Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 286: Fight for You, My Queen

Chapter 286: Fight for You, My Queen

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"How about it?"

After withdrawing his original magical ability, Wang Lu completely ignored the magician and the priest who crashed to the ground from mid-air, but just smiled and talked to Aya beside him.

Aya said, "Very powerful, you always give me a pleasant surprise."

For Aya, the demise of this team of adventurers was not surprising. Even though their bloodstained scroll was a novel thing and their power was really astonishing under its effect, however, if Wang Lu couldn’t handle such a crisis, he would not be Wang Lu that she was familiar with.

However, even so, Aya didn’t think that Wang Lu and the others would use the most direct method to solve the problem: Universal law, cultivation transformation!

The prowess of demon wolf Fenrir was not a surprise, after all, it was indigenous to Western Continent. It was just that, for some unknown reasons, it came to Nine Regions. And because it has been there for quite a long time, it could be regarded as having two homes. Bai Shixuan herself has an origin as a mountain spirit, thus she has a deep perception of the mountains and the earth. Moreover, immortal beast could communicate with spirits and has a perception that was often stronger than the complex mind of humankind. However, Wang Lu and Liu Li actually managed to solidly come to realization of the law of the Western Continent and immediately apply it.

Was cultivation transformation difficult? Not necessarily. Aya herself, with her legendary level profession, managed to complete the cultivation transformation in Nine Regions; from a Knight King to the path of Sword Cultivation of Nine Regions. Although she seldom has a fight during her time in Nine Regions, people of Spirit Sword Mountain was very clear, if she went all out, her strength would be equal to that of a supreme of Unity Stage—of course, while her spirit of the braved departed body was not yet whole, if she went all out, that would be tantamount to suicide.

However, Aya spent a whole ten years to complete the cultivation transformation. Of course, this relatively long time was due to her high cultivation base. However, Wang Lu just needed a short few days (This included their time when they sailed near the Western Continent) to comprehend the law. It was indeed admirable.

While she was emotionally moved, she suddenly felt that her spirit of the brave departed body solidified a bit, which startled her.

Obviously, this was because her trust in Wang Lu has increased by several points. Her feeling about his claim to win every war strengthened, thus her soul of the brave departed body became more stable.

Hm, if this goes on, maybe one day … But then she remembered about her vanquished country, which made her unable to see any hope.

However, that was not the thing that she should dwell on right now, for the time being… let’s see where Wang Lu this kid is going first.

Upon hearing Aya’s praise, Wang Lu smiled and placed his right-hand fist on his left chest. "It is all for you, my Queen."

Aya was startled. Looking at the familiar courtesy, in a trance, she seemed to return to one hundred years ago. She stood inside her palace hall while being surrounded by ministers and courtiers, which was really dazzling. Her majestic and steel-like Knights of the Round Table smoothly went everywhere unhindered. Talented and handsome people gathered from all over the country and enthusiastically pledged eternal loyalty to their king.

However, in just a moment, that scene was restrained by the woman’s iron will. Aya nodded and corrected him, "Your posture is correct, but strictly speaking, I am not a Queen."

Not a Queen? Wang Lu was a bit in doubt. Before departure, he had issued a pledge to help Aya get back her country, so naturally, he needed to check the relevant information. The information in Nine Regions was limited, but Aya’s former name Knight King was indeed quite illustrious, so it was still somewhat written down in the related historical record of Western Continent. How could she not be a Queen? Could it be because...

After thinking about it, Wang Lu tried to comfort her, "Don’t belittle yourself like that, although you’re just A Cup, you have a good looking face! So don’t refuse if other people call you Queen."

"You…" Although Aya has always been known for her tolerance, humility, and other virtues, at this time, she suddenly felt that occasionally slaughtering people in the open was quite good.

However, since this was related to her Kingdom’s reputation, she earnestly explained, "When I have still reigned over my Kingdom, I did not present myself as a woman. Except for a few people, most people didn’t even know that I am a female."

This, was of course, to maintain the dignity of the sovereign king. If Aya has another profession, then it wouldn’t have mattered whether she was a female or not. But, with her delicate body, she actually took the path of the most fiercest knight. Perhaps in the folktale, a maiden knight might be a legend, but ultimately, it was not as good in terms of oppressive power compared to a male.

However, as soon as she said it, Aya immediately realized that it would only worsen the situation. Sure enough, she immediately saw that Wang Lu looked at her with even more sympathy.

"So, no one actually knew it? I can understand your pain, you have my deep sympathy."

"Deep sympathy your ass!" Aya was so angry that she felt the knightly spirit that she had preserved for many years has been insulted. If this were a century ago, this would’ve ended in a duel.

However, this time, it was too late for her to do anything, because when she was about to give Wang Lu her piece of mind, there came another group of uninvited guests.

This time, it was a team of horse riders, knights clad in silvery armor, looking very menacing. Aya, whose strength has been unceasingly restored since she landed on the Western Continent, could not help but turn cold upon seeing the appearance of this group of knights.

These people were quite good, each of them would soon be promoted to the high-order profession. If used the standard of Nine Regions, they were around Xudan Stage. Their outfits and steeds were extraordinary. If put on the battlefield, perhaps even tens of thousands of soldiers would be routed by them.

Even in her Kingdom, which was widely known for producing an abundance of excellent knights, but if they were to square off against these personal guards of the Master of the Deep Earth City, she wouldn’t have the confidence that her knights would win.

When Aya saw the two knights wearing beige robe who rode in the back of the others, she was even more certain of her own conjecture. Because that was the specialty of Deep Earth City, Deep Earth Guardian, with their whole body clad in heavy armor that could link with the ground to borrow the power of the earth. These two people’s strength was not inferior to the combined strength of the more than ten people ahead of them, and they ought to be the left and right hand man of the Master of the city.

The mounts of the team of knights were divine. In just a short moment, they have already rushed in front of them. The knight at the front cast a glance at Wang Lu and the others, but when he saw the bloody battlefield next to the carriage, he couldn’t help but wrinkle his brows and snapped out.

"What’s going on here, tell me the truth?"

This bad attitude triggered a reaction from Wang Lu who sneered, "I, your father, have killed people, and it’s none of your business!"

"Presumptuous!" one of the knights shouted and the others drew out their swords, preparing to deal with force.

As the main guardian of the Master of the city, most of them have wealth of experience, thus, upon seeing the bloody scene, how could they not see the cause of the matter?

As an important trade hub between east and west, Deep Earth City has received many cultivators from Nine Regions in recent months, and… the robbery and killing of Nine Regions people were not uncommon. It first originated from the nearby even larger port city of Permanent Summer and gradually spread to Deep Earth City. At the moment, it was clear that the bandits failed to kill their target and were killed instead.

Looking from the situation at the scene, these Nine Regions cultivators were ambushed on the road—in fact, most of the recent killings were also out in the open. However, these people have a special means so that they didn’t repeat the mistake of others. On the contrary, it was the ambushers who were killed instead. Thus, it was reasonable to say that they were the victim here.

However, at present, the team of knights really couldn’t muster up the feeling of sympathy for the victim. Their faces were gloomy, especially after hearing the response from Wang Lu. They glared at him, wishing that they could help the ambushers and capture these Nine Regions cultivators.

When the situation was tense, from the rear of the team of knights, one of the Deep Earth guardians said, "We are the main guard of the Master of the Deep Earth City. We discovered signs of fierce battle outside the city, so we came here to investigate."

Seeing that this Deep Earth Guardian has a friendly attitude, Wang Lu also put up a smiling face. "Oh, so it is your jurisdiction, I understand, you guys are actually really fast."

That Deep Earth Guardian nodded. "For any big fights within a certain distance of Deep Earth City, we will be the first one to know. Especially for the situation like now."

Wang Lu said, "Oh, I understand. You guys have worked hard then, Very well, goodbye."

With that, he turned around, wanting to board the carriage.

"Freeze, who told you to leave?"

The silver-armored knight captain snapped. "You think you can just go like that after killing so many people?"

Wang Lu turned around. "What? Are you going to avenge this gang of robbers? When did Deep Earth City start to collude with the robbers?"

"Shut up! Even if you are a barbarian from a different continent, you ought to know that you should obey the law of the land. In accordance with the regulations, any occurrence of homicide, regardless whether you are the murderer or the victim, must be investigated by Deep Earth City!"

"Oh, whoever it is must be investigated? What if it’s your dad?"


Seeing that no one would want to budge even an inch, and at any time the fight could erupt, that Deep Earth Guardian hurriedly said, "The reason for this rule is to enable us to grasp more information, to better maintain the security in order to avoid more murders from happening. I hope we can obtain your understanding and cooperation."

Seeing that Wang Lu and his team didn’t give any reaction, obviously unwilling to cooperate, that Deep Earth Guardian said, "Recently, the ambushes of Nine Regions cultivators by several adventurers has aroused the attention of many nearby city masters. And our Deep Earth City Master once said that if some people could help him solve this matter, he would give his utmost gratitude. He said that most the Nine Regions cultivators that traveled to Western Continent in recent months came here for a treasure. And the most famous place to look for treasures in Western Continent is Taobao City. In his younger years, the Master of Deep Earth City had once taken his chance in experiencing Taobao City. Thus, his experience and harvest will certainly give you help."

Wang Lu was inwardly moved.

In general sense, he, of course, didn’t care about receiving gratitude or thanks. As the successor disciple of one of the Five Uniques, what treasure that couldn’t he get? However, if it was about information regarding Taobao City… that might be worth paying attention to.

"Very well, lead the way."

That Deep Earth Guardian was immediately relieved. If they clashed with this group of Nine Regions cultivators, the outcome would be difficult to say, and the City Master would surely be furious.

When Wang Lu agreed to go back with the Deep Earth Knights for investigation, the others naturally didn’t object or say anything. The Knights’ Captain was still sullen, as if his father had been slain. Along the way, the Deep Earth Guardian explained to Wang Lu.

"Please do not mind his attitude, sir. Sometimes ago, because the Nine Regions cultivators have been frequently ambushed, one of your powerful people lashed out at innocent people, massacring tens of thousands of civilian and military of Storm Wind City. As it happens, the captain’s family is in Storm Wind City, so towards your Nine Regions people, he inevitably…"

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu was inwardly horrified, massacring civilians?

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