Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 292: Wait a Minute, She Has Descendants?

Chapter 292: Wait a Minute, She Has Descendants?

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The power of Holy Light Religion in Taobao City was monstrous. The biggest thing that they relied on was the position of administrator in the King’s Treasure House, which possessed quite a lot of authority.

The specific details of this authority were the top secret within the Holy Light Religion, unknown to the outsiders. However, since Holy Light Religion didn’t close the King’s Treasure House, in time, people had gradually summed up some of them.

First, the administrator’s authority was by no mean omnipotent. The owner of the treasure house was still the Golden King. And seeing that his illusion would appear in the treasure room from time to time, it was obvious that Golden King still has yet to give up his sovereignty over the treasure house, even if he was already dead… The Holy Light Religion was only recognized by the Treasure House to temporarily exercise the administrative authority. Or to put it bluntly, they worked for the Treasure House. Therefore, it was impossible for them to unscrupulously change the rules of the Treasure House. Otherwise, wouldn’t Holy Light Religion have already taken out all the treasures for themselves?

The privileges of the administrator were strictly limited and must comply with the basic rules of the Treasure House.

For example, the opening of the Treasure House was partly the result of Golden King wanting to show off his wealth to the world. Therefore, anyone could come in, not to be stopped—the interception set up by Holy Light was outside the Treasure House. At the same time, Golden King was hoping to take this opportunity to recruit outstanding warriors. Thus, only those who met the Golden King’s conditions have the qualification to take the treasure. For example, for every space in the Treasure House that was explored by the treasure seeker, the trial must have traces to follow. The administrator could not put a giant ancient dragon on the trial of the first level, and correspondingly, the reward would only be copper coins.

However, on this basis, the authority of the administrator was very terrifying. For example, on the second level trial, the enemy that the treasure hunter might meet was not fixed. It may be a golden guardian or another guardian with similar strength. However, similar strength didn’t mean the difficulty to deal with was also similar. For example, the guardian with various kinds of strange ability that was difficult to cope with was enough to give people a headache. It was in this kind of thing that the role of the administrator manifested.

If the administrator didn’t want a treasure seeker to pass, he could send the most formidable guardian and the most stringent standard reward, that the gain and loss were completely disproportionate. In addition, there were too many tricks to play as the administrator.

Therefore, it might be straightforward to say that if one has been deliberately targeted by the administrator, no matter what kind of ability one has, it would still be useless.

However, the administrator still has limited energy and still needed to eat and sleep. Thus he couldn’t possibly always pay attention to every corner of the vast Treasure House. In fact, according to the information from the Brotherhood, the administrator of the Holy Light Religion would only notice the treasure seeker who registered in them. Those who entered through the Brotherhood were ignored by him.

After all, the Brotherhood only mastered the first and second level entrance. Anything that happened in these two levels weren’t worth paying attention to. Let alone the difficulty on the third level would be too high that even if some managed to pass through, they could still be ignored temporarily.

Therefore, Wang Lu didn’t care much about the administrator when entering the Treasure House. Therefore, seeing that they were abruptly put in the magnifying glasses of the administrator, their surprise was not small.

"Am I that ‘forever radiant’ that I would be the focus of attention wherever I go?"

Aya was also surprised. She passed her voice through primordial spirit. "Isn’t this natural? You have killed the two of them!"

"Sh*t, they’re basically just two lackeys, what’s the big deal?"

"Lacke—" Aya dumbfoundedly stared at him. "Didn’t you read the instruction that I wrote for you?"

"Sorry, rather than instruction, I prefer to see diagram."

"You!" Thinking about the two days that she exhaustedly spent on writing that instruction in the kitchen, yet unexpectedly...

In all her time in this world, even her enemy has never treated her so lightly like this.

"Listen, even if they were not powerful individuals, they at least have professions. For us, except for extreme circumstances, a profession must have a lineage. Ordinary people, even if they practice for their entire life, could not possibly grasp the power of a profession, which is a very rare and valuable talent. Because even if the potential of a profession is limited, as long as one has the blood of a profession, one’s offspring might acquire a formidable profession. Not to mention the level of those two are basically similar to you, how could you say they’re just lackeys? If you kill two Holy Light Religion individual with profession inside the Treasure House, the administrator will certainly be alarmed."

Wang Lu sighed. "In short, killing the young came out the old? Then there’s nothing to be said anymore, the decisive battle is ahead. Aya, get ready to take part."

On the previous levels, no matter how difficult the situation was, Aya was just critically observing without making her move. Because her spirit of the brave departed body was not stabilized enough, if she made her move, the side effect would be big even though it would no doubt be amazing. As a former Deity Stage level expert, Aya’s strength must only be used at the critical moment… such as this time.

"Okay. I promise I will follow your instruction and be the sharp blade in your hand."

After ending the dialogue with Aya, Wang Lu readied himself. Although he has yet to see the administrator face to face, he didn’t waste any time. He must first integrate the strength of the team.

As a matter of fact, their team was actually quite perfect. The role of protector and insurance fell on his hand, while Bai Shixuan’s job was to heal the team. The other three—Liu Li, Quan Zouhua, and Aya—were all superclass attackers. At the same time, their team also has the outside help of a Nightwalker. As long as he displayed his god-level command, even god would be thrown aside by them!

"I’m sorry, I have to leave."

When Wang Lu was about to make the pre-battle mobilization, he was stabbed from behind.

Cliff somewhat ashamedly said, "My identity is so special that I can’t directly involve in the confrontation with the administrator."

"Sh*t, confront your ass! Isn’t Holy Light Religion basically the enemy of Deep Earth City? What are you afraid of?"

"Sorry, I’m not only the assistant of Sir Haddock, but also a senior member of the Brotherhood. This time, I brought you in because of my relation with the Brotherhood, if there’s an intense conflict… I’m sorry, I can’t bring harm to my own people."

With that, Cliff changed into a wisp of smoke and then disappeared without a trace.

"What the, he’s gone just like that?"

The loss of Cliff was obviously unexpected, but from the start, Wang Lu didn’t seriously take him as part of their team’s fighting force, so it didn’t matter if he disappeared. In any case, it would lessen Wang Lu’s concern in the fight.

"Aya, sorry to have asked you to participate. I heard that you and Holy Light Religion are old enemies, that there’s a deep hatred between the two of you. Presumably, the clash was not just once or twice, so please show me your combat experience."

"Heh, fine. I’ve also watched enough of your performance up to now."

While speaking, Aya jerked open her gray cloak, revealing her heavy armor and weapon.

It was a heavy plate armor made of pure essence agglutinated by magic, and the once sign of royal power, symbolizing the knight moral character, the legendary sword in the stone, Caliburn. The amount of armor was not much, but regarding the former Knight King, this armor was enough.

"Show yourself, administrator of Golden King’s Treasure House!" Aya’s eyes were clear and penetratingly cold as she loudly uttered the fight declaration.

Since she was going to fight, it had to be in an open and aboveboard way—this was Aya’s style.

However, when Aya revealed her true self, the administrator who was still hiding in secret suddenly uttered a light exclamation.

"This smell is familiar, is it the remnant of the Bretton Dragon Clan? Unexpectedly, the purification war still hasn’t cleaned up the Dragon Clan remnants, and they even actively enters the Holy Place!"

Upon hearing this remark, Aya’s complexion greatly changed. "Purification war? What is that? Clean up the remnants? What did you guys do?"

In the past, when her kingdom subjugated, no doubt there was a foreign enemy, but the most crucial part was the rebellion on the inside. Aya boasted herself as erudite with much knowledge and wisdom far more than ordinary people, that it was even beyond the majority of the kings. Although she had some shortcomings in internal governance, in the fight against foreign enemies, she has never been defeated. Even when the army and generals under her experienced great loss in the civil war, she still has the confidence to not easily lose to outsiders, how could...

"Humph, looks like when the purification is happening, you’re hiding outside, that’s why you were able to save your life. But what a pity, you naively entered our place!"

Aya was agitated and angrily said, "Reveal yourself, administrator, and tell me clearly what exactly is the purification war?"

"Hahaha, if you want to know, then come and find me!"

After a string of crazy laughter, the administrator was completely silent. At the same time, at the other end of the arena, a golden key slowly condensed, as well as the door to the next level.

"Don’t run away, fight me fair and square! Don’t you want to purify the Bretton Dragon Clan? I am the legitimate successor of the Dragon Clan, come and purify me! Just do it!"

While speaking, wild with rage, Aya wielded her holy sword. A sharp sword light flashed out, and the entire arena was actually split in two!

Witnessing that dimension splitter sword, Wang Lu’s eyes almost popped out. "Holy sh*t, Aya, relax will you, venting out like this will not solve the problem!"

Aya turned her head. Her pair of green eyes seemed to light up with fire.

Wang Lu promptly clapped his hand. "Really awesome venting! We must crush the opposing side with overwhelming momentum! Aya, you’re really great!"

Aya said with a sinking voice, "I’m not in the mood for jokes. Previously, I only knew that my country was divided and then later on ruled by other people, and Holy Light Religion played an important role. But I never knew that they actually dared to target the bloodline of the Bretton Dragon Clan for purification. This is the kind of thing that is universally condemned, how dare they!"

Wang Lu shrugged. "Even an erudite scholar like you don’t know about this, how should I know? Although I’m the top student of Spirit Sword Mountain, but my specialization is in the study itself. Cliff might know about this, but he just fled a moment ago. If you want to know, right now, we can only speculate about it."

Seeing that Aya went into silence, Wang Lu tried to put forward a constructive opinion. "Your Bretton Dragon Clan… did they snatch the woman of the leader of the Holy Light Religion?"

Aya fiercely glared at him but didn’t speak.

Bai Shixuan said, "Senior Brother, I heard that Holy Light Religion prohibit their members to marry."

"That’s precisely because their leader’s woman has been snatched away. In short, is this true or not?"

Aya said, "As far as I know, Bretton Dragon Clan never had any dealings with Holy Light Religion. Perhaps after I left, my descendants… But in any case, there have indeed several cases of bloodline purification on the Western Continent. Could it be that they have colluded with the devils and did other such crimes? But…"

Seeing that Aya was anxious and worried to death, Wang Lu sighed and patted her shoulder. "Blindly guessing here is useless. Didn’t that person say if we want to find, him we must go to the next level?

"Presumably, that person has already prepared a trap for us to die in. Hey, I suddenly thought of something. If this administrator can’t rely on the King’s Treasure House that he didn’t even have the courage to face us head-on, wouldn’t mean that we actually have the chance to win?"

Aya said, "Let’s go to the fifth level. No matter what the truth is, I must find out."

With that, Aya picked up the key and stepped into the entrance to the next level.

"Hey, what the! I haven’t finished saying my words, yet you confidently walk into the fifth level, oh, I truly admire your awesomeness!" Wang Lu helplessly shook his head. "Yet with this brain, she f*cking claims to be the Knight King?"

While grumbling, he also stepped into the space of the fifth level of the treasure house.

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