Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 293: 999 Roses Symbolize My Sincerity

Chapter 293: 999 Roses Symbolize My Sincerity

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The fifth level was a big world.

A big world in the truest sense.

From the fourth level arena to the fifth level, Wang Lu has contemplated countless of possibilities.

For example, the most stringent guardian, or the trickiest trap, or a group of Holy Light Religion executor...

For all of these, Wang Lu had also considered their countermeasures; powerful guardian, Holy Light executors… whatever it was.

In any case, Aya has already led the way! When her rage exploded and set off, she had released a huge amount of power that indicated her ability to cope with the Unity Stage level experts. He just needed to reap the harvest afterward.

However, upon seeing the fifth level, Wang Lu took a deep breath and had to admire the cleverness of the administrator.

The fifth level was a big world, a blank big world. Below them was soft soil and behind them was an incredibly thick and tall wall. Looking around, what they saw was endless darkness.

Seeing this scene, no one needed to explain it, Wang Lu has already discovered the administrator’s trick.

"Come out! Don’t you want to purify me? Then come out and fight me. If you just hide like that, can you still call yourself children of the Holy Light?"

Aya was clearly furious, without her usual calm. The sword in her hand flashed with flickering light.

Although it seemed mysterious and magical, Wang Lu felt that this flickering sword truly reflected the shaken innermost feeling of Aya. However, regarding Aya, who always adhered to perseverance and calm mind more than boiling fighting intent… In other words: Aya has failed.

"Calm down."

Wang Lu promptly appeared behind Aya’s back and held her shoulders, trying to stop her from turning violent. But, he found out that the girl’s strength was far stronger than him. His palms felt like they suddenly touched scorching flame, and at the same time, his body also violently trembled.

"The hell, I’m not trying to have sex in the car with you here, there’s no car in here anyway!"

Seeing that Aya was still burning with anger, Wang Lu was finally annoyed. "Haven’t you had enough, dead chef! Didn’t just now you promise to obey my instruction? Do my words mean f*cking fart to you?"

Aya was shocked and her aggressive stance, as well as her imposing manner, suddenly died down. "I’m sorry, I was too impulsive. Okay, what should we do now?"

Wang Lu said, "Can you use that dimension splitter sword again to directly cut this space?"

"Directly cut this space?" Aya was surprised. "You want me to use such a crude method? If I can be like in my heyday, perhaps I can give it a try, but now my strength is insufficient. The Golden King’s Treasure House itself is an extremely powerful legendary level realm, so only those with above legendary level strength could break it. Legendary level alone is not enough."

"Then we’re screwed." Wang Lu shrugged and then somewhat helplessly said, "The other party is very clever, he chooses the most ingenious way to deal with us."

After calming down, Aya was able to think clearly again. "You mean we’re trapped here?"

"Yes. Using Administrator’s privileges, he lays out a trial that is impossible to accomplish, killing us with a borrowed knife basically. He simply doesn’t need to waste the power and resource of Holy Light Religion."

Aya asked, "Will the rules of Treasure House allow this?"

"Of course not."

The answer to that question was the rumbling sound from the top of the sky, the Administrator who hid behind the scene.

"According to the rules, I need to explain to you the conditions to pass the test."

While speaking, a red rose suddenly emerged before Wang Lu and the others.

"Your task is to collect such a flower, and the condition to pass is… you need to collect 999 of them."

"999 roses?" Out of curiosity, Wang Lu tried to pick that rose, only to touch the empty air as the rose dissipated like mist. "This is not a simple rose is it?"

"Humph, it’s up to you guys to explore." Then, after a pause, the voice continued, "The bloodline of the Bretton Dragon Clan, if you want revenge, try to escape from here, as long as you guys can do it."

"Is this the ability of Holy Light Religion, just hiding behind the scene?" Aya held back her anger and said with a cold voice, "Don’t you guys have zero tolerance against heresy? I am the bloodline of the Bretton Dragon Clan, or could it be that you don’t dare to come out and see me?"

"Why should I come forward? If you can’t escape this place, you’re as good as dead. Is there a difference between keeping you here and sending you to the afterlife?"

"Do Holy Light people even have no courage to fight fair and square?"

Unfortunately, no matter how Aya questioned him, the Administrator no longer gave a response.

"Give it up, he obviously just wants to hide, what can you do? What’s more, what he said is very reasonable, trapping us here is as good as killing us." Wang Lu sighed. "We need to carefully consider the method to pass the test. What do 999 roses actually mean?"

"Heh, somebody wants a rose?" Liu Li suddenly interrupted, "I have some, how much do you want?"

Everyone turned their gaze. Liu Li suddenly looked a bit embarrassed as she timidly reached into her mustard seed bag and fished out several flower cakes. "Here… Sister Ling made them for me."

"I don’t give a f*ck anymore." Wang Lu was silent for a while and then helplessly said, "Good luck in dealing with this foodie!"

"Senior Brother, don’t be so strict to Liu Li, actually, I’d like to give it a try." Bai Shixuan said as she reached out for Liu Li’s flower cake, broke it apart, took out a piece of petal and clasped it on her hand. After a moment, she opened her hand and a tender and delicate rose grew up from that piece of petal.

"According to common sense, this is basically a dead place. Not to mention roses, even weeds can’t grow here. Making roses as the condition is indeed very harsh, therefore, the condition to pass the test ought to not be the rose."

With that, Bai Shixuan plowed the ground with her foot, crouched down and gently blew the petals. The dandelion-like petals scattered and each took root in the ground and then quickly grew. Before long, a gorgeous flower field appeared before everyone.

"There should be 999 roses here." Bai Shixuan gently breathed out. Using her mountain spirit background to manipulate the law of Western Continent was quite taxing for her.

However, in other people’s eyes, this was nothing short of a miracle. Although magical ability to spur the growth of a plant was not rare in Western Continent—since a brilliant druid would have such a skill—but to do it as easily as flipping one’s hand like what Bai Shixuan just did, only a legendary druid has such a skill. This was her unique advantage as an immortal beast.

"Em, looks like… it doesn’t work."

After waiting for a while, nothing has changed. Everyone knew Bai Shixuan’s attempt has failed.

"Hahaha, although this is a somewhat late afterthought, think about it. This place is Golden King’s Treasure House, how could the past invincible conqueror and ruler of the world Golden King want roses? It’s really difficult to imagine that," Wang Lu said with a smile.

Aya frowned. "So, in your opinion, what does the rose mean?"

"There are too many possibilities, but in my opinion, the first one is a collection." Wang Lu explained, "The rose should be the loot that has to be acquired through a special condition, such as defeating some monsters, guardians, or survive a trap. Golden King is very much a king who esteemed martial prowess and bravery, so this must be related to fighting. But the strange thing here is that there are no traps or guardians, so how should we collect them? Even if the Administrator is deliberately playing dirty tricks, how could he not follow the basic rule of the Treasure House?"


"Considering that the last opponents are the Holy Light Knight and Priest, I think I can assume that the condition should be to defeat a congregation of Holy Light treasure seekers and to collect the roses from their dead bodies. Rose can also be considered as a flower that is dyed in blood. In this way, as long as he doesn’t send the congregation, we will never collect the roses. Of course, given that this is contrary to the rules of the Treasure House, the more likely thing to happen is that he would just send one or two people every few years. If that’s the case, it would be very, very long indeed to get to that 999 nine roses."

"Then... " Aya asked, "give me some time to adjust my strength. Although I don’t have too much assurance, perhaps the full strike from this Caliburn can break open this space."

Wang Lu grunted. "But the price is your soul will fly away and scatter? Aya, you’re also a king, so don’t try so hard to solve all the problem with brute force. Although the situation is somewhat difficult at the moment, we still have a workaround method."

"Workaround method?"

Wang Lu smiled. "Actually it’s very simple. It’s just that you can’t think about it yet. Do you remember what we met at the second level?"

"Golden King’s illusion?" It suddenly dawned on Aya.

"We received the Golden King’s invitation to go deep into the Treasure House as honorable guests to please him by completing a lot of tests. But now, there’s an uppity employee who abuses his power by stopping us on the fifth level. What do you think will happen next?"

Aya slightly hesitated. "But Golden King has been dead for many years, and what’s left of him here is just an illusion…"

"Even if it’s just an illusion, it’s still the illusion of Golden King. Who do you think has the higher status here, the Administrator from Holy Light Religion or Golden King’s illusion?"

"Then do you think Golden King will help us?"

Wang Lu said, "Of course not, why should he help us? However, what if it is us who helps him? For example, rather than Golden King helping us pass this difficult test, we might as well turn the table and help Golden King eliminate the unqualified Administrator."


"We are the guests of Golden King, but the Administrator dares to detain us here. This disobedience could not be redeemed even if he dies a hundred times." Then Wang Lu looked up to the sky. "What do you think, your majesty?"

A moment later, a pleasant laughter came from the sky.

"Hahaha, you’re quite talkative aren’t you, bastard."

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