Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 295: Blind Your Dog Eyes

Chapter 295: Blind Your Dog Eyes

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"My country?"

Upon hearing Wang Lu’s suggestion, Aya was suddenly in a trance. "Go back, now?"

"... Hey, don’t put that ‘ugly wife does not dare to see the parents-in-law’ face. Although you’re just A cup and have a petite frame, isn’t your face beautiful? Moreover, you should’ve mentally prepared yourself early on. Because when we come to the West, sooner or later, you would still return to your home."

Aya said, "But, I didn’t expect it to be this fast. I, I am not ready."

"F*ck, you’re already a big girl, what preparation do you need to have? You’re the Knight King, are you not? More than a hundred years ago, you managed to pull out the Caliburn that symbolize the royal power and become the king of a country. At that time, a slender girl like you has no stage fright, don’t tell me you have one right now?"

"No, I mean… I don’t know how should I face it." Aya seemed dispirited as she hung her head low. "I have done too much wrong."

Wang Lu quickly said, "If you make mistake then apologize, it would show how big your chest… uh, wrong, why do you even need to ask how should you face it? Of course it’s to take revenge on the culprit and then strive to recover your kingdom! In everything, we should be forward-looking. And don’t forget I told you that I wouldn’t reach Jindan as long as you don’t recover your kingdom; how long do you want me to stay in Xudan Stage?"


"Listen well, regarding the recovery of your kingdom, I will take the lead in handling it. You know your situation really well, in addition to your swordplay, you’re just a waste that completely wallows in the past. I can’t even expect you to do something really simple, you can’t even cook."

"Hey!" By now, Aya was already trembling with anger.

"If you think I’m wrong then prove it. Show me that you can cook, or prove that you are a warrior that dares to face the reality—I think it’s easier to do the latter. In short, your country, so you lead the way."

Wang Lu whistled to summon the nightmare carriage and then opened the door. "Get inside."

Aya’s country was located in the west of the central part of Western Continent, a beautiful piece of fertile land named Brettonia.

The original meaning of the so-called Brettonia was the land of Bretton Dragon Clan. A long, long time ago, in this rich and fertile land lived a large number of Dragon Clan. Afterward, along with the increased prosperity of the human clan, the Dragon Clan gradually played the role of the master that guides and gives blessings from behind the scene. At the same time, along with the increased exchange between the two clans, the Dragon Clan bloodline gradually spread and develop, by virtue of the human’s amazing capacity to reproduce.

The Bretton Dragon Clan now no longer referred to the Ancient Dragon Clan, but more referred to the people with the Dragon Clan blood. In fact, no one has seen the pure Dragon Clan for a long time. The lineage of the Bretton Dragon Clan, along with most of the other blood lineage of the Western Continent, did not fully conform with the common sense of human being. The descendants of the union of two powerful persons might show extremely little characteristics of Dragon Clan blood, however, two nearly ordinary persons might produce extremely powerful offsprings… Of course, if they don’t have the Dragon Clan blood at all, then no matter what, it was impossible to birth a new Dragon Clan offspring. At the same time, a person with strong blood lineage would also have a higher chance to produce formidable descendants. The most outstanding of all the blood lineage would then become the King of Bretton.

The last King was Aya. She inherited a nearly pure Dragon Clan lineage. From a young age, she has already shown amazing talents, and even before the bloodline had fully matured, she was already a powerhouse of a near-legendary level.

This no doubt contained Aya’s own effort, but the strength of the Bretton Dragon Clan could also be seen.

The group chatted on the road, and when mentioning about her origin, Aya could not help but continue to sigh with emotion. "The situation in the Western Continent is very different from Nine Regions. On this side, the influence of the bloodline is enormous. As long as you have the bloodline, you can be aloof and remote. Because even if you’re merely low order profession, it is still a profession. Moreover, those who carry the bloodline have a position that is no less than the common nobility. In this continent, there’s no talented person from an impoverished background, and there’s no artificial spirit root that could change the fate of ordinary people. Without the bloodline, you are merely an ordinary person and would forever wallow in mediocrity…"

Wang Lu thought for a moment. "Could the profession be achieved from the descendant of an ordinary person and a profession, mother relying on the father to change the son’s destiny?"

"The descendants of the combination of ordinary person and profession have very weak bloodline. In Nine Regions term, this is comparable to the waste spirit root. They need to be invested with enormous resources with very little result. The probability of the birth of an outstanding descendant is very low."

"Then use the quantity over quality method, keep trying until you succeed."

"..." Aya was silent for a long time. "You’re right, on our side, for a time, the life of professions are indeed compared… until people found out that too many illegitimate bastards could not change their situation at all. In short, the situation here is very different. Previously, I have given you the advance instruction, you better seriously take a look at it. This continent is very complicated, so much that even I the Knight King don’t dare to say I have mastered them. Those written records that are spread in Nine Regions are far from enough from truly understanding it."

Wang Lu nodded and then pointed at the bustling place in front of them. "We’ve arrived, that’s the Golden Flash Town."

Golden Flash Town was Aya’s designated first stop at Brettonia. When Aya was still in reign, it was one of the bustling towns in her kingdom. Besides its local specialty of precious ore, the most important thing about Golden Flash Town was that it was the burial place of the former Bretton Dracon Clan’s King, Golden Flash Dragon. This God-level person in fable gave the Golden Flash Town its best blessing by spreading his life essence here. As a result, the Dragon Clan bloodline on this Golden Flash Town was particularly numerous.

"Wait a minute, don’t you think that there’s something wrong with your description? Spreading the life essence here, therefore, the Dragon Clan Bloodline is particularly numerous… How did the Golden Flash Dragon spread the essence here? Can you describe it in details?"

Aya threw a helpless look at Wang Lu and then explained, "During my reign, Dragon Flash town is a famous hometown for the Dragon Clan. Among my subordinates, one-tenth of the high order Knights came from the Golden Flash Town. If… If Holy Light Religion truly targets the Bretton Dragon Clan Bloodline, then this should be the most important battlefield."

Wang Lu said, "Now it seems to be quite peaceful, there are no signs of loss of lives nor signs of ruins."

"... Yes, I also hope that the so-called purification war is just nonsense." Aya said and then shook her head. "But self-deception does not make any sense. As far as I know, Holy Light Religion doesn’t easily massacre average person. Unless it’s concerned with people who truly collude with the devil, they would not be so blatant. Moreover, I feel like inside the calm exterior of this Golden Flash Town hides a very big crisis. In short, let’s take a look at it first."

"Do we need to use illusion to hide our identities? Would there be a problem for people with the appearance of the natives of Nine Regions?" Wang Lu gave a suggestion.

"... Illusion? There’s no need." Aya suddenly revealed a scared expression, as if she remembered the past event that was unbearable to recall. "No need to be that troublesome. Golden Flash Town is an open town. During my reign, some scholars from Nine Regions came to visit Golden Flash Town. In short, your presence will not be too noticeable."

"Really? Before I went down the mountain, I’ve learned illusion technique from Sixth Uncle, truly fake-pass-off-as-genuine thing!"

"No need!"

Meanwhile, on the Sacred Place of Holy Light Religion, Taobao City. Deep in the King’s Treasure House, a priest in platinum robes slowly opened his eyes.

"Remnant of the Bretton Dragon Clan? Really interesting. Such a powerful bloodline actually exists. Is the purification war not thorough enough?"

After a pause, the priest closed his eyes, and then he opened his eyes again.

"Nine Regions Cultivator? Such a young age yet able to grasp the principle of cultivation transformation, so they should be gifted disciples of a big sect. Unfortunately, in the end, they all have to die here. They would need at least five thousand years to collect that nine hundred and ninety-nine roses before they could come out, but who could live for five thousand years? Nine Regions cultivators can live long, but even after a long time, they would still end up as a handful of dust."

"Humph, thankfully, this Treasure House has a space-time distortion ability, which allows me to savor the passage of thousands of years period in a short period. Hmm, previously, when I used this method to deal with the heretics, what did they do? If I remember correctly, on the seventieth year, they began to beg for my forgiveness? And then on the seventy-third year, they fell into despair and killed themselves. Heh, living alone in an absolutely dead space is more painful than any torture in the world. Those flute player dwarves from Flat Top Mountain who have reputation for having steel mind can only endure for dozens of years. What can these Eastern cultivators do? I’ve heard that they’re quite good at cultivating their mind, so maybe I could play this game a little longer…"

"I better check what they’re doing. Do they understand the secret of the roses? Perhaps I can give them a little hint, so that they become… even more desperate."

With that, the priest closed his eyes again. Then his figure appeared to drift from places to places as he gradually fused with the surrounding space. At the same time, his consciousness sank into countless of separate spaces in the King’s Treasure House, but soon rapidly converged into that one space—this was one of the abilities of the Administrator.

However, just as he entered the prison space on the fifth level, the priest heard a sound of laughter that was extremely shocking to him.

"Hahaha, idiot Holy Light Religion, they think that they can trap us with this silly move, they’re just deluding themselves in fantasy, isn’t this just mere nine hundred and ninety-nine middle order professions? Three female junior apprentices, let’s diligently start making babies, then we’ll train our children in the most orthodox way to become middle-order professions. If we do this, we’ll just need around three hundred and thirty-three years to get out of here!"


The priest felt as if his mind has exploded and his worldview completely crushed.

Trying to procreate? Three hundred and thirty-three years? Could it be that this guy wanted to...

"Come on junior sisters, senior brother’s big stick can’t stand it’s hunger and thirst anymore, hahaha! But, we can’t let that pervert Administrator watch our good deed."

Then, the priest saw a burst of pink mist began to diffuse, which completely blocked his vision from seeing the scene behind the mist. But, he didn’t need to look as the sound of the heavy moaning of women seemingly in pain and ecstasy burst through the mist and shook his heart. How could the priest not know what good deed they were doing!

"T-This is so improper!"

The priest trembled with rage. "They actually considered this sacred Golden King’s Treasure House a-as that kind of place! I-I want the punishment from the heaven to fall on them so that their souls fly away and scatter! I… wait a minute, that’s exactly what they want. They want to lure me to make my move so that they could pass the test ahead of time. The fundamental rules of Golden King’s Treasure House are not to be changed, and I have set the harshest test, that nine hundred and ninety-nine roses, which if passed, will send them straight to the sixth level! No, I have to restrain myself…"

And right at this time, from that empty space, came that young cultivator’s voice once again, "Hahaha, Junior Sisters, I have calculated wrong. Why should we wait for three hundred years? As long as we wholeheartedly used the Great Method of Yin and Yang, Heart and Soul, you’ll only be pregnant with daughters, and then I become their good daddy, so that they’re all pregnant with my children. We’ll be able to leave this place in about twenty years. If we can get multiple births, that would be even more fun, hahaha!"

"You’re all going to die!" the priest roared.

At the same time, in the deepest part of the Treasure House, a golden shadow couldn’t hold back anymore. "Damn this bastard for leaving behind this f*cking illusion! How dare you defile my Treasure House!"

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