Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 372: For Jindan, I Will Not Hesitate

Chapter 372: For Jindan, I Will Not Hesitate

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After one year of self-torture, the results were remarkable.

If advancing cultivation base from high level Xudan to peak Xudan already has its foundation from the several months of life and death experiential learning in Western Continent, then for Non-Phase Sword Bone, None-Phase Sword Art and other methods to leap more ten layers, only by truly staking one's life in bitter cultivation could accomplish it.

This year on the mountain was Wang Lu's most rigorous training year ever. Although previously when he and Liu Li sparred, they would often seriously hurt each other, but this year's actual hard work was actually more than that.

Because his Master's requirement was too strict. Advancing his Non-Phase Sword Art by more than ten layers in just two years was simply a fantasy. Initially, he was able to advance his Non-Phase Sword Art for three layers in just one month. But now, to accumulate a deeper layer, the advancement should be slower. Let alone while practicing his sword art, he also needed to advance his Non-Phase Sword Bone, Non-Phase Immortal Heart and other methods simultaneously… And to achieve this, not only he needed to stake his life out, he also needed to stake his innate vitality, as well as fully utilizing all his available resources.

First was elixir. In this year, various elixirs were consumed by him as much as his meal. Fortunately, he has the support from his Seventh Uncle. Nevertheless, Wang Lu himself also spent a lot. Spirit stones have been spent more than a million—it could be more, but there was simply no market for a lot of things that he needed.

The second was planning. In order to effectively used the time to race against his Master's two years' target, on the one hand, Wang Lu must multitask many things simultaneously, and on another hand, the practice plan must be reasonable. For example, after his routine sword practice, while restoring his physical as well as magical power, he underwent a deep meditation. At the same time, his physical body practiced hand seals and other fine methods, training his flexibility. Simultaneously, the progress of each method must be coordinated with each other. Perhaps some of the methods such as Non-Phase Sword Bone, due to their reliance on external force, have stable progress. But others such as Non-Phase Immortal Heart that relied on inspiration and understanding needed to have a guide...

Then it was time for full rest. No bowstring could be permanently taut without breaking. At a certain time, Wang Lu would give himself a bit of time to rest. Either by harassing Lady Boss in Spirit Creek Town, or be invited by Aya to help her perfect her dishes—at the same time, he also exercised his poison resistance there.

This one year was an unbelievably substantial year. And now, one year later, Wang Lu has achieved amazing results in accordance with the progress. Non-Phase Sword Art and other methods have comprehensively advanced to more than the forty-fifth layer. His magical power became more abundant and full. The Void Core inside his Jade Mansion has become more round and transparent, which hid a glimmer of golden light, as if at any time the 'Void' might become 'Real', producing a qualitative change.

Of course, he still needed around six months more of preparation for the real qualitative change. By then, according to his Master's plan, he would reach the perfect condition to face the Jindan tribulation. If he could pass it, he would likely to achieve the highest grade of supreme Jindan, and then… and then, she would be able to go all out to offer all kinds of extracurricular class to make additional money by using her capacity as the Master of a supreme Jindan cultivator.

The advertisement sponsorship fee that she initially said was actually her making extra income outside using her capacity as Wang Lu's Master. Wang Lu was busy like a dog, how could he have the time to do advertisements? Of course, there were still a lot of advertisement jobs, but most of them were specifically operated by his Master—Wang Lu was simply too busy to take a part in them.

Sometimes, Wang Lu even suspected that the reason why Wang Wu that cheap person arranged his practice so intensely was so that he would have no time to check out her work outside, illegally using his portrait and so on… However, in that kind of intense practice, he really didn't have time to care about it. He didn't care if she arbitrarily sold his portrait right and copyright, as long as she didn't sneakily sell his body.

This day, he had just finished his painstaking practice, and in accordance with his original plan, Wang Lu would go down the mountain to harass the Lady Boss. However, when he just arrived at the Four Divisions Peak, he saw a group of people coming in through the Great Cloud Array. All of them looked depressed as if they were part of a defeated army.

However, one of them was very familiar to him, which made him very happy.

"Fatty, how come you also ran to the wasteland?"

When it came to Wen Bao, who was once his faithful subordinate, and now also assisted in the trivial matters regarding the management of Wisdom Sect, they always have a harmonious relationship. It was just that, as the difference in their cultivation bases continued to increase, their chance to work together became less and less. At the same time, Wang Lu has also been practicing diligently on the mountain, so they also have less chance and time to meet and chat. Thus, their relationship in the past few years has become a bit rusty. However, this time, unexpectedly they had run into each other.

After hearing the word fatty, Wen Bao, who came along with his several apprentice brothers and sisters, immediately trembled like a frightened wild boar. When he lowered his head and saw that Wang Lu was waving at him from the Four Divisions Peak platform, his complexion greatly changed. He immediately tried to cover his face and run away.

Upon seeing this, Wang Lu suddenly became happier. In a flash, he already appeared in front of Wen Bao, blocking his way, which caused him to be even more scared.

Wang Lu swept Wen Bao up and down with his gaze and saw that the guy had actually turned a bit thinner, but not like as if he was subjected to vicious torture. He seemed to be full of magical power, strong physique, and his internal and external method seemed to have a sign of confluence, which was the precursor to reaching Xudan Stage from Foundation Establishment Stage. From the perspective of his qualification and perception, this progress was actually quite gratifying. However, after a more detailed look, Wang Lu found out that the fatty seemed uneasy, his Heart's Dao swayed as if it was badly damaged, as if he had just suffered a great shock.

Because Wen Bao was an honest and simple person, Wang Lu was immediately curious. What kind of experience would make his body lose weight and damage his Heart's Dao? Wen Bao was not the kind of person who would rigidly cultivate on the mountain. When he was still in Qi Cultivating Stage, Wang Lu has already pulled him to help him fight the Seven Stars Sect, which meant that he could already be considered as battle-hardened. If he ran into an especially powerful enemy, he would not be in a good physical condition. But if he encountered a mediocre enemy, he would not be scared so much that his Heart's Dao would sway like that.

But then Wang Lu remembered Wen Bao's first reaction when seeing him. Wang Lu thought about it, and then using his Non-Phase-magical-power-filled gaze, he gave Wen Bao a sweep. Suddenly, he burst into laughter. "Dead fatty, you cheated on another woman! I'm going to tell Junior Sister Yue!"

Wen Bao promptly knelt. "I did not!"

"If not, then why are you kneeling!" Wang Lu scolded, "With this kind of guilty conscience, do you think others wouldn't come to the same conclusion? Come on, explain to me about everything!"

With that, Wang Lu pulled Wen Bao with him to Spirit Creek Town. The dead fatty was so afraid that he stopped each time he took a step. Wang Lu had to practically kick him to move his ass. When they finally entered the Ru Family Inn and saw the Lady Boss, Wen Bao's legs became even softer.

As a result, before Wang Lu even has the chance to urge him, Wen Bao has already come clean, detailing every experience that he encountered on his trip.

It turned out that a few months ago, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals and Excavation Management have continuously explored the group of immortal tombs rounds after rounds. Gradually, they started to penetrate deeper into the dreamlands of immortal, and at the same time, allowed access to the immortal tombs for a wider range of cultivators. The inner court disciples of the Five Uniques, as well as the Successor Disciples of several top level sects, or their elite disciples who were approved by their Sect Leaders could, with a guide, enter and explore the dreamlands of immortal.

And Wen Bao was among the second group of disciples sent by Spirit Sword Sect.

Considering that the exploration of the immortal tombs was only at the initial stage, Wen Bao and the others were only allowed to complete the first two rounds. At the third round, they must retreat. And in accordance with the earlier experience, as long as they dealt the first two rounds appropriately, they would almost have no danger.

As a result, in the immortal dream land, Wen Bao indeed did not encounter any danger. It was nothing but encountering a gang of devils in a peaceful village. Although the enemy was numerous, they were just a group of rabble. Wen Bao simply swung his Black Iron Sword and killed every single one of them. Nevertheless, he still received some injuries.

Wen Bao's progress was actually quite smooth. Although there were minor injuries in his body, they did not hinder his action. Therefore, he started the second round of explorations. The village people told him that there was a devil stronghold on the mountain and those that came down the mountain were just their vanguard. Wen Bao calculated that with his strength, he could deal with them. Therefore, he went up the mountain alone to charge into the devils' den.

However, what happened next was completely beyond his control. Although Wen Bao was able to smash the devils' den because of his strong attack but weak defense, due to a moment of carelessness, he was injured. The enthusiastic villagers requested him to stay in the village to heal his wound. Wen Bao thought that since he has plenty of time as well as it was hard for him to turn down their kindness, he finally agreed to their request.

"But I never thought that those mountain villagers could be so passionate…" Wen Bao wanted to cry but have no tears. "Initially, they just said they want to heal my injury using herbal therapy, so they have to change my dress. But when it's time to change the medicine and clothes, they keep on…"

Before he could continue with his story, Wang Lu has unceremoniously laughed out loud.

"Hahahaha, I initially wondered who could possibly derail your path. Unexpectedly, you actually fell for the illusion and puppets in the immortal dream lands! Are you, dead fatty, actually trying to look for treasure or prostitute!"

The Lady Boss also bent down in laughter. "Dead Fatty, I really underestimated you. Other people go to the group of immortal tombs to fight hard or think hard, but only you who goes there to 'work' hard! Hahahaha!"

Being laughed at by the two people, Wen Bao was upset and buried his head on the table. "What should I do now!"

Wang Lu tried hard to stop laughing and patted Wen Bao on the shoulder. "First you need to tell me to whom you are afraid to confess to? Junior Sister Yue or that Qian Hu?"

For a long time, Wen Bao moved his mouth but refused to say anything.

Wang Lu also didn't insist. "Two people, two different temperaments, two different treatments. First of all, you have to be honest with them and not try to hide it. Your Heart's Dao is flawed, so anyone can see that you have a problem. Moreover, if carefully examined, it's not difficult to discover that some your Yang essence has been missing—mainly because you have a broken method. Those two people are not stupid, so they would find the problem. If Junior Sister Yue…"

Before he could continue, he heard Wen Bao feebly say, "It's, it's mainly Qian Hu that has a problem."

"Oh, Dead Fatty, you really are something. You actually managed to win over that kind of stormy woman!" Wang Lu repeatedly patted his shoulder to encourage him. "If it's that Qian Hu, then this is simple. You just need to directly kneel, admit your mistake and butter her up. And then just wait for whatever decision she would make to deal with you."

Wen Bao asked, "If she, she… doesn't want me anymore, then what should I do?"


Lady Boss sprayed out the liquor in her mouth on the spot. Wang Lu also put on the "feeling resentful towards somebody for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement" look. "You're a f*cking Foundation Establishment Cultivator, born of royal family, and now an inner court disciple of one of the Five Uniques, which one of these is lesser than that of her? So why are you looking like you're a watchdog that lost its face?"


"Let's just say, with Li Nana's temperament, if she has acknowledged you, then she has already acknowledged your strengths and weaknesses. You are indecisive and amenable to coaxing but not coercion. Therefore, she should expect that occasional accident could happen. What's more, the objects are just common puppets in illusion world. If it's Junior Sister Yue, then you're finished."

Wen Bao earnestly asked, "Would it really work?"

"Of course. If you have to coax her, then coax her, if you have to admit your mistake, then admit. In any case, kneeling down and licking people up is your forte. Lick until she is satisfied and filled with joy, and your crisis would pass."

"Is, is that so?"

Wang Lu said, "Yes, it is so. By the way, do I need to provide you with drug support? At that time, my Master gave me a dose of drug. I can help you a bit, free of charge."

After sending Wen Bao away, inside the inn, Wang Lu was deep in thought. Seeing that it was rare for him to not speak like this, Lady Boss curiously asked, "What are you thinking about? Did Wen Bao's affair move you this much?"

Wang Lu beckoned with his hand. "No. I was just thinking. Maybe I have found the opportunity to reach Jindan Stage."

"Oh?" Lady Boss was even more curious. "Where?"

Wang Lu's Master wanted him to reach Peak Xudan in two years, and not to reach Jindan. Exactly because entering Jindan needed a bit of luck and an opportunity that was hard to find. But now, Wang Lu unexpectedly said that he had found it?

"Yes, in the group of immortal tombs."

Lady Boss was shocked on the spot. "Is your opportunity to reach Jindan relies on visiting those sluts?"

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