Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 358: I Feel Like I Lost Something Important

Chapter 358: I Feel Like I Lost Something Important

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In mid-air, the sea of holy light disappeared along with the Pope, as if they never existed. The falling moon turned into countless raindrop-like pieces. The core of the moon, the pale-faced Supreme Tian Yue, gently wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and then slowly flew back without saying a word.

All of the spectators inside and outside the city, near and far, were stunned. The change a moment ago was too fast that people could not even judge what was going on in the current situation. Did Tian Yue won, or the Pope?

If the Pope won, why was the evil heretic Tian Yue still alive? And if Tian Yue won, with his mad dog temperament, how could he be so silent? Even if he was seriously injured, he would loudly boast of his victory.

Amidst the confusion, a person flew up from the Nine Regions side. That person has kind brows and amiable-looking eyes, with immortal sage appearance. He was the highest person in charge of Nine Regions cultivators in Western Continent, Feng Yin.

"Please send forth a person for a duel from your noble religion."

The voice of Daoist Master Feng Yin was soft and gentle like a breeze, but the sound could clearly be heard by everyone within the radius of a thousand miles like he spoke right next to them. This showed his powerful magical power, which was without any of Tian Yue's brash and wildness.

At this time, Feng Yin issued the challenge as he stood in mid-air. However, after a long time, there was still no response from Holy Light Religion. Until much later, from within the sank-in-the-sandy-soil Holy Light Cathedral, several bishops opened their mouth, "The result of the first round is undecided, so there is yet to be the second round!"

Feng Yin merely smiled, ignoring them. Because when those several bishops were talking, within the Holy Light Cathedral, another man stood out. Like the Pope, his steps were slow, yet every step covered hundreds of kilometers distance. In three steps, he came face to face with Feng Yin.

The man was dressed in a golden red robe, with a crown on top of his head, and hand holding a scepter. These were all the attire of the Pope. And with his appearance, thousands of people cheered with excitement.

It was just that, in just a moment, the cheer came to an abrupt end. Because people found out that the person was not the Pope, Billy the III, but the second best person in the Holy Light Religion, Prophet Harrington! But why did the scepter, the crown, and the robe that symbolized the authority of the Pope appear on him?

Prophet Harrington and Pope Billy the III were close friends for many years. From when Billy took the first step into the church, and step by step into the pinnacle position within Holy Light Religion, Prophet Harrington had a lasting contribution to it all. If he wanted to take his friend's position, why wait until now? Then...

Finally, in astonishment, people realized that Pope Billy the III had really fallen a moment ago.

Fortunately, he has his best friend Harrington, so the Pope position was not vacant. And by inheriting the Pope position, as well as the robe, scepter, and the crown, Harrington's strength was now not that different from that of Billy.

"Good scheme."

Within the silence, Harrington opened his mouth while his eyes were filled with murder intention. The always humble and low-key Prophet was now actually boiling with anger.

"You have already counted that the ghosts under the Holy City would haunt now, so you specifically chose today to start the battle. You calculated that the ghosts would work together with you, so you let that evil Tian Yue take the entire continent as hostage, which forced the Pope to draw the support from the power of Holy City to summon the sea of holy light. This is a step by step plot. You claim that the fight would be one on one, yet it's basically two on one, truly despicable!"

Upon hearing these words, everyone present finally understood what happened.

No wonder Tian Yue remained silent even after gaining victory. After all, he knew that he had an unfair advantage in the battle.

However, this remark also confirmed that Pope Billy the III had really fallen. The first round… was truly won by Nine Regions side, though, this victory was indeed a bit despicable.

"Despicable? If Tian Yue drawing support from others can be counted as two against one, then how about the pope who used the faith power of the hundreds of millions of believers?" Feng Yin didn't back down even a single step. "A bet is a bet, is your religion planning to renege?"

Prophet Harrington waved his scepter. "No, I want you to know that because of your despicable means, after two rounds of battle, you all will wear thorny chains and kneel down before the Holy Light Cathedral for thousands of years to repent your sins!"

Feng Yin no longer minced words. "Then let us wait and see."

Harrington waved the scepter and the surrounding space became thick and stagnant. Numerous illusions hovered between the two of them. People could vaguely in the illusion that Feng Yin's bloody body was torn apart under the holy light purification.

People then saw the Nine Regions side were annihilated and several chained leading individuals were kneeling in front of Holy Light Cathedral.

They saw that the sea of holy light once again arrived in Western Continent, and its supreme light purified all the heretics!

Harrington loudly shouted, "I have seen the future! The future of your destruction!"

Along with the shout, the illusion rapidly changed and in the end stayed in the scene where Feng Yin was purified by the holy light. Then, these thousands of virtual images gradually condensed, as if they turned into reality.

"The great prophecy! This is the Prophet's great prophecy!"

Many people in the church exclaimed. The Prophet Harrington had not made his move for many years, but now that he had inherited the power of the Pope, the power of the great prophecy was more powerful than ever. It was as if Harrington's eyes were truly able to discern the cause and effect of the world and skillfully manipulate it, directly changing the destiny.

This was not a mere legendary level means, instead, it was already close to the god.

At this time, even if they were not familiar with the power system of Western Continent, the cultivators from Nine Regions that were involved in the war were all scared. In their mind, even Supreme Tian Yue might not be able to withstand this. Although Daoist Master Feng Yin was the sect leader of one of the Five Uniques, after all, he was still in Peak Deity Stage...

However, Feng Yin was still unperturbed. Facing the oppression of the illusion, he just lightly beckoned his hand and then said a sentence.

"You're wrong."

The next moment, the millions of illusion vanished into thin air.

"You!" Harrington seemed to take a hard blow in mid-air. He incredulously looked at Feng Yin and then his complexion gradually turned solemn.

Previously, when Pope Billy the III faced off against Supreme Tian Yue, Harrington counted several prophecies before the match started, trying to gain some advantage for the Pope. However, all the results were hidden behind a dense fog, apparently, it was deliberately disturbed by an expert. Now it seemed like the person who was capable of disrupting his prophecy was the man before him.

"Are you the prophet from Nine Regions side?"

Having heard of what he said, Feng Yin sighed. "Prophet? I'm just an old fool who can't even differentiate between tea sword and year sword 1 [1]. Even my divination can't be regarded as accurate."

The two of them used their own native language to converse. In their realm, words that came out of their mouth followed the law, automatically converted through their own magical power, so they naturally could understand each other's message. For many of the spectators, however, the conversation between the two seemed obscure and difficult to understand.

Puzzled by this, a young cultivator came to his master. "What is Daoist Master Feng Yin talking about? Although he has always been low key and humble, this is Western Continent… is it necessary for him to be this modest? Can't he just quietly kill the opponent and win the second round? I like how fast and efficient Supreme Tian Yie is!"

His voice has just fallen when his master's slap fell on his head. "If you don't understand then don't talk about it! Do you think it's good to kill people of Western Continent? Do you think it's easy for Supreme Tian Yue to kill the Pope?"

For the elders who came on this trip, these two rounds of battle could be called as soul-stirring. Supreme Tian Yue's moon in the sky, and the Pope's summoning of the sea of holy light were already divine level methods; even the aftermath could shake Yuanying Stage experts like them. After that, the Pope's successor seemed weaker than Billy, but his great prophecy was infinitely powerful, which could directly erase the opponent from the cause and effect level. Though this was not as brilliant as summoning the real sea of holy light, its power was not to be underestimated. If traded into anyone present, even Supreme Tian Yue might not be able to deal with it.

Only Daoist Master Feng Yin whose Stellar Diffraction Method was well known within Union of Ten Thousand Immortals could easily crack the opponent's cause and effect attack… No. That was not easy at all. That one wave of hand perhaps had extracted more than half of the magical power of a Peak Deity Stage. No matter how powerful Feng Yin was, it could not be that easy.

"You're really formidable," Harrington said in a cold voice. "But for thousands of years, Holy Light Religion has already destroyed many formidable opponents!"

Feng Yin said with a smile, "Formidable? I am really flattered, but I'm just a third-rate divinator. I can only barely calculate the future of one or two steps around me. If it's a large area, I am powerless."

For Feng Yin's unmoved-by-force-or-persuasion attitude, Harrington didn't think that the opponent was being humble or low-key, but instead, it came from a deep sense of pride. Therefore, he decided to stop with the nonsense. He raised his scepter, once again trying to use the authority of Holy Light to manipulate the cause and effect. At this time, however, he heard a sigh uttered by Feng Yin.

"This pointless fight is almost over."

With that, Feng Yin lifted his hand and from the spacious sleeve cuff came out a row of flying swords that directly pierced the clouds. At this time, most of the dark clouds left behind by Supreme Tian Yue from his great day-night method were still present. Although the clouds gradually dispersed, they still covered half of the sky. When the row of flying swords penetrated the clouds, the sky once again became dark, like it was contaminated with black ink. The next moment, those flying swords splintered, turning into myriads of fragments that dotted the darkness like a dazzling galaxy.

"This is the Stellar Sword Classic Move from my humble sect, please advise."

Feng Yin said, and then his right hand, whose fingers made a sword sign, swept downward. Thus, the galaxy fell down, turning into a falling polished silver giant sword.

Although this move was helped by Supreme Tian Yue's legacy spell, the power of this sword was comparable to the falling moon of Tian Yue. Harrington's complexion was extremely solemn as his great prophecy technique locked on to this huge sword.

Then, his sinking voice came out, which resounded on all the four quarters.

"In the face of holy light, all blasphemous weapons will stand still!"

While speaking, the galaxy sword seemed to stand still for a moment.

"My vision penetrate the river of time, witnessing the rise and fall of everything!"

Around the sword, fragment-like innumerable illusions appeared and began to spin around it.

Finally, Harrington raised his scepter into the air. "And I already foresee its collapse and destruction!"


Countless of illusions suddenly stopped spinning and latched on to the surface of the sword. And with the last step of the prophecy technique, the power of cause and effect erupted. The huge sword groaned loudly until it finally couldn't resist and thus disintegrated.

At the same time, Harrington froze as soon as he smiled.

A sharp sword has arrived on his neck.

In front of him, with a slightly slanted face, Feng Yin slowly said, "This Stellar Sword Classic Move… is to create a diversion."

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