Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 369: Do You Think I Am as Stupid as Liu Li?

Chapter 369: Do You Think I Am as Stupid as Liu Li?

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Sometimes, the action of a maverick, under the watchful eyes of a public, often went uncontested due to the audience being highly shocked into inaction. For example, at this moment, when Wang Lu strode behind Tian Lun, ready to enter the group of immortal tomb, the surrounding Yuanying and Deity Stage cultivators were stunned, only staring at him with their eyes opened wide. Nobody actually blocked him. Because everyone thought that this was some kind of a special program, which must have contained a profound meaning... It was just that they didn't know much about it...

Even Daoist He Tu only seriously gazed at Wang Lu without saying anything.

However, before Wang Lu crossed the entrance in the eyes of everyone, a powerful palm held on to his shoulder, firmly keeping him in his spot.

"Brat, you want to die?"

Wang Lu was surprised to find out that the one who stopped him was his own Master. If she didn't harshly interrupt him, he could have fooled everyone and sneaked into the entrance. As for how many risks would there be in the group of immortal tomb, there would not be many risks. As the map holder of this group of immortal tombs, over the past few years, his understanding of it had far surpassed any of the people present. Although the dangers were there, it wasn't as if he was entering 'dragon pool or tiger cave', at least, the few trials at the front were not life-threatening.

However, before he could come up with his excuse, his Master's words caused his complexion to sink.

"Do you take your Non-Phase Immortal Heart as a plaything to go adventure with? Do you really not want your life anymore?"

While speaking, in order not to give Wang Lu any chance to refute, his Master pulled him up, injected him with a share of her magical power so that he was unable to move, and flew him away, not leaving him any leeway.

This was the first time he found out that his Master's flying sword could be so fast. A mere Jindan Stage cultivator, yet while stepping on her green emerald bamboo sword, in a twinkling of an eye, she has already flown thousands of miles away. In just the time for a tea to boil, they have traveled tens of thousands of miles away from Southern Heaven Region to Blue River Region. Wang Lu only saw a blur and the sight of the familiar green mountain already appeared before him. He and his Master have returned to the Spirit Sword Mountain territory.

After they arrived back at Non-Phase Peak, without even saying a word, his Master, with a gloomy face, directly carried Wang Lu to the bamboo hut that they have been living together for more than a dozen years. After she put him on the bed, she reached out to pull off his clothes.

Wang Lu was inexplicably surprised. "Hey, is this some kind of Non-Phase Peak unusual welfare benefit? I am not opposed to it, but at least let me take a bath and eat two pounds of raw oyster first, okay? It would be better for you and me."

His Master just let out several full of disdain sneers while, without hesitation, reached out for his red and white robe. Her action was very smooth.

When Wang Wu continued reached out for his belt, Wang Lu became even more convinced that something has terribly gone wrong. In the past more than ten years, the Master and disciple, have indeed often joked openly about this kind of thing. However, that was it, a banter was just a banter, they never overstepped their boundaries. However, now, seeing this violent scene, let alone overstepping boundaries, this was already a criminal act!

However, seeing the solemn face of his Master, without any sexual intention at all, Wang Lu could only guess that perhaps, after teaching him for many years, this was the day where she harvested his Yang essence to make up for her Yin, filling the blank for her cultivation base and moral integrity deficiency? Now that he was near Jindan, a quasi-legendary level in Western Continent, he would be her legendary nourishing essence. Just by laying with him, she would bid farewell to Jindan Stage and welcome the glorious Daoist Master of Yuanying Stage, patching up the level disparity with the other Heavenly Sword Hall Elders, and having an increase in her monthly wage… With such a plausible reason, Wang Lu simply couldn't imagine any reason not to copulate with her!

However, the next moment, Wang Lu knew that what he thought was wrong. Because after removing his trousers, his Master had pulled out a box of ointment in front of him and reached out to smear him with it. The medicinal ointment felt cool upon touch, which gradually penetrated his skin, seeped into his blood vessel and into his Jade Mansion, so that his golden Non-Phase Immortal Heart was covered with a layer of green light.

"Ice Heart Fat?"

His Master coldly humphed. "Otherwise, do you think it's Zhu Stamp Amazing Oil? You reckless fool, do you really think that with your thirty-five layers of cultivation of Non-Phase Immortal Heart, you would be able to suppress a demon-level devil long term?"

"Demon-level devil?"

His Master said, "I don't know what you did in the Western Continent, but in my opinion, it's a powerful devil. Without a shadow and invisible, the devil grow in people's heart. The most strange and troublesome thing is, it's really hard to deal with. I don't know what kind of method that you used to inflict a heavy damage on him before using your Non-Phase Immortal Heart to suppress him. The idea is good, but the way you handle it is basically courting death. Suppressing this kind of devil temporarily is possible. But if it's long-term, do you really want to die young?"

Wang Lu's complexion turned serious and he did a scan on himself with his primordial spirit. "Shadowless and invisible… Is it impossible to detect the anomaly even with Non-Phase Method?"

"It depends on whose Non-Phase Method, if it's yours? Hehe." After sneering, Wang Wu began to explain, "It's because it's too weak, so in a short period of time, it could only live like a parasite in your body. Your Non-Phase Immortal Heart's foundation is solid, so it's parasitic progress is very slow. However, at the same time, it didn't show that there's anything peculiar happening to it. The last time I saw you on Western Continent, I was not aware of it due to negligence, but when you get back… Tsk, the death omen on your head is so dazzling that it's simply blinded my eyes!"

"... That bad, huh?"

"Otherwise, why do you think I stayed behind you while you read the report? That boring stuff only gave me a headache. Much less in the middle of it, I have to display my wisdom and bravery against that heartless old third He… Wasn't it because I, your Master, am very considerate, that I helped you crush the devil?"

Wang Lu was surprised. "Was it not to supervise me to finish the sponsorship words?"

"Nonsense, with your temper, you definitely would finish reading the report and ask for your share when you get back here, why would I need to supervise you?" Wang Wu very emphatically said and stretched out her hand towards Wang Lu's chest. And then, a pure and copious amount of magical energy flooded into Wang Lu. Within the Jade Mansion, it was as if his Non-Phase Immortal Heart was tightly surrounded by an elite army.

"Alright, leave the rest to me while you just need to sleep."

As soon as her voice fell, Wang Lu immediately felt that his mind sunk, and an irresistible drowsiness flooded him.

When he woke up, the light inside the bamboo room was dim. The scarlet setting sun slantingly sprinkled through the window, bringing in a touch of warmth. A burst of faint fragrant wine doubled the warmth inside the room. Judging from the outside light, Wang Lu guessed that he should've slept for half a day. Previously, when his Master flew him back from Southern Heaven Region to Spirit Sword Mountain, it was shortly after noon, and at this time, it was still early evening.

The next moment, his Master's lazy voice came from the hall outside the bedroom.

"You finally awake, Young Master Lu? Tsk, you really know how to sleep. It's been three years and six months, you know."

Wang Lu suddenly got up. "Three years and six months?"

Within the hall, his Master maliciously smiled and said, "Yes, unbelievable, right? When you wake up, there are already a lot of changes in the world. Oh, right, two days ago was your Junior Sister Liu Li's wedding. Because you were still asleep, you can't attend to it, sorry."

"Wait a minute, little Liu Li's wedding?"

"Yes, the groom is Zhan Ziye of Ten Thousand Arts Sect, oh, he is now Daoist Master Ziye; they are indeed a perfect couple. You have long known that Zhan Ziye has a crush on Liu Li, right? While you were still asleep, in these years, Zhan Ziye crazily launched his offensive. The key here is that, he sent a lot of dowry up the mountain, which really showed his sincerity and made people unable to refuse."

Wang Lu furrowed his brows. "And then?"

"Because you slept for too long, the lead disciple identity has already been taken away by Zhu Shiyao. Although I helped you fight for it, since she has reached Jindan Stage and also repeatedly gave off shocking performances in the group of immortal tombs. The icing on the cake is that her power is even better than Qiong Hua. You, this sleeping beauty, really have no competitive edge anymore. Although in the few years prior, you have created miraculous performances, reaching Jindan trumps all of that."

"Well, what else?"

"Your Wisdom Sect is already dissolved. Your few vice leaders competed for power, but because you, as their leader, weren't there to suppress it, the sect soon fragmented, each went on their own way. Without the sect pillars, the sect was soon absorbed by other forces."

"Gee, after three years and six months, I actually became this miserable?" Wang Lu's tone of voice was full of disbelief.

Wang Wu, however, was indifferent to this. "That's normal actually. Since your debut, you continued on adventure after adventure, constantly striving and coming out triumphant. Nevertheless, your foundation is still shallow. Once you stopped your pace, like sailing against the current, all of your past achievements will easily vanish into thin air. However, this is actually good for you, you should calm your heart and focus more on your cultivation. As a cultivator, your first priority should be cultivation rather than getting into trouble. In these days, you should steadfastly strive to reach for Jindan Stage."

Wang Lu was silent for a long time, but then he suddenly smiled. "Although there are many regrettable things that happened in the past, but there's always a good thing. My share of the advertising fee that you owe me and it's three years and six months interest. Come on, I want it all."

His voice has just fallen when his Master immediately jumped. "What the hell, what share! What interest!"

Wang Lu lightly smiled. "What? Do you want to renege on your debt? Alright, then I want you to use your body to pay it. Since your look is not that bad, I think two hundred coins per session should be okay, right?"

Wang Wu earnestly gazed into her disciple's eyes and saw that he was just joking. Immediately, she knew that her trick has failed, and she could only quietly, and rather boringly shrug her shoulders. "Sure enough, I can't fool you; so boring. By the way, you really didn't sleep that long… How did you find out?"

"Nonsense, how could little Liu Li marry other people? Of course, I don't believe this kind of nonsense!"

"..." Wang Wu was dumbfounded, thinking that there seemed to be a directional error in her disciple's intelligence, but she didn't know how to correct him.

"Anyway, take a look at this," Wang Wu said and then pointed her finger at a gray orb on the hall table.

Wang Lu got up, got dressed, walked into the hall, and then cheerfully said, "Is this your ovulation period?"

Wang Wu coldly smiled. "No, that is your egg."

"..." Wang Lu's smile immediately froze and he felt cold.

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