Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 344: Finger-breaking Mad Devil

Chapter 344: Finger-breaking Mad Devil

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"Liu Li!"

"Little sis Li!"


When blood gushed out of Lu Li and she fell unconscious, the vehicle immediately turned into a mess. Bai Shixuan picked Liu Li up and simultaneously checked her pulse as well as tried to launch her magical power, turning into a healing force. However, at this time, her magical force seemed to elicit no response at all. Even Aya's more than a hundred years of accumulated experience from the two continents were of no use. And the dog, Quan Zouhua, anxiously scurried around by Liu Li's side. Its strength, though powerful, couldn't be used to save people.

While everyone was panicking, Wang Lu tightly stared at Liu Li, clenching his fists. Blood even flowed out from his palm… yet, he was still the first who made a sober call.

"Stop the car!"

"Stop the car?" Aya was surprised, but then she immediately caught on the problem. Her face became incomparably gloomy. "Scumbag, get out!"

While saying that, she quickly took out her Caliburn. Its sharp golden light appeared very real.

After being reminded by Wang Lu, Aya was also able to think that the sudden serious injury of Liu Li was undoubtedly the work of Holy light Religion. How they did it was not the immediate problem… their purpose was obviously not to kill her, but to stall their progress.

Otherwise, couldn't someone, who could mysteriously make Liu Li seriously injured and unconscious, directly kill her? But if there was no direct killer, then it must be because...

"Mm, really interesting."

In the startled eyes of the people, that mild and indifferent voice came out from the mouth of Liu Li.

Then, with a weird posture, she left Bai Shixuan's bosom and quietly stood in front of them. She still has the same body and flawless face, but, her expression was stiff like a corpse, as if she hasn't adapted to her own face.

…. Faceless!

"I really like dealing with smart people, it's convenient, and saves a lot of talks." Faceless One's words seemed to be sarcastic, but his voice was calm. "What a pity, you guys are not my Holy Light Religion people. Therefore, even if you're smart, you would only reach a dead end."

Aya tightly held her sword as anger filled her heart. "... Stabbing somebody in the back, such a shameless and despicable mean is really the style of Holy Light Religion."

"Ridiculous, a dignified Knight King could actually say such absurd words, no wonder your kingdom perished." Faceless One unceremoniously ridiculed, "Stabbing people in the back? On this point, do you guys even qualify to accuse this of others? The King's Treasure House is the domain of Holy Light Religion, yet, did you enter the Treasure House with anyone's approval? For sneaking into the other party's territory, it's natural for you to receive the penalty."

Aya was startled as she lowered her face. "Twisting words and forcing logic!"

Wang Lu reached out to stop Aya and then signaled to her to let him deal with it.

"Was it in the Dragon City celebration night?" Wang Lu said in a soft voice, "Was it that cup of drink?"

With that stiff face, Faceless One tried to smile, only to look even more twisted. "How could it be? Although at that time we are hostile to each other, Dragon City is already your territory. If at that time I put a poison in the drink, that is not a self-defense nor punishment for the wicked, but a pure stabbing people in the back. I take Holy Light as my belief, so how could I do such a despicable mean?"

Aya angrily said, "You actually dare to say that? Then isn't this your doing?"

"Of course, but I didn't poison her, rather just talked to her, so that she can more clearly see her own heart, that is all. Towards heretics like you guys, that was simply an excessive gentle consideration."

"Clearly see her own heart?" Wang Lu sneered. "Is that all?"

Faceless One said, "Of course not, since the two parties are hostile to each other, and as a Holy Light believer, how could I just blindly take care of the enemy? Therefore, while advising her, I also induced the tangle deep inside her heart."

Wang Lu sneered. "What a load of horsesh*t! How could Liu Li have such a high IQ that is necessary for someone to have a tangle?"

"Oh?" Faceless One was a bit surprised and said, "I thought you two are from the same sect, and also brother and sister, which mean that you know each other like the back of your palm. But unexpectedly, you don't understand her! She has nothing that tangles her? In this world, only stones have nothing to tangle them. As long as you're still a person, no matter how pure or simple you are, there would still be a matter that tangles you. Because this is simply the flaw in a person, and which can only be guided by Holy Light to keep moving forward."

"But in turn, this flaw is an opportunity to me to make a name for myself. Holy Light Religion has a great number of talented people, so it's not easy to be somebody in the church." Then Faceless One suddenly turned to the side. "By the way, if you are trying to use chat to delay time, I'm all for it. According to the current speed, we'll soon meet each other."

"Oh, one more thing, if you want to use the life saving magical treasure given by your Sect, even if it's a magical treasure, without my consent, you would not succeed."

Aya was stunned speechless. She was clear that it would not be effective to use a lifesaving tool in this kind of situation… but, for Faceless One to say that, it meant...

"Are you occupying her spirit?"

Aya was simultaneously startled and furious. The Caliburn in her hand actually slightly trembled.

As an opponent who has fought with Faceless One, Aya was very aware of this horror. More than one hundred years ago, Faceless One's strength was still very weak, yet his occupying spirit skill was an incredibly terrifying skill. Faceless One was best at toying with human heart. He could unearth the deepest and darkest secret of people and then nourish that darkness.

That nourishment process was completely undetectable. Even the one that did the nourishment itself could not find out. However, once the nourishment was completed, a terrifying thing would be born.

The one that was born, was Faceless One himself. A brave soldier, a skilled strategist, a magician with hundreds of tricks, or perhaps a benevolent ruler, once their spirit was occupied by Faceless One, they would eventually become the new Faceless One.

Faceless One was faceless because he has captured the face of an unknown number of people. If he wanted to, he could even change into any of those faces. And once someone's spirit has been occupied… there has never been a precedent of recovery.

Because of this, when Aya learned that Faceless One was still alive, she has been wary of this occupying spirit. More than one hundred years ago, fierce battles have helped in fully understanding the occupying spirit method. She was also especially sensitive to the seed that was planted in another person's heart; she was always able to detect it. However, it seemed like over the past more than one hundred years, it seemed like Faceless One's occupying spirit skill has entered a new realm.

"Yes, it's the occupying spirit," Faceless One blandly answered her. "Speaking of which, it is a really sweet nourishment. Although her power level was not that high, the taste is even more delicious than those of high order professions."

"You!" Aya felt as if she was about to faint due to anger.

At this time, Wang Lu was still maintaining his calm. "Occupying spirit? Like snatching or something? Then that's really troublesome. I guess that I can only send her back to the mountain so that the elders can deal with it."

"Send her back to the mountain?" Faceless One laughed. "Hehehe, within the sea of clouds, even those of legendary level are not free, much less a few pieces of things given by your master?"

"Oh, if the quality is insufficient, then naturally, I'll have to rely on numbers," Wang Lu lightly said while taking a stack of paper from his mustard seed bag. "If one is not enough, then ten should suffice."

Faceless One's eyes turned sharp. "Are those… heavenly talismans? They're actually heavenly talismans! You…"

There were hundreds of thousands of talismans in Nine Regions, but the prestige of Heavenly Talisman was so great that it was even known by people of Western Continent. It could break dimensions and space and forcefully transmit people back to a set location. Although… in this sea of clouds, common space props and spells did not work at all, but if it was Heavenly Talisman, moreover, if it was ten at once...

"Mm, in terms of strength, perhaps it could really break through the blockade of the sea of clouds. However, the premise is Liu Li herself has to agree to it…"

"She already did." Wang Lu laid out those ten pieces of Heavenly Talisman. In each of them, there was a written name: Liu Li. Obviously, they were prepared earlier.

"Moreover, the talismans have been modified by the Elders, regardless of whether Liu Li is unwilling or not, as long as I activate it, she'll have to go back to the mountain… this is called the leader's authority. Well then, enough talking nonsense with you, I'll send her back now."

With that, he infused the talismans with her magical power, causing them to shine brightly.

"Oh, it seems like you're serious?" Faceless One finally seemed to be a bit surprised. "But, I have already completed the spirit occupation. If you send back a corpse through the Heavenly Talismans, you, heretics, have committed a grave offense."

"Corpse? Not necessarily." Wang Lu said, "Is your occupying spirit already complete? Although you said so, I don't believe you. I rather send her back to the Elders and let them judge. If Liu Li is still alive, the power of the Five Uniques will definitely be able to save her. But if she's dead… then it's also a humane thing to let her bones return to her homeland."

Wang Lu's full of confidence words have also infected Aya.

She thought …"That's right, although… although so far there has never been a precedent for someone to survive the spirit occupation, if it's Wang Lu, perhaps…"

"Enough." Faceless One coldly said, "Since you doubt my words that the spirit occupation has been completed, I'll just kill myself and you can send her corpse back to her homeland."

Wang Lu immediately extinguished the glow of the Heavenly Talismans in his hand, deactivating them. Then, with a blooming smile, he said, "It seems like it's really not. Otherwise, why would you bother saying that you want to kill yourself? That being the case, I'll just take back these ten fluorescent papers."

Fluorescent paper?

Everyone was surprised to see the ten pieces of paper in Wang Lu's hand. Are they not… Spirit Sword Heavenly Talismans?

"Do you think I'm sick that I want to sacrifice these ten priceless heavenly talismans? On the other hand, I can use as many fluorescent papers as I want, as long as I can deceive you."

Wang Lu lightly smiled and put those fluorescent papers back to his mustard seed back. However, from Aya's angle, she could see that Wang Lu's hand was actually slightly trembling.

Thank goodness Liu Li was not dead yet. The protective measures on her body placed by the Elders were really effective. And since she was still alive, everything was possible.

"Huh, deceiving me makes you this happy?" Faceless One curiously asked. At this time, he stretched out Liu Li's right hand, and in the eyes of Wang Lu and the others, broke all of Liu Li's five slender fingers that were most suitable for holding a sword.

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