Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 334: I Have a Special Winning Skill

Chapter 334: I Have a Special Winning Skill

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The gold medal was of course fake.

The real one was a medal that symbolized the supreme authority of Golden King. During Golden King's ten thousand years of reign, it has only been issued more than ten times. For Golden King who absolutely loved the centralization of power, putting his power into other people's hand was an intolerably perverse action. Therefore, the handful of gold medals in history were known as rare treasures that were extremely valuable for research and collection.

However, any rare treasures that were known to a master of counterfeit would only have one end. Wang Lu has already begun to manufacture the gold medal when he was forging the king's wine cup.

The appearance of the gold medal was acquired through the query of a large number of historical data, while Golden King's voice and aura were able to be gradually imitated by Wang Lu after making several conversations with Golden King. Although it was far from having too much resemblance, it indeed has a bit of Golden King's unique charm.

By raising the medal high, it faintly resembled the dignity and majesty of Golden King, which resulted in the total collapse of Tannu's army. All of them knelt down and no one dared to get up.

For the army of Golden King to not be able to recognize their king's genuine token from the fake was indeed a tragedy. However, it was an inevitable tragedy. Because the obedience nature of these puppets was overwhelming. If they were the real Golden King's army, they would not be so easy to be fooled. However, after ten thousand years have passed, the initially formidable army who once followed Golden King has already become remnant puppets, while these current puppets have never seen their king since they were born.

But as far as Wang Lu was concerned, for now, this scene meant that his tactic has been successful, his counterfeit skill has once again created a miracle.

Of course, this counterfeit thing was certainly ignominious, but if a fake could pass off as a genuine, then its fakeness was no longer important.

After the initial command, Wang Lu never said a word while he held up the medal. He just silently let these golden guardians continue to kneel. This gold medal was, after all, a fake. By showing it in surprise, it could frighten these puppets. However, as time went by, no matter how stupid these puppets were, they could also see the clues. Therefore, the less he said, the better. In any case, in the history, Golden King was not known for being talkative.

Time slipped away bit by bit while Wang Lu still quietly held the medal. In front of him, there were 400 golden guardians in a dispersed formation. 30 golden warlocks and 8 golden commanders quietly knelt down on the ground with their forehead buried deep on the ground, not daring to directly look at the light of Golden King.

Only Tannu still stood up, quietly waiting for the time to pass. For this precise war machine, a futile struggle was just a waste of time. He had previously tried in vain to command them to get up, therefore he had to give up.

In any case, the effect of this fake object would not be too long. And over time, these puppets would detect something abnormal about it.

And sure enough, about four or six hours later, one golden commander slightly moved and began to shake. For a loyal puppet, the ability to kneel down in front Golden King's medal was the greatest gift. Under normal circumstances, even until they collapsed due to weakness, they would not dare to move. However, right now, apparently, they began to doubt the authority of the gold medal.

The commander of the regiment had a higher degree of intelligence. Soon, there was the second and the third commander that began to waver. And after a while, they simply stood up and glared at Wang Lu, with eyes looking like flaming lava.

The forgery of Golden King's gold medal was undoubtedly a blasphemous, unforgivable sin!


A commander looked up and roared. His angry roar swept the whole battlefield, shaking all the golden guardians. Then they slowly stood up and looked up… their eyes became confused.

Seeing this scene, Wang Lu smiled, put down his hand, and then turned away. However, behind him were a jungle of steels, irons, and rocks.

"Hahaha, welcome to my tower defense world."

Hundreds of different forms of defense towers interwoven into a complex maze. Dark solid bone Dragon Tower, blue light deep green Dragon Tower, unbridled manic red Dragon Tower, mysterious black Dragon Tower, as well as pure and radiance holy Dragon Tower… At this time, the crystallization of the wisdom of Bretton Dragon Clan was clear without a doubt! Hundreds of Dragon Towers stood shoulder to shoulder. Their connected grandeur was like a great ancient dragon. Even if they were seen at a distant, it would still give off a depressing atmosphere.

This was the real land of the death. Even the golden guardians under Tannu the Military God, if they dared to enter this jungle of defense towers, they would still end up dead. Perhaps when these towers were not yet formed, they could still disrupt their opponent with random strikes. However, they have wasted too much time.

"Military God Tannu, don't just gawk there like that. Come and fight us. We're only five people here, so if you can come to us, you'll definitely win."

At this time, Wang Lu has arrived at these defense towers, together with Aya and the others. However, those hard laborers had disappeared without a trace.

In order to hurry up, Wang Lu had ordered them to burn their life, like a writer who had a deadline tomorrow but still hasn't had a word to write. In simple words, he let these amazingly efficient laborers became even more efficient, constructing a jungle of steel and rocks from empty land in just a few hours! When the jungle of defense towers was finally built, the huge construction materials in the mustard seed bag were completely depleted, and even the mountain peak not far away from there had been hollowed out. At the end, these hard laborers came to the last moment of their lives, burning out into ashes. The defense towers that they left behind stood erect like they were their tombstones.

In this respect, after being stunned for a moment, a faint smile unexpectedly appeared on the face of the Military God Tannu.

Since it has come to this, even if Military God Tannu's battle formation was twice as powerful, it was still impossible for him to destroy that jungle of defense towers relying on these four hundred infantries. Even if the several commanders were replaced with ultra long distance cannons, it would still be impossible. And now that the defeat was certain, winning the battle was no longer important. Tannu was more concerned with Wang Lu's winning method.

"Interesting." This was his heartfelt compliment. His entire life revolved around military matters, and he had also experienced too many scenes. Yet, the scene before him was still invigorating to him. It was a very interesting tactic, a very interesting opponent. Strictly speaking, Wang Lu was not a winner, because he simply didn't show any military strategy. However, Tannu was someone who was not overly attached to the outcome. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to survive as a guardian in the King's Treasure House for over ten thousand years.

"You've won the test," Tannu said.

Wang Lu was surprised. "Did you just give up?"

Tannu said, "If I can have even one percent chance to win in this war, I will certainly fight for that chance. But since I don't even have one percent odd, I don't need to let these soldiers die in vain. The next endless years, only they could accompany me."

Wang Lu nodded and did not say anything more. And after Military God Tannu conceded, a door that led to the darkness was opened behind him.

"Go, and good luck to you."

When Wang Lu passed through the door and stepped on that bright ladder towards the next pass, the door behind them slowly closed soon after.

At this time, Wang Lu, who walked at the front, suddenly felt something. He turned around and saw through the slit on the slowly closing door the collapse of the world behind it.

In the battlefield, the sky broke and the ground collapsed. Huge cracks that were similar to the mouth of the creatures from the wild split open and swallowed that little world. Military God Tannu stood straight like a pine tree, calmly meeting the arrival of the end.

… Is this what he meant by endless years? Wang Lu could not help but become stunned.

Noticing Wang Lu's eyes, Aya, who walked behind Wang Lu, also turned around. However, at this time, the door had completely shut.

"What a pity. If there's a chance next time, I really want to fight him fair and square," Aya lamented.

"Yes, it's really a pity," Wang Lu softly said.

At the same time, in the depths of the King's Treasure House, amazed by the result, Paul's anger and uneasiness had reached its limit

"They've passed it, they've actually passed it! They've passed the third pass!"

The whole previous process has been seen in panoramic view by the administrator. Initially, he still held his hope, hoping that Wang Lu would be totally defeated by Tannu. After all, Tannu was an extremely strong opponent. At that time, were it not for Faceless One, his trial would've ended. And after Faceless One, Tannu modified the rules, making it more difficult to overcome. With Paul's knowledge, he couldn't even think of how to beat Tannu.

However, as Wang Lu broke through difficulties by miraculous means again and again, Paul's heart gradually sank. Especially when Wang Lu took out that gold medal so that those golden guardians knelt down, Paul was so infuriated that he shouted a round of abuse!

Unfortunately, everything was useless. Wang Lu had already stepped on that bright ladder and would soon come to the stone gate of the fourth pass.

And when Paul was feeling restless and even somewhat faintly terrified, a gentle and cordial voice happily said, "Rest assured, their footsteps are over. In the fourth pass, we will end everything."

Unfortunately, Faceless One's comfort was unable to warm the heart in the slightest. And just at this time, a cold voice questioned.

"End everything? Based on waste like you guys?"

The person who questioned was fully covered with scarlet heavy armor. In his hands, there was a large sawtoothed greatsword filled with the gloom and chill of bloody smell. He was the Supreme Inquisitor of Holy Light Religion and also the church's number one purificator, Duke Ferdinand!

While Wang Lu and the others spent their time on the third pass, the Supreme Inquisitor finally dumped his subordinates and returned to the Holy City as fast as he could. At this time, although he was exhausted, his fighting spirit was still very high. Especially when he witnessed that Wang Lu had broken through the third pass, becoming a serious threat to the status of Holy Light Religion in the King's Treasure House, his heart genuinely filled with anger.

"Heretics who dare to covet my church's holy place must be purified with the harshest punishment!"

Among the church's five legendary Holy Ones, the most devout and also the most powerful was without a doubt, the Pope. However, behind him was the Supreme Inquisitor. His fanaticism to the church almost reached the distorted level. Fifty years ago, because his daughter had fallen in love with a heretic, he personally cut off his daughter's head and hung it in front of the Inquisitor's office. As for that heretic, nobody knew his whereabouts, and nobody wanted to know. With such a monstrously strong faith, Ferdinand was naturally disgusted by the mediocre and incompetent Paul, who he always thought would slow the development of the church. It would be best if that guy was beheaded and replaced by someone more competent. Unfortunately, he was not able to do so.

As for Faceless One? A few years ago, he was very optimistic about the aggressive style of this church's sharpest knife. Although they haven't had many contacts, the brilliant record of Faceless One was very commendable to him. Unfortunately, when he saw him at this time, Ferdinand's heart lit up with anger.

"Faceless, are you going to join the fight with this ignominious attitude?"

In the Supreme Inquisitor's eyes, Faceless One's weakness was impossible to hide. Not long ago, he was seriously injured by the sword strike of the Knight King. Right now, he hasn't fully recovered yet. This seriously injured avatar was not even as good as a low order profession, thus, participating in the fight would only weigh in on others.

However, regarding this remark, Faceless One only threw a look at Ferdinand, completely undeterred by this holy one whose level was completely far above him. He lightly said, "That's none of your business. What kind of thing are you? Did I invite you in? Did I invite you to comment?"

"You!" Ferdinand flew into a rage. His jagged greatsword began to emit rays of red light, ready to take action at any moment.

"If you want to do it, then go ahead. Behead this avatar and use your weak brain to think about the tactics to intercept these Nine Regions natives. If you succeed, the credit will be all yours, and the sea of Holy Light will certainly favor you. I wish you good luck."

Faceless One's voice was dripped with ridicule—he did not put Ferdinand in his eyes at all!

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