Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 298: The Noble Bloodline of Wang Lulu

Chapter 298: The Noble Bloodline of Wang Lulu

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Holy Light Religion priest stimulated the rare treasure Ambergris. Its strange fragrance quickly spread to each corner of Golden Flash Town, which lured a specific bloodline.

Ambergris was a rare treasure invented by chance coincidence by a genius alchemist. Legend has it that even ancient dragons could not resist its temptation. As long as it was smelled, it would be continuously drooled over, captivating dragons, hence the name Ambergris 1 . According to legend, the purer the Dragon Clan bloodline was, the stronger the temptation of Ambergris.

The reason why Holy Light Religion priest took out this piece of Ambergris was that they basically wanted to catch the whole Bretton Dragon Clan bloodline in Golden Flash Town in one fell swoop.

Meanwhile, in a certain inn in town, the scent of the dinner was coming out of the kitchen and the sumptuous feast was obviously about to be ready. After a moment, however, in the astonished eyes of people, the girl Nicole who was in charge for the dinner walked out of the inn absentmindedly.

And behind her, in a similar absent-minded state, Aya followed suit.

"Hey, what has gotten into you two, this broad daylight…"

Wang Lu promptly chanted the mind purifying incantation. Although he was a sword cultivator, thus magic spell was not his forte, but after more than a dozen years of cultivation, he was already approaching Jindan Stage. Therefore, a simple spell could be readily cast out. Moreover, the effect was not inferior to the elites of the common sects.

However, after chanting that mind purifying incantation, there was still no response from Aya and Nicole. Wang Lu was slightly surprised. "How could it be?"

Even though casting a spell in Western Continent—after going through the principle of transformation—the effect of the spell could not have one hundred percent assurance, but it should have at least some effects. At least, it ought to be effective on Nicole.

While thinking, Wang Lu rushed towards Aya and pressed her shoulder. However, her body unexpectedly slightly trembled, and then a formidable stormy-sea-like giant force burst out, throwing him back far away.

"Get out of the way!"

Only when her back disappeared from his field of vision did her impatient voice passed into his ear.

"This woman is crazy!" Wang Lu was alarmed and angry at the same time. He stood up, pound the table in anger, and roared to Liu Li and the others, "Don’t just gawk here, after them!"

It was not important what has gotten into Aya and Nicole. The important thing was the Master of Dragon City was outside, so Aya must not be seen by him at all!

Think about it, if the Knight King who was supposed to die one hundred years ago suddenly raised from the dead and reappeared in Brettonia, how would the world react to this?

Those who fondly remembered the Knight King would naturally be overjoyed; they would hope that Aya could lead them to rebuild the country. But on the other hand, what about those who got benefits after Brettonia collapsed?

Like Bedivere, would he be happy to see Aya again?

Or those city masters who proclaimed themselves independent in the chaos of war, wouldn’t they be worried that their cities would be on Aya’s list?

In particular, the Holy Light Religion who was now the de facto ruler of Brettonia. On the one hand, they split Brettonia apart, and on the other hand, they purified the Dragon Clan bloodline. Their hostility towards Bretton Dragon Clan was without a doubt. What would happen if they see the appearance of Aya as the former Dragon Clan King?

They would probably stage a ‘Zhuyanxue’ 2 for Aya… If he just let Aya just stumble there in a daze, it was like throwing away her life. In a few years, who knows how many children would she conceive! Well, theoretically, the soul of the brave departed is barren, but that was not the point!

"Stop at once, you two dead cooks!"

While urging Liu Li and Bai Shixuan to make their move, his action was not slow either. He rushed as fast as he could to chase them. Because the place was crowded, he didn’t dare to use his big skill like the Broken Sword World.

However, when he arrived outside the inn, he could not help but curse ‘damn’.

A group of people happened to come to the inn at that time. They were those failed challengers who returned from the stage after their interest waned. No one knew why they chose to walk in this part of town, but at this time, they bumped into Wang Lu, thus stopping his rush. However, with that stop, his chance to chase after the two women has slipped away.

Because just when Wang Lu, Liu Li, and the Bai Shixuan were blocked, Aya and Nicole, while holding hands, had already bypassed a corner and headed for the square. Golden Flash Town was not large. The square stage overlooked the four corners of the town, which provided it with great visibility. Therefore, their figures have already appeared in Bedivere and other people’s sight. If they tried to block them now, it would definitely be discovered by the other party.

Wang Lu helplessly slowed down his footsteps and mentioned Liu Li and Bai Shixuan to no longer pursue.

Looking at the back of Aya and Nicole from far away, Wang Lu sighed. Now he could only play by ear.

"Yes, four, five, six… oh, and that other two. There are actually eight awakened Bretton Dragon Clan bloodlines here, truly an unexpected joy."

The priest with the Ambergris was all smiles. This time’s harvest was very rich. Back at Dragon City, he would inevitably obtain the Archbishop’s commendation.

The real purpose for the once in three years Dragon Guard selection was exactly for the Bretton Dragon Clan bloodline. Golden Flash Town was known as the blessed land of the Dragon Clan, meaning that the probability of the birth of the Dragon Clan bloodline was very high! As long as one was a native of Brettonia and grew up here, one has the probability to sire or give birth to the Dragon Clan bloodline! Thus, every three years, Holy Light Religion recruited the Dragon City Guard in the name of Dragon City, and collected the Dragon Clan Blood in secret. For dozens of years, the harvest was abundant. It was just that in recent years, for several times, the harvest was increasingly scarce.

The priest suspected that Bedivere had spread all sorts of rumors about Dragon City that was not in favor of the Holy Light Religion, making those with Dragon Clan bloodline not willing to be recruited. After all, the purification of Bretton Dragon Clan was not a high profile effort, thus some things could not be done too blatantly. However, his suspicion of Bedivere was just that, a suspicion. There was no evidence to support it. Let alone with the status of Bedivere, even if he has the evidence, he actually could not do anything to him.

Therefore, he simply bypassed Bedivere and tempted the Dragon Clan bloodline with Ambergris so that Bedivere, however unwillingly, could only accept the outcome.

"Very good, very good. Coupled with the previous one, this time, there are nine Dragon Clan bloodlines. I wonder how many of them have the true Dragon bloodline."

Bretton Dragon Clan bloodline was also divided into levels. The lowest one was green level, which was common. The higher one was blue and then purple-blue. The most excellent one was the purple epic level. The power of the Bretton Dragon Clan bloodline was according to the above color level. The higher the level of the blood, naturally the higher the credit for the priest. According to the results of the previous selections, among the nine people, one or two should have the purple epic level blood.

Before long, the first bloodline who was lured by the Ambergris went up the stage. It was a tall and sturdy young man. The locals of Golden Flash Town immediately recognized him as the blacksmith’s son. A thirteen years old vigorous and healthy young adult. Moreover, in recent years, he was suddenly able to fly. Thus, there were many experienced townspeople who suspected that an extraordinary bloodline had been awakened.

The blacksmith’s son went on the stage absentmindedly, then somehow bit his own finger and dripped the blood on the crystal ball, which then burst into a dark blue glow… He was then pulled aside by the priest and continued to stand with a distracted face.

The second one who went on stage was a delicate young woman. She was the most skilled tailor in her village. Her pair of delicate hand could weave exquisite clothes not inferior to the fine clothes produce by the Nine Regions. Her ingenuity was incredible. At this point, she also went up the stage attracted by Ambergris, and when she dripped her blood on the crystal ball, the ball bloomed with an almost purple light.

"Good, a near-epic blood, and also possessed the sensitive type skill, a rare combination, no less than the true purple epic. This time, we really picked up a treasure."

The priest was secretly pleased with himself and held the Ambergris in front of the girl, mesmerizing her.

Before long, several Bretton Dragon Clan bloodlines came to the stage for identification. Without exception, they were all blue or purple-blue color. There was even an infinitely close to the true epic blood, which made the several priests happy.

At this time, Nicole, the girl from the farthest inn, finally came to the front and dripped her blood. The crystal ball then bloomed with a dazzling purple light.

"Is… this a true epic blood?" The three priests froze for a moment, and then looked at Nicole together.

Bretton Dragon Clan bloodline was very rare. Its real value was far above the ordinary bloodline. Thus, the condition for its appearance was also very harsh. Purple blue and infinitely close to true purple were all fine. However, the real purple was extremely rare. The true purple blood of Nicole meant that her ancestors were not just nobody.

The several priests looked at each other and thought that after the recruitment, they must take time to check the background of the young girl.

"So, is it my turn now?"

The priests’ thoughts were interrupted by a clear woman’s voice. On the stage, the blond haired and green eyed Aya lightly smiled.

In the end, she was the Knight King. Although as the previous Dragon King, she was the most affected by Ambergris, but soon after she walked out of the inn, she regained her consciousness. However, at that time, she had been seen by Bedivere and Holy Light Religion priests, so there was no way back for her.

Therefore, she simply went on the stage and looked at Bedivere. The latter lightly furrowed his brows thoughtfully. However, as if he didn’t recognize the Knight King that he once served, upon hearing the question from Aya, he just callously nodded. "Yes. Just drip your blood here."

Aya then gently dripped her blood from her fingertip on the crystal ball.

All at once, the dazzling purple light shone on the platform.

Upon seeing Aya’s purple light, the three priests, who were still immersed in the shock caused by Nicole, stared with their eyes wide open and their jaws dropped in speechlessness. Even in the same purple level, there were still differences in the epic levels. Nicole was just ordinary epic, but Aya’s blooming purple meant that she has an epic level blood of the top grade. Even in the era of the Knight King, it was still enough to put it among the finest of the knights of the round table!

Of course, they didn’t know that this was the result of Aya deliberately suppressing her blood. After all, she was in the soul of the brave departed body, and after losing her country, losing the most important kingly attribute in the process, therefore, the rank of her blood dropped, otherwise...

"You…" A priest was struggling to swallow his saliva and was not sure of what to say. At this point, all that he could think of was the amount of reward that he would get once he returned to Dragon City.

While the priests were silent, Bedivere stepped forward and asked, "Who exactly are you?"

Aya revealed a vacant expression as she replied, "Me? I, I don’t know. I was just accompanying a friend to Golden Flash Town to study. I don’t know why, but just now I was moved to come here to take the identification. I…"

"Who is your parents? Galahad? Gawain? Geraint?"

Bedivere directly interrupted Aya’s words and pressed her for an answer step by step. Astonishing flame hid behind his eyes.

But Aya was at a lost for words. "I, I don’t know. They left me when I was very young, and I’ve never seen them since."

"Describe to me their features. You should at least remember those, right?" Bedivere was especially anxious.

Aya replied, "Yes. My father is…, and my mother is…"

Then Aya vividly depicted the image of a man and a woman. During which, Bedivere continued to ask pointed questions, which contained amazing pressure so that the three Holy Light Religion priests did not dare to interrupt. After a long while, Bedivere sighed with a weary face.

"It turns out you’re the descendant of Galahad, no wonder there’s such a pure purple blood. Unfortunately, you shouldn’t have come here."

Aya blinked her eyes. "Do you know my father? But he doesn’t seem to be called Galahad…"

Bedivere sighed again. "No need to say anymore, that time has long gone."

After that, Bedivere slowly stepped down the stage. His figure looked exceptionally heavy, apparently unwilling to continue the questioning anymore.

The three priests looked at each other and simultaneously thought: the descendant of Galahad? One of the most prestigious knights of the round table under the Knight King? No wonder she has such a pure purple blood...

This time, they didn’t just pick any treasure, instead, they dug up a gold mine! If they traced this woman’s background, perhaps they could bring out the remnants of the knights of the round table!

Aya didn’t care about the priests’ calculation. All her attention was focused on Bedivere. From his body language, Aya concluded that too many things have happened in the past more than one hundred years...

And just at this moment, a questioning voice suddenly sipped into Aya’s ear, "Hey, who is Galahad?"

"Wang Lu?" Aya was taken aback. Unknown to her, Wang Lu has unexpectedly stood on the stage. Behind him, there were also Bai Shixuan, Liu Li, and Quan Zouhua, basically their whole team! "What are you guys doing?"

"Picking up your corpse!" Wang Lu peevishly stared at her and then asked, "Who is Galahad?"

Aya softly said, "Galahad was the gallant and pure knight in those days that survived the war, but then left the Western Continent. Nobody knows his whereabouts anymore. I pretended to be his descendant so that no one can investigate my background."

"And Bedivere believed in your irresponsible remark? He was your past official, doesn’t he recognize his own king?"

Aya hesitated. "I told you, I used to… not use the image of a woman to bear the name of Knight King. So my previous image and my current image are very different. Moreover, the spirit of the brave departed body also has its special place. So, it’s normal if Bedivere doesn’t recognize me."

"What the hell! Is A cup lethality that strong? A true real-life story of the Butterfly Lovers 3 !"

"What are you talking about!"

While Wang Lu and Aya were talking, the three priests finally woke up from their daydreaming and snapped. "Who are you guys? What are you doing onstage?"

Wang Lu smiled. "Of course an outstanding talent who comes for the Dragon City Guard. Don’t look at our handsome and pretty look, we are actually genuinely powerful. For example, I, have a legendary noble bloodline."

Upon saying that, Wang Lu made a small cut to his fingers with his nail and then dropped a drop of blood on the crystal ball.

In any case, he could just run away from this, so he might as well go with Aya and plan the next move once they arrived at Dragon City. Currently, the bloodline purification by Holy Light Religion was not out in the open yet, so there still has some leeway.

As long as he demonstrated that his blood was not inferior to that of Aya, he should be able to get the Dragon City’s attention, and then...

While thinking, the crystal ball absorbed the blood and then shone.

It was a murky gray light.

Wang Lu was immediately stunned, the several priests opposite of him also gawked, everyone froze in amazement. Gray light? On this day, the number of people that went on stage to take the identification was no less than a thousand. The blood that they showed were varied, from the pure purple Bretton Dragon Clan bloodline to the average white blood, all kinds of blood where shown. Only this gray blood that was exceptionally rare.

After a long time, a priest forcefully restrained his anger and said, "You, get off the stage."

Wang Lu said in surprise, "Get off the stage?"

"Gray. Moreover, it’s impure gray! This is the lowest level of the garbage blood. If you don’t get off the stage, do you want us to move our hands?"

While talking, the priest stretched out his hand, ready to blast away this mixed breed of Nine Regions with the power of Holy Light.

Wang Lu then anxiously said, "There must be a mistake here!"

With that, immortal method bloomed out from his fingertips as he tried to produce orange color to conceal the gray light...

Damn it, garbage blood? Where did this come from...


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