Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 354: I Have a Special Way to Find the Real Killer

Chapter 354: I Have a Special Way to Find the Real Killer

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"Three days have passed. Are you going to be a little darling and open the gate, or do I have to trouble myself to open the door for you?"

That rolling-thunder-like voice swept the entire city. The roar of the mad dog Supreme Tian Yue actually changed the sky. The initially clear sunny sky was suddenly covered with dark clouds. The Holy Dome in the Holy Cathedral of Holy Light Religion was also covered with a layer of black haze.

Seeing this scene, Wang Lu sighed with emotion that the moniker Mad Dog of Shengjing really lived up to his reputation. Supreme Tian Yue was a Unity Stage Elder, so his strength was truly not weak, but if converted into Western Continent standard, he was nothing more than just passing the threshold of Legendary level. Even if he came from a top-level sect and thus his real strength was a bit higher than his cultivation base, he was still on the same level as Aya, not enough to wage a frontal assault against the powerhouses of Holy Light Religion, let alone run into other people's front door and clamor for a challenge.

Regardless, Supreme Tian Yue was indeed truly arrogant. Previously, seeing this mad dog biting people in the ancient sword tomb made him real sick. However, now they were on the same side and faced the same opponents. This time, his dog bark sounded really sweet!

"Pitiful unbeliever, the glory of Holy Light must not be blasphemed by anyone!"

Suddenly, a white-golden beam of light shot straight into the sky from the Holy Dome of the Holy Cathedral, which dispersed the thick clouds and allowed the sun light to pour down, shining on everything.

At this time, an old man wearing a long-gown with white, gold, and red colors, slowly stepped out of the doorway of the Holy Cathedral. He held a crooked scepter in his hand as he walked upfront. His steps were slow, but each step spanned a very long distance. And it was not a horizontal step either, but rather he was seemingly climbing an invisible ladder. In just three steps, he had climbed a one-kilometer in height. And along with his walk, the light from the sky gradually converged together with the old man, which also triggered a resonance with the Holy City of Taobao below the old man.

The Holy Light from the ground and the Holy Light from the sky converged together, which formed a Holy Light ring in mid-air. In the blink of an eye, it spread around hundreds of miles away. And within the halo ring, everything was revived and full of vigor.

At the same time, in Holy City, many of the closed doors were opened, and haggard looking inhabitants took to the streets and prostrated on the ground, worshipping the figure in the sky. From their reverent sound, Wang Lu learned the identity of that person.

The leader of Holy Light Religion, ranked number one among the millions upon millions of Holy Light Religion believer, Pope Billy the III.

Although he has been the enemy of Holy Light since a long time ago, this was the first time he saw the leader of the church. Pope Billy the III did not appear to be a dignified leader, but… even if he was a dog, if the light from the ground and the sky gathered together and in a single breath that light shone everything around it, it would still appear infinitely majestic.

Wang Lu had faced the church's Holy Ones in the King's Treasure House, but most of their strength was suppressed by the sea of clouds. However, now he saw the Pope whose strength was the number one in the whole continent. Moreover, at the moment, the Pope didn't hold back his strength, his full power could be seen in the sweeping wave of Holy Light. Wang Lu really wanted to thank Golden King for sending him to Taobao City.

The true Legendary level Holy One possessed the strength that was far beyond imagination. Were it not for this city able to resonate with the Pope, thus unaffected by the wave of Holy Light ring, merely the light that was breathed out by the Pope was enough to purify him, the Eastern heretic. Even if his Non-Phase Sword Defense was very good at defense, it could not offset the huge difference between him and the church.

For such an opponent, even if he used to fight people that were a lot stronger than him, not to mention being hostile, Wang Lu did not want to face such an enemy no matter what.

However, right now, he didn't need to worry about how to deal with the Pope. Wang Lu would just be an onlooker as the mad dog Supreme Tian Yue actively tried to bite this hardest bone in the Western Continent.

"Tsk, tsk, the number one Legendary level person in the Western Continent against the number one mad dog of Nine Regions. For this match, it is justified for me to bring out my years of stage props collection!"

With that, he took out a collection of props from his mustard seed bag: a large bucket of honey grapefruit tea, a large bag of popcorn, and several small stools. And then he found a shade to sit back and rest. By virtue of his amazing eyesight as a cultivator, he could see the scene in the sky in panoramic view.

On one side, backed by Holy City, Pope Billy the III was brimming with Holy Light Religion power. On the other side, a single fighter Supreme Tian Yue stood on lumps of dark clouds. Separated by air, the two looked at each other while keeping their emotions inside, but the confrontation of imposing manner gradually unfolded.

It stood to reason that the strength of Supreme Tian Yue was slightly inferior to that of the Pope. However, at this time, far away, the devastating and monstrous power of dark clouds that have just been dispersed a moment ago had begun to gather once again. Those dense dark clouds were like a lid, which caused the church of the Holy City to seem like an isolated island. Suddenly, the imposing momentum of Supreme Tianyue didn't lag far behind.

"... Interesting, in the end, the division of strength between Western Continent and Nine Regions is wrong. The so-called legendary level profession is not as powerful as imagined. Or did Tian Yue breakthrough in the recent months?"

A few months ago, when they first met in the Ancient Sword Tomb, Supreme Tian Yue has just entered the Unity Stage, or was a single step away from Deity Stage. Compared to the ancient times, there were more cultivators who were trapped in the Peak Deity Stage during the current era. In this point, Supreme Tian Yue was indeed extremely lucky. However, to go a step further, it would be as difficult as ascending the heaven. And based on Tian Yue, how could it be that easy for him to have a breakthrough?

"Forget it, no use in thinking about it. I'll just wait and see."

Wang Lu shook his head and greeted Aya and the others who had just been woken up by Liu Li.

"Aya, Liu Li, Little Bai, take your seat, the show is about to begin… want some popcorn?"

Aya beckoned her hand to decline the offer with a serious countenance. Obviously, she didn't have the mood to eat popcorn.

Wang Lu knew that she probably still had mixed feelings about her experience in the last barrier in the sea of clouds, so he didn't insist. In any case, there was also Liu Li there so he didn't worry that none would take his popcorn offer.

Sure enough, just as Liu Li sat down beside him, she leaned her soft body on him and put her small head on Wang Lu's chest. She then said, "Senior Brother, I want to eat popcorn, will you feed me?"

"Feed you? Can't you do it yourself?"

While speaking, Wang Lu turned his head and saw that Liu Li's left hand was holding the hot honey grapefruit tea, while the other... she still had no fingers on the other. As such, she had to seek help from Wang Lu.

Wang Lu helplessly sighed. "Can't you put down the cup in your left hand first? Don't let the bear be smarter than you." Then he reached out to grab a few popcorns and sent it into the girl's mouth.

Liu Li sweetly smiled but also deftly used her tongue to lick the caramel on Wang Lu's finger.

Wang Lu suddenly thought that she seemed more like a pet than Quan Zouhua… Suddenly, another woman's voice came from his other side. "Oh, that's so sweet, I want it too."

Wang Lu suddenly exclaimed 'oh sh*t' inwardly, thinking that unexpectedly, Liu Li's disease was contagious, even the well-behaved Little Bai… Huh, that's not the voice of Little Bai!

Upon turning his head, Wang Lu was surprised to see an incomparably familiar face. That soft and lazy big eyes, make-up-less clear face, and a single ponytail, as well as the seemingly never been changed white gown... Who else but...

The woman smiled sweetly, reached out for a handful of popcorn and said while munching the popcorn, "Long time no see."

Wang Lu found it somewhat difficult to swallow his popcorn; he reluctantly said, "It is indeed long time no see… Master."

Wang Lu's Master, the Fifth Elder of Spirit Sword Sect, suddenly appeared by Wang Lu's side!

"How did you get here?"

After a brief consternation, Wang Lu immediately asked.

If he was not mistaken, his Master did propose to join the Western Expedition team of Excavation Management but was quickly rejected by the Sect Leader. The reason for her rejection was that, the team worried that she would something embarrassing to the sect or even to the prestige of Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. But now, how could she...

Upon hearing the question from her disciple, Wang Wu let out a humph sound, directly reached out for another stool from Wang Lu's mustard seed bag and said with a cold smile, "Not just me… This time, there are also many people from Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. Even the barbarian orangutan Royal Soldier Sect people have also come, so how could that Sect Leader still hold me back?"

"... What has happened in the past few months?"

For several months, Wang Lu had spent most of his time in Dragon City, so the news was relatively sparse. He only knew that the many cultivators of Nine Regions had gathered in the east, and then formed a coalition to fight against Holy Light Religion. However, he did not expect that there would be massive reinforcement from Union of Ten Thousand Immortals.

His Master spread out her arms. "Isn't it obvious? It's an all-out war here,"

"All out war? How could it be that serious?"

His Master looked up to the sky and nodded. "It looks like those two still want to show off, so I have the time to tell you about it…"

In his Master's simple narration, Wang Lu realized that for the last several months, the situation in the Western Continent was constantly changing, like waves surging forth. His own adventure in Dragon City and King's Treasure House was indeed wonderful, but he was far from grabbing the protagonist position.

In simple terms, the things went on like this:

With the commission of the Western Expeditionary to the Western Continent, Western Continent seemed to become a fantasy treasure land, which attracted every force in Nine Regions to come. However, when they arrived at the Western Continent, things were far from what they expected. The barrier of continent law and other issues appeared before them. Solely on the matter of Holy Light Religion stirring up things in the Eastern City States by intercepting and killing squads of Nine Regions cultivators had caused the Nine Regions cultivators to suffer a heavy loss. The Expeditionary Force commissioned to Western Continent was naturally not affected, but many of the small sects teams were simply annihilated.

Holy Light Religion produced and spread the blood-stained scrolls initially to cut off the long-standing cooperation between the Nine Regions Continent and the Eastern City States. However, when more and more Nine Regions continent died under the bloodstained scroll, the severity of the problem went beyond what they anticipated.

At first, the focus of anger from the Nine Regions people was in the Eastern City States. Their people died within the boundaries of Eastern City States, so it was hard to shirk any responsibility. The Eastern City States people of course did not want to take the death of so many lives as their responsibility. Therefore, they spoke frankly that this was the conspiracy of Holy Light Religion. It was just that, the Holy Light Religion people did things very cleanly that they didn't leave any reliable evidence. Even though the people of Nine Regions and the Eastern City States had launched a joint investigation, but for a long time, they could not find out the reason why, which caused the people of Eastern City States to have unspeakable bitter suffering.

And just as the situation was going nowhere, this matter finally passed to the ears of the Excavation Committee's Expedition Force. Of course, as the main representative of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, they were the most authoritative body in the Western Continent for the cultivators of Nine Regions. Since the teams of those small sects have been unreasonably wronged, they could only turn to the Expeditionary Force. However, at that time, Feng Yin had left alone for the Intellectual City, thus, the team leader position was temporarily substituted by the representative of Shengjing Sect, Supreme Tian Yue.

After learning the ins and outs of the matter, Supreme Tian Yue burst out laughing and said, "Can't find the murderer? You fools, isn't that easy? Follow me!"

With that, he went straight to the biggest Holy Light Religion church in the east, which was located in the Storm Wind City. His Monster Knife fell down from the sky, obliterating the Cathedral and the entire city, as well as slaughtering the several thousands of soldiers and civilians.

"If you can't find the murderer, then just kill all the people in Western Continent, the killer must be among these people."

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