Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 323: My King Likes to Play with Groups of Clients

Chapter 323: My King Likes to Play with Groups of Clients

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The Bloodlust Holy Knight Regiment was the most powerful force of the Holy Light Religion. Year after year, they guarded the border of the wildland, fighting beasts and barbarians, which enriched their fighting experience and cold mind. For the Bloodlust Holy Knight, the battlefield was like a casino. Entering it, they would have no fear, no hesitation, but just thirst for victory at any cost.

This was an army with an inconceivable fighting will. They could be besieged by an enemy that was several times as many as them, but they would fight till the last man. They could endure hardship under extreme condition until an opportunity came. They could withstand any difficult test… However, at this moment, the Bloodlust Holy Knight actually fell into endless shock and panic.

Because right in front of them, the leader of this expeditionary force, had his head fly high, with an angry glare of someone who died with injustice unredressed!

Everything seemed so inconceivable. He was the deputy leader of the Bloodlust Holy Knight Regiment, an advance high order profession. Once in the wild land, he single-handedly destroyed a powerful barbarian tribe, and thousands of powerful barbarian fighters were torn into mincemeat. He also once beheaded a strange animal that had a body as huge as a mountain. He possessed a steel body; even his hair was indestructible. Because of this, he could stand out among the thousands of people and win the throne of the deputy head of the Bloodlust Holy Knight Regiment. He was appointed as the commander of this expeditionary force, responsible for the holy war that would determine the fate of Brettonia.

However, just now, while he arrogantly waited for the jackals to lick his boot, the next moment, he was decapitated, died with eyes unable to close!

The one who beheaded him was one of the three city masters that came to welcome them. The moment before, that city master came with a smiling face, stooping and stretching out his hand. However, the next moment, a sword appeared on that hand, and like lightning, he chopped off the commander’s head! Too fast for anyone to react!

After the head flew up, the stature of the beheader began to distort and transform. The initially big, tall, and hard like a rock warrior gradually became a soft and feminine woman. The thick hair and beard became bright long blonde hair, with deep green eyes that were neither happy nor sad. And the sword in her hand flashed with glittering eye-catching light.

Any Brettonian will not mistake that sword. Any Brettonian who was involved in the war preparation will not mistake that cold and awe-inspiring countenance.

The sword Caliburn and its master, the new generation of Knight King, Aya!

And just as Aya successfully beheaded the commander, the two city masters beside her also made their moves. One of whom threw aside his heavy hooded cloak with one hand, which exposed his steel-like, unwavering, and determined face. His other hand was holding something akin to a pike, with its sharp end already stabbing through the deputy commander’s heart. Then his arm ignited the eternal flame and burned the corpse to ashes.

Another city master has his shape also transformed. From a tall and strong man, his figure shrunk into the figure of a graceful maiden. Twelve rainbow lights flew out from the girl’s sleeve, which, in the air, left behind tracks with variety of colors. And as the lights at the front spun, the track behind turned into gorgeous rainbow-colored petals. And all the elite knights on the top of this hill, in the twinkling of an eye, have their lives taken away by these rainbow-colored flowers through strangulation!

These two people were naturally Dragon City Master Bedivere and Liu Li with her explosive force. Together, they and Aya disguised themselves as the welcoming three city masters and lured the commander and vice commander of the Bloodlust Holy Knight expeditionary force from their main army, catching them off-guard and sweeping all of the best of the best from the enemy in one fell swoop!

However, their action was not only this. After she killed the commander of the expeditionary force, Aya, armed with her Caliburn, pointed towards the assembly of Bloodlust Holy Knight at the foot of the mountain.

"Knights, charge along with me!"

Outside Dragon City, the hundreds of thousands of people screamed in unison in reply to that call. Their momentum was shocking, and their voices billowing. Hundreds of thousands of people, like a mountain of torrential tsunami, followed towards the direction of Aya’s Caliburn.

In the face of these surging wave like legions, especially their leader, the shining Knight King with her Caliburn, Bloodlust Holy Knights were like a leaderless group of people, their hearts were at a loss. Whenever the sharp eyes and light from the Caliburn met these Holy Knights, the most front-row of them subconsciously stepped back.

This might be the first in a very long time that the Bloodlust Holy Knights were shaken this strongly.

What the hell happened? How did it suddenly turn out like this?

They had no time to dwell on such thoughts. The most front-row knights have already engaged the enemy. They put up the thick shield in front of them. The mysterious holy mark glittered in that glossy mirror-like shield. Each of the shields could withstand the impact of a raging colossus, but now, when they became rows of shields, they were more like a city wall, impenetrable. Even though they were leaderless, the holy knights would still display their strength.

Unfortunately, these fleeting flashes were meaningless in the face of endless waves. Not to mention that at the front of those waves, there was the invincible Caliburn!


Along with that thunder-like roar, Aya swung her Caliburn in a wide arc. The arc that was created was only around ten meters wide, but a ten kilometers loud crack burst forth, like the bloody mouth of a giant creature. In a blink of an eye, it swallowed hundreds of Bloody Holy Knights.

And the holy knights’ hasty defensive formation vanished.

"Knights, charge!"

The waves came, and the last reef drowned in the darkness.

Why did all the wild dogs defect and coordinate with Dragon City to resist Holy Light Religion?

This matter must be traced back to five days ago. At that time, Dragon City had just ended a brutal holy war, the new Knight King’s first public speech was inspiring.

That night, under the dim light of the night, the noise from Dragon City shook the sky.

Outside the city, countless pairs of bewildered and uncertain eyes stared at the tremor of the city. The vigorous burst of energy in the city was like an essence, making it difficult to look at it directly.

At this time, even if everyone knew that the Dragon City Guards were just a weary division, unable to fight again, but… no one dared to directly face that kind of soaring imposing manner. The sound of Aya’s speech in the center of the city spread far away from the city. Everyone knew that one hundred and fifty years ago, a powerful savage lord had tried hard to fight the weary army of Knight King head-on. But instead, he became the stepping stone for the Knight King’s Kingdom unification. What were they compared to the Savage Lord?

They barely qualified to be the foot soldier attendant of the Savage Lord!

The Knight Queen’s army could not be taken advantage of—it would simply courting death if they tried to provoke the opponent… But, could they just sit back and relax?

The Knight King’s daughter wanted to unify the entire Brettonia into a single country. As the independent forces, sooner or later, they would be involved in this storm.

Most people, however, actually didn’t have too many rejections to this idea. Because, what’s wrong with a unified country compared to the turbulent times of the divided country? At least, if the Knight King were in charge, how could she let Holy Light Religion abuse their power and exploit everyone? There was no one in Brettonia that had not been suppressed by Holy Light Religion. Moreover, Holy Light Religion also carried out a colonial policy. Transferring resources from other cities to Brettonia to build power in major cities and then pushing aside the local ruler through various means. Even Dragon City, this old city, with Bedivere, one of the Knights of the Round Table, acting as its master, was squeezed by Holy Light Religion until it was difficult to breathe, not to mention the situation in other places.

Unfortunately, since the disappearance of the Knight King, no one was able to lead an effective resistance against Holy Light Religion. The few rare instances of resistance were immediately extinguished at the first chance. Therefore, people could only watch as their country was torn apart, and their people oppressed by Holy Light Religion. Until this time, a ray of dawn appeared in front of them.

"Viscount of Riddle, what do you think we should do next?"

Outside Dragon City, the magician from Blue Tile City opened his mouth to ask.

The great knight beside him helplessly shook his head. "You ask me, who do I ask? Can an important matter like this be decided by the son of a city master like me?"

The magician refused to let go and pressed, "What’s your thought then?"

The great knight was silent for a moment, and seeing that no one was near them, he felt a bit at ease. Although the reputation of the magician was not very good, after half a day of getting along, he felt that he should not take that negative reputation at face value. Not to mention that Riddle City and Blue Tile City were far away from each other, so there should be no clashing interest, therefore, some frank words might be harmless.

"... For me personally, I am a Knight, and the Knight King, even if he was long gone, in the deepest part of my heart, is still my liege. Can you understand that?"

That magician sighed. "Don’t forget that I used to be a knight too, so how could I not understand you? In this land, it’s not easy to find a knight who does not believe in the Knight King."

"Therefore, witnessing the reappearance of Caliburn, and hearing the speech of that girl, I… actually wish that I could dash forward and pledge my fealty. Unfortunately, I can’t do as I wish."

The magician laughed. "You are the son of a city master, so your concern is naturally more than the others. If it’s me, I would not hesitate. I would directly rush to pledge my allegiance. Unfortunately, I am now a magician, and with a negative reputation no less, so I probably wouldn’t be welcomed by the Knight King, hahaha."

The great knight naturally would not take the magician’s words seriously. However, he still said, "This new female Knight King appeared too suddenly. At present, if we disregard the doubt about her identity, in Brettonia, she is still lacking in foundation. Since she wants to unify the country and expel Holy Light Religion, she must rely on all the powers she could use. For example, a high order profession like you would certainly be welcomed as a guest."

The magician said, "For individuals, it’s not difficult to be a guest, but regarding forces?"

Feeling vexed, the great knight issued a cold humph.

However, at this moment, a hearty voice suddenly came before the two of them.

"Don’t worry, we have special preferences for the group of customers."

"Who is it?"


The great knight and the magician were startled. For almost a day, they have been watching the war development from outside Dragon City. During which, they especially chose a secluded corner to settle in order to avoid being disturbed. Unexpectedly, unknown to them, a stranger managed to creep behind them.

The two men turned around at the same time and activated all sorts of defensive methods. However, upon turning around, they saw a gentle and without hostility smiling face.

"Do the two of you know about Dragon City?"

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