Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 356: A Truly Simple and Rough Countryman

Chapter 356: A Truly Simple and Rough Countryman

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The fight between legendary level individuals was not very common in the Western Continent.

Once one entered the legendary level, it would be the equivalent of entering a new field. From time immemorial, when the barrier of the divine world and mortal world was not so deep, the legendary level has been called as the first step to become a god. And with the chance to become a god, who would be willing to have a life and death fight? Not to mention that a legendary level fight has an area effect that was too wide, just a bit of carelessness could cause the ground to collapse, islands sink, volcanoes erupt, reverse the flow of the river, people to be in terrible situation… Although Western Continent didn't have the heaven calamity, its special cultural tradition, as well as the rule of power, have made the barrier between ordinary people and professions not so deep. Therefore, even if one was a legendary level, one would still have many precious people in the world of mortals, which formed one's fetters.

It has been a very long time for the people of Western Continent to see the full power fight between legendary level individuals. Although there were many fights in the last few hundred years between legendary levels, they were just half-hearted fights, with no one coming up with their real skills. Now, however, whether it was Pope Billy the III or Supreme Tian Yue, no one would hold back anything.

Because holding back would mean death! Although this one on one fight was proposed by Feng Yin based on the spirit of humanity in order to avoid excessive casualties, in essence, it was still a bloody, brutal fight.

The first round of the fight was already such a charged fight.

The first one to make his move was Tian Yue. During their 'staring' contest, Tian Yue realized that, with the backing of Holy City, the Pope's imposing manner was vigorous, meaning that he could not take advantage of anything. Therefore, he simply launched his Monster Knife to seize the upper hand. This knife was comparable to an immortal treasure weapon. Once he launched it, it suddenly swelled millions of times, like a rolling mountain that came from the sky.

Seeing this situation, the Pope's complexion suddenly changed. Because although this knife strike from Tian Yue seemed sluggish and cumbersome, he could not avoid it since Tian Yue's aim was the City of Taobao behind the Pope! This millions-of-times swelled Monster Knife didn't need to be attached with any special magical power, its size and weight alone could destroy a city and extinguish a country. Although the Holy City was protected by spells, it could not withstand such a powerful and heavy knife!

However, as the leader of the church, how could the Pope be that easy to deal with? His complexion changed because he didn't think the opponent would be this despicable, not because he didn't have the means to deal with it.

On the contrary, this kind of powerful and heavy attack was exactly the kind of attack that he wished for. On the strength competition, who could compare with Holy Light Religion who has millions of believers? And the Pope, as the leader of those millions of believers, backed by the Holy City, was confident that he could withstand even if a god descended to earth, not to mention a mere mad dog!

"Evil heretic, repent under the Holy Light!"

When Tian Yue's Monster Knife was near the top of his head, the Pope raised his scepter, which symbolized the supreme authority. Although there was nothing flashy or noisy with his action, the mountain-like Monster Knife was immediately stopped in mid-air, unable to move even for an inch.

However, the Pope's complexion suddenly changed because it was too easy for him to block the knife. With its shape, the real power of the Monster Knife was actually well below what it looked like on the surface. With the power of Supreme Tian Yue, this attack should not be outwardly strong but inwardly weak like this!

The Pope immediately pushed the scepter up and the huge Monster Knife unexpectedly could not withstand it. With a rumble, the knife immediately retreated. However, after the Monster Knife was pushed back, people actually discovered that Supreme Tian Yue had disappeared.

"Did he flee?"

In the Holy City, the priests that gathered near the Holy Cathedral whispered among themselves, and then they tremblingly put their attention back to the first round of fight between the two behemoths. Although both have yet to come up with their real ability, it was still a thrilling scene.

No priests in the Holy City believed that the Pope would lose. However, seeing that huge Monster Knife falling from the sky towards the Holy City, which cast a huge shadow over the Holy City, how could they not be afraid? Therefore… if Tian Yue ran away in light of this, meaning that the fight was over, then that would be the best.

Unfortunately, how could it be that simple? How could a mad dog cultivator who dared to slaughter more than a hundred thousand people in a foreign continent just run away?

After casting out the Monster Knife to divert the enemy's attention, Tian Yue disappeared without a trace. The Pope was not in a hurry to pursue. Instead, he held the scepter and murmured. A moment later, a stunning wave of light spread out in a spherical form, which quickly spread to hundreds of miles away. Wherever the wave of light passed, people felt like they have been seen through from head to toe, there was no secret at all.

The wave of light also swept Wang Lu and his entourage in Taobao City. However, fortunately, they have the Fifth Elder of Spirit Sword Sect. She held her emerald green bamboo sword high and the Pope's wave of light simply bypassed them.

Wang Lu was secretly surprised. Although that light wave was just casually cast by the Pope, his Master's sword move was similarly without power, similarly sent out casually, yet it easily broke off the spell from a Legendary level Pope, this guy...

"Oh, he wants to use the zooming trick? Mad dog is indeed mad dog, no ordinary person can guess his thoughts."

While Wang Lu was secretly surprised by his Master's Non-Phase Sword, Wang Wu herself put her focus towards the sky and sighed in a soft voice."

"A zooming trick? Is it Tian Yue?"

Wang Wu pointed towards the sky. "Look for yourself."

Wang Lu shifted his focus along the direction where Wang Wu was pointing at. The sky was still separated into dark clouds and dazzling sunshine, like a yin and yang symbol, seemingly trying to take each other's place, fighting a life and death battle. However, except for this, there was nothing special, and it has been like this since the fight started.

"Where's the light? I can't see the light!"

However, at this time, Bai Shixuan looked to the sky and exclaimed.

Feeling strange, Wang Lu asked, "Little Bai, could it be that you have evolved from Bai Shixuan to Bai Nei Zhang 1 ?"

His voice has just fallen when his Master slapped him on the back of his head. "Idiot, how could you have the nerve to make a joke about Little Bai? Clearly, you're the one who's ignorant here. Try to use your Non-Phase's absurd presumptuous force into your eyes and take another look."

Wang Lu tried to mention that he was not yet adept at the absurd presumptuous magical power. However, when he looked up again, he was astonished by what he saw.

The sky was dark! The sunlight has disappeared without a trace, and only the dark clouds could be seen!

In other words, the yin and yang, the black and white dispute that he saw just now, was only an illusion set up by Tian Yue. However, why would he launch hundreds of miles wide illusion? Was it just to hide the billowing black clouds?

"What the hell is going on here…?"

Wang Wu explained, "Tian Yue was originally a Monster cultivator. In that time, due to moonlight essence, he managed to transform and gain spiritual knowledge. After that, he cultivated step by step using the moon as the core. The brighter the moonlight, the stronger he is. However, the moon also has its ups and down and could not always be full. Therefore…"

Wang Wu didn't continue her explanation because she didn't need to. The change in the sky had revealed everything.

When the Pope released his Holy Light wave, the illusion in the sky finally fell apart. However, when the illusion disappeared, the earth was plunged into the darkness. Previously, it was a bright sunny day, but now, darkness has completely taken over.

However, just as the crowds were frightened, a silvery light pierced the darkness and descended upon the earth.

A bright moon came out from behind the clouds. The moonlight sprinkled down, washing all the worldly filth. It was like living in a fantasy wonderland.

In Taobao City, Wang Lu was in disbelief. In particular, he fell into confusion for the deeply familiar moonlight essence.

"Holy mother… how could there be a moon in this broad daylight? Moreover, it's the Nine Regions' moon! This familiar moonlight essence is not in any way from the Western Continent moon."

From his side, Wang Wu dismissively replied, "Of course it's the moon that he carried along with him. The reason why he could advance to Unity Stage from peak Deity Stage was exactly because of this move. The unity of heaven and earth by using his body to carry the moon. This is also where his Supreme Tian Yue 2 name was derived from."

"... In other words, the moon in the sky is Tian Yue himself?"

"Yes. Because the moon only appears at night, he has to first cast the great day-night method. To prevent the Pope from interrupting him, he launched his Monster Knife and used illusion as a camouflage. Although this mad dog is crazy, his detailed action is worth studying, very much worth to see. This level of fighting is really rare." While speaking, Wang Wu's complexion has turned serious.

At this time, above the City of Taobao, the Pope's complexion was particularly heavy. Although he was not very familiar with the characteristic of Tian Yue's method, he knew that he has fallen into the opponent's trick, which was to delay time, resulting in him being a bit passive. However, even more so than this, he could not take action rashly. Even if he was confident of his strength advantage, no matter what, the characteristics of both the moon in the eastern and western continent were soft and changeable, good at using softness to conquer strength. If he was not careful, his strength advantage would not mean anything at all.

At the moment, the onlookers from Nine Regions were curious. Tian Yue has turned day into night and brought the moon over the sky. His strength has almost reached its peak. Monster method and Immortal method could be fully used as he pleased. However, in a flash, the Pope has also made a response to this. He projected the sea of holy light into the world. Although it could not break the great day-night method, he could place the sea of holy light within the Holy City. And within the Holy Light Cathedral, the remains of the thirteen deceased Holy Ones resonated with the Holy Light. The light shone and the blood and flesh regrew around the skeletons. A moment later, the thirteen Holy Ones had appeared around the Pope, their imposing manner soaring to the sky!

Both of these offensive and defensive moves were extraordinary, absolutely amazing. Tian Yue's unexpected winning move was a chain of move strategy. However, the Pope skillfully revealed his power, giving off maximum pressure.

"Wait a minute, isn't the agreement a one on one fight? How could a one against thirteen gang fight be counted?"

In the distance, some Nine Regions spectators raised this question.

"It could be counted as summoning the beast… Aren't our Union of Ten Thousand Immortals' Beast Master School cultivators all fight with their spirit animals?"

From this perspective, the Pope was merely summoning thirteen humanoid animals, which was still in line with the rules.

However, the crowds didn't say too many words as they shifted their attention back to the sky. They wanted to see how Tian Yue, with his great day-night method, would contend against the Pope and his thirteen Holy Ones.

People wiped their eyes and waited.

Suddenly, several eagle-eyed spectators exclaimed, "Look at the sky!"

In the sky, the moon trembled, as if it was dipped in the water. The next moment, the bright moon rapidly fell, diving down to the ground!

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