Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 353: After You Go, Think of Me Whenever You See It

Chapter 353: After You Go, Think of Me Whenever You See It

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"Your majesty, how to say it...?"

Wang Lu hesitated to open his mouth while his mind anxiously churned out lines of words.

For Golden King, in spite of in his tales of legends, there were more negative than positive. For example, he was bloodthirsty, and in his early years, he was infatuated with his very close same-sex friend...However, in the trials of the King's Treasure House, Golden King's friendly support was without a doubt. Without the several times' secret help from Golden King, by solely relying on himself, a young man who has yet to reach Jindan Stage, they would've been turned to ashes several times a long time ago… Moreover, according to historical records, being able to obtain Golden King's favor was almost a unique event during his ten thousand years of rules. However...

However, it was seriously the most difficult favor to enjoy. Golding King is indeed good, very-very good, but I am not that kind of person!

"Your majesty, thank you for your kindness, but I am not the kind of person that you think I am."

Golden King felt strange. "What's wrong? Don't you want this? I thought that the reason why all of you Nine Regions cultivators came here is because of this thing."

Wang Lu was dully startled, then he took a closer look. He immediately cried inwardly, what the ...

The box-shaped lump in Golden King's hand was not the infinity soap that he imagined, but a simple-styled, printed-with-ancient-Nine-Regions-text key. And when it came to the key, Wang Lu's mind quickly flashed out a guess, and only a guess.

Wasn't this key the reason why he… not only he, the entire Union of Ten Thousand Immortals of Nine Regions came to the Western Continent? The key to the Immortal Tombs!

"Sure enough, it's here…" Wang Lu gently sighed. His own guess was finally confirmed—the key to the group of immortal tombs was indeed inside the King's Treasure House. Although there were still too many questions left unanswered, such as how the key of the group of immortal tombs fell into the hands of Golden King, but since the key was already within his sight, readily available, those questions were not that important anymore.

However, inwardly, there wasn't much joy or a sense of accomplishment for Wang Lu. Everything that he did in the Western Continent was much more meaningful to him than this key of the Group of Immortal Tombs. Therefore, momentarily, he could not think of this key.

After so many ups and downs in the King's Treasure House, the end result was this key? Wang Lu could not help but become somewhat stunned.


In Wang Lu's stunned silence, Golden King has handed over the key to him. "Take it, this is your reward."

Wang Lu nodded and calmly received the key. The key of the group of Immortal Tombs was always better than a golden soap, so he has no reason to refuse. What about the others? A man must not be too greedy. In the final analysis, wasn't the reason the Holy Light Religion people were deprived of the authority of the administrator and simultaneously had their main foundation taken away was simply because they were too greedy?

In the beginning, they must have won Golden King's partial favor, and thus able to become the administrator of the Treasure House. However, after that, they abandoned the trust of Golden King, acting as if the Treasure House was their own property and recklessly operating it. In the end, they aroused the wrath of Golden King. Although he was just a wisp of remnant soul, he could still cause Holy Light Religion a heavy loss by using other people's hand.

But then again, when Paul was selected as the administrator, Golden King had surely left a foreshadowing. If changed to Faceless One, Ferdinand, Wang Lu or other people, they might not necessarily be complacent and walk straight into a hole… The so-called imperial scheme was indeed very imperceptible.

While thinking about some trivial matters, Wang Lu sighed. "Then, the next…"

Golden King said, "The next, what will happen here is none of your business. Take your people and leave this place."

Wang Lu was startled for a moment and then he nodded.

The so-called 'What will happen is none of your business' was likely referring to not only the King's Treasure House, but the entire Western Continent. After helping Golden King oust the incumbent administrator Paul, Golden King's resurrection was just a matter of time… Although he didn't know why Golden King fell into thousands of years of slumber, in the near future, Western Continent would certainly be in turmoil because of him. And during this period, Golden King would never welcome a group of people from another continent to disturb him.

As for Wang Lu himself, although now he has indeed set a stunning feat that earned him the Golden King's favor, however, both Wang Lu and Golden King were very clear that this thing was just temporary. Based on Wang Lu's character, he would not be willing to lower himself to other people. His posture as a minister was just that, a posture. If they continued to interact for a long time, Golden King would certainly find it intolerably offensive. And when that time came, Wang Lu must face an opponent whose prestige was comparable to that of a god, while Golden King would have no choice but to destroy the talented person that he appreciated.

Therefore, rather than waiting for that scene to happen, it was better to avoid it as early as possible. After all, Western Continent was not Wang Lu's hometown. He must return to where he came from. This time's trip to the Western Continent was already long enough.

During his silence, Wang Lu calculated how much time he needed to conclude things in Western Continent. He then said, "Give me one month to finish the things that I have started."

Golden King, fully demonstrating the generosity of a king, said, "Three months are needed for me to fully awake."

"Very well, then… I will take my leave."

Wang Lu said, looked around, and then reluctantly asked, "Where is the exit here?"

Golden King smiled, and then he stretched out his hand to point at the ground below them. "Here."

The next moment, the ground collapsed, revealing a dark, bottomless crack. Before Wang Lu's eyes, the towering Beautiful Unique Pool Peak, the symbol of the peak of the human world and the starting point of godhood, began to crack like a reaching-into-the-sky jade pillar that broke from within. Along with the ground, the whole world was also twisted. The endless blue sky, as well as the sea of clouds, all whistled to the middle. And Golden King seemed to be a huge whirlpool that sucked everything around it.

After a flash of darkness, the scene changed into one of blue sky and white clouds.

"This is…" Wang Lu fought off the feeling of dizziness, operating the Non-Phase Immortal Heart to calm his mind. He then looked around. "Taobao City?"

In the distant, there was a commanding, magnificent and sacred building. Holy Light Cathedral was the highest point of the city, in which the dome was surrounded by the light, and was majestically located in the center of the city.

However, in addition to Holy Light Cathedral that remained the same, Taobao City has undergone a huge change. The last time he entered Taobao City, it was under the cover of the help from Deep Earth City. At that time, they were being secretive and didn't linger in the city too much. However, the bustling of Taobao City still left a deep impression on them. Even though Taobao City has been transformed into a private property of Holy Light Religion, nevertheless, this place still carried the dreams of millions of people in the continent. From all over the place, all levels of professions gathered here. Some obtained the recognition of Golden King, becoming wealthy, and some died in the Treasure House, becoming the guardian of the Treasure House, the servant of Golden King… Risks and benefits coexisted, which was the dream place of the professions of Western Continent.

Taobao City has always been busy. The people in the crowd were shoulder to shoulder with each other. Some people joked that if someone threw a rock from a high place, it could hit a few middle order, or even high order profession. And what followed those professions here were large and prosperous industrial chains.

However, now, the city actually showed a desolate atmosphere. On both sides of the spacious street, the once non-stop open hawker shops have closed down, the previously shoulder-to-shoulder heavy traffic road have become deserted, and the breeze rolled up and pushed away the floating dust.

"Did the devils enter here?"

In Wang Lu's consternation, he suddenly heard a yawning voice behind him. "Yaawn, ooh, what a nice sleep, uh, where is this?"

Wang Lu's reaction was as fast as lightning. He reached for the pie in his mustard seed bag and then backhandedly plugged the speaker's mouth with it.

"Liu Li, eat your stuff, and less talk. And while you're at it, go and wake up the rest and tell them to be quiet too."

Logically speaking, since he had just ended the pleasant cooperation relationship, by the style of Golden King, he wouldn't have set up a plot to kill Wang Lu with such a style. However, this city was the headquarters of Holy Light Religion, so they must not be too conspicuous.

As Liu Li woke the other people while eating, Wang Lu found a gaunt, middle-aged man, which looked like a local resident of Taobao City. Different to the cheerful enthusiasm of the locals in the past, this time the man was filled with worry.

Wang Lu took a few steps forward to call him, ready to ask what happened with the city. However, when he just walked towards that person, he suddenly heard a burst of rolling thunder voice in the distant part of the city.

"It's been three days, come out you Holy Light Religion bastards!"

Because the sweeping voice was too strong, and its sound wave was filled with coercive force, Wang Lu's primordial spirit suddenly trembled and his Jade Mansion buzzed, so he had no time to identify the owner of the sound. He just felt that it was vaguely familiar.

However, Wang Lu's reaction was less than equal to that of other people. Upon hearing the voice, the pie slipped away from Liu Li's hand and she exclaimed in surprise, "Uncle Tian Yue?"

Momentarily, Wang Lu was late to react. "Uncle? When did Spirit Sword Mountain add another Elder?"

"No, it's Shengjing Sect's Supreme Tian Yue."

Supreme Tian Yue?

Wang Lu's mind immediately recalled Supreme Tian Yue who was also known as the mad dog of Shengjing. In the past, they had come face to face in the ancient sword tomb. At that time, Supreme Tian Yue's attitude has left a very big impression on him. Unexpectedly, he could see this mad dog again in a foreign land!

However, upon careful thought, meeting Tian Yue here was not strange. Since the news that the key to the group of immortal tombs was possibly lost in the Western Continent spread, the majority of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals have sent their forces. However, the official team was led by Spirit Sword Sect leader Feng Yin, who was also accompanied by Supreme Tian Yue and other big shots.

Regardless of their analytical ability or action ability, such a luxurious line up was far superior to any team from other sects, and much more than Wang Lu's team. However, it was precisely because the line up was too luxurious that its members have mutual distrust over each other, which resulted in extremely low efficiency. Coupled with their official team status, which forced them to act according to the norm, their progress became even slower.

However, no matter how slow they were, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals expedition to the Western Continent have also been going on for several months. Feng Yin's team had long ago scoured the Intelligence City, so they should have found enough evidence to prove that the key to the group of immortal tombs was left in the King's Treasure House.

Further development was not difficult to guess. It was clear that the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals could not persuade the Holy Light Religion to open the Treasure House and let them find the key. Plus, with how cruel the strategy of Holy Light Religion to pressure the Nine Regions people in Eastern City States, a head-on clash between the two parties was inevitable.

It was just beyond Wang Lu's expectation that the Union of Ten Thousand Immortal people were too 'against the heaven'. In just a few months, they have killed their way and arrived in the headquarters of Holy Light Religion!

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