Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 325: I Like You

Chapter 325: I Like You

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"This is truly a joyous celebration feast."

Inside the official residence of Dragon City Master, Aya lifted up her cup of wine but it wasn’t in the slightest due to drinking desire. Before the liquor table, there were cheers, happy talks, and laughters. High order professions from Dragon City Guards, the leaders of various forces, big and small, outside Dragon City… more than two hundred people gathered in the great hall of the official residence of Dragon City Master, which belonged to Bedivere, located in one of the most prosperous parts of the city. Bedivere himself preferred to live in the barrack area, so his main residence was seldom used. Now, however, in that initially deserted mansion, there was a lively banquet scene, where chattering and laughter continuously occurred.

This was the celebration feast for the brilliant victory. The invincible Bloodlust Holy Knight expeditionary force suffered a devastating blow outside Dragon City. Over thirty thousand armies of knights were annihilated, their deputy leader died on the spot, and even their high order professions were not spared. Only a few lucky trash managed to escape, but that was insignificant.

This might be the worst loss ever suffered by the Bloodlust Holy Knight Regiment, especially since their deputy leader died here, an absolutely serious loss. On the other side, after the victory, Aya and the prestige of Dragon City suddenly rose to the sky. The whole of Brettonia trembled. The Caliburn in Aya’s hand emitted a dazzling ray of light, as if recovering the royal power.

On this occasion, there seemed to be no reason to feel unhappy. However, every time she saw the faces of the leader of the various forces, Aya could not help but feel deeply helpless.

This was a brilliant victory, but also a victory that was completely not in her control. Although the city’s fierce battle has solved the immediate enemy, but the hidden danger was buried deep within. Wang Lu, in order to integrate the coalition forces, in a single night, and with a near frenzied gesture, persuaded more than forty city masters, commanders, and leaders to form a huge alliance. However, as the price, in Aya’s name, he made incredibly generous commitments.

A federal state with no kingship, governed together by all forces?

That morning, a tired Wang Lu reported to Aya about his work result. In an anxious anger, Aya subconsciously wanted to chop him with her sword!

Since her death more than one hundred years ago, she did not hesitate to transform into the spirit of the brave departed, travel to Nine Regions, and at last, experience a lot of hardship to return to her homeland, for what? Wasn’t it for the possibility to rebuild her country and restore the old glory of Brettonia? However, all of these were completely destroyed by Wang Lu in a single night!

Without the Knight King of Brettonia, could it still be called Brettonia? Could a country without a supreme leader be called a country? What was the difference between a loosely-structured federation and a split country? What was the point of her hard effort, no, what was the point of them working so hard?

Toward thiss, Wang Lu didn’t argue too much except saying, "Trust me."

"Trust you?"

"Trust me that I will not harm you. Trust me that I always succeed in every endeavor."

"But…" Aya wanted to continue, but her lips were already gently pressed by Wang Lu’s finger.

"Trust me."

Aya was silent for a long time until she finally no longer said a word. Her deep green eyes gradually contained a firm trust.

"Yes, I trust you… on my motherland, I believe you."

However, that moment of trust resulted in the helpless feeling on the celebration feast. The joyful atmosphere around her could not resonate with her, because in her heart, Aya knew that, after tonight’s banquet, Dragon City would become a wrestling ring for all of the influential figures in Brettonia. Just by imagining that scene, she immediately got a headache.

Closing her eyes, Aya drunk her cup of wine in one gulp and excluded all of the noise around her from her mind.

Tonight was the night of victory, and there was no point in thinking too much. It was just that, she always felt that somehow, she had forgotten an important issue...

At the same time, in Dragon City, although there were traces of war all over it, the festive atmosphere was still in abundance. Most of the shops in the business district have been reopened, hosting the triumphant return of several hundred thousand armies.

Liu Li happily walked on a street that has just been swept clean, her two hands holding strings of fragrant skewered meat. Of course, with her petite hands, the number of skewered meat that she could hold was limited. Therefore, she did not hesitate to use her sword to float hundreds of strings of skewered meat in mid-air. At the same time, she happily picked them one by one and her mouth was filled with the fragrant aroma of grease.

The food and beverage businesses of Dragon City could be considered as one of a kind in Brettonia. Numerous gourmet foods from various parts of the continent converged there, which saved the desperate culinary scene of Dragon City. Of course, the price has always been high. However, tonight was the night of victory, and as one of the big heroes in that victory, Liu Li would always almost get free treatment wherever she goes, not to mention that Wang Lu had deliberately stuffed her purse full, and exhorted her to eat to her heart’s content.

Liu Li felt that after all the hardship that she endured in the few months in Western Continent, this was her biggest repayment yet. And after eating the skewered meat for a long time, she inevitably felt a bit thirsty, so she began to look for the cold drink stand.

"The cold drink is on the corner of the lane on your left-hand side."

From the side, a gentle voice came into her ears. Liu Li turned to look and, sure enough, there was an iced drink stand there.

"Thank you." Liu Li swallowed a large chunk of fat and was ready to buy the ice drink. However, when she turned around again, she found out that the person had promptly held a cup of emerald-colored drink for her. The man looked about 35 or 36 years old, donning a magician robe, elegant and gracious.

"My treat."

However, Liu Li firmly shook her head. "Senior Brother said that I must not consume anything that is given by a stranger."

The magician smiled and said, "Have you ever bought food from a shop and already knew the shopkeeper beforehand?"

Liu Li was startled. "Yes!" Then reluctantly released the skewered meat, letting it float around, but didn’t dare to eat anymore.

"Don’t be too dogmatic… besides, we have actually met before." The magician laughed in spite trying not to, and then he said, "In the previous battle, you have actually saved my life. At that time, when I was engaged in a tangled fight, I was pressed by a big Holy Knight in a melee fight, pretty soon I would’ve been helpless. However, you killed him with your flying sword so that I am saved. Therefore, I just want to thank you for saving my life. But I guess you won’t remember a small fry like me right?"

Who knew Liu Li actually seriously said, "I remember you. At that time, you used the thundercloud method."

The magician said in a pleasant surprise, "You really do remember!"

"Hehe, my memory has always been very good!" Liu Li happily said.

"Since that’s the case, then we’re not strangers anymore," the magician said and then held out the drink. "My treat."

Liu Li thought for a moment. "Hmm, you’re actually right. Since you’re not a stranger then there should be no problem." Then she took the offer and drank half a cup. "Oh, yeah, what’s your name?"

"I’m just a nobody." The magician said, looked around, and then changed the topic, "Your Senior Brother is not here?"

Liu Li didn’t care that the other party didn’t properly introduce himself and just said, "Senior Brother is in the City Master’s mansion, busy with important things."

The magician actually shook his head. "In this victory night, what is more important than accompanying the hero? You’re one of the biggest heroes in the war, how could he leave you alone?"

Liu Li was somewhat puzzled. "I don’t know. Senior Brother always has his reasons for doing things."

"Alas, your Senior Brother is too indifferent towards you."

"No, he’s not. Senior Brother has always been very good to me," Liu Li said with a sweet smile. "He accompanied me to practice sword, prepared food to me, feed me snacks, and he almost never yelled at me!"

"I see…" The magician was a bit surprised, and then he carefully looked at Liu Li and said, "You really like your Senior Brother?"

Liu Li frankly replied, "Very much!"

"Hahaha, it’s rare for Nine Regions people to be so forthright like you. But, since you like him, why don’t you strive hard to win?

Liu Li curiously said, "Strive what?"

"If you like a person, you should strive for that person’s like."

Liu Li explained, "But Senior Brother has always been very fond of me. Although he never says it, I could feel it."

The magician said, "If he likes you, how could he let you be alone here while he accompanies the Knight King in the banquet? Obviously, he likes the Knight King more than you."

Liu Li froze for a moment. "Yeah, you’re right."

"Then aren’t you going to do something about it?"

"Do something?" Liu Li puzzledly asked, "Why?"

"Because only if you do more and better would your Senior Brother like you more and love you. Don’t you want that?"

"Em…" Liu Li somewhat hesitated. "But, I don’t know how to do it. Senior Brother used to tell me what to do."

"That’s why your Senior Brother doesn’t like you the most. You have to learn to take the initiative." The magician earnestly said, "If you just wait for your Senior Brother to tell you what to do, his like for you would be limited."

Liu Li somewhat helplessly said, "But I don’t know what to do."

"In terms of intimacy, it’s useless to hysterically fight for it. You have to do something a bit bigger." The magician said, "Since ancient times, the thing that can touch the heart, move emotion, and be remembered for life is just a word, sacrifice."

"Sacrifice?" Liu Li tilted her head, carefully listening.

"For example, if both of you are poisoned, but the antidote is only for one person, then…"

Liu Li laughed. "Of course that’s for me. No poison can invade my Senior Brother’s Non-Phase Method, so he will be fine."

"..." The magician was silent for a long time and then he said, "If you guys meet a powerful enemy…"

"Senior Brother will be in the front."

"Wrong!" Feeling resentful to Liu Li for failing to meet his expectation, the magician said, "You think your Senior Brother’s powerful defense is omnipotent? In this world, there will always be enemies that he could not withstand, and when the time comes, do you still want him to block it in front of you? And also by hiding behind your Senior Brother’s back, you’re letting your Senior Brother bleed for you!"

"Then what should I do?"

The magician coldly said, "When needed, you should step up and put yourself in the front, sacrifice yourself so that your Senior Brother could have the opportunity to survive."

"Sacrifice myself?" Liu Li was somewhat confused and also somewhat came to a realization. Her eyes gradually turned vacant.

"If you really like your Senior Brother, you should have the consciousness to sacrifice for him." The magician said, "Only then can you qualify to be your Senior Brother’s favorite woman."

"Is that so?" Liu Li puzzledly asked, "But, Senior Brother rarely let us fall into that kind of dangerous situation."

"If there’s no appropriate situation… then make it." The magician lightly said, "There are many powerful enemies on the continent, can’t you insist your Senior Brother to provoke them? Since your goal is to sacrifice yourself, you should create such an opportunity on your own initiative."

Liu Li was quite muddled. "Sorry, I don’t quite understand that… I’d better go and ask my Senior Brother."

"Wait." The magician called her, "For this kind of thing, if you already reached an agreement with your Senior Brother ahead of time, how could there be a surprise? The reason why you are not his favorite person is that you rely on him for everything, just like a grown-up-child."

Upon hearing this, Liu Li became slightly sad. "Okay, I won’t ask him."

"Mm, when you go back, think about the things that I just said. But, there’s no need to tell your Senior Brother about our meeting. This trivial matter is insignificant, and your Senior Brother is so busy with many things. If you use these things to bother him, although he would not say it, in his heart he would loathe you."

Liu Li uttered an ‘oh’ sound, yet she actually lowered her head and didn’t say anything anymore.

The magician said with a smile, "Well, since today I can talk so many things with my savior, now I can die without regret. Very well then, goodbye, Liu Li."

With that, he turned away and left, no longer tried to bother Liu Li. His figure soon disappeared in the vast sea of people.

Completely disappeared, as if he had never existed.

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