Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 319: The True Identity of the Girl

Chapter 319: The True Identity of the Girl

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The legendary sword Caliburn was something that was not unfamiliar to any qualified people of Brettonia.

Its last and only master was the illustrious Knight King of Brettonia, whose peerless military might once overawed the world. When he was still young, the Knight King pulled the sword Caliburn from the stone. Since then, he began his legendary life. He led his armies in successive victories, defeating all of the enemies of Brettonia, unifying the political power, and setting up the Knights of the Round Table that were admired by countless of people.

Unfortunately, due to infighting, the flourishing kingdom fell apart shortly thereafter. The Knight King himself was gravely injured and died while fighting the armed rebellion. In the legends, the sword Caliburn followed his remains to return to his native place, never to appear again. That was the divine punishment for Brettonia for betraying and abandoning the noble king, and from then on, they could only live in division and flames of war.

Of course, there were many legends about the Knight King. Many people believed that he did not die but just temporarily fell asleep. Those who had traveled to the eastern continent said that a long time ago, the sword Caliburn was once seen there. However, most of these rumors were difficult to verify. Right now, the only thing that people believed in was that only the Knight King could wield the Caliburn. It was the sword that signified royal power, but also exclusive to the Knight King, no longer possible for others to use it. And unless the Knight King appeared, the Caliburn would sleep forever.

But now, that sword of royal power, which has vanished for over a century, has actually reappeared!

Inside and outside of Dragon City, tens of thousands of people stared at the sky dumbfoundedly, gazing at that bloodstained sword.

"Is that the Caliburn of the Knight King?"

"Is it really the Caliburn?"

As the proof of royal power in Brettonia, the Caliburn has an extraordinary meaning for every people of Brettonia—each Brettonian who sees it would be filled with a throb of obedience from the heart.

The more important thing was the next question, "Why is the Caliburn in her hand?"

"Who is she?"

Caliburn is the Knight King’s sword. Only the Knight King could pick up the Caliburn, which was the self-evident truth in Brettonia. However, right now, Caliburn was in the hand of a girl...

Was she the Knight King? Or was it that a hundred years ago, even the Caliburn has abandoned its original owner?

Countless doubts stormed the hearts of many people that they even forgot what to do. In the Dragon Guards barrack area, thousands of people stopped fighting and just stared at the change in the sky.

"I can’t believe it’s actually you." Even with the Caliburn deeply penetrating his chest, Faceless One was still able to maintain his calm voice. It was just that, because he was severely injured, his voice was so weak that only the nearest two people were able to hear it. "You sure as hell didn’t die."

Regarding this comment, Aya didn’t say a word, but just did her best to push the sword into the body of Faceless One.

It could be said that this opportunity happened because Wang Lu had risked his life. For such a cautious and cunning man like Faceless One, to deceive him would be easier said than done. Aya once had to deal with Faceless One. At that time, she lacked no wise men from her Knights of the Round Table, yet even with their combined effort, Faceless One was still able to escape.

Speaking of which, this was the first time Aya has ever seen Faceless One being successfully deceived! Were it not for Wang Lu successfully using Liu Li, Quan Zouhua, and himself as baits, not to mention the sacrifice of tens of millions of spirit stones to threaten the top level high order profession with a sword strike, Faceless One wouldn’t have rashly changed his target to catch Marina and Irene. Without him being hurried, it would be impossible that he would fail to discern that Marina had actually been switched.

Finally, without that momentary negligence, it was impossible for Aya to stab him with the sword.

As a spirit of the brave departed, her strength was far from her peak state. On the basis of minimizing side effects, she could only use the power of an advance high order profession, and for only a moment. By virtue of Caliburn, Aya successfully broke the defense of Faceless One. However, after the sword had entered his body, Aya actually discovered that the body of Faceless One has far exceeded the general category; no one knew what kind of secret method he had used to strengthen his body. Not only was it firm like steel and iron, it also contained an unusually powerful energy that every inch of Caliburn that entered his body felt a great repulsion force, putting the sword under intense pressure. If the Caliburn wasn’t indestructible, it would inevitably suffer damage under this shock.

However, Faceless One’s resistance lasted for only a moment. The Caliburn’s destructive force caused the resistance force to finally disintegrate. Faceless One sighed as blood gushed out from every pore of his body. Only his pale face remained white.

"Congratulations for defeating the extremely evil Faceless One and winning this round." While talking, Faceless One took out a pen and drew a bloody smile on his own face. "But as one hundred years ago, the war is not over yet. Looking forward to our third encounter, and hope you can live until that time."

With that, the bloody robe of Faceless One suddenly twisted, as if a vortex appeared on the inside. His whole body, which was covered with the gushing blood, in just a moment, was sucked dry and disappeared without a trace.

At this time, Aya was already like a dried oil lamp. When that vortex sucked Faceless One, her arm sank and the sword had begun to slip from her hand. She hurriedly exerted her strength to grip back her sword, but by then, the vortex had already disappeared. When her strength had already been exhausted, her body was immediately filled with discomfort, and everything before her went black as she began to fall.

However, just as she was crumbling, a pair of strong arms held her up.

"Well done, Aya. My decision to bet everything on you is actually the right thing."

Aya closed her eyes. As she felt the warmth from behind her, she didn’t want to open her eyes nor speak. She just lightly smiled and let out an ‘em’ sound.

"Alas, in a single sword strike, you killed the big boss. Aya, you really are indeed worthy to be the Knight King, your indomitable spirit need not be explained."

Upon hearing this obviously exaggerated, lacking in sincerity compliment, Aya felt both angry and funny at the same time. But nevertheless, the smile on her face grew a bit brighter.

"Hey, just now, you overexerted yourself that it messed your hair. Some of your hair is sticking up. How about I pull them out for you?"

Aya abruptly opened her eyes. Her cold eyes were really terrifying. "If you dare touch them, you have to die."

"Sh*t! What kind of rule is this! Is your head like stamen or pistil, the reproductive organs of flowers that I can’t touch them!?"

Amidst their noisy laughter, suddenly, a heavy voice interrupted them.

"Who… exactly are you?"

Covered in blood, Bedivere was like a completely dry oil lamp. However, he actually persisted on standing still. His blood-red eyes stared intently at Aya, as well as the Caliburn in her hand.

"Why is that sword in your hand? Where is its original owner? What happened to his majesty the Knight King? He’s still alive, isn’t he? You must know something!"

The more he talked, the more excited Bedivere became. Emotionally agitated, his control of his body grew weaker, and blood flowed from the several open wounds.

"Holy sh*t, Bedivere, your head is like a whale, it's spurting out blood!"

However, it was as if Bedivere didn’t hear Wang Lu’s exclamation as his eyes remained locked at Aya.

"What happened to his majesty the Knight King? Please, you must tell me!"

Aya could scarcely face Bedivere’s bloodshot eyes. For this loyal and devoted knight, her heart was indescribably moved, but what consumed her the most was her feeling of guilt.

How could Brettonia fall apart without her fault? Why did those outstanding Knights of the Round Table kill each other? Why did the heavy burden of being the protector of Dragon Clan bloodline fully fall on Bedivere alone? Moreover, what could she say about the whereabouts of the Knight King?

"I, I beg you. Whether you are the descendant of Galahad or someone else, please tell me, what happened to my king? W-Where exactly is he?" Bedivere’s voice trembled under the excitement. "I always, always miss him very much."

Facing this scene, Aya’s heart turned sour. She finally couldn’t hold back anymore. Slightly opening her mouth, she said, "I…"

"She is the daughter of the Knight King."

Wang Lu coldly said from behind and then reached out to press Aya’s shoulder, inserting her with his magical power to prevent her from talking.

"This is as plain as it gets. Except for the daughter of the Knight King, who else can inherit the Knight King’s sword of royal power? Who, in addition to the daughter of the Knight King, can casually kill Faceless One?"

Bedivere’s whole body greatly shook as he looked at Aya in disbelief. The Knight King’s daughter? His Majesty the Knight King, has actually left behind a descendant?

However, the more Bedivere saw the girl, the more he discovered that there were too many similarities with the Knight King who ruled over Brettonia in the past. The same blonde hair, the same deep eyes, and although the eye color was different, they had the same strain of heroic facial features.

Above all was her strength. Although she still fell short of the legendary level power of the Knight King, the essence was almost exactly the same. This was especially true when he pondered over on how she killed the Faceless One just now—it was an out and out style of the Knight King! Even when camouflaging and doing a sneak attack, all displayed the same awesome strength and discipline!

After remaining silent for a long time, in a daze, Bedivere asked, "T-Then what about his majesty the Knight King?"

Wang Lu coldly said, "Why? So what if you know? Don’t you guys still resent him?"

Upon hearing this, Bedivere shook his head. Suddenly, his thoughts returned to the past where he was still the subordinate of the Knight King, back to that era of endless glory, but after a sudden turn, went downhill and sadly fell apart. After a long time, Bedivere was moved to tears. "Yes, I am incompetent and extremely ashamed! But I really want to know, is his majesty, okay?"

Wang Lu said, "People has their own aspiration, but the universe has its own cycle. He had already done what he should have done, the rest is left for his daughter."

Bedivere asked, "So his majesty wants to…?"

"You still need to ask this? Of course, it’s to get rid of the church and restore the kingdom."

Get rid of the church and restore the kingdom? This short sentence has a really deep content. After more than one hundred years of infiltration, the church has already long been entrenched in Brettonia, and the faith of Holy Light has almost replaced the knightly spirit. How could it be that easy to get rid of the church?

However, this was the proud, always-striving-for-victory Knight King. If he succumbed to the power of the church, Bedivere would instead be disappointed.

"Last question. Who are you?" Bedivere earnestly looked at Wang Lu. From start to finish, he was always the one who talked. Although Aya didn’t speak, it didn’t seem that she disagreed with him either. Obviously, Wang Lu was someone that she trusted very much… What was Wang Lu to her that he could talk on behalf of the daughter of his majesty the Knight King?

Wang Lu thought for a moment and then said with a smile, "An eminent person indeed has a short memory. Haven’t I told you earlier? I am her gigolo!"

Gigolo your ass!

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