exchange channel was thus established.

As for the further work, it could only be discussed at the next meeting. After a day of meeting, Shengjing Sect entertained the guests inside their unsinkable fortress for three days. After everyone had their good time, the guests carefreely left the venue.

During the period, one of the Great Elders of Shengjing Sect visited Wang Lu and gave him a thoughtful gift.

"I heard that you have an immortal beast friend, I hope this book can be of great help to her, and at the same time, I also hope that the past misunderstanding will not affect our cooperation in the future."

Looking at the smiling expression of Supreme Tian Yue, Wang Lu sincerely admired the facial skin of Shengjing Sect people. A few months ago, he put on severe words and stern countenance, acting as outrageous as a common bandit. However, today, he unexpectedly managed to look humble and genuine… A Unity Stage Supreme actually wanted to make amends with him...

No wonder even though Supreme Tian Yue was well known for his outrageousness and bully behavior, he could still exist until today. Although he could act rude and outrageous, when trying to make things right, his action was actually particularly thoughtful and very much according to the circumstances.

Wang Lu safely accepted the gift from Tian Yue. The book was actually written by himself, which recorded his experience and achievement as a monster cultivator, from when he became aware till he reached Unity Stage. Although Tian Yue could not be compared to an immortal beast like Bai Shixuan from the point of view of foundation qualification, the cultivation experience of a Supreme of Unity Stage was still valuable.

After accepting the book, for the time being, the past gratitudes and grudges have been settled. After playing in the flying boat for several days, Wang Lu followed his Uncle Sect Master back to Spirit Sword Mountain.

This time’s return to the mountain, he could finally relax. The key task of the Excavation Management was to search for the key, which could not be completed in just a few days. Daoist Master Feng Yin himself also proposed to rest for a while after a few months of busy work.

Therefore, Wang Lu finally has the time to smooth out his cultivation.

Of course, he still has to settle some matters first. When he returned to the mountain after the conference, he received a duel declaration from Big Sister Zhu Shiyao.

Big Sister was a straightforward person—when she decided to do something, there would not be too many considerations. Within the sword tomb, she and Wang Lu had several times exchanged moves, but the victory and defeat couldn’t be clearly decided yet. As soon as her purple mansion was healed, she immediately wanted to settle the outcome. Unfortunately, Wang Lu was still busy with the committee work and had no time to deal with this. At this time, seeing that Wang Lu had a leisure time, Zhu Shiyao could no longer restrain herself.

For this challenge, Wang Lu readily accepted it. Although the Stellar Divine Eyes of Big Sister was indeed formidable, his Broken Sword World was not a small matter either. As the biggest winner in that ancient sword tomb, he already has enough confidence.

However, when the fight finally happened, the result was somewhat unexpected. Wang Lu did win, but it was because of the mistake of his opponent. During the crucial point in the match, Zhu Shiyao’s sword appeared slightly shaken, which Wang Lu immediately grasped as his opportunity to win the fight. Later on, when asked, it was actually because of the rapid progress of the cultivation base of her primordial spirit which made it unstable. She was so eager for the fight that she didn’t care that her condition was still not that good. The only thing she did was to ask her Master to seal her primordial spirit so that she could only display sixty to seventy percent of her ability. However, during the fierce fight, her fighting intent surged up, and she accidentally broke her Master’s seal. Immediately, her primordial spirit shook, which revealed her flaw, leading to a regrettable lost.

Thus, the prestige of this victory has to take a hit. Since the primordial spirit of the opponent could only display sixty to seventy percent efficacy, it was like having an unfair advantage. However, the blame was squarely on Zhu Shiyao’s side… In short, Wang Lu knew that his progress was indeed not small, but if he slacked even a little bit, the others would catch up and even surpass him. Zhu Shiyao and Liu Li, their strength continued to progress by leaps and bounds, the future was bright for them.

However, for him, it was as if he was standing at the crossroads, the future was still hazy.

The biggest harvest in the exploration of ancient sword tomb was the group of immortal tombs. However, as an individual, his harvest was mainly the Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword inherited from the Sword Demon. Whether teaching him this method because Sword Demon wanted to possess him or something else, the method itself was not a problem. Moreover, rarer still… when leaving the sword tomb, it did not lose its efficacy because of the change in the surrounding spiritual energy.

This was a divine sword art that could pass through the ages, and its high value was without a doubt. It was not too much to call it a true immortal level sword art. However, on the other hand, directly before his eyes, he saw his Master demonstrating the awe-inspiring power of Non-Phase Method; the four in nine divine tribulations that rendered the elders of the four super sects helpless was easily passed through by her. Even Sword Demon himself was full of praise of Non-Phase Method, and Sword Demon only said that it was not suitable for him.

But now it seemed like, if he succeeded in practicing Non-Phase Method, he eventually could even shoulder the four in nine divine tribulations with ease.

"Therefore, you have come to seek my advice?"

On top of Non-Phase Peak, Wang Wu has been rendered speechless by his disciple’s inquisitiveness.

"You have the nerve to ask me this matter? I have wholeheartedly spent great effort in teaching you immortal cultivation for more than ten years, yet in an instant you become fickle, falling head over heels at that something something heaven splitting sword, now you shamelessly seek my opinion!?"

Wang Lu was silent for a while. "This shows that I still have feelings for you."

"Pei! Feeling your ass! It’s obvious that you’re having an affair!"

Wang Lu thought for a moment and decided to cut to the chase. "Recently, Wisdom Sect’s financial situation is quite strained, and because they’ve already taken a lot of debt from Mysterious Sky Mansion, the money in circulation is basically nonexistent."

His master’s fierce stance immediately softened. "Oh, then never mind. If you want to learn Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword, then by all means. After all, I created the Non-Phase Method in an extreme condition, so the limitation is big. You are extraordinarily talented, so it’s good that you have your own ideas."

Wang Lu said, "Master, don’t you have a little bit interest in understanding it? After all, this is an immortal level cultivation method."

"Tsk, so what if it’s immortal level method? Are they that rare? In Spirit Sword Sect, we already have our own immortal level method, like Stellar Sword Method and Brilliant Sword Heart. Moreover, when a cultivator reaches a certain level, there’s no need to covet other people’s cultivation method. No matter if it’s immortal level or what, the one that is the most suitable is always the best. But since you haven’t reached Jindan yet, not to mention forming your own way, there’s no harm in extensive dabbling. However, I suggest you not to hurry to reach Jindan."

Wang Lu nodded. "I also thought so."

Inside the sword tomb, Wang Lu has absorbed parts of the sea of misery left behind by Sword Demon. Because of this, Wang Lu could definitely advance his progress to reach Jindan in just three to five years. However, the achievement of Jindan was not trivial. For most of the cultivators in Nine Regions, even at the end of their life, it was still an unreachable dream. For those who were gifted, it was also a point where they have to make a decision that would seal their fate. Reaching Jindan Stage meant the initial link with the world’s main path would be established, forming one’s own path. Later on, even reaching Yuanying, Deity, and so on, the cultivator could not separate itself from the path established at Jindan Stage.

Wang Wu’s double golden cores seemed shocking, but it was like a loyal minister that could never be loyal to two masters at the same time; after all, a cultivator could not walk simultaneously on two paths. It inevitably has an enormous side effect, such as her inability to reach Yuanying stage.

Wang Wu didn’t intend for her disciple to repeat her mistake, therefore, forming a link with the main path at Jindan Stage must not fail.

"Combining Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword and Non-Phase Method to form a unique set of immortal cultivation method is indeed a really good idea. But whether it’s the right way or not, it’s still to be determined later. Although your Senior Sister didn’t experience as much as you, the benefit that she obtained is no less than you. She can also practice Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword, moreover, with her Sword Spirit Root, it would be easier for her to digest it. Her primordial spirit continued to advance by leaps and bounds that it will soon condense out an entity. Since this and her strength goes hand in hand, it means… in addition to your years of toiling on the mountain, you better take time for experiential learning. Hmm, right now, aren’t you guys looking for the key? This is a rare experiential learning since it’s basically a publicly funded experiential learning."

Wang Wu said and lightly sipped her tea.

"Don’t worry, we’ll eventually find it."

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