Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 317: I Lied to You

Chapter 317: I Lied to You

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

When the surrounding Holy Light Religion believers discovered her presence and prepared to concentrate their attack to eliminate the source of the sneak attack, the maiden had withdrawn her flying swords, and like a rainbow, she rapidly flew to another corner.

Her speed was staggering that even the on-scene high order profession was astonished and they failed to capture her. Dozens of Holy Light spells fell on the place where the maiden stood, only to scatter the illusion of rainbow flower—it didn’t help them at all.

Viewed from above, the crowd of concentrated groups of Holy Light Religion people seemed to be dug out and vacuumed. The more than a hundred priests, including fifteen middle-rank priests, weren’t even able to struggle, and was abruptly stirred into a pulp. The aura of the maiden hasn’t even crossed the threshold of high order profession, but the power of her sword strike has already approached the full power strike of an intermediate high order profession, which was simply shocking.

However, whether it was Nine Regions or Western Continent, those geniuses with real strength far above what appeared on the surface were not uncommon. Middle order individuals with the power of high order, though terrifying, were not entirely unprecedented. Therefore, after the initial momentary consternation, Holy Light Religion quickly responded.

Considering that the Nine Regions girl’s speed was too fast, the average person was difficult to intercept her. Thus, two high ranking Holy Knights left their position on the battlefield and followed the girl’s figure, pursuing her from behind.

Generally speaking, to deal with a young genius with explosive force, an experienced high order profession was the most suitable. As long as they showed no flaws under the explosive barrage of these young geniuses, the gap between their levels would soon be revealed. And in this aspect, the Holy Knight, with their body armor and stunning physical strength, was naturally best suited to undertake this task.

Two high order Holy Knights left their opponents to follow the maiden. Their bodies were infused with the magical spell of Holy Light, which made their speed incredibly fast. The Nine Regions girl’s movement was fast, but inevitably, her footsteps would be slowed down by the Holy Light believers.

When the two Holy Knights managed to get close to her, they immediately detected the Nine Regions girl’s weakness. Although her attack and speed were indeed unparalleled, her defense was not strong. A dozen of middle-ranking priests casually threw Holy Light spells at her, yet she didn’t dare to meet them head-on. Instead, she changed her flashing trajectory to avoid them. Against such an opponent, as long as they managed to limit her movement ability and then fully focus on defense, victory would be very easy to grasp.

"Ahead, Holy Light Cage!"

One of the Holy Knights shouted, ordering a team of priests in the front to collectively release Holy Light spells, creating an insurmountable barrier in the front. This kind of Holy Light Cage has no other special features other than being extremely strong. However, upon seeing it, the girl casually waved the red sword light and created a hole in that cage. She then went past the cage through that hole, without the slightest bit of slowing down.

"How strong is this person’s explosive power!"

The Holy Knights were surprised to find that the Holy Light spells released by dozens of priests was not able to stop her even for a second; on the contrary, she had even used it to stop them instead! The hole made by the girl was not big, it was only big enough for her, but not for the two heavily armored Holy Knights behind her. The only way to pass was to crush the entire Holy Light Cage. However, taking advantage of this delay, the maiden once again, like a flash of rainbow, rushed to another spot densely packed with priests. There was another blooming rainbow flower, harvesting more than one hundred lives.

Seeing this scene, the two Holy Knights’ eyes almost popped out of their sockets. They, immediately activated their transmission technique on their war boots, trying to appear directly beside the girl and pressuring her from two different directions.

The use of spell on their boots disturbed their armor protection for a short time. However, the two Holy Knights simply couldn’t think too much at this time. However, just as the two Holy Knights’ figure flashed and completed their transmission, they felt something appearing on the back of their heads—a huge monster was behind them. The two of them felt their vision turning black and they couldn’t think anymore.

The surrounding several hundred people helplessly watched a mottled-haired dog suddenly swelling hundreds of times, becoming a ferocious giant beast, and then swallowing the two high order professions whole, without even spitting anything!

"Oh, is this… a young demon wolf, Fenrir?"

This was the first time Faceless One lost his concentration on the fierce fighting against Bedivere and was distracted on the battlefield below.

Whether it was the appearance of Wang Lu or the explosiveness of Liu Li, none could distract his attention. However, when the demon wolf also appeared on the battlefield, Faceless One could no longer continue to ignore it.

It was not because the demon wolf was more powerful than the several previous people, but because of the successive appearance of variables, causing the quantitative change to become a qualitative change. Wang Lu, Liu Li, and the demon wolf, any one of them could be equated to an intermediate high order profession. But in this battlefield, the number of intermediate high order profession was no more than twenty. The sudden addition of those three was enough to break the balance.

In fact, the two explosive strikes from Liu Li alone had greatly shaken the Holy Light Religion camp. And then the demon wolf made its move by directly swallowing two high order Holy Knights. These two events affected the surrounding hundreds of priests and holy knights, making them not dare to continue to advance. Dragon City Guards, whose line of defense were originally tottering, suddenly received a respite.

In Nine Regions, almost no one recognized the demon wolf. But in Western Continent, those with vast knowledge were sure to hear its name. When it entered adulthood, the demon wolf Fenrir was equal to those with legendary level strength, and when it was fully matured, it could even enter the divine realm, which would be a nightmare to anyone. Fenrir’s strongest ability was the ability to devour. Anything it swallowed would be dead.

Now, it was still in its young age, so it was barely equivalent to a beginner high order profession, but once it succeeded to mount a sneak attack, even a holy knight, with their astonishing defensive power, was instantaneously killed. With its presence, except for a few people, no one was safe. In addition, the myth that the demon wolf once swallowed a god was a deadly blow to people’s morale.

If left unchecked, although Faceless One didn’t think that Dragon City Guards could succeed in turning the table, ultimately, there were already quite a lot of added variables in this war. However, from the Holy Light Religion camp, who could get rid of these unexpected variables?

"Are you trying to force my hand?" Faceless One nodded. "Very well, as you wish."

The next moment, Faceless One suddenly vanished from the sky. However, Bedivere, who was suddenly let loose after being suppressed and unable to breathe for a long time, was suddenly at a loss.

At the same time, Liu Li who has just retracted her flying swords suddenly saw a tall, faceless, white-robed man.

His Senior Brother has already explained to her about this person, therefore, without hesitation, the twelve flying swords which constituted her Brilliant Sword Heart fully erupted. At the same time, she also grasped her most powerful weapon, the immortal sword Skybreaker.

That terrifying and deadly rainbow colored swords strike was actually far from Liu Li’s strongest method. The full blast of her Brilliant Sword Heart was enough to make an intermediate high order profession tremble in fear.

However, for an advance high order profession like Faceless One, Liu Li’s method was but a child’s trick. Their level difference was too much. He didn’t even bother with the opponent’s attack; his holy robe and physique alone could resist it.

His attack, however, was something that Liu Li could not touch. The pressure because of his presence alone had already impeded her breathing and agitated her Jade Mansion.

However, when Faceless One was about to make his move, a very familiar thick sword light appeared before him; Wang Lu had actually suddenly appeared in front of Faceless One and blocked him. His three feet sword defense was propped up as an unbreakable barrier.

Faceless One immediately slowed down his move as if he was unwilling to meet head to head with Non-Phase Sword light. Of course, no matter how powerful the defense of a middle order profession was, it was still a joke in front of a high order profession. On Nine Regions term, the power of a Deity Stage cultivator was not something that a Xudan Stage Wang Lu could contend with.

However, Faceless One actually seemed to be in fear of something that he slowed down his movement. However, the next moment, Faceless One sent out his right hand, and an unsurpassed mysterious method had condensed in the hollow of his palm.

And right at this moment, Wang Lu stepped forward. The Non-Phase Sword that was initially in the absolutely vulnerable position, had actually taken the initiative to look for the opponent. Forces that spanned across many levels collided and loudly broke out.

Along with this strike, more than a hundred continued sounds of explosion turned into a string, as if countless precious magical treasures had also simultaneously exploded. At the same time, the light behind Wang Lu distorted, showing the slightly red-faced Bai Shixuan.

This was Wang Lu’s carefully prepared full strike: the nameless sword that could surmount the level differences, which was powered by the full strength of Bai Shixuan in addition to the countless treasures that he had brought from Nine Regions and collected in Western Continent. Even if the opponent was an advance high order profession, he was able to rebound their attack one time.

If the cost of this blow were converted to spirit stones, it would be worth at least in millions or even tens of millions. However, if the opponent was an advance high order profession, it was difficult to judge that the value was not worth it. Moreover, the key character of Holy Light Religion has always been Faceless One. As long as he defeated Faceless One, they would be able to immediately seize the victory. Tens of millions of spirit stones for a victory in the war was simply a big profit! Therefore, Wang Lu didn’t hesitate to go all out with this strike.

When Non-Phase Sword clashed with the palm strike of Faceless One, countless stream of forces, each multiple times stronger than him, like a surging tide, frantically came at him. Feeling it, Wang Lu clearly realized that, if he were by himself, even if he has a hundred lives, they would still not be enough to save him.

However, right now, he has the backing of tens of millions of spirit stones, which gave him the power to face the surging tide!

"Kneel down before the pay to win player!"

This moment, Wang Lu even burned his innate vitality. Non-Phase Sword light expanded millions of times, which was like a dike that blocked the surging tide. The next moment, the two forces fiercely collided.

Wang Lu didn’t have the full odds to win, not even half. The opponent was an advance high order profession, the number one person below the level of Legend in Holy Light Religion. If the opponent wanted to kill him at all cost, tens of millions of spirit stones might not necessarily be able to save him. However, if he didn’t stake it all out, it was impossible for him to win.

The victory and defeat were decided in a moment. The surging tide hit the dike and was bounced back! Wang Lu actually has the upper hand in this exchange. The rebound shock of the Nameless Sword was played to the extreme. The white golden light was pressed back by Non-Phase Sword, and the pale figure of Faceless One was completely swallowed.

In the battlefield, Wang Lu stood while holding his sword. His body trembled because of excessive release of magical power. The edges of Sword of Mount Kun was not stained with the trace of blood from Faceless One, yet Faceless One has completely disappeared without a trace, as if he had completely evaporated.

Wang Lu had actually won this exchange.

However, there was no smile on Wang Lu’s face.

Because his victory was too easy! His prepared tens of millions of spirit stones seemed to have fallen into an empty space. When approaching, Faceless One’s momentum was actually torrential, but afterward, it actually lacked in strength. His power was only a tenth of the expected strength. Meeting with Wang Lu’s tens of millions of spirit stones, it immediately collapsed, a complete joke!

Although Faceless One had indeed turned into smoke in front of him, Wang Lu really didn’t feel like he won!

Sure enough, the next moment, the laughter from Faceless One came from afar, "Hahaha, that sword strike is really an eye-opener. You can have that avatar of mine, while I have Marina and Irene here!"

Wang Lu helplessly sighed.

Faceless One was indeed worthy to be the church’s sharpest knife. The guy was really not easy to be fooled. In the exchange just now, Faceless One has a higher odds, but he simply refused to gamble. Instead, he would rather sacrifice an avatar, and his main body had then directly grabbed Marina and Irene while Wang Lu was not there to protect them.

The key to this war was Bedivere, the same top level high order tenacious Knight of the Round Table, not some variables like Wang Lu, Liu Li, or Fenrir!

Faceless One always maintained his composure, therefore he could always be the first to discover the opponent’s flaws and use them. While Marina and Irene didn’t have anyone to protect them, Bedivere in the sky was still somewhat at a loss, completely without any capability to respond.

After a period of time, Faceless One’s figure appeared again in the sky. However, each of his hands carried a person. The petite figure was Irene, while the luscious and tall one was Marina.

"Bedivere, admit your defeat." Faceless One lightly said, "And save me some of my strength. In turn, I will give you some leeway."

At this time, Bedivere was like a withered oil lamp, struggling to support himself. Although perhaps he still has the ability to perish together with the opponent, it would be a fantasy to save his family.

However, even without the hostages in hand, Bedivere still refused to give up. He simply did not answer and just let out a humph sound.

Faceless One lifted up Marina and Irene. "I know that you already don’t care about their life and death, but there are things in women that are more important than life and death. You ought to know of those things that I can do."

Bedivere’s complexion turned gloomy, but he already has a decision in mind. He glanced at his daughter, seemingly wanting to save her figure in the bottom of his heart. While Irene, facing her father’s gaze, tried to make a brave expression. Nevertheless, tears could not help but fall down her cheeks.

The little girl shouted, "Dad, I’m not afraid. I’m not afraid of anything!"

Bedivere’s eyes turned hot, and he had to turn his gaze away.

However, the next moment, Bedivere suddenly gawked. Because he saw the face on the other side...

At the same time, Faceless One also realized that something was wrong. He was about to flash away from there, but nevertheless, he was one step late. The Marina that he carried with his right hand had, with an inconceivably quick movement, pulled a sword out of thin air and stabbed it straight at his chest.

Under the broken sunlight, Marina’s brunette hair gradually turned blonde.

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