Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 297: The Pride of Brettonia

Chapter 297: The Pride of Brettonia

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"Bang! Boom!"

Along with the rumbling sound of fireworks, Golden Flash Town ushered in a bustling new day.

At the entrance of the town, the magnificent fireworks and golden dawn echoed each other with dazzling luster, injecting unlimited vitality for the town. In the morning, the town was already filled with voices. The streets, the shops, and everywhere else were full of people. On this day, it was the once in every three years revelry day, the Dragon City Guards selection ceremony.

As the most powerful city in Brettonia, the Dragon City Guards were basically equivalent to the strongest force of Brettonia. To join Dragon City Guards, except through internal recommendation, this external recruitment was basically the only way.

However, it was not known why the selection was held in Golden Flash Town and not in Dragon City itself. Perhaps because Golden Flash Town was well known since ancient time as the cradle of the bloodline, which produced talented people each generation, or perhaps it was because of the superior geographical position of the Golden Flash Town that extended to all directions. But in short, this was a rare opportunity for the Golden Flash Town, so naturally, they need to firmly grasp it.

From the early morning, the revelry has already begun. And when the sun was rising, the atmosphere became slightly cooler—important people from Dragon City were coming soon.

Close to midday, from a distant horizon, a huge shadow came like the rolling dark cloud that threatened everyone. In the people’s view, the shadow rapidly expanded. Before long, someone in the town exclaimed, "It’s the dragon!"

It was the symbol of the Dragon City, the giant dragon who sat at the apex of all creatures!

The faint dragon prestige has already suppressed the area for over several kilometers, making it somewhat difficult to breath for the townspeople. However, when the dragon flew close, the dragon prestige was instead restrained quite a lot.

Because next to the dragon, there were several slowly blooming golden lights that covered the dragon figure. That rich holy aura made people involuntarily have the impulse to lie prostrate in worship.

"Heh, sure enough, it’s the Holy Light Religion."

Inside the inn, Wang Lu coldly smiled. "I probably understand what’s going on with this Dragon City Guard selection ceremony."

Aya’s face was somewhat gloomy as her green eyes stared straight at the dragon figure that was sandwiched in the middle of several lights, and then she shook her head. "Dragon City… it’s not supposed to be like this."

A moment later, the dragon arrived at the Golden Flash Town. First, it circled above the town square before it began to slow slowly descend and then landed. The dragon figure quickly shrank and gradually transformed into human form.

It was a thirty to forty years old looking middle-aged man with a dignified face; he was tall and imposing, which made people’s heart want to submit. The nearest circle of people in the town square even involuntarily bend their knee.

"Tsk, what a terrifying ruler aura."

In the distant, Wang Lu, looking at the town square from inside the inn, felt that the middle-aged man gave off a touch of pressure. According to his initial judgment, that person’s strength should be between high order and legendary level—in other words, around Deity Stage. With such power, that person should be able to crush Golden Flash Town flat. People kneeling before him just now was just the result of extreme restraint.

"Aya, do you know him?"

Aya’s voice was somewhat muffled. "He’s the Master of Dragon City, Bedivere." After a pause, she continued, "A hundred years ago. At that time, it was impossible for him to tolerate such an affront."

Wang Lu uttered an ‘oh’ sound to express his understanding. Because there were three white-gowned Holy Light Religion priests that surrounded the Dragon City Master. To say they were there to serve was too far-fetched, but rather it was more like surveillance and control. The fact was that the three Holy Light Religion priests were only at the beginning of High Order—even the three of them combined was not a match to the powerful Dragon City Master. Obviously, the Dragon City Master Bedivere has already wallowed in degeneration. If it were Aya, even if she were only Jindan, she would still dare to face off against three Deity Stage opponents—of course, that’s one of the reasons why her kingdom perished.

Because of the existence of Bedivere, it was inconvenient for Aya to appear, thus she had to quietly wait in the inn. Wang Lu was curious about this, so, together with Liu Li and the others, they squeezed through the crowd towards the town square.

When they arrived at the square, the ceremony had already begun. Bedivere did not like wasting time. After making a simple opening statement, he reached out for the podium and placed a crystal ball on the stage.

"Anyone who has confidence in themselves can come on stage and give a drop of their blood on the crystal ball. If your blood is qualified after being appraised, you can join the Dragon City Guards."

After giving off a simple explanation, Bedivere turned around and stepped off the stage. Two white-gowned priests were left on the stage to manage the appraisal, while another priest always followed beside Bedivere.

This was not the first Dragon City Guard selection ceremony, so most of the people of Golden Flash Town was already familiar with these procedures. Soon, there was a young lad, full of confidence, who came on the stage, bit his finger, and dripped his blood on the crystal ball.

The crystal ball flashed with a burst of light but eventually remained green. The young man paused and looked at the two priests with expectant eyes.

"Go back," one of the priests coldly said.

The young lad’s face was drained of color. "But, but I have the bloodline."

"Green excellent level of blood is not eligible to become a Dragon City Guard. Go seek your livelihood somewhere else."

With that, the priest stretched out his hand forward to push, and the young man staggered backward and fell off the stage.

The crowd began to murmur among themselves. "Alas, excellent level blood is not eligible to join, the threshold of this Dragon City Guard is very high. I’m afraid even the Holy Knight of Holy Light Religion would be like so."

"Yeah, in other places, let alone green, even white level blood is enough to make the Master of the City put their effort to train him. Even the worst of them, the grey level blood, can at least become a profession. How could they be treated like trash like this."

"Yes, some of the cities’ Main Guards have nothing but excellent level blood. Being a Dragon City Guard is really not easy."

During their talk, a brawny man jumped on the stage to be appraised. His strong body exuded an extremely dangerous aura which showed his quite powerful strength. The crystal ball then showed a dark blue color.

"Mm, it’s close to the rare level blood. It’s a defensive type bloodline that favors the shield war route, which is even rarer." The white-gowned priest nodded. "Unfortunately, Dragon City Guard does not lack the shield type guard. You should go back."

That brawny man was astonished. "G-Go back? But I…"

Before he could finish his words, the white-gowned priest reached out and pushed him, and the brawny man fell without any resistance.

After all, although he has the potential to be excellent, and after honed, he would be powerful, but in front of a high order profession, he would still be vulnerable. However, as soon as that brawny man was knocked off the stage, he was soon surrounded by several luxuriously dressed nobles, trying to win him over.

Dragon City Guard selection was very strict, so being eliminated did not necessarily mean that someone was weak. Perhaps Dragon City didn’t need them, but for others, those who were eliminated were still valuable resources.

"In general, only purple-blue, a near epic level blood could join the Dragon City guard, but how could the purple-blue blood be so common? I have lived in Golden Flash Town for decades, witnessing every selection ceremony, but until now, the purple-blue blood has only appeared less than ten times. In each occurrence, it sent a shock to Dragon City people."

A white-haired Golden Flash Town people said with emotion.

"Excuse me, has there ever been Bretton Dragon blood these years?"

A young man’s voice sounded in the ear of the old man. But when the old man turned back, he saw a strange face.

"Hello. I am a scholar from Nine Regions. I would like to understand the local custom and condition very much." That young man smiled. There was a special power contained within that smile that made the old man unconsciously relax his vigilance.

"Bretton Dragon bloodline?" The old man touched his beard as he began to narrate with a proud tone, "Of course, and quite many of them. After all, this is Brettonia. This Bretton Dragon blood, no matter how thin it is in one’s blood, even the lowest one is green. Usually, they’re blue, or even purple. Moreover, its real value is far higher than the other similar bloodline. I have seen fifteen selection ceremonies, and everytime the bloodline of Bretton Dragon Clan appeared, the Dragon City priests will give them the highest standard of treatment, and even personally entertain them. Hey, they are the pride of our Brettonia!"

"Personally entertain? I understand. Thank you."

After another challenger came on the stage and then stepped down, time quickly slipped away. Before long, it was already half a day later. The sun gradually sunk on the horizon and the platform erected on the town square has created a long shadow.

In half a day, there were indeed quite a lot of excellent bloodline. Those who met the standard of Dragon City numbered to more than twenty people. Of which, three were locals from Golden Flash Town and one Bretton Dragon Clan bloodline. It was indeed a quite good result; after all, those who have heard the reputation of the selection ceremony and came were more than half of the Brettonia, moreover, even people outside Brettonia have also come.

As the sun set, the people of Golden Flash Town gradually dispersed, those who failed the selection ceremony left with their entourage, and those who came to watch the fun also felt that there was no point in staying longer since the ceremony was almost over.

The Dragon City Master Bedivere has been quietly waiting on the platform for quite a while, and it was already a while ago since the last challenger left. At the moment, there were no new people on the stage anymore. He then turned around and said, "It should be over, right?"

"Over? Based on these people?"

Bedivere wrinkled his thick eyebrows. "Twenty-three people, is that not enough?"

The white-gowned priest took a deep look at him. "You know what I’m talking about."

"... But there’s already one, isn’t it?"

"Do you think we don’t know about your secret petty maneuver?" that priest said, and then his eyes turned towards the platform. "A lot of people that should have come didn’t."

Bedivere coldly humphed. "Dragon City Guard recruitment is not that attractive, so if they don’t want to come, do you think you can force them?"

The priest said, "Of course not, but they can be tempted." While talking, with a hint of strong smile, he opened his palm. Suddenly, a rich fragrance began to disperse.

Bedivere’s body trembled. "Is this, Ambergris!?"

"Humph, correct. It’s the irresistible temptation of Bretton Dragon Clan. I knew you would not do things honestly, so I brought it on purpose. I’d like to see how many Bretton Dragon Clan bloodlines that have yet to appear."


"Want to make your move? Then by all means. With your strength, killing the three of us is simply a breeze."

Bedivere gritted his teeth, but in the end, he didn’t make any move. The priest then used the holy light to ignite the Ambergris, and the subtle fragrance quickly spread to every corner of the town.

A moment later, the three priests on the platform were satisfied to see that from the distant, several townspeople absentmindedly walked towards them. Inwardly, they mused that this priceless treasure was not in vain.

Although it was inevitable that this action was similar to killing the chicken to get the eggs, no matter what, they have earned this much harvest.

At the same time, Wang Lu, who has already lost the interest in the selection ceremony and returned to the inn to prepare to eat, was surprised to find that the little girl who was preparing the meal in the kitchen suddenly seemed to lose her spirit. As if she had suffered some kind of shock, her body slightly trembled, and the dinner plate unconsciously slipped from her hand. Then she lightly walked outside as if she had been caught by a ghost.

Wang Lu felt that it was strange. "Where are you going, Nicole?"

His voice had just fallen when Aya, who sat beside Wang Lu, also stood up.

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