Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 357: Property Right Expires According to the Law of Recovery

Chapter 357: Property Right Expires According to the Law of Recovery

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Since ancient times, there were many things that fell from the sky—small meteorites fragments or a large burning meteor. There was actually no lack of heaven providence above the earth. Many metals from meteors were essential materials in creating magical weapons. Moreover, for many Western Continent professions, the attack from the sky was not uncommon. Many high order magician could summon a huge meteor from the sky. After a long acceleration, a room-sized meteor could destroy a city. Although the attack was simple and brutal, its efficiency was really high.

However, for an opponent with the same level of power, such a simple and direct attack was very easy to be cracked. Purely on the physical damage alone, there were too many ways for high order professions to exempt it. Therefore, summoning a meteor was mostly used to bully the weak.

At this moment, when people saw the moon on top of their head falling from the sky, their hearts froze. Under the oppression of such massive power, not to mention the normal ability to think, they couldn't even feel the fear, panic, and so on. Those inside Taobao City, those dozens of miles away from it, those in the surrounding hundred miles radius, and those who watched using magic spells from thousands of miles away, all had a heartfelt shock of this moment of miracle.

The moon was falling! The moon was actually falling! The world was actually witnessing such a terrifying spell! Even though the radius of Supreme Tian Yue's moon was far inferior to the radius of the real moon, if this terrifying giant fell to the ground, not to mention a mere Holy City, perhaps even the entire Western Continent would tremble. Thousands of miles land in and around the holy city would sink, lava would erupt, and its vitality would be cut off!

If a Supreme of Unity Stage used his full power to cause destruction, he could indeed wipe out the trace of millions.

No one believed that such an attack could be easily withstood, not even to deflect it to the side. This force was too large, so large that it was difficult to imagine that this spell came from a mortal. Perhaps even the moon god was also like this. And for an attack from a deity, how could mere mortals able to resist?

When the crowds were stunned, the Pope remained calm. With a calm complexion, he wielded his scepter. Around him, the thirteen Holy Ones turned into thirteen rays of light and respectively flew to different directions, disappearing from people's view in a flash.

"Spread out? He should concentrate the force, how could he withstand it if he disperses his force? Does he want to give up this round?"

Among the spectators, there were a lot of suspicions that the pope might not want to go head-to-head lest he would lose his life. However, the next moment, thirteen beams of light shot up to the sky, which let these people realize how shallow they were. Thirteen pillars of light appeared in different parts of the continent, each one was the farthest distance from each other, but without exception, all shot straight to the sky. Without exception… all of them were located in the territory governed by the church!

Everlasting Summer City, Rainbow Forest, Flaming Canyon… Each and every one of them was thousands of years old holy places. From these thirteen holy places, the thirteen Holy Ones simultaneously lit up, violently erupting thousands of years old of accumulated Holy Light, as if they were about to tear the entire sky!

At this moment, as the leader of the church, the first spokesperson of the sea of holy light in this world, how could he escape the falling moon? Behind him was the foundation of the church. If he escaped, how could Holy Light Religion have the face to command their hundreds of millions of believers in the future? How could they preach the greatness of Holy Light to the people?

Therefore, the Pope has to face it, and the only way to face it was by using even more power, more overbearing means to overwhelm the opponent. And as the strongest person in the whole Western Continent, Pope Billy the III has enough confidence to do so! Although the opponent's spell has reached the realm of god, at this moment, backed by hundreds of millions of reverent believers, the Pope has confidence that he could even fight a real god!

"Evil heretic, the sea of holy light will destroy you!"

The Pope loudly roared, lifted his scepter high, and then issued the symbol of highest authority, the sea of holy light. Immediately, an astonishing energy suddenly burst forth from under Holy City Church. In the church area, the light was as thick as pure essence, which wrapped everything within it. A moment later, the Holy Dome of Holy Cathedral was loudly crushed. A vortex of suction with infinite force appeared on that crushed spot. The thirteen beams of light in the distance were instantly drawn and brought together in one place.

Convergence of the sea of light!

"The sea of holy light! The Pope calls for the true sea of holy light!"

Within the Holy City, several high ranking priests looked strangely at the light that had gathered in the sky. The next moment, tears fell down and knees trembled. The magnitude of that sea of holy light made it hard for people to look at it straight and instead made them bow at its majesty. In comparison, even the Pope was like a tiny dust. This was otherworldly divine majesty.

Holy Light Religion did not believe in a personified god. Only the true sea of holy light could suppress the hundreds of millions of believer. Not just projection summoned by a believer, but its real form!

In the history of Holy Light Religion, only a handful of times did the real sea of holy light actually appear. On the sky over the Holy City, there was an endless stream of holy light. From high altitude, it has spread tens of thousands of miles away, occupying less than half of the vast Western Continent. Moreover, it still continued to expand, like a genuine inexhaustible sea that wanted to engulf the whole continent.

At the same time, all the forces in Western Continent were shocked. Did the Holy Light Religion want to take this opportunity to sweep the continent with absolute strength?

However, before they could respond, Tian Yue's falling moon finally pierced the cloud and came to the earth, violently colliding with that white golden sea of holy light.

At first, it was silent, there was no earth-shattering quake, no landslide, and no tsunami. The sea of holy light gently contained the falling moon, whose momentum suddenly slowed down. Its falling speed sharply dropped. This silently slowing down the momentum was permanent. The shocking falling moon technique of Supreme Tian Yue seemed unstoppable, but in the end, it continued to be slowed down by the sea of holy light.

Water has the power to hold, while the vast expanse of the sea of holy light possessed the ability to hold everything in its bosom.

Cheers burst within the Holy City. The Holy Light Religion believers loudly chanted their praise towards the Pope. They had actually celebrated the victory ahead of time. In their view, the omnipotent holy light has purified the evil, so victory was only a matter of time.

However, soon, everyone heard a tearing hum, like a precursor of an earthquake or tsunami. When they looked around, the mountains and the ground were as solid as ever, without any tremor.

"It's the space, the space is trembling!"

The countenance of the several perceptive high order professions immediately changed. Perceiving the instability of space, they immediately realized that the head-on collision of the two gigantic forces in the sky was a great burden for the entire space. And once the space collapsed, it would be a catastrophe for the whole world!

However, at this moment, who could interfere with the battle between those two? As the full moon broke through layers upon layers of difficult obstructions of the sea of holy light, waves of fallout energy continued to pour down to the ground, sweeping away everything on the ground. Some weak and puny spectators who hid in the wilderness were blown away by this sweeping energy. In comparison, common high order professions felt heavily suppressed. With such a fallout, no one could get close to the main battlefield.

Fortunately, the space of Western Continent was, after all, more stable than what people thought. Despite the constant trembling and humming, it never really cracked, and as time went by, the situation began to tilt—towards the Pope's side.

The falling full moon began to be unsustainable. Wrapped within the sea of holy light, its falling momentum began to get smaller and smaller—from falling close to hundreds of miles after breaking through the clouds until finally it almost stagnated, unable to move even an inch. The sea of holy light, with unparalleled holding power, dissolved the falling moon's momentum, moreover, it seemed like it still had ample room to hold it.

At this time, it was impossible for Supreme Tian Yue to have any more tricks. Their strength disparity had already been seen at a glance. The Pope's level was slightly higher than him. Let alone, in this fight, the Pope still has the backing of the holy city of Taobao and the millions of believers.

The Holy City and the believers were no doubt a burden, but they could also be a powerful help. With the backing of Holy City, the Pope was not that much different than a god. Meanwhile, Tian Yue's bright moon up in the sky was only able to reach a higher level of realm due to its falling momentum, so how could it be compared with the Pope?

At this time, the falling moon has finally been quietly stopped completely by the sea of holy light.

"Good, we've won the first round."

A senior Archbishop sighed and took away his eyes from the sky. The church and the Nine Regions sides have agreed to three rounds of fight. By personally coming forward, sure enough, the Pope has taken the first round, which was a good start for them. However, it was just that, it was difficult for them to have a hundred percent assurance in the next round. Because, although the Prophet has a pair of God-like eyes, he was not good at fighting. Moreover, after the Pope had summoned the sea of holy light, the recent millennium's accumulation of holy light has been nearly squandered, so there was no powerful support for the Prophet.

However, if the church could win the third round, the church would be in an invincible position to drive these Nine Regions heretics out of the Western Continent, which would be an acceptable result.

However, as people began to calculate the next step, a sudden change disrupted everything.

Taobao City suddenly vanished.

Without any signs, without any sound. When the Pope called out the sea of holy light, Taobao City has been one of the most important pillars, simultaneously receiving and absorbing the converging energy from the thirteen holy places. However, the next moment, it disappeared without a trace, as if it never appeared.

It was not the whole Taobao City that disappeared, only the historic ancient part of Taobao City. The city residents, the new buildings that were built in recent years, the Holy Light Church and the others have all been left behind, falling in a soft ground. Some tall buildings very quickly slumped. The inhabitants of the city looked strangely at the sudden change around them, feeling that it was really hard to understand.

How could Taobao City just disappear?

Among all the people present, only Wang Lu has correctly guessed that Golden King had retrieved his own Treasure House. However, the timing was really somewhat on point. It was very difficult to determine whether it was Golden King's intention, or Holy Light Religion was merely unlucky.

Because just after the disappearance of Taobao City, the sea of holy light in the sky collapsed—summoning this great existence was, in essence, something that was against the heaven. Even for a legendary level individual, it was still a great burden. The Pope was backed by the holy city of Taobao, however, once the thing that he relied on disappeared...

In mid-air, the old man, who was wearing a golden red robe and holding a scepter, along with the sea of holy light, vanished without a trace.

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