Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 299: We Are Family!

Chapter 299: We Are Family!

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"Believe me, there must be a misunderstanding!"

Along with Wang Lu’s sincere cries, the Holy Light priest angrily waved his palm, which drove the invisible Holy Light force, and slapped him off the stage.

Wang Lu lightly landed on the ground, looked at the faces around him that gave all kinds of complex look, and calmly sighed as if it was nothing.

Actually, this was not an unexpected result. Indeed he has the world’s best spirit root, Void Spirit Root, and cultivated the world’s best defensive method, Non-Phase Method, but that was by the standard of Nine Regions. For the Western Continent people, they simply didn’t recognize it. Moreover, people of Western Continent cared more about the strength of the blood, inherited ability and the likes, which was completely unrelated to his own strength.

Previously in Non-Phase Peak, his master also said that, based on physical condition alone, he could only be considered as mediocre, and only by relying on panacea would he gradually improve. However, Nine Regions cultivators practiced immortal cultivation, so the innate physical qualification was not that valued. Later on, when he cultivated Non-Phase Sword Bone, his physique greatly improved, which meant that the physical qualification was even more irrelevant, however, all of these improvements only happened on the surface. For example, if Wang Lu sired an offspring with an ordinary human, let alone the offspring would not inherit his Void Spirit Root, inheriting his current intrepid physical condition would be even more difficult. And this crystal ball only checked the blood to determine a person’s inheritance. Thus, even with his great skill, Wang Lu was completely powerless.

Theoretically, only when he successfully reached Jindan would his physique, magical power, primordial spirit, and immortal heart begin to coagulate into unification. By then, he would be able to change himself. After reaching Jindan, he might be called as Daoist Master 1 , because after reaching Jindan, the cultivator would be born again 2 , and henceforth enter a new realm. The descendant of a Jindan would be far superior to that of ordinary mortals.

Of course, the achievement of Jindan was only a matter of time for Wang Lu, but how would he explain all of these to the crystal ball?

After pondering for a moment, Wang Lu looked up at the platform. At this time, Liu Li and Bai Shixuan were a bit bewildered. They also could never think that their team leader, Senior Brother Wang Lu, would degenerate into garbage level blood and was forced off stage.

Wang Lu immediately told them through primordial spirit, "Don’t panic. I went up there just to confirm that Aya is okay, and then just happened to find the appropriate excuse to go down. That crystal ball is only for the people of Western Continent to test their blood, so it doesn’t look suitable for us. You can test it out yourself, after that, you can come down. For now, there’s no danger for Aya, so we don’t need to worry. We can return later after we make a plan."

Bai Shixuan and Liu Li nodded, and then Bai Shixuan stepped forward to drop her blood from her white finger to the crystal ball, which then burst...

A dark purple light!

"Hey, this is the impure part of my blood, yet it’s such a high-level blood of deep purple color?" Bai Shixuan was slightly surprised. "It seems like it really can’t test the blood from Nine Regions, it doesn’t have a rule at all. Isn’t it like this, Senior Brother?"

Off the stage, Wang Lu became completely silent. "Little Bai, you have blinded my dog’s eyes."

Similarly blinded were the three Holy Light priests, who upon seeing the purple glow was as equally pure as Aya, felt that their hearts suddenly stopped beating. When did this epic level blood appear everywhere like tomato and potato?

From its detail, it was extremely fitting with nature and could be called as the epic blood of the child of nature, its rare level was no less than Aya’s Bretton Dragon Clan! If the Druids were here to see her, they would not hesitate to welcome her to the endless forest to pay respect to her as the Holy Woman!

However, before s ripple of wave subsided, another wave surged forward. After Bai Shixuan stepped away from the crystal ball, Liu Li went forward to replace her. In accordance with the requirement, she dropped her blood on the crystal ball.

The next moment, orange light brightly shone and nearly blinded people’s eyes.

At that moment, time seemed to stop.

"Hey, I’ve never seen such a color." Liu Li curiously looked at the crystal ball and then reached out to touch it. Only to hear a crashing sound. The crystal ball seemed unable to bear the pressure and thus crashed into pieces.

"Huh? It’s broken? Sorry, sorry, I didn’t think that this thing couldn’t be touched." Liu Li looked ashamed. "Do you want compensation?"

The several Holy Light priests were horrified, why would they even want to be compensated? The orange glow just now… it was mostly because the crystal ball was overwhelmed after continuous work for a day, which caused a mistake in the appraisal result. However, the blood of these two natives of Nine Regions was without a doubt extremely high epic level blood. As for the even higher orange legend level, it wasn’t even possible, after all, how could a mere lower mongrel of Nine Regions have the highest level of blood?

Nevertheless, today’s harvest was indeed far beyond even their wildest imagination. In addition to the nine Bretton Dragon Clan bloodline, there were so many epic level blood that it was comparable to that of the past ten Dragon City Guards selection—he and the other two priests have indeed made a huge contribution.

"All of you…" The lead Holy Light priest cleared his throat and said, "Are qualified and can join Dragon City Guards."

Liu Li immediately hesitated. "But just now, Senior Brother said…"

"It’s okay, just agree with him." Wang Lu’s voice came through primordial spirit. "In this situation, we can’t go back anymore. Don’t worry, I will also go with you to Dragon City."

While speaking Wang Lu stepped up the stage once again.

Holy Light priests were focused on Liu Li and Bai Shixuan, feeling very excited. But upon seeing Wang Lu, this mongrel, come to disrupt, they immediately snapped, "What are you doing here?"

Wang Lu righteously said, "I also want to join Dragon City Guards!"

"Base on your mongrel blood? You’re delusional! The Holy Light is merciful and shines on all sentient beings, but if you insist on doing this reckless thing, refusing to mend despite repeated admonition, then you will be punished by the Holy Light!" The priest fiercely threatened.

Wang Lu confidently smiled. "Although my blood level is insufficient, I can be let in through my special talent!"

"Special talent?"

Wang Lu said, "Yes, Dragon City Guard is a powerful force in Brettonia. Although the number is not much, if we add the servant soldier class, it would reach close to ten thousand. Such a huge team surely have various service personnel, right?"

The priest frowned. "Huh?"

"Any large group of institution ultimately must have administrative and logistical support. And I am the super-class administrative and logistical talent. From the basic-level organization build up, system build up, team build up, to the style build up, I have a complete set of method. Although my own combat power is not much, I can effectively enhance the entire team’s combat efficiency."

The priest stared at him for a long time before said with a sinking voice, "Dragon City Guard does not need a miscellaneous soldier."

"Hah, it’s not miscellaneous soldier, but administrative and logistic…"

"Get lost!"

"Wait a minute! I am also a super-class technical talent! Even if you discriminate against liberal arts students and despise the administrative and logistic, but I can join as an engineering student. Whether it’s blast furnace iron smelting, gunpowder refining, or civil engineering, I’m pretty skilled in all of those! In addition to that, I also have some experience in mathematical and other theoretical studies. In three seconds, I can carry out no less than five digit number of square root operation easily!"

"Get lost!" The priest, who had long been impatient, stretched out his Holy Light covered hand and directly pushed Wang Lu off the stage.

Aya, Liu Li, and Bai Shixuan dumbfoundedly looked as the initially talking non-stop Wang Lu fell off the stage.

The three Holy Light priests were a bit irritated. Had they not been in full view of everyone, they would’ve summoned the Holy Light punishment and killed this clown!

However, Bedivere was somewhat interested in Wang Lu’s rhetoric. "Administrative and logistic? That’s an interesting talent."

Unfortunately, he was only interested, nothing more. Currently, he was in a heavy mood as all his energy was spent on Aya, so he didn’t want to continue to seriously delve into what Wang Lu just said.

Seeing that the sky had turned dark, one of the priests opened his mouth.

And just then, Wang Lu once again went up the platform and said with a clear and resonant voice, "Wait a minute, I have something to say!"

Holy Light priests didn’t even bother to talk to him at all, and just sent the Holy Light punishment.

Wang Lu lightly dodged sideways to avoid the Holy Light strike, and then said, "Don’t get me wrong, I just want to ask a question."

"A question?"

Wang Lu said, "Yes. Can the enlisted Dragon City Guard bring several people with them? I heard that Dragon City Guard is a lifetime occupation, so once joined, unless they have a great meritorious deed, they could not quit, so would they have to be alone in this lifelong journey? Those who still have to take care their aging parents and wife and children, don’t tell me to become Dragon City Guard they have to live a solitary life forever? After being enlisted by you, don’t tell me they couldn’t take their relatives or friends?"

This problem resonated deeply with the more than twenty qualified recruits.

"Yes. Are we going to go straight to Dragon City?"

"I, I have an elderly mother to take care of, and I have been wondering whether I can bring her together with me… Can I at least get some remuneration?"

"My girlfriend always wants to go to Dragon City, I should be able to bring her along…"

The three priests suddenly got a headache. Taking their family along with them? Do they think they’re going to Dragon City for a holiday? The more relatives and friends they bring, the harder it was for them to risk their lives in the battlefield and fight bravely. Not to mention these recruits were mostly without any training, a complete rough jade. They haven’t even started their basic training, how could they have the time to be affectionate with their spouse?

However, how could they say these words directly?

At this time, Dragon City Master Bedivere said, "So you want to bring your family? Okay, as long as you can make enough meritorious deeds for Dragon City, not to mention bringing your own family, even if you want anyone to be your family, Dragon City will help you. As long as you join the Dragon City Guards, we are all one big family."

"But…" Bedivere gave Wang Lu a sideway glance. "With your present status, don’t even dream about this family thing. Even if we are one big family, a family still has its rule, treatment in exchange for merits, that is very fair."

The blacksmith’s son stammered as he said, "But, to stay in Dragon City for several years, she…"

Bedivere shouted, "If you can’t even stand several years of separation, then don’t even talk about feelings!"

The young man was shocked and awed by the Master of Dragon City and thus no longer said anymore.

"Therefore." Bedivere looked at Wang Lu. "What do you want to ask again?"

"I want to ask, does this rule apply to Bretton Dragon Clan bloodline? Can Dragon Clan bloodline also bring their family?"

Bedivere’s eyes turned sharp—that was a really good question.

Dragon Clan bloodline was indeed allowed to bring their relatives—because the policy of Holy Light Religion towards Dragon Clan bloodline was completely different than that of the other bloodline. The more relatives of the Dragon Clan bloodline that were brought to Dragon City, the more they could control the Bretton Dragon Clan bloodline. After all, they essentially became hostages, thus, Holy Light Religion very much welcomed them.

"However, whose family are you?" Bedivere sneered. "You are a native of Nine Regions, don’t tell me you’re related to Dragon Clan bloodline? Even if you are related, for the sake of fairness, I will not make an exception for her. In this time’s Dragon City Guards selection, nobody can take their family back to Dragon City!"

Wang Lu frowned. "Family members are not allowed?" Then in a moment, a flash of light went through his mind. He smiled and said, "That’s okay. Because I’m not her family, but… her gigolo!"


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