Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 355: I Will Eat as Many as There Are!

Chapter 355: I Will Eat as Many as There Are!

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Over the past view months, many people have assumed that if Feng Yin did not leave the team and instead continued to control the overall situation, the situation would not end up to be like this.

Unfortunately, the world did not have that many ifs. The whole continent was aghast by the slaughtering of thousands of civilians by Supreme Tian Yue with his Monster Knife, and the reputation of Nine Regions people fell to the bottom.

However, the next problem was the bloodstained scroll. After all, that was the beginning of everything.

Even for a mad dog like Tian Yue, a city massacre was not without a purpose. After obliterating the Storm Wind City, he left behind a blood cloud over the city, which constituted a line of words that read: Blood hatred can only be washed by blood!

On the Western Continent, there were a lot of talents who knew the language of Nine Regions. Therefore, later on, after this passage was translated and spread out, the people finally knew the story behind that massacre.

And when the eyes of the whole continent were focused, the situation of Holy Light Religion became particularly difficult. No matter how clean their work was, they could do nothing as everyone began to check their traces. Very soon, countless of clues were excavated, and all the evidence pointed to Holy Light Religion.

For this kind of thing, people did not blame Holy Light Religion for acting despicable and evil. Any large organization would unavoidably do some dirty things in the dark, especially for a religious organization. But if they were caught red-handed, then they could only blame themselves for being stupid.

However, Holy Light Religion was also having unspeakable bitter suffering, so how could they be willing to publish this thing to the world? It was just that things changed too fast for them to react. When the bloodstained scroll was originally designed, the Excavation Management's Expeditionary Force had not been formally established, and Holy Light Religion was only aiming at those individual cultivators. Who would have thought that shortly after the bloodstained scroll strategy had just been set, a large number of Nine Regions people suddenly swarmed in… Holy Light Religion organization was bloated, so unless it was a matter of church's life and death, the efficiency of decision making was not high. At first, they did not respond, but after Tian Yue massacred a city, which shocked the world, it was already too late.

The massacre by the cultivators of Nine Regions would certainly arouse strong pushback across the continent. However, when Holy Light Religion was caught red-handed, things became delicate. After some complicated discussions, the various forces in the Western Continent all tacitly approved that the two sides would settle this matter alone. Other forces would not help Holy Light Religion, nor help people of the Nine Regions. However, this decision also has the beating-someone-when-he's-down intention in it. After all, there was some popular anger at Holy Light Religion for occupying Taobao City.

In short, the next development was the settling of the enmity between Nine Regions people and Holy Light Religion. In Nine Regions side, under the leadership of the mad dog Supreme Tian Yue, they completely disregarded the home/away advantage by continuing to press forward step by step. This was especially true for Supreme Tian Yue himself who did not give any regard to status or custom. Regardless whether the opponents were strong or weak, as long as they belonged to Holy Light Religion, they would be killed without mercy, which resulted in the death of thousands of juniors in his Monster Knife… And under the offensive of this mad dog, Nine Regions people have destroyed hundreds of churches, beheaded around ten Archbishops, which sent shock to Holy Light Religion!

After the shock, it was their turn to launch a counter-attack. Although Holy Light Religion was initially caught unaware, after all, as the most powerful force in Western Continent, it has a solid foundation. Once they regrouped, their counterattack was swift and fierce. At night, they laid out an inescapable net in the eastern front line. The next day, over one hundred Nine Regions Cultivators fell down. Of which, there were many Jindan and Yuanying Stage experts. Seeing that the situation has gone bad, as before, Supreme Tian Yue bravely stepped forward. This Unity Stage great expert once again carried on the spirit of the mad dog, by abandoning his fellow cultivators to deeply penetrate the enemy ranks alone. By relying on his profound cultivation base, he killed everyone on his path. During which, regardless of whether they were combatants or civilians, anyone that he saw was killed by him. In three days, he had slaughtered more than one hundred thousand people, which swept away the resistance from Holy Light Religion.

Only a Holy One could deal with another Holy One. This time, among the five Holy Ones of Holy Light Religion, two were diverted into King's Treasure House, one has to guard the western border and could not be moved, leaving only the Pope and the Prophet who could not set aside Holy City just to personally chase down a mad dog.

However, the crazy slaughter of Tian Yue has also caused popular anger in Western Continent, so a few neutral Legendary level powerhouses banded together to intercept him and finally managed to block him. However, at this time, the reinforcement force from Nine Regions finally came.

Led by Shengjing Sect, the big army of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals Five Unique pushed forward towards the border. No less than five Supremes of Unity Stage came to the Western Continent, while the rest consisted of countless Yuanying and Deity Stage cultivators. Naturally, they could not be compared to the entire forces in the Western Continent. However, any single force in Western Continent would find it difficult to withstand them. However, unlike in the Nine Regions, there was no similar organization as Union of Ten Thousand Immortals in Western Continent.

A full on clash would only cause mutual destruction between the disunited forces in Western Continent and Nine Regions cultivators. Let alone, Nine Regions people also has the backing from the Eastern City States, whose power could not be underestimated. Therefore, the power eventually had to be pushed into the negotiating table.

Nine Regions people have two conditions. The first was to open the King's Treasure House and let the people of Nine Regions find the key to the group of immortal tombs. The second was that, Holy Light Religion must pay the price of the previous killings of Nine Regions people.

However, Holy Light Religion could not agree with those two conditions. Although the key to the group of immortal tombs was locked in the King's Treasure House, the King's Treasure House was the foundation of the church, so how could it be easily shown? As for the killings of Nine Regions people, if Holy Light Religion needed to pay the price for this, then how about the more than one hundred thousand people massacred by Supreme Tian Yue?

"If we are to accept these conditions, you should tie that devil Tian Yue at the altar and accept the purification of the Holy Light!"

However, how could Supreme Tian Yue agree to this? Towards the condition of Holy Light Religion, Tian Yue outrightly laughed out loud. "Okay, as long as your Pope, Prophet or whatever go bare naked and let me behead them with a dog sword, then I will accept your purification!"

If this kind of wrangling continued, it would never end. Therefore, Feng Yin finally came forward to negotiate for the conditions.

"Since it is hard to satisfy both sides, we should not resort entirely to force. Instead, we should use a compromise method." Feng Yin said, "After three days, we will have a one on one fight within the city walls of your Holy City. Each side will send three people. If we are lucky enough to win all three matches, please accept our two conditions. If we only win two matches, then we will immediately withdraw from Western Continent, no longer would we attempt to encroach your Treasure House. But if we lose twice, then you're free to do anything you want."

However, after Holy Light Religion discussed about this, they did not immediately agree but also did not refuse.

The terms above were quite advantageous to Holy Light Religion. As long as they could win one of the matches, they would immediately solve the immediate crisis. And if they won two, it would be a victory for them. On a head to head basis, although others might have misgivings, the power of Pope Billy the III was without a doubt. Among the legendary level powerhouses, the pope seemed to be in another higher realm. However, Nine Regions people were crafty and cunning—they made it seem as if the fight would be fair, but essentially, Holy Light Religion would have to fight against Nine Regions' Union of Ten Thousand Immortals! With how fast the Nine Regions Continent was, there would always exist powerful people with strength similar to the Pope. If the other party sent out three 'Popes', how could Holy Light Religion side beat them?

Feng Yin's response to this was, "Please rest assured, our three candidates will be limited to the first batch of Expeditionary Force. Our colleagues who later came would not be among those."

If that was the case, then Holy Light Religion could still have some assurance. From among the first batch of Expeditionary Force of Nine Regions, only Tian Yue has reached Unity Stage. The next candidate was peak Deity Stage Feng Yin, as well as one Deity Stage Elder from Kunlun Sect. On Holy Light Religion side, as long as they dispatched the Pope and the Prophet, their odds would already be more than seventy percent.

"After that, you can see it for yourself. Three days have passed and Tian Yue immediately came and shouted abuse in public. Tsk, the advantage of being a mad dog is that they are always full of vitality."

In Holy City, while stuffing herself with Wang Lu's caramel popcorn, Wang Wu sighed with emotion at the vigor of this mad dog Tian Yue.

Wang Lu furrowed his brows and strangely asked, "How could Tian Yue be this cocky? Previously in the Ancient Sword Tomb, I feel like although this guy is a bit arrogant, he still abides by the custom, so is this his true character? After killing more than a hundred thousand people, doesn't he feel afraid of the heaven calamity? Or does he get fire deviation?"

Wang Wu said with a sneer, "Western Continent laws are different, there are no achievements and virtue, nor cause and effect here. At most, slaughtering people would just arouse the demon heart. But, with Tian Yue's temper, even if he slaughter ten million people, it would not arouse his demon heart. He came from Monster Cultivation background, which only has a very subtle difference than demonic way. As for why he could speak according to the custom and rules in Nine Regions, that's easy, he'd die if he doesn't. However, in Western Continent, he is but a stranger, so no matter how excessive he is, at worst, he could just slip away and return to Nine Regions. Don't tell me Western Continent people can pursue him across the endless sea? Does the Nine Regions side here blame him for killing a bunch of Western Continent people? Since there's no burden of responsibility, naturally he could fully reveal his true colors."

Wang Lu sighed with emotion. "This mentality is actually not bad. Moreover, thanks to this mad dog, we quickly gained the initiative."

Although Tian Yue's unconscionable actions in Western Continent have shocked many people, when one analyzed it logically, it was not difficult to arrive at the conclusion that it was precisely because of Tian Yue's killing spree—one was massacring the entire Storm Wind City, and another was slaughtering the Holy Light Religion force in their own bases—that the Nine Regions side quickly established their strategic advantage. It was hard to say if this was the intention of Tian Yue or it was simply a divine providence, but it has indeed allowed him to render a great service.

"Do you think so?" Wang Wu turned her head and smiled at her disciple, seemingly looking as if she was examining his test. "No other ideas?"

Wang Lu pondered for a moment and said, "I must say that I am more curious… The first time Tian Yue launched his massacre, Sect Leader has just gone for the Intellectual City, which gave Tian Yue the opportunity. But with how stable the personality of Sect Leader is, how could he leave such a big empty window to a mad dog? On the other hand, once the situation has reached an impasse, Sect Leader came forward to negotiate the solution. However, during this, Tian Yue actually didn't oppose but simply accepted it. It's hard to imagine him being so well-behaved and obedient to be just a coincidence."

Wang Wu nodded. "Looks like after indulging yourself in sexual pleasure in Western Continent, you haven't been completely wasted by women; you can still use your brain. This makes your Master reluctantly feel gratified."

"F*ck, who told you I indulged myself in sexual pleasure!"

"You did not?" Wang Wu blinked her eyes and then lingered her gaze at Liu Li and Aya. "Strange, being alone in a foreign land for an extended period, you… didn't sleep with them?"

"Sleep your ass!"

Wang Wu looked at her disciple with a somewhat shocked look. "Or do you mean to say, after being gone for a period of time, you have already turned into the other side?"

"..." Thinking about the Golden King's soap a while ago, Wang Lu couldn't even sigh with sorrow.

"Or did you encounter some 'powerful enemies' which caused you to be seriously injured… and you're now too embarrassed to get it up? If so, then you can rest assured, your Master always brings her emergency medicine bag, which has a drug that can guarantee an erection…"

Just as Wang Lu was ready to say something, lights suddenly flashed on the horizon. Supreme Tian Yue and Pope Billy the III finally began their confrontation!

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