Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 315: Glorious Lotus Tongue

Chapter 315: Glorious Lotus Tongue

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In the sky above Dragon City, the fight between Bedivere and Faceless One has entered its ‘white hot’ stage. After he got all his power back, Faceless One began to turn the tide, from being defensive to full offensive, endlessly launching like-a-tide holy light spells at Bedivere. The proud figure of one of the Knights of the Round Table appeared humble and small in the boundless sea of holy light, completely drowned in it.

Faceless One’s way of fighting was very peculiar. Obviously, he had the overwhelming superiority in terms of strength, yet he still wanted to poke into the opponent’s heart. The holy light’s energy was manipulated by him into various illusions, projecting his opponent’s most feared images.

Sometimes, Bedivere saw Marina and Irene were being brutally dismembered, sometimes, it was the covered-in-blood past allies of Bedivere. He could even project the illusion of Knight King ordering Bedivere to kneel to beg for mercy and give up resistance.

These illusions wouldn’t have much effect on a determined warrior, but in the face of an opponent who has an overwhelming strength advantage, any hint of hesitation or surprise would bring out a disastrous consequence. Faceless One didn’t need for Bedivere to mentally collapse—as long as he was slightly caught up in the illusion, a series of deadly fatal blows would soon follow.

Bedivere was armed with a knight’s sword. The sword was filled with inscriptions, which gave him the endless supply of power bestowed by the Knight King, pushing him to continue the fight. He had no intention of getting angry from the opponent’s means. Playing with human nature has already been the instinct of Faceless One. This was his opponent’s fighting style. What he has to do was to make his heart infinitely surrounded by boundless coldness, so that it would be unaffected by any external things… at the very least, in order to have a slight chance of success.

The all-out fight between the two top-level high order professions caused even their surrounding to change color. The sword light and holy light tore the sky over Dragon City. The clear sky was divided into countless fragments. Some had dark clouds, some had thunder and lightning, some had the deep tinge of the night sky; in fact, some even showed the scenery of hell!

The law of heaven and earth began to distort, which made no one dare to approach the battlefield in the sky. Everyone could only wait for the battle between these two top-level high order professions to have its conclusion.

In fact, in the entire battlefield, although it appeared that all the people were slaughtering each other, if one looked close enough, the actual battlefield was strictly stratified, people with different power level would not easily meet each other.

It was ineffective after all. Although there was a gap in power between Faceless One and Bedivere, both were top level high order professions, already near the legendary level. Lower order or middle order professions were simply unable to intervene in these two men’s battle, which could be crushed solely by the shockwave of the fight. Without investing dozens of high order professions, no decisive impact could be put in their battle. However, how could a high order professions be wasted just like that?

It would be very difficult for lower order professions to survive in the face of higher order professions; human wave tactic would be inefficient. Certainly, high order professions could completely trash the lower order professions, but would the high order professions from the opposite party just stand idly by?

The key to the battlefield was in the middle.

The outcome of the fighting between camps was mostly decided in the middle-level battle, simply because most of the high order professions have a strong ability to survive. Unless the difference in absolute power was too much, they could at least delay their opponents. If the power difference were too much, it would not be a battle anymore but pure slaughter. In general, once the outcome on the middle-level battle has been decided, they could be very flexible in their action. Below them, they could be like a whirlwind and clean off the lower order professions. On the other hand, a fully prepared team of middle order professions was also an extremely powerful piece. Therefore, the middle-rank fight has always been the key to the battle.

Currently, on the battlefield, the high-rank battle was somewhat in a stalemate position; although Dragon City Guards were in a disadvantaged position, they could still withstand the attack. However, the middle-rank fighters from Holy Light Religion actually possessed an overwhelming advantage against their counterpart. In fact, the number of middle-rank fighters of Holy Light Religion was far above that of Dragon City Guards. However, Dragon City Guards were veterans in battle, plus they had the advantage of home territory, therefore they were barely able to withstand their opponent. But after Holy Light Religion mobilized the traitors in Dragon City Guards, this balance was broken.

The outermost perimeter defense line was quickly broken. The Holy Light Religion, under the leadership of the Holy Knight, rapidly burst inside, engaging in close quarter combat against Dragon City Guards, which quickly ate away the existing space of the opposite party.

In the blink of an eye, the front line was crumbling.

"Hey, your men are being slaughtered, aren’t you going to do something about it?"

In the sky above, Faceless One lightly asked.

Bedivere didn’t deign to answer that question. He turned the engraved-with-inscription sword and continued to launch his attacks, trying to catch the opposite side’s flashing trajectory. His opponent was Faceless One, so there was nothing else to consider. At this time, if he lost because of the distractions, he would unleash a horrible devil, which would be an irresponsible thing to do instead.

Seeing that his provocation has failed, Faceless One did not give up. "So, you are that confident on the inner line of defense, huh?"

While he was talking, most of the Dragon City Guardians have been forced into their inner line of defense. Supported by three forts, with Bedivere’s castle at the core, this was their last trump card in the Barrack Area.

After the vast majority of Dragon City Guards withdrew into the inner circle of defense, the three fortresses that encircled it rose up from the ground. These bricks and stones buildings seemed to have their own lives. The square fortresses sprung up into three stone giants.

These three giants were extremely powerful alchemy-refined beings. Anyone of them has the strength of a high order profession, and in the narrow battlefield, their lethality was unmatched. They have great power and swift action. Immediately after they became active, they immediately swung their punches fiercely, breaking the bones and fracturing the ribs of the vanguard Holy Knights of the Holy Light Religion.

These giants’ fists were as big as a small hill, while the Holy Knights, in order to press forward, were in a dense formation, so each punch would result in ten of them turning into a pulp. The dark blue body of the giants were indestructible, and any Holy Light spells were basically ineffective.

Encountering such opponents, the frontline regiment of the Holy Light Religion began to have the tendency to collapse, which gave a big boost to the morale of Dragon City Guards so that they began to fight back; unexpectedly, they were able to somewhat push back to the front line of the opponent! Them initially being in absolute disadvantage now has a glimmer of hope of a comeback.

"Humph, it’s really not easy to remove decades of management. Those are actually the blessed stones of holy light, which were actually managed to be accumulated by you by these much, enough to built three fortress giants. Dragon City parish is indeed rotten, they really need a good purge."

While suppressing Bedivere, Faceless One commented with keen interest on the battlefield below.

"But, after decades of living side by side, do you think we really know nothing about these three giants? Those blue stones were made from our Holy Light spell, do you think we don’t have any of them?"

Bedivere didn’t answer, instead, his knight sword offensive became more and more violent.

At this time, a Holy Light Religion senior priest read aloud, "All the blessings of the world are from the Holy Light, and the will of the Holy Light will lead everything! All those who stole from Holy Light will not last long, and will be punished by the Holy Light!"

At the same time, the three green stones fortress giants trembled violently, each of its stones painfully groaning under that senior priest’s recitation.

The miracle of the Holy Light came from the Holy Light, and the priest, as the spokesperson of the Holy Light, naturally has the right to take back this miracle.

In just a moment of time, the white golden light continued to seep out from these three giants. That was the power of the blessing of the Holy Light, and also the source of Holy Light spell immunity. This time, it has been driven away.

Without the spell immunity, the three bluestone giants were just three large targets. The Holy Light Religion priests rallied and cast out a lot of spells. And soon, the giants were drowned in them. These mighty refined-by-alchemist beings sent out a horrible cry, but inevitably, little by little, they began to disintegrate.

At this time, in one corner of the battlefield, a sorrowful looking old man said, "Holy Saintes, please let me stop all of this. This war… is meaningless."

"Stop all of this? Can you do that?" A sword-wielding Nine Regions cultivator chuckled and interjected, "Be careful, or it might bring ruin and shame upon yourself."

"No matter what, I must do my best to stop this tragedy from continuing!"

"Without seeing the yellow river, you won’t give up, huh? Very well then, just try it. I’m going to collect your corpse later." Seeing that his persuasion was ineffective, that Nine Regions cultivator shrugged. "Looking forward for your good news."

The old man took a deep look at him and then looked at his saintess.

"Holy Saintes, I take my leave."

The saintess nodded. "Mm, I expect you to resolve the dispute peacefully."

Beside her, someone could not help but say, "Peacefully? Aya, are you still that naive?"

The situation on the battlefield was once again not conducive to the Dragon City Guards. Under the intense spell bombardment, they were close to collapse. This was a great blow to the morale of Dragon City Guards, thus, they were gradually pushed back.

At the same time, because of the fortresses of the inner perimeter have stood up, their last line of defense has no more security. If they were overwhelmed by the Holy Light Religion force again, the situation on the battlefield would no longer be reversed.

However, just as the priests began to prepare for their latest push, the three bluestone giants were completely disintegrated, a white light went up, and Archbishop Rowan’s voice resounded in all directions.

"Children of Holy Light, please stop!"

In a matter of moments, the battlefield was plunged into silence. The two warring parties stopped their fight as if by prior agreement, and then focused their attention on the archbishop in the sky.

After attracting everyone’s attention through holy words method, Archbishop Rowan graciously said, "This is a senseless war, a conspiracy from a despicable shameless devil who stole the Holy Light! We have been at peace with Dragon City Guards for so many years, why do we have to launch a lose-lose-situation war? For decades, we have not been enemies. Even though our faith is different, we can still live in the same world as friends! How many of us have friends in the opposite party’s camp? How many of us secretly adore the other camp? From the initial indifference, to gradually becoming familiar, one day we can become real brothers and sisters! So why do we want to hurt each other? Why do you want to set a reign of terror? Who among you is going to tell me why?"

In the battlefield, awed by this sudden change, everyone was silent.

"I know, this is because a certain vile devil, in the name of Holy City, has forced you to fight, forcing you to wage this unjust war! He forged the emblem of Holy City, and with his powerful strength, you were at a loss, and could only obey. And I… was being imprisoned, so I was unable to come out to set things right. But now, everything should be over!"

The voice of Archbishop Rowan reverberated throughout Dragon City repeatedly.

As the litigant, Faceless One just laughed, as if he just heard a barking dog, and then continued to attack Bedivere. Bedivere also did not notice the existence of Rowan, his entire focus was on the fight against Faceless One.

And along with the intense fighting sound on the sky, sounds of chatter gradually ensued on the battlefield. A moment later, one Dragon City Guard loudly shouted, "Stop? That’s easy to say! There are already so many people dead here, can you bring them all back to live?"

Yes, if the war hadn’t started, that’s fine if you want to show up and stop it. But now there are already rivers of blood, yet you still want everyone to stop fighting?

Who do you think you are?

Even the Holy Light Religion priests, by this time, were already filled with bloodlust. Though the prestige of Archbishop Rowan was high, it was impossible for him to let them stop this!

Rowan inwardly complained about his bitter lot. On the day he crossed path with Faceless One, he was seriously injured by Holy Light spell. Later, by lucky coincidence, he was rescued by Wang Lu, which indeed saved his life. However, not long after he bowed down in front of Jean d’Arc, his injury broke out and he became unconscious. It was not until the war has officially begun that the induction from the continuous surging of Holy Light energy stirred him from his slumber and thus awakened, which was several minutes ago. At that time, there were already rivers of blood.

However, right now he has no choice but to stop this fight.

"This war is not the will of anyone of you! You are just being exploited, reduced into someone else’s weapon. If there is anyone to blame, it should be the culprit who instigated this all! Look, he is still showing off his strength in front of you!"

Rowan roused out the power of Holy Light to make his voice more stirring and inducing them into thinking.

"Children of Holy Light, please recognize your enemy and adjust the direction of your sword! Dragon City elites, the faithful servants of the Holy Light, please put down your enmity for the moment, don’t let the pain of losing your close ones turn into hatred! You all have a common enemy, a common threat. At least for now, at this moment, please join hands to eradicate this greatest evil!"

Upon hearing this, all people present were emotionally affected.

For the Holy Light Religion camp, if not for this unfathomable Chief Inquisitor, who was willing to start a war with the opponent whose power was not that different than theirs? In Dragon City, they have been enjoying the most luxurious life that Brettonia could offer, the safest environment—when there was a threat from foreign enemies, it was always Dragon City Guards who solved the problem. The eradication of heretics and so on have already long been cast out of their mind.

Of course, it might be that being at peace with Dragon City gave them benefits, but if they had to trade these benefits for their lives, that would be too much. Moreover, the high handed policy of Faceless One had made them hesitate. In fact, until this time, the performance of Holy Light Religion in the battlefield has not been positive. After being integrated by Faceless One, their overall strength was actually several times more powerful than the opponent. However, in the actual combat, this advantage was not so obvious.

As for Dragon City Guards, this could be counted as an opportunity to catch their breaths. If they can unite and help the city master to deal with the strongest opponent, it was naturally good. By that time, even if Holy Light Religion still wanted to continue the war, Dragon City camp would not be afraid. Bedivere alone was enough to sweep clean the battlefield.

In just a few words, Archbishop Rowan successfully stirred up everyone’s mood, and the focus of their hatred gradually shifted to Faceless One.

However, facing this development, Faceless One just sneered.

"The show is over? Then it’s my turn."

While speaking, in the sky, Faceless One separated himself into two. His avatar and his real body. His avatar only has one percent of his entire power, yet his avatar’s imposing manner of looking disdainfully at all living things didn’t reduce in the slightest.

"You fools have been confused by the words of an apostate, is your faith in Holy Light akin to feeding a dog?"

Faceless One completely didn’t care how much hatred would be garnered by his vicious verbal attack.

Because he has a killer move that could turn the tide in an instant.

"Your beloved Archbishop Rowan, is a member of the Priory of Zion."

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