Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 360: Even the Medicine Could Not Stop the Knight King

Chapter 360: Even the Medicine Could Not Stop the Knight King

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From the Holy City, the triumphant Nine Regions cultivators never stopped talking about the two rounds of battle in Holy City. Although the duration was not long, each one was a hair-raising and soul-stirring battle. The ultra-powerful spell of the Unity Stage Supreme Tian Yue, the Pope's divine power in summoning the true sea of holy light, the new Pope's great prophecy technique that reversed the cause and effect, as well as Daoist Master Feng Yin's superior Stellar Diffraction Technique… This were brilliant battles that haven't been seen in Nine Regions for many years. It was truly memorable, however, the change outside the battle was also unexpected.

How did Daoist Master Feng Yin obtain the key to the group of immortal tombs? Why did the Holy Light Religion's King's Treasure House suddenly disappear? Why didn't Daoist Master Feng Yin press for victory?

There were many mysteries in the minds of the spectators, however, the people who knew the secret remained tight-lipped. Feng Yin has always been low key, but it was really rare for that mad dog Tian Yue to be silent. No one knew if he was badly injured or there were other reasons.

In addition to Feng Yin and Tian Yue, the team's most high-profile individual was the Spirit Sword Sect's lead disciple, Wang Lu. There were discerning people in the team who were able to see that when the battle was in full swing, Spirit Sword Sect's Fifth Elder had escorted him and his several companions from Taobao City.

How did they get inside the city of Taobao? Since the mad dog Tian Yue had incurred the total war between the two forces, Holy Light Religion had completely blocked Taobao City from outsiders, particularly Nine Regions cultivators. Moreover, according to several people, it was Wang Lu and his several companions that gave the key to Daoist Master Feng Yin. In other words, Wang Lu has obtained the key earlier than anyone present, which made them even more puzzled.

However, as the concerned party, Wang Lu has no time to enjoy the limelight. Previously, Aya had just said her parting words, meaning that their split seemed to be imminent.

"In this world, there are no banquets that do not end. This is one of the sayings that I learned during my stay in Nine Regions. I think this is an apt time to use it. You have completed what you wanted to do in Western Continent, so you should soon return to Nine Regions, and I will not go back with you."

Wang Lu opened his mouth to persuade, but Aya immediately interrupted him.

"Thank you for everything that you've done for me, but I can't go on with you anymore. My home is here, in this land. I can't leave my country and my people."

Although Wang Lu has already expected that this day would come as early as a few months ago before their departure from Spirit Sword Mountain, but now when he listened to Aya's words, he still couldn't prevent himself from having mixed feelings.

"You can't leave your country and your people… can you leave your kitchen and your repeat customer?"

Aya lowered her head and smiled. "I will always be here, always welcome you to Brettonia. As long as it is you, no matter how many times, I would still be willing to cook for you, even though I am well aware that my craft is not up to the standard."

Seeing that Aya was already determined to stay, Wang Lu had to use one of his cards. "Do you remember in the Treasure House that you once took a gamble with me? At the test against the barbarian's military god, I said if I can stall them by myself, you will…"

Aya, of course, remembered that. If he could do that, she promised him to fulfill a request from him. At that time, although the bet was not official, she was serious about it, never once having the intention to renege. It was just that, Wang Lu didn't immediately say his request at that time, so the matter was dropped. When Wang Lu brought this up again, she became particularly embarrassed.

"Rest assured, I will not deliberately make things difficult for you." Wang Lu said, and then turned towards his Master. "Master, I have something to do here. Can you take the others to go back with you? Aya and I will be in Western Continent for some time."

Wang Wu was a bit surprised, her eyes drifting back and forth between the two. "Not bad. Honeymoon, right?"

And just as Wang Lu was about to clarify the misunderstanding, his Master took out a medical pouch from her mustard seed bag and earnestly handed it over to Wang Lu. "My disciple, Aya is a person that has suffered a lot, so you have to take good care of her, make her happy. This is my meticulously blended medicine… no, accidentally brewed. It's useless for me to keep it, so I want you to take it. Remember to take the powder orally and the ointment topically…"

Wang Lu was simply inexplicably amazed. "Master, what the hell are you doing here on the Western Continent? Do you fancy the 'tool' of a certain black uncle or white uncle here, or rather a large number of them? Moreover, this could not satisfy you still, so you have to bring the medicine to add to the fun?"

With a pair of how-could-you-be-so-unfair-to-me eyes and venomously-slandered countenance, she said, "That's really hurtful, you know. We have been getting along for more than ten years, but unexpectedly, you still don't understand your Master. Everything that Master do is for your own good, can't you see that this medicine bag already has your name on it?"

Seeing his Master's response, Wang Lu was furious. "Wait a minute, I don't even know your name!"

The two of them continued to quarrel when Aya interrupted, "No need, I can go by myself…"

Before she could continue, Wang Lu has already taken the initiative to hug her shoulder. "Hahaha, how could you still be polite like this, I'm your gig…"

He has yet to finish his sentence when he realized that things have just gotten worse. Sure enough, he immediately heard his Master's evil laugh from behind him. "Gig- what? Do you mean gigolo, right?"

Wang Lu inwardly said, "There are many kinds of gig, giggle, giga, yet the first thing that you think about is gigolo?"

Wang Lu righteously explained, "I am her interviewer 1 please show some respect."

"Interviewer? Interview what?"

Wang Lu earnestly explained, not only to his Master, but also to Aya, "The assessment interview about Aya's eligibility to become the King of Brettonia."

After leaving his Master and the rest, Wang Lu and Aya marched together on Brettonia's road.

Although there were many things that he needed to report to his Sect Leader, when Wang Lu raised this issue later, his Master and Sect Leader generously allowed him to leave. They just exhorted him to pay attention to his own safety and to be careful in his actions before kicking him loose.

However, Wang Lu also knew that this was the last part of his trip to the Western Continent. He merely needed to wrap things up, which was to solve Aya's problem.

Solving Aya's problem not only for himself, but also for his Sect. Before leaving, his Master and Sect Leader separately talked to him. Daoist Master Feng Yin fully demonstrated the art of leadership. His words were as follow:

"Wang Lu, as the Spirit Sword Sect's lead disciple, I am always assured of the way you handle matters. However, this time, we have to respect her personal wishes, understand?"

Wang Lu gesticulated with his hand. "I understand, no rape and no adultery."


After a while, his Master came in and righteously said, "Since ancient times, Aya is an integral part of Spirit Sword Sect…"

"... Speak in human language please."

"Don't come if you're just alone, understand?"

Wang Lu said, "Mm, I know what you mean, it's better to come back with three people right?"

His Master smiled. "A woman, once pregnant, would not be foolishly stubborn."

"Unfortunately, she's just a spirit, how could she be pregnant?"

His Master smiled even brighter. "What do you think this medicine is for? You're young, yet you have already successfully practiced Non-Phase Method, what is there to be dispirited about?"


His Master patted Wang Lu on the shoulder. "Young man, do a good job. I'm looking forward to your good news."

Good news? How could that be so easy? To say that her problem was difficult, it was actually not. But, to say that it was easy... was wrong also.

The two people have been traveling for a long way, yet they remained silent. Wang Lu thought about something and decided to ask, "What happened exactly?"

"Do you remember the last time we're in the King's Treasure House, the test that we experienced at the last barrier to Beautiful Unique Pool Peak?"

Wang Lu, of course, remembered. In the last thousands of years after Golden King, only he alone that could pass the test. In the illusion space, someone would propose a deal that one could not refuse. At that time, what he faced was Faceless One. Who was Aya faced with?

"Why? Did you meet your old lover?"

Aya froze for a moment and then smiled in spite trying not to. "Old lover? The one that I saw was you."

Wang Lu was surprised. "How could it be me?"

In the illusion space, the situation was simultaneously real and fake. Although it was an illusion, the proposed transaction was indeed feasible. Otherwise, people would know that it was fake, and they naturally could refuse to take the deal, and thus calmly pass the test. However, at that time, Wang Lu was clearly in a separate illusion space, so how could he be on Aya's side?

"Of course it's just a dummy." Aya said, "However, I don't think that the words he said during that time were lies."

"Well, what did he say?"

"He said, he can help me achieve the revival of Brettonia, can solve the problem that once haunted me, and can make the way of the knight thrive."

Wang Lu nodded. "Almost every sentence goes straight to the G-spot, which are the things that I would say. So what was his condition?"

"He wanted me to give up the throne and return to the Nine Regions together with him."

Wang Lu was suddenly surprised and went into silence.

Aya said, "At first, I thought that he was just an illusion. But then I soon realized that, although he didn't have your body, he has the same personality as you. What he said is really what is in your heart…"

"How could you be so sure?"

Aya lightly said, "No one can mimic your characteristics. If someone can, then that someone must be you."

"And then?"

"And then I asked him why he asked for such a request. But, he didn't answer me. Instead, he just asked if I agree or not. It was so hard for me to make up my mind that I couldn't decide even after the illusion broke out. I'm really ashamed for my indecisiveness."

Wang Lu asked, "So now you have the answer? Actually, I find it strange too. Those are very good conditions. You have nothing to hesitate about. Just agree to it."

Aya said, "The conditions are indeed very good, but to leave Brettonia, throw away my responsibility and my mission, to go back to Nine Regions with you to leave an easy life, I… just can't."

"You don't believe that I can deliver on my promise?"

"If it was a few months ago, I might hesitate. But now, I have no doubt that you can do anything. In fact, you have done it."

Upon hearing what she said, Wang Lu was startled. He immediately took a careful look at Aya's body. A moment later, he was surprised to find that her spirit of the brave departed body seemed to have changed a lot. And this meant that...

"Yes, I have completed my oath to search for the way to win every war. Before leaving Dragon City, the pattern for the recovery of Brettonia has basically been established." Aya shook her fist, as if feeling her own strength inside her body. "Now, although I still can't be called a living person, I also don't have to worry that my spirit will exhaust and thus vanish like smoke in thin air."


"It's all thanks to you. Before coming here, I really can't believe that I could really do it," Aya said as her eyes became firmer. "But for that reason, I just can't continue to rely on your strength, to just sit back and enjoy. Now, I have no reason to slack off. I have to shoulder my mission and fulfill my duty as a King."

After hearing that speech, Wang Lu froze for a long time. He sincerely admired Aya's invincible logic. And then, subconsciously, he reached out into his mustard seed bag and touched the medicine that was left by his Master for him.

Sometimes, it was more convenient to just use the medicine...

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