Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 291: I Believe There Must Be a Plot behind This

Chapter 291: I Believe There Must Be a Plot behind This

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The five golden guardians were destroyed under the might of Skybreaker, yet before the people could sigh with emotion at the prowess of Liu Li’s sword strike, the next round of fighting has already begun.

Liu Li’s sword strike not only destroyed the golden guardians, but it also affected the broken sword world; Wang Lu somewhat could not hold on to his original magical ability and thus it fell apart. The huge mountain that was drawn by Bai Shixuan also gradually turned into nothingness. The several people returned back to the Golden King’s arena, and the opponent on the field has been replaced with a similarly heavy armored fighter whose figure was several notches bigger than the golden guardian.

Compared with the golden guardian, his armor and weapon were many times more excellent. There was a crystal-like luster flowing on the surface of the armor, showing the extraordinary texture. On his waist was a scepter, which similarly contained profound and abstruse principles. Although in the second round of fight, the opponent was only one, the imposing manner of this person was actually much stronger than the five golden guardians combined.

Cliff was startled. "This is Golden King’s Overseer. Be careful, he is stronger than dozens of golden bodyguards!"

After a pause, Cliff was somewhat alarmed. "Logically speaking, on the fourth level arena, only after the sixth round of fighting would the golden overseer possibly appear. He is an opponent that is almost impossible to overcome. His appearance often means the end of winning streak on the arena. Even for an adventurer that could penetrate deep into the seventh level, this is a really difficult enemy to defeat. How could he possibly come out now?"

Wang Lu peevishly said, "Of course it’s that wisp of remnant soul looking for fun!"

Who could change the rules of the treasure room so casually except for the Golden King himself?

However, right now, there was no time to care about it so much, because the golden overseer has finally moved.

Previously he was motionless, but now when he finally moved, it was like a landslide and tsunami. As an enemy with all aspects of quality far superior to that of the golden guardians, when the golden overseer took a step forward, the whole arena suddenly trembled. The endless power that seemed to gather in him was like magma inside a volcano that was about to erupt. At this time, however, Wang Lu’s figure suddenly rushed forward. The impenetrable three feet sword defense went right before the golden overseer.

The golden overseer suddenly could not take the second step. While he was still in an awkward posture, he swung his sword, which then violently collided with Wang Lu’s Sword of Mount Kun.


There was no fancy sword strike. The two men’s swords buzzed, as were Wang Lu’s whole bones… this golden overseer was not in any way inferior to the refined body of a Jindan Stage Royal Soldier Sect cultivator!

Encountering such an opponent, his original magical ability would not be enough. However, since this was a team fight, Wang Lu didn’t need to do several things at the same time to control the field.

After taking a deep breath to alleviate the feeling of numbness and the ache on his body, Wang Lu wielded his Sword of Mount Kun once more, keeping the golden overseer in place, making him unable to move. This golden overseer was even stronger Sir Haddock in close combat, thus, except for him, other people would be in danger.

And since Wang Lu has firmly supported them from the front, Liu Li and the others were free to go on a full offensive. Flying sword, sharp teeth, and thunder and lightning left behind all kinds of scars on the overseer’s heavy armor. Yet, the defense of that overseer’s heavy armor was nearly against the heaven—although it trembled and shook under the onslaught, it never fell apart.

However, as the overall situation became clearer, the golden overseer roared, pushed away Wang Lu with his sword, and then promptly took out the scepter from his waist.

A golden light suddenly flashed towards Wang Lu. The overseer’s scepter has actually flashed with a bizarre ray of light. Wang Lu’s heart immediately suffered a burst of intense throbbing, thus, his body couldn’t help but promptly activate the Non-Phase Immortal Heart to push down this strange pressure.

The hell! Controlling skill? Moreover, the control is so powerful! No wonder this guy is the ender of winning streak, if not for the Non-Phase Method’s against the heaven resistance for being controlled, I’m afraid I would’ve immediately changed side, and this round would’ve immediately become a loss!

However, although Wang Lu was spared, someone behind him was not. Suddenly, Quan Zouhua mournfully howled and immediately tried to bite Liu Li beside him.

This attack was fast, ruthless, and without a warning. However, unlike in the Grand Cloud Mountain, this time, Liu Li’s Brilliant Sword Heart was put to the fullest by her to perceive her surrounding. As a flash of warning came to her mind, the girl immediately drifted away like smoke and quickly reminded Wang Lu.

"Senior Brother, Huahua is hungry! He even wants to eat me! Is it time for a meal? Actually, I’m also hungry."

At the front, upon hearing this, Wang Lu nearly spat out blood. "Why don’t you go eat a platinum brain first! Little Bai, help Liu Li suppress that stupid dog, no need to divert your attention here. Watch your step, don’t get bitten by that stupid dog."

Bai Shixuan promptly replied, "Yes!"

Although Liu Li inwardly was confused, she obediently complied, coordinating with Bai Shixuan to slow Huahua’s movement by freezing his feet using her catalytic ice sword, stopping him from displaying his earth-shattering melee combat ability.

During this, Wang Lu faced the overseer by himself, not hesitating to receive injury from using the rebound shock of the Nameless Sword. Golden overseer himself was armed with a scepter, which made him unable to move freely. He was actually thrown into confusion by Wang Lu’s ‘all out’ method of fighting. After a long time, he retrieved back his scepter and used his sword to suppress Wang Lu.

Thereupon, the battle went on in a steady rhythm. At the front, Wang Lu was as stable as a mountain, while behind him were Liu Li and Bai Shixuan barraging the overseer as hard as they could with their offense. When the golden overseer felt that he was in danger, he wielded out his scepter and launched the controlling ability. In this treasure house, that scepter has an irresistible power, so much that besides Wang Lu, anyone else would find it difficult to withstand it.

If this were any other team, they would’ve been thrown into confusion and fell apart. However, Wang Lu’s defense was too steady, and the adaptability of other people behind him was also extraordinarily remarkable. Thus, they didn’t suffer the same fate as Huahua and just continued to fight without having to worry about the risk. Over time, the overseer suffered more and more injuries, thus his strength gradually weakened.

When the golden overseer held up his scepter for the fifth time, because of the wound on his legs, he staggered forward, revealing a huge flaw. Liu Li immediately rushed forward and let loose of the Skybreaker, which swiftly flew towards the overseer.

"Hey, big guy, watch your back."

Rays of light flashed out from the orange eyes behind the heavy helmet of the golden overseer, seemingly puzzled as to why he should watch his back.

The next moment, the flying sword stabbed through his chest; that indestructible golden armor could not stop it at all! In the blink of an eye, the sword tip appeared at the front of his chest as it burst from behind, allowing the dark blood to spill out!

… It turns out this is the meaning of watch your back?

The golden overseer gawked for a while, but soon, his orange eyes gradually dimmed down. Then, his body fell forward and turned into fine sand.

With the defeat of the golden overseer, the arena was suddenly surrounded by loud cheers. Looking around, they suddenly saw audience surrounding the arena cheering at them where it was previously empty.

However, along with the applause, the audience also threw them gold coins, gems, and other precious things, seemingly rewarding them for their performance. No matter whether the audience was humans or ghosts, the rewards were real gold and gems. Wang Lu beckoned with his hand to tell Liu Li to collect them.

A moment later, when they finished counting the reward, gold and jewelry aside, solely on the magic coin alone, there were more than a hundred pieces of them. Not to mention some of them contained miraculous magic with considerable value. It was just that they didn’t have the time to carefully identify them… In short, the rewards of this trial were indeed bountiful.

However, as they tidied up the reward and prepared for the next level, the third round of the fight suddenly came.

Two golden silhouettes appeared at the other side of the arena.

"Why is there still another round?"

Cliff was inexplicably surprised. Just now, after Wang Lu and his team went against the odds to defeat the golden overseer, he thought that the arena would condense out the golden key to open the next level. But unexpectedly, the round was not yet over?

Since when did the standard of the King’s Treasure House become so harsh? Was the Golden King’s illusion the one who caused mischief here?

Having no time to think anymore, this Nightwalker immediately went into stealth mode. According to the agreement, he didn’t have to participate in the fight; it was enough for him just to protect himself. Actually, with the coordination of Wang Lu’s team, he really could not offer any help.

A moment later, the two figures gradually became clear. A silver-armored knight and a white-robed priest. Then, an oval symbol appeared on the chest of both of them. It was the insignia symbolizing the inexhaustible holy light.

"Holy Light religion!"

"Who are you?"

Both sides issued an incredible exclamation, because no one thought they would encounter another group of treasure-hunters on the fourth level!

"Is this the reward for the winning streak? Interesting."

Wang Lu was the quickest to react. When the opponent was still in shock, he immediately made his move. Non-Phase Sword Qi immediately covered his whole body to form the three feet sword defense and then he threw himself to the silver-armored knight.

The enemy’s strength was still unknown, thus he would be his team’s strongest insurance.

The silver-armored knight was caught off guard and was staggered back by Wang Lu’s powerful dash, and then tumbled towards the priest, which threw them into confusion.

"Damn it, how come there are yellow-skinned bastards here?"

The knight angrily exclaimed as he regained his balance. Then from the hollow of his palm, he summoned his silver holy sword.

Behind him, the priest had activated the holy insignia to launch the body protection method. Then he patted his partner’s shoulder and cursed, "It must have been the idiot dog with blind eyes whose responsible for the verification, how could they let these bastards in after the third level? Why are you still asking? Purify him!"

The Holy Knight named Owen promptly wielded his silver holy sword. From his vein, the blessings of holy light burst out with astonishing power, making the sword strike comparable to the might of the golden overseer. When Wang Lu blocked the strike with his Sword of Mount Kun, he felt a scorching hot force spread along the sword.

"Tsk, is this the holy light? Really disgusting."

Compared to the direct brute force of the golden overseer, the sword strike of the holy knight was weaker but more uncomfortable to cope with. The pervasive energy of the holy light contained a discomforting component.

"Little Bai, pay attention to the situation and be ready to give coordinated support. Liu Li, use long range attack but don’t come near. Stupid dog, pay attention to my rhythm, come on…"

The next moment, Wang Lu suddenly changed his step, slightly slanting forward as if to charge ahead.

The knight reacted very quickly upon seeing Wang Lu’s intention. He immediately stamped his sword with the holy light mark, then he waved it in an attempt to block Wang Lu’s rush by attacking the latter’s vital part. It was truly an out and out mutual lost move. However, Wang Lu actually didn’t care. He forcibly used his body to withstand this strike and let his internal suffer the corrosion from the holy light while taking the opportunity to borrow this force to dash towards the priest behind the holy knight.

"Everyone, attack now!"

"F*ck it!"

The holy knight was horrified as his sword strike was broken through by Wang Lu! No matter what, he never expected that someone could physically resist his holy-light-marked silver holy sword, which was a highly toxic energy, a force invented by the Holy Light Religion especially used to purify the infidels, which ought to be successful in every use!

Of course, there were some very powerful individuals among the yellow-skinned bastards, like the one with legendary level who committed heinous crimes in Storm Wind City; that person could easily destroy a country. His purification mark naturally would not be effective on that person.

However, the young man before him obviously wasn’t that strong. Otherwise, he would’ve been turned into smoke instead of exchanging several rounds of moves. It was just that, the knight didn’t think that the defensive ability of the opponent would be so amazing!

"No, I must not let him prevail!"

Owen clenched his teeth and released the holy flame from his body to wrap Wang Lu in order to block his assault.

The priest had also called out the holy shield to defend against the incoming onslaught. It was truly an airtight defense. Using his holy light revelation, he knew that the yellow-skinned bastard in front of him was the one with the highest threat.

The combination of holy shield and the sacred flame successfully stopped Wang Lu’s charge. The joint effort of the two high order professions of Holy Light Religion has indeed produced astonishing resistance. However, because they spent too much of their attention to Wang Lu, they ignored the opponent that they should not ignore.


Along with the howling of a wolf, the Demon Wolf Fenrir suddenly appeared behind the priest, swallowed him whole along with the shield. And then just like that, the priest has been digested by him.

"Demon wolf devourer!"

Recognizing the Fenrir’s identity, the holy knight immediately knew that he was as good as dead. Since the priest has been killed in a matter of seconds, he couldn’t possibly survive under the siege of many others.

The holy knight then firmly pressed the holy light insignia on his chest and then roared wildly, "Accept the eternal torment in the sea of holy light, you yellow-skinned bastards!"

"He wants to detonate himself!" Feeling that crazily surging holy light energy, Wang Lu didn’t dare to hesitate in the slightest. If the holy knight successfully blew himself, Wang Lu himself might be okay, but his teammates behind him would surely be finished… Thus, he threw the holy knight to the ground and pressed him firmly on the floor with his body. The next moment, like a surging tsunami, the power of the holy light burst out like crazy from the body of the holy knight. Although it frantically poured out, Wang Lu managed to suppress the majority of them. Only a small amount of energy managed to scatter out.

"Senior Brother!"

"Wang Lu, are you crazy!"

Behind him, the concerned voice of his teammates was burned down by the holy light. Wang Lu only heard some blurry sound. What he felt instead was dizziness and pain all over his body, as if he was about to die due to highly toxic poison.

This time, the injury was heavy that they affected his bones. However, Wang Lu has no time to think about it too much. As the team leader and also the most important shield, when in danger, he was duty-bound to block in front of everyone.

After a while, Wang Lu slowly stood up, feeling that the injury has begun to heal. However, it was quite slow, obviously, the holy light contained a special component that his body needed to slowly adjust. However, this would eventually pass.

But as Wang Lu prepared to meet with the golden key to the next level, a dull voice came crashing down.

"Who dares to trespass this holy place?"

Wang Lu was inwardly shaken. He had immediately guessed the identity of the speaker.

Damn it, it’s the administrator...

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