Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 311: Not Afraid to Play

Chapter 311: Not Afraid to Play

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"Delivering water from the water station?"

Upon hearing the abrupt young voice outside, the Faceless One was slightly startled. In his perception, there was indeed a young man in windproof cape outside the door who was carrying a huge heavy barrel on the shoulder.

However, there was nothing strange in this. As the largest city in Brettonia, the supporting facilities were far from being comparable to that of other cities. The city has a special water station that brings ice water from the plateau north of Dragon City and then delivers it door to door, supplying the drinking water for the city’s rich and powerful. The Archbishop and the Holy Woman of Holy Light naturally have enough financial resources to enjoy the water delivery service.

"Humph, just a stray fish." Faceless One withdrew his attention from the water delivery boy outside the door and temporarily spared Marina. He stood up and was ready to get rid of the water delivery, but then he thought about something and changed his mind.

Because he suddenly realized that the scene in the room was quite unique. The Archbishop and Holy Woman, who always have intimate personal friendship relationship, were currently sloppily dressed—Holy Woman was lying naked in Archbishop’s private chamber. It seemed like it would be interesting if outsiders could see it and then spread it.

His purpose here was, after all, not to deal with small characters like Marina and Rowan. Rape and whatever were all just means to incite Bedivere. However, shaming and ruining the two of them were undoubtedly beneficial to his own plan.

"Very well, count yourself lucky, stray fish."

Faceless One slightly nodded, and in a flash, he made his move. The blood stain on the body of Archbishop Rowan and Marina disappeared, Rowan was involuntarily pulled up, his robe torn in mid-air, and landed naked on top of Marina. The two showed a rather awkward posture, but their worn and aching limbs could not move. As soon as he arranged this, Faceless One immediately disappeared.

"I-I am sorry Marina, I…"

Marina also didn’t know what to do.

Just then, the wooden door was finally pushed, and a young boy came carrying a huge barrel. "Your Grace, I am here to deliver water… wow, this is really awesome!"

Marina was ashamed and resentful. She struggled to shout, "Get down the water and get out!"

"Get out? If I go out now, do you want to have a baby with that Faceless One?" the water delivery boy said and then pulled back his hood, revealing a unique Eastern Continent face. There was a faint, confident smile on his face.

Marina was startled. "Who are you?"

"Mrs. Marina, this is our first meeting. I am Wang Lu. I want to thank you for looking after my Junior Sister Liu Li and Junior Sister Bai Shixuan."

"Wang… Lu?" Her mouth repeatedly murmured this slightly awkward pronunciation. Marina’s heart was moved. "Are you also Dragon City Guard?"

"Well, sort of."

Marina sighed. Though still embarrassed, her heart was relieved. Since it was Dragon City… then at least, it wouldn’t be the worst.

"You are…"

Wang Lu put out his index finger. "Don’t talk, we’re about to leave."

With that, he opened the barrel on his shoulder, which revealed a dark vortex. Marina and Archbishop Rowan were then irresistibly sucked in by the vortex.

Wang Lu then sealed the wooden barrel again, then he put out the hood and resumed his water delivery boy role. He paused, and then loudly shouted, "Sorry, I didn’t mean to see it! No, I didn’t see anything. Excuse me ma’am!"

Then he stormed out the room, carrying the heavy bucket as he ran out of the church ground.

On the sky above the church, Faceless One somewhat doubted this already in the distant water delivery boy, and a strange feeling welled up in his heart.

The next moment, in a flash, he went back inside the private room of Archbishop Rowan and saw that the two people have disappeared.

Faceless One chuckled. "Hehe, sure enough, someone came to the rescue. Is it Dragon City? Mm, only Dragon City who has the means to do something like this. This indeed surprises me, yes, worthy of appreciation."

The next moment, his tone became extremely cold. "Humph, I kindly accept this heaven-sent opportunity!"

At the same time, Wang Lu who was carrying the barrel as he fled also smiled. "This is really a heaven-sent opportunity!"

Back to the Dragon City barrack area, Wang Lu immediately went straight to his bedroom and put the barrel down.

The bucket was then opened, and Archbishop Rowan and Holy Woman Marina came out dressed in civilian clothes. The bucket was actually a modified mustard seed bag, with the replacement clothes already prepared inside in advance.

As soon as Marina came out, she immediately became anxious. "Irene, she…"

Wang Lu smiled. "Rest assured, she is the first one that I rescued. Right now, she’s playing with Liu Li in the next room."

Marina was startled, but then she immediately heard the sound of her daughter’s laughter from the next room. The biggest worry in her heart immediately vanished.

However, this ups and downs situation made her feel tired. Suddenly, she went dizzy, and her footing became unsteady.

"Madame, please sit down. Archbishop, you too." Wang Lu stretched out his hand and the two chairs in the bedroom were immediately moved and arrived at the two people’s back.

After taking a seat, Archbishop Rowan asked in a sinking voice, "Where is Bedivere?"

In his view, this bold yet critical rescue operation was naturally Bedivere’s own doing. Faceless One came too suddenly and without any warning. Even the local Holy Light Religion was not ready for him. Therefore, in this city, only Bedivere could rescue them in time.

However, who knew that Wang Lu would actually shake his head. "I was not ordered by Bedivere to save you. Bedivere is completely in the dark about this."

Rowan’s eyes became extremely serious. "Then on whose order?"

Wang Lu pointed out his finger toward the door. "She is."

Then, the door was opened, and a blonde girl slowly walked it. It was Aya.

Wang Lu smiled and said, "Speaking of which, that one was indeed scary. A few hours ago, we were playing cards, but suddenly, this one came with a stupid expression, and many of her hair stood up. I teased her that her hair is having morning erection, but then her complexion changed and said that a powerful enemy has arrived. Then she pushed me out to save people. I never thought that it would be the two of you. You can ask her about the specific details, I was just following orders, hahaha."

With that, Wang Lu moved to the side to let Aya take the center position. Who knew that Archbishop Rowan suddenly stood up. His body fiercely trembled and two lines of tears slipped down his cheeks.

"Your grace Holy Woman, your grace Holy Woman! Is it you?" In tears, Rowan knelt in front of Aya. U-Unexpectedly I can see you again, Holy Light is compassionate, Holy Light is compassionate!"

Aya was surprised. "W-What are you doing… I am not your Holy Woman!"

Rowan actually insisted, "I’m not lying! It’s true, your grace, you are Jeanne d’Arc!" While crying, he still knelt in front of Aya, refusing to get up.

Aya blankly looked at Wang Lu.

After he thought about it, Wang Lu put his opened hand horizontally on his neck, motioning that she should kill this confused old man. Aya glared at him, but Wang Lu simply turned his gaze.

"Excuse me, can you explain this…" Aya had to resort to Marina, who also stared at her in astonishment.

"Sure enough, it’s really similar." Marina exclaimed and then whispered, "Eighty years ago, there was a maiden in the western part of the continent who led people to rebel against a corrupt bishop. That bishop colluded with the devil and had amazing power. But the maiden crushed the corrupt bishop with the divine power. However, later on, because the church was blinded by the bishop, the church sent out legendary level characters to deal with her. Later on, the truth was finally revealed, but the church found it too late to regret. Although later on, she was awarded posthumously as a great saintess, unfortunately, she could not come back to life… Her portrait has been circulated among the high-level circle of the church, and it’s exactly the same as you. Archbishop Rowan was actually once saved by the great saintess."

Aya laughed in spite of trying not to. Eighty years ago, she was already in Nine Regions. The feat of leading the people against a corrupt bishop certainly did not belong to her.

However, did that girl really have the same stature and appearance as her? The world was indeed full of wonders.

However, now was not the time to care about the past.

"Faceless One is a formidable enemy." Aya went straight to the point. "Since this is him, we must unite and go all out."

"Yes, everything is according to your will!"

Just as Aya finished saying that, Archbishop Rowan categorically stated his stance.

Aya stifled her laughter. Just as she was about to explain that she was not that Jean d’Arc, Rowan said, "Perhaps you do not remember about your past, however, I once took a vow in front of you, to serve you as the servant of Holy Light. As long as it is your will, I will unconditionally carry it out, without any hesitation at all!"

Aya opened her mouth and was about to say something, but Wang Lu’s voice entered her mind to persuade her. "Isn’t this good? A bishop who has lost his mind is always better than an ambitious old fox."

"..." Aya was silent. Right now, according to the present situation, they needed to unite all the forces, because their enemy was the Faceless One.

When Aya was still the Knight King, she once had a confrontation with the Faceless One. At that time, her strength was far above her opponent. That time she has the Caliburn, the sword that symbolized the kingship, an epoch-creation sword that could collapse mountains and block rivers. Even a legendary level opponent found it very difficult to face her. However, that time, when she faced off against the Faceless One, he hasn't even crossed the threshold of high order profession.

Nevertheless, it was still a hard fight. The opponent was treacherous, unpredictable, unscrupulous, and without humanity. He could humiliate his opponents by abusing young children less than ten years old to provoke them into a trap. He could also turn himself into a woman and assassinate his opponent while making love with them. In short, despite her overwhelming strength advantage, it was still difficult for her to gain victory. Finally, Aya had to call out many of her companions and force him into a dead end before severing his head. More than one hundred years later, the Faceless One was actually still alive, and his power was far more stronger than before.

"So what?" Upon hearing Aya’s worry through primordial spirit, Wang Lu thought otherwise. "Previously, you have yet to have me."

Aya inwardly felt somewhat funny and warm. "Do not underestimate him. The opponent is very good at playing with human nature."

Wang Lu shrugged. "I have no human nature to play with."

"My drive is beastly in nature."


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