Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 371: Master's Pointer Is of Course Very Powerful

Chapter 371: Master's Pointer Is of Course Very Powerful

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Regardless of whatever the reason his Master blocked Wang Lu from rushing triumphantly into the group of immortal tombs, many things have changed during his month-long sleep.

First, the exploration of the group of immortal tombs has achieved its initial result. Half a month ago, the first batch of cultivators that entered the group of immortal tombs, which consisted of Feng Yin and Tian Lun, has returned and achieved remarkable results. In the group of immortal tombs, they saw tens of thousands of innumerable independent spaces, which were called the dreamlands of immortals. When they earnestly established a link with one of the dreamlands, within it, they experienced a rigorous test and and won two pieces of low rank spiritual treasure… Towards a Deity Stage and Unity Stage cultivators, the grade was minimal. However, after all, it was still a spiritual treasure, which was enough to attract ninety-nine percent of cultivators.

After Feng Yin and Tian Lun, the second batch of cultivators to enter consisted of cultivators from the younger generation. Headed by Qiong Hua, Zhou Mumu and Zhan Ziye also participated. However, they all entered separated-ly. After half a month, Qiong Hua cleared her test and obtained three pieces of low rank magical treasures, while Zhou Mumu and Zhan Ziye each obtained two pieces of magical tools. The elite disciples of other sects obtained mixed results, but most still earned something.

After these two rounds, people have a deeper understanding of the group of immortal tombs. There was indeed an inexhaustible collection of treasure trove. In terms of the abundance of collection, it even far surpassed that of Golden King's Treasure House in the Western Continent. It was just that the difficulty to get the treasure was also improved by a lot.

From the first batch, Feng Yin and Tian Lun didn't disclose whatever the experience that they encountered. However, many of the experience of the younger generation of disciples on the second batch has spread.

Qiong Hua encountered a remote mountain. There, the demons ran amok. After she slain them, in their lair, she discovered their treasures, which were those three pieces of magical treasures. Zhou Mumu's experience was rather strange in comparison. She entered an exceptionally dangerous environment, so much that she almost couldn't maintain her safety even with her Peak Xudan Stage cultivation base. Fortunately, she came across a seriously injured senior cultivator. After healing that person using her own expertise in healing, the senior cultivator pointed her the way to survive and gave her a few pieces of magical tools. As for Zhan Ziye, he came across two senior cultivators, who were involved in the dispute over how to improve an immortal cultivation method. After listening to their arguments for a while, Zhan Ziye could not help but join in. In the end, after a half month of continuous discussion, they only arrived at the preliminary result, and two pieces of magical tools were handed over to Zhan Ziye as a reward.

The experience of the rest of the cultivators was more or less like so. The dreamlands that they entered mostly linked with their own expertise. The rewards that they obtained were also mostly useful. Although the quality was not high, that was just because they didn't delve deeper into the dreamlands of immortals. According to their speculation about the clues, from the first treasure, if they were not in a hurry but instead continued to advance deeper, they would obtain even more benefits.

However, in addition, people also found out that there were actually strict restrictions within the tomb. First, the magical treasure that they obtained could only be used by them alone, and could not be transferred to other people. This was the biggest problem, making almost all of the outer layer of the group of immortal tombs appear rather tasteless. Feng Yin and Tian Lun each got a spiritual treasure, but they couldn't pass it on to their disciple. However, for them, this was the worst spiritual treasures in their possession. As for low rank magical treasures of Qiong Hua, they were of no value at all for this lead disciple of the number one sect.

Therefore, the only way to get the real benefit was to go deeper. However, thinking about the voice from the door that day which said the greater the harvest the heavier the responsibility, people inevitably hesitated. Thus, the third round of exploration has to be postponed until everyone has fully absorbed the experience from the first two rounds and made a plan. The exploration team was also in the process of preparation.

For the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, the opening of the group of immortal tombs was tantamount to the advent of a new era, filled with unlimited future. Let alone entering the entrance, even outside the entrance, inside and outside of Plentiful City, changed appeared with each passing day and it was really vibrant. The Southern Heaven Region has now become the focus of the entire Nine Regions.

Unfortunately, all of these were destined to be just a story for a certain person on Spirit Sword Mountain.

"Tsk, I really can't stand them, a bunch of fools. The dreamlands of immortals in the group of immortal tombs clearly need to be explored by a moderate scale team. Through complementary team members, they could complete the task of high difficulty and obtain treasures that are beyond their own realm… There are a lot of obvious clues, how could they be so cautious to explore it? They're simply just wasting time!"

In the lobby of a shabby inn, holding a newspaper, Wang Lu put his legs on the table, pushed the chair back a bit until it was slanted, and then slowly rocked his body back and forth. A creaking sound followed each time the chair rocked. After a while, a steady rhythm echoed within the inn. However, the tempo of the sound revealed how strong Wang Lu's impatience was.

This piercing melody was soon interrupted, however. The lady boss of the inn angrily slapped the counter. "I'm the one who can't stand you anymore here! You must be so bored that you came here not to order food but just to obsess with that damn newspaper!"

Wang Lu lazily said, "I don't order food because I am already full from eating the food in the cafeteria—You know what I mean. If a Xudan Stage cultivator really wanted to eat their fill, they could even eat a whole elephant! However, after eating the craft of a certain chef, I am afraid that even a Supreme of Unity Stage would lose their appetite."

The Lady Boss somewhat feebly said, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know you have suffered under Aya, but you rather come here and complain about it every day, why don't you speak frankly with her instead?"

Wang Lu lightly turned a page of the newspaper and said, "Let's see, Aya has completed her oath, so her spirit of the brave departed has become perfect, plus it achieved unity with her original physique. Right now, even Tian Yue might not be able to beat her, yet you want me to speak frankly in front of her?"

The Lady Boss sarcastically praised, "Your character is indeed firm and unyielding!"

Wang Lu said, "As for why I don't stay in the inn instead, it's because of the recent antipornography campaign of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. You see, you and I are a single man and a woman, so it's not appropriate for me to come here and open a room. Cheating a black inn like yours is not important, but I am a big celebrity so I have to maintain my image."

His voice has just fallen when a jar of top rate daughter's red flew over towards him.

After leaving the Ru Family Inn, Wang Lu was still somewhat depressed. Through that Great Arrangement newspaper, he was able to get the panoramic view of the recent mammoth changes that happened on the outside. As a professional adventurer, he was really eager to participate, unfortunately, however, he could not.

Because his Master has issued a strict order that, before he reached peak Xudan Stage, and his mastery of the method was fully compatible with his cultivation base, he could not go down the mountain. If he dared to breach this order, his Master would spread all kinds of embarrassing and indecent pictures and video records of him that she took during his one-month-long sleep...

Wang Lu had no doubt that with his Master's low limit of moral integrity, she would actually do such a thing. The reason why she didn't require him to reach Jindan Stage was that, a certain degree of opportunity was required in order to reach Jindan Stage, not by relying on diligent practice and hard work—of course, for Void Spirit Root, there was, in fact, no bottleneck. So, if he really wanted to achieve Jindan Stage, a step by step cultivation could also be done. However, there was a qualitative difference between each Jindan. For a mediocre person whose lifelong pursuit was the achievement of reaching Jindan, that person might not consider this too much. However, for Wang Lu, he has to take this step in a strong fashion. Or in other words, his Jindan must be the top level Jindan.

For this step, in two years, he must do all that he could to solidify his foundation. Not only he has to reach peak Xudan Stage from high-level Xudan Stage, his Non-Phase Sword and other methods all have to reach the minimum of fifty layers… To say that it was difficult, it was actually not as difficult as to ascend the heaven. In the next two years, Wang Lu would be able to do a lot of things. Moreover, he, in the Western Continent, was not without any harvest. His countless of harsh battle have filled his physique with energy to the brim, which was ready to burst at any time.

However, advancing his cultivation by daily practice was boring. It was really difficult for him, who has already been accustomed to running around on an adventure, to just stay on the mountain and cultivate. Liu Li has been put into closed-door training by his Fourth Uncle, Little Bai was accompanying his Uncle Guanhai to seek for elixir in Eastern Border Region, while the stupid dog—he didn't know what food that it ate—has fallen asleep. Even Wen Bao, Yue Xinyao and the others were sent to the Southern Heaven Region for experiential learning. In the entire Spirit Sword Mountain, there were only two people that Wang Lu could talk to. One of them was the crazy alchemist Aya; each time he came near her, his life would be in danger. Another one was Lady Boss. However, due to Wang Lu's recent harassment, she had put up a sign in front of the inn entrance that read: Dogs and Wang Lu are not allowed to enter.

However, it was precisely because it was hard to bear that he had to bear it. Wang Lu was very clear that his Master was right. He must calm himself and focus on cultivation for a period of time, otherwise, his heart would never calm down, which meant that the gap between him and the other talented genius would increase and they would quickly outpace him… Therefore, even though he had found his indecent pictures in his Master's inner pocket, he persisted in staying on the mountain. Most of the time, he spent it on cultivation, while during the short break, he would go down and harass the Lady Boss.

In two years time, he needed to reach Peak Xudan!

One year later on Non-Phase Peak.

Outside the small wooden hut, two people's shadows crisscrossed each other like lightning. Sometimes, they jumped in mid-air, sometimes, they drew a sharp sword qi, while sometimes, they engaged in a fierce close combat fight. This time, the clash between their swords created an explosion-like sound as if it was in a stormy sea… Countless sword lights drew a colorful brilliant luster.

The two of them, one was the attacker, arrogant and overbearing, another one was the defender, struggling to survive.

"You're too slow with the sword! That's outrageous! I used the power of middle-level Xudan to exchange blows with you, but from my ten sword strikes, you can't even defend three of them. Moreover, your sword move is too weak, did you just come back from fooling around with Little Ling'Er? Be careful I'll report this to Sect Leader so that he'll break your legs!"

The words from the Master of Non-Phase Peak were swift and stern, her complexion was also solemn. It was just that, those words from her seemed to contain a harassment intention.

However, the one who was reprimanded unceremoniously harassed back, "What use is it for you to break my legs? Can a poor ghost like you afford to buy a radish?"

"If you can't cultivate until the forty-fifth layer this evening, I'll use your 'chrysanthemum', you hear me!"

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