Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 343: Is It the Monthly Bleeding Routine?

Chapter 343: Is It the Monthly Bleeding Routine?

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When Wang Lu unsteadily piloted the Tata vehicle, swaying back and forth like a flying saucer back towards the castle, the surprise of Aya and other people was self-evident.

From the time he went out to the time of his return, it has already been more than half a day. Although it was not long, it was unbearable to them. Aya kept standing at the castle gate, silently waiting for Wang Lu's return, but didn't expect him to return with that big thing!

"Where… did it come from?"

Aya's clear eyes were firmly fixed on that flying saucer-like vehicle, not removing them for anything. A strand of her hair suddenly turned upward, fully showing the excitement in her heart, as well as the love for this vehicle.

Although the styling was unique, Tata was undoubtedly a great vehicle, and Aya obviously has no resistance to a great vehicle.

Wang Lu jumped down from the Tata vehicle carrying his own Flying Pigeon vehicle. Seeing how Aya's eyes were almost glittering with rays of light, reminiscing about her dismissive attitude toward his Flying Pigeon earlier, Wang Lu couldn't help but helplessly smile. "You're the kind that would rather cry in the vehicle than smile at the Flying Pigeon."

In addition to Aya, Liu Li was also enamored by Tata. She flew around at the tower-like thing of the vehicle, sometimes gingerly touching it with her fingertips, and sometimes laughing foolishly on the smooth-as-mirror outer armor.

Bai Shixuan and Quan Zouhua were also surprised at the uniqueness of the vehicle and focused their attention on it.

After a while, judging that they have seen the vehicle enough, Wang Lu clapped. "Okay, the vehicle problem has been solved. Now, let's get on board and leave, don't waste the sacrifice of my Everlasting in vain."

Upon hearing this, Aya's expression immediately turned serious. She thought that this was not the time for them to enjoy this vehicle, since they were, after all, still in a not so good situation. The threat from Holy Light Religion could come at any time, and at that time… she was still far from having the qualification to beat them. This unique armored vehicle would be the key to their 'weak win against strong' victory.

And to be able to obtain this vehicle, Wang Lu undoubtedly claimed a huge credit here. Thinking of this, Aya's heart was somewhat moved, suddenly she had an absurd idea: perhaps for Wang Lu, there was nothing in this world that he could not achieve. Perhaps he was really able to succeed in every endeavor? The way to win every war!

However, before Aya had the chance to carefully realize the change in her heart, Wang Lu has called them all to board the vehicle and to fly into the vast sea of clouds.

The castle gate slowly opened and then closed. Before going out, Aya seemed to catch on something, so she looked up. On the ceiling above the gate, the Golden King's mural glittered, as if ridiculing at the insignificant people below him.

Meanwhile, in another part of the outer rim of the sea of clouds, the preparatory work of Holy Light Religion team has finally reached its final stage.

"Good, very good. In just less than a day, the vehicle will soon be completed, and the grade is also higher than what we initially expected. I will award you according to your great merit!"

Paul paced back and forth in that big tent, the excitement in his speech was palpable.

The progress of building the vehicle was faster than expected since one of the five Archbishops sent by the pope was adept at manufacturing vehicle. In just sort of half a day, using the materials from the big tent, he and the other four Archbishops worked to build a level three or four vehicle called Holiness.

Holiness vehicle was not a mighty vehicle. In a large scale battle, its auxiliary function was limited. However, its advantage was that it was fast enough to be concealed and enough to carry out the present task.

The purpose of Holy Light Religion team was very clear: instead of just playing by the rule and hoping to get to the peak faster than Wang Lu's team, it was better to just eradicate the opponent.

Although this solution was not what he originally wanted, Paul was very impressed by it, especially when the vehicle manufacturing progress was faster than expected.

"Hehe, at this time, those heretics probably haven't even cracked the puzzle of going into the sea of clouds. When we rush to their door and block them, I really look forward to their desperate eyes!"

Paul fiercely spoke as if he had seen the heretics torn to pieces in front of him and the sea of holy light gave him an even greater gift for purifying the heretics.

Before long, the finishing work of the Holiness vehicle was finally declared as complete. Paul immediately waved his hand. "Everyone get on board, we'll leave at once!"

Unfortunately, nobody paid attention to him. Everyone looked at Faceless One. Even Ferdinand silently waited for Faceless One's instruction.

Paul was startled and his face immediately turned red. He felt that he had suffered a huge humiliation.

Yes, on theoretical point I am not that strong, but don't forget that I'm the administrator of the King's Treasure House! Without me, no matter how powerful you guys are, what can you guys do? Besides, if you guys are really that good, why do you want me to be the administrator? Why don't you do it yourself!

Faceless One also ignored the gloomy-faced Paul. He went straight towards the vehicle, sat inside, and then grunted, "Do you guys still want me to invite you in? Get in the vehicle!"

Before long, the entire structure of Holiness vehicle had submerged in the sea of clouds.

Holy Light Religion team members were all huddled in the not-so-spacious vehicle. Some were responsible for concealing the movement of the vehicle, some were in charge of providing power, and some were in charge of piloting… the division of labor was very clear. The Holiness vehicle's grade was not high, so it needed human aid if it wanted to travel freely in the sea of clouds. However, the passenger line up, which consisted of two Holy Ones and five Archbishops, was quite stunning. Therefore, the Holiness vehicle could give performance far above its innate level.

However, after all, its innate level was not high enough, so its performance was still not satisfying.

"... Can't this be a bit faster?" Ferdinand asked with a sinking sound. "It doesn't even fly as fast as when we fly alone, I think it's better if I just…"

Faceless One turned his head. Facing his pale face towards Ferdinand, he coldly interrupted, "Idiot, do you want to get off the vehicle? Use your weak brain to think about it, if we can walk freely in this sea of clouds, why must there be a rule that we have to use a vehicle to enter? Do you think someone bored designed this rule?"

Ferdinand did not reply and instead go into silence. Before this, he had never heard of this sea of clouds, so he was completely clueless to the reasoning of the rules of this place. And since Faceless One has opposed his idea, he no longer insisted.

Although Faceless One's extremely arrogant and rude behavior was really hard to endure, Ferdinand at least knew how to prioritize things. At present, the most important thing was to work together to eliminate the church's hidden danger, not to settle a private grudge. Of course, when this was over, he would surely calculate and settle the account for each and every slight that Faceless One has given him!

However, when Ferdinand made this decision, Faceless One suddenly burst into laughter. That muffled voice was extremely creepy.

"Hahahaha, good work, heretics! I'm really looking forward to your purification ceremony!"

Supreme Inquisitor's heart was slightly disturbed. "What happened?"

Faceless One did not hide anything as he bluntly said, "Those gang of heretics has already left the transit point, quickly moving in the sea of clouds."


All the people in the Holiness vehicle were dumbfounded.

"They have already left the transit point? Are you sure?" Ferdinand fiercely questioned, "It was you who said that they would need a long time to solve the puzzle, let alone to build the vehicle, so we definitely have the time! So what's going on now?"

"Yes, if they are on their own, they would need more than a day just to solve the puzzle. And after that, building a vehicle is time-consuming. Even if some of them are good at vehicle manufacturing, it's impossible for them to do better than us. But, what if it's not just them?" Faceless One lightly said as if he was not trying to explain to anyone but just thinking out loud. "Is a certain lingering spirit of a madman unexpectedly still unwilling to lay down his posture?"

Upon hearing the words lingering spirit, Paul immediately shivered from head to toe. "Who are you talking about?"

Ferdinand asked, "Since you sense their position, then can you ascertain the level of their vehicle?"

"Level eight or higher."

"Level eight! Isn't that the same level as Glorious Extreme Speed?" The Supreme Inquisitor was shocked. "How did they do it? How could they build a level eight armored vehicle in less than a day? Is this even possible?"

"Of course not. If forged from scratch, even we, Holy Ones, could not build level eight armored vehicle in less than a day. But they did not start from scratch, rather they inherited someone's legacy… Humph, what's the point of explaining it to the bottom for a group of idiots like you guys?"

"... If it's a level eight armored vehicle, how can we chase them using our Holiness?"

"Although the vehicle can't catch up, can't the people catch up?" With that, Faceless One slightly tilted his head in another direction and uttered a sneer. "It's almost time to park."

"Very good. If we keep this momentum, arriving at the Beautiful Unique Pool Peak with the fastest speed… as long as we reach the peak, the other side would have no means to stop us."

From the castle, Wang Lu immediately piloted the vehicle with the fastest speed into the sea of clouds. This tower-shaped vehicle also met the expectation towards it. In the period of acceleration, it decided to deform, sharply lowering the top part of the tower, swiftly piercing through the sky.

Its speed was staggering. Once the vehicle tower turned flat, its speed was no less than a fierce flying sword. Wang Lu saw the sea of clouds on the two sides of it seemed to be torn apart by a huge force, and then one after the other, the scene around them changed. Sometimes, it was blazing flame, sometimes, it was towering mountains, but all were eventually left behind. He didn't have the time at all to observe them.

The vehicle was not only fast, but also very strong. Those scenes that went by in a flash were actually the tests within the sea of clouds for them. According to the normal steps, they must spend an enormous effort to pass them. However, in front of Golden King's vehicle, all of them were nothing more than peripheral problems that were not worth mentioning.

"Very good, things are going really well. If this goes on, it won't be long before we arrive at Beautiful Unique Pool Peak." In the internal control position of the armored vehicle, Wang Lu calmly observed everything around him. Although the sea of clouds was still a mass of confusion, there were many signs that indicated that they were fast approaching the core.

"But the problem is that, how long is this going to last? If Holy Light Religion people want to make their move, it should be now."

Wang Lu muttered and soon, there were many kinds of speculation in his mind. However… in front of the Golden King's vehicle, he didn't think that the other side could make any effective resistance.

Although to win like this felt like they were having an unfair advantage, but Holy Light Religion people have obviously offended Golden King, so now, even if they lost, it was not an undeserved lost.

"Guys, let's have a good rest. Soon we shall be able to celebrate our victory in Beautiful Unique Pool Peak."

"Great! I really like celebration feasts!" Liu Li happily said. Her smile was perfectly reflected in the narrow space inside the vehicle. However, at this time, the girl suddenly lost her bright smile.

The next moment, streams of blood poured from her nose and mouth, and like a feather, the girl's lightweight body slowly fell down.

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