Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 285: Beware of Your Back

Chapter 285: Beware of Your Back

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The angry roaring thunder from Bai Shixuan’s hand blossomed out and turned into a raging storm in the sky, which enveloped the four long-range attackers in the sky.

The four long-range attackers were not weak, but no one suspected that, after being suppressed by the bloodstained scroll, this group of eastern cultivators could still have some resistance. Therefore, they simply didn’t prepare any kind of protection for themselves and just used all of their power to attack. This time, when they were being counterattacked, they were completely unprepared. Moreover, what appalled them greatly was the way Bai Shixuan counterattacked.

It was not at all the means of eastern cultivators in any way. These days, they have already intercepted quite a few of these eastern cultivators, some resulted in victory, while others in defeat. But, in any case, the means of the eastern cultivators were completely different than that of Western Continent magic. Although eastern cultivators could also call out lightning, it would not be like this; the storm of lightning would not be filled with thick elemental force, this was clearly...

"Damn it, how could it be an elemental shaman? Moreover, it's a high order shaman!"

The magician flusteredly and exasperatedly clenched his magic wand as the magic reservoir within his body channeled out power to prop up a simple but thick protective insulation shield. Not until he staked all the power that he could draw from his magic reservoir did the shield finally manage to cut off all the lightning energy. However, his companion has no such good fortune. The archer has no self-defense ability. Although the magician and the priest have the ability to defend themselves from the elemental force, they have no spare time to look after the archer. He was completely defenseless, and could only strive hard to flap his wings behind his back to retreat. However, the moment his wings flapped, the electric current has already run through his torso, thus he screamed out and fell.

The other spirit master did not escape either. The summoning technique that she excelled at required time to perform, but what she lacked was exactly the time. The magician and the priest were too busy to protect themselves and the prop that she carried along wasn’t enough to completely resist the lightning storm of Bai Shixuan. After struggling for a moment, it completely disintegrated. The spirit master was finally swallowed by the lightning.

"Aka, help me!"

Along with the pitiful scream, the spirit master vanished in a puff of smoke. The one named Aka that she called out just before she died was currently holding the magic wand, doing everything he could to ease the shock to his magic reservoir. He didn’t even dare to say half a word for fear that he would suffer the countershock, his magic reservoir burst, and thus die an unfortunate death.

However, as one of the team’s only two members who could add protection and buff to his other teammates, he did not make the situation worse.

When the lightning storm subsided, this ten person team has already lost more than half of its members. The magician who was barely able to float in midair felt dizzy and could hardly believe what he saw. Although they did not dare call themselves influential figures, they were accustomed to winds and waves. Several years ago, they even dared to go treasure hunting at the dragon cave, however, unexpectedly, they suffered total defeat here.

But, at least I’m still alive … the magician Aka pulled himself together and then glanced at the priest of holy light religion beside him. They were the only two in their team who still have energy left and hadn’t been thoroughly fallen in the battle. They looked at each other and, as if by prior agreement, an idea simultaneously formed in their mind: if they wanted to escape, now was the time.

Years of tacit understanding made words unnecessary for them. The priest immediately overdrafted his faith to release two holy shields for both of them. Then, the magician stimulated his magic reservoir to add a pair of wings for everyone to fly away.

It was their only chance. The ferocious beast was being entangled by the surviving two melee fighters. Although it had the upper hand, it has received some wounds from the explosion of their teammates just before dying. While the terrifying high-level shaman was currently unable to do anything due to overexertion after releasing the previous lightning storm, the several others should still be affected by the bloodstained scroll, so they couldn’t possibly have any means for long range attack, and thus were not a cause for concern.

It was just that… what in the hell, how could these eastern people have the means of the western people? If they knew that this group of people have a beast that could not be restricted by the bloodstained scroll and a high order elemental shaman, they would’ve at least took precautions ahead of time and didn’t have to lose half of their people as soon as they met face to face.

That grand wizard who sold them the bloodstained scroll declared that as long as they didn’t provoke the legendary level eastern cultivator, the bloodstained scroll was enough to sweep everything. But now, it seemed like that wasn’t the case at all.

With a strong sense of confusion and anger, the magician Aka began to flap his wings, which pushed him up higher and farther away. While flying, he began to calculate on how he would take his revenge. As the brain within the team, he didn’t have to always charge ahead like the team leader, but when the captain fell, he was duty bound to take revenge.

On strength alone, these group of eastern cultivators was not that strong. Their team’s failure lied in their team being caught unprepared. As long as he escaped and rallied some several high-level fighters with equal strength, they would be able to make preparation to overcome the opponent. After all, among the opponent, only a person and a beast could threaten them. At that time… he would exert the pain that he received now ten times as much back to these eastern people!

However, just when the magician secretly swore, a cold voice seeped into his ears.

"After offending this abbot, you still want to escape?"

The magician was surprised; he did not have the luxury to ponder where this voice came from, but instead immediately flapped his wings as hard as he could, crazily trying to fly away as far as possible. However, just as his wings flapped twice, he found something strange. The bloody cloud over their head seemed to be a bit different than the beginning. Unbeknown to him, the light bloody rain has already stopped.

Was the effect of the bloodstained scroll already over? No, it shouldn’t be. It has only been less than a third of the time!

"Aka, we seem to be trapped. My connection with the holy light is cut off!"

The priest sounded alarmed. As a nearly-reaching high order profession, the priest’s soul has already long been inseparably linked with the sea of holy light that he believed in, yet this time, he felt that this connection has been interrupted! Fortunately, this was not the first time for him; when he entered some special space, the link might be interrupted. However, the problem was… when did he enter this special space?

"Aka, what’s going on here?"

The magician’s face looked gloomy. He had already wielded his wand to release several magic spells to probe their surrounding but to no avail. He coldly said, "We are trapped. This is similar to our labyrinth technique magic. This is not the space where we were before."

After saying that, he turned around and looked down at the ground.

The original neat stone path and tranquil landscape were gone, replaced by a stretch of devastated ground. An untold number of broken swords stood erect like tombstones on the ground. The sky over their head was still red, yet unlike the terrifying bloody color of the bloodstained scroll, the red here appeared more heroic.

For sure, this was not the original space.

"Welcome to my world. Hey, it’s really not easy to launch the original magical ability in Western Continent, but, you do have a similar method here, so, in the end, I found it ."

At this time, Wang Lu was completely different from his state of being suppressed by the bloodstained scroll, that his magical power could not be freely used. Among the forest of broken swords, he calmly walked. Each step trod right on the gap between these countless broken swords. The broken sword forest itself trembled along with his step, seemingly indicating their submission.

Having overwhelming superiority, Wang Lu didn’t rush to make his move. It seemed like he just wanted to keep the opposite party here.

The magician Aka’s mind was like a whirlwind. The other side said that they have a similar method, that in the end, he finally found it. What does this mean? Could it be...

Aka was, after all, well informed and knowledgeable, so he quickly thought out a possible reason: Universal law, cultivation transformation!

Although it was inconceivable, it was the only possibility. The so-called universal law referred to the law of the Nine Regions and Western Continent, which although both have a lot of differences, were still similar at some points. For example, a piece of ripe apple that fell on the ground. High above the sky, it would be weightless, but deep in the ocean, it would be ten times as heavy… Although there were many differences in nuances, but on the more powerful individual, the differences were significant. For example, the eastern cultivation paid particular attention to the comprehension of the 'main path', and the brilliant cultivators would blend the surrounding 'main path' into their own Jade Mansion. However, powerful individuals in the Western Continent didn’t have this unified concept, leading to many strange paths (fighter, magician, priest, shaman, while in the east there are only cultivators), not so unified as the Nine Regions.

With such a huge difference like that, once one embarked on another continent, one was likely to be suppressed by the law, and have their cultivation base scattered. Therefore, in spite the more frequent exchanges between the two continents over the past thousands of years, the high-order professions were very cautious in their exchange.

However, thousands of years ago, when the first intense clash between the Eastern and Western civilization happened, some great sages pointed out that within the complex representation, the two continents have a lot of things in common. As long as one grasped these universal points, it was possible to achieve cultivation transformation, breaking through the wall of law. Of course, this required exceptional perception. Rumor has it that in the first war between east and west, once there was a brilliant sword cultivator from Nine Regions who, after landing on the Western Continent, turned into a Western Continent’s great sword saint that killed people everywhere, completely ignoring the differences in law. Similarly, there was also a mage from Western Continent who left for Nine Regions and later comprehended the immortal path.

However, these were just rumors recorded in the history book, so the authenticity was very much in suspect. In fact, many powerful individuals have died in the foreign land, but none were able to comprehend the law and successfully transform their cultivation or profession, only a few with low cultivation base get it. The higher the cultivation base, the more difficult it was to transform to high order professions; despite the distance to the legendary level was still extremely far away, it was still very difficult to transform.

But now, just before Aka’s eyes, this profession from Nine Regions, in just a few moments, actually comprehended the law and achieved cultivation transformation? Was this a miracle?

In fact, it wasn’t so much that Wang Lu actually comprehended the law in just a few moments and broke the wall of law. It was just that, he had gradually made contact with the law of Western Continent while he was crossing the Endless Sea. When he went ashore, he continued to take the opportunity to cultivate, trying to look for the principle of the law of the Western Continent, and combined it with his Non-Phase Method. One of the most important characteristics of Non-Phase Method was its adaptability. Before long, Non-Phase Method began to make a bond with the law of the Western Continent. When the bloodstained scroll fell upon them, fully suppressing him with the law of Western Continent, it became his opportunity for a breakthrough.

At this time, the magician Aka was also pondering about the broken sword world and concluded that it was not at all identical with their labyrinth technique, and the difficulty to break it was significantly higher. However, since the opposite party didn’t immediately make the move to kill them, it meant that there was still room for mediation. Thus, he might as well try to delay while at the same time launch his magic spell to try to crack this broken sword world.

If this was made using the eastern spell means, then he couldn’t help but be powerless. But, if this was a Western Continent local magic art… perhaps, he might still have a chance to survive!

Therefore, he immediately opened his mouth to try to delay the time. However, just as the words reached the tip of his tongue, a piece of coldness crept into his back. A sword has actually pierced through his chest.

It was as if the shield that was provided to him by the priest didn’t exist at all!

Feeling that his life was rapidly slipping away from him, the magician tried as hard as he could to turn his head and saw a cherubic smile. Unbeknownst to him, an elegant and stunning girl had appeared behind him. Her right hand was slowly pulling back an ancient sword from the Nine Regions. The sword actually wasn’t stained by the blood in the slightest.

"Beware of your back."

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