Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 375: The Four Diamonds

Chapter 375: The Four Diamonds

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When he was suddenly interrupted while thinking, Wang Lu became a bit upset. And when he looked back and saw the girl's flower-like smile… he became even more upset.

With his current cultivation base and experience, Wang Lu was able to see through the actual situation of those cultivators with shallow cultivation base. The young girl behind him was around twenty-two or twenty-three years old, one or two years younger than him, with cultivation base of Foundation Establishment. However, her foundation was extremely deep that when later on she entered Xudan Stage and then Jindan Stage, it would be really smooth. Obviously, she was a cultivator from a prestigious big sect.

Judging from the particular grade of the aura of her method, she ought to be the disciple of Yin and Yang School. Although this sect has done nothing evil or wicked, their reputation was unordinary. Their disciples were lively and unconstrained in their sexuality… or perhaps, wanton in temperament, which was what made them infamous. Many of their young cultivators, in order to quickly improve their cultivation, pursued anyone they thought to be good to do the double cultivation, or just be cultivation bedmates. They would stop at nothing, even if it was just a one night stand.

Fortunately, the double cultivation method of Yin and Yang School paid particular attention to the equality between Yin and Yang, with both of them must be harmonious. Good for others and good for oneself. Otherwise, they would've been branded as an evil sect. However, because of the disciple of Yin and Yang School's aggressive offense, the case of them destroying the harmonious relationships of others were also quite common. Thus, their unordinary reputation.

For these several passionate and hot girls, Wang Lu didn't feel any repulsion nor aversion. In any case, everyone has its own aspiration, and the girls of Yin and Yang Sect didn't deliberately try to harm anyone… Instead, over the years, a lot of those nerds who were doomed to be lonely for their entire life, because of the Yin and Yang School's girls, were able to experience the joy of sexual intercourse. Thus, the joy of double cultivation, simply speaking, was their greatest achievements and virtue… It was just that, at present, how could he have the mood to accompany these younger girls for double cultivation? He was still busy with his own business.

However, their passion was something that was really beyond his control. Wang Lu has just turned his head sideway, but the girls have already begun twittering, "Haha, sure enough, it's really him, it's exactly the same like in the description!"

"He is indeed quite dashing. It's just that, I don't know if his big tool lives up to its reputation?"

"Sister Lan, why don't you go and try him?"

"Ok, Yingtao, why don't you go and try him? When Sister Wu said she had a disciple, you're the first who turned tears into laughter!"

"I, I did not! The one who laughed is Wan'Er!"

"Yingtao, cut your nonsense! Humph, if you're that impatient, we'll let you have him first, us sisters will understand."

This similar-to-white-noise twittering was automatically shielded by Wang Lu with his Non-Phase Immortal Heart. However, amidst the noise, two words caught his attention: Sister Wu?

As a woman's name, the word Wu was quite commonly used. However, at this moment, Wang Lu could only think of a person upon hearing this name.

"Are you the reinforcement requested by Wang Wu?"

Upon hearing Wang Lu's question, the girls turned even worse. "Wow, his voice is really good!"

"He is indeed worthy to be the disciple of Sister Wu, his tone of voice just now is so dashing: Are you the reinforcement requested by Wang Wu… that's so awesomely dashing! I want to do double cultivation with him!"

"Wow, Wan'Er, have a bit of integrity, will you? Initially, when Sister Wu left, you're the one who took the lead in shouting that you have no interest in men anymore, yet now, you want to do double cultivation with him!"

"Humph, he is Sister Wu's disciple, how could he be like the average men? He has the inheritance of Sister Wu, so doing double cultivation with him is the same as double cultivation with Sister Wu!"

"Wan'Er is right, as long as we call out Sister Wu's name when we do double cultivation with him, it would be just like doing double cultivation with Sister Wu."

"Yes, yes. As long as you don't think of him as a man, then it's okay."

Wang Lu who heard it from nearby was absolutely creeped out. From which pit did his Master dig out these four teasers? He has seen a strange and eccentric individual, but not this strange! Was it true that anyone who has a contact with his Master would be affected by her toxic aura?

Seeing that Wang Lu has fallen into silence, the girls began to talk about it, "He doesn't like to talk, which is completely unlike Sister Wu! But it's kinda cool."

"But it's boring if he doesn't talk."

"Humph, in any case, I don't expect him to take the place of Sister Wu. It's fine as long as someone can help me in double cultivation."

"Yes, yes, if our cultivation bases go up, Sister Wu will no longer reject us!"

"But he's just alone, and us sisters are four people, how could we share him?"

"Of course Sister Lan would be the first. Right now, she is about to advance to Xudan, so she is the one who needs double cultivation the most."

"No need, let Qingci have him first. Her cultivation time is the shortest among us, so the first double cultivation would mean a lot to her."

"That's enough."

Wang Lu lightly said. His voice was suffused with his Non-Phase magical power, which instantly suppressed the chattering noise of these Yin and Yang School's girls.

"Wow, his cultivation base is so pure…"

"I said that's enough!"

This time, the girls felt that they were about to faint. They were unable to resist the suppressing voice that they immediately stopped talking.

Looking at this group of naive yet enthusiastic girls, Wang Lu couldn't even muster up the strength to scold them. After all, the root of this all was when he left the announcement on the exhibition board. It was just that, he didn't think that his Master's luck could be so good, so much that not only she did not encounter a perverted male who disguised himself as a woman, instead, she encountered these annoying girls.

Although he was entangled by these girls, Wang Lu didn't want to be rough with them. At worst, he could just go look for that officer… What's his name again? Yi Xiaolou? I'll just leave them here. However, just as he was about to go looking for Yu Xiaolou who was preparing the items on the list, a flash went pass his mind. He looked back at those female cultivators and then smiled.

"Why don't you introduce yourself."

"I am Tiandao Lan!"

"I am Ying Tao!"

"I am Li Qingci!"

"I am Lin Wan!"

The four girls said their own name in unison so quickly. Fortunately, Wang Lu could distinguish and memorize them. Among them, Tiandao Lan was their Eldest Sister. Thus, Wang Lu looked at her and said, "What did Wang Wu tell you to do?"

Tiandao Lan said, "She didn't explain it to us. She just told us that when we found you, we will naturally know what to do."

Lin Wan interrupted, "My guess is double cultivation!" Which was agreed by Ying Tao and Qingci."

Wang Lu knew that if he let them continue to talk, they would never stop. Thus, he waved his hand to interrupt them. "Since it's you guys who came looking for me, then in all things, you should obey my arrangements."

When Wang Lu casually said this, he expected them to balk back, but who knew, Tiandao Lan directly nodded. "Alright, in everything we will listen to you! We will do anything you want!"

Wang Lu was convinced that these four young girls of the Yin and Yang Sect were sent here by their sect to do experiential learning, so how could they talk without thinking first? How could they arbitrarily run away with a stranger?

Or could it be that, in just a few days, these supposedly capable girls have been taught by his Master to be slaves without the ability to think properly? Tsk, did Wang Wu, that person, even have this kind of method? Strange, if she was really that amazing, she should've set up a training center and acted as a queen, why the need to be so destitute like now?

However, in any case, he has nothing to lose, so he gladly accepted it. Wang Lu then said, "You will go with me to explore the group of immortal tombs together."

"Explore the group of immortal tombs?" Tiandao Lan was surprised for a moment, and then happily nodded. "Alright. Anyway, we are initially also going to explore the group of immortal tomb. With you, a lead disciple of one of the Five Uniques, as the leader, that would be better… Wait a minute, you said you want us to go with you together? Wouldn't it greatly enhance the difficulty of the immortal dream land?"

After a year, the information regarding some of the basic rules inside the group of immortal tombs have basically spread on the whole Nine Regions. For example, the immortal dream lands were currently partial towards single explorers because of the high number of different immortal dream lands, but more crucially, the strength of the enemy would be greatly increased. A high level Foundation Establishment cultivator would at most face with a low level Xudan. However, if there were five high level Foundation Establishment cultivators, then the enemy that they would encounter would be a high level or even peak Xudan. For such a big level difference, perhaps the elite disciples of the Five Uniques would be able to deal with it, but common cultivators would definitely not.

However, Wang Lu has to face an even worse situation. He was a Peak Xudan Stage and his companion were four Foundation Establishment cultivators. The immortal dream lands would not consider the strength disparity between them, nor balance the difficulty. The immortal dream lands would basically just regard them as five Peak Xudan Stage. When the time came, perhaps even a Jindan cultivator would not be able to overcome the test. Encountering a Jindan Stage opponent was definitely a certainty. However, after that… let alone passing the test, even the lives of these several young girls would be difficult to keep.

At this time, Wang Lu happened to see the administrator of Plentiful City Committee, Yi Xiaoluo, who was holding a few objects. He waved his hand and greeted him while at the same time casually said to Tiandao Lan and the others, "It's okay. I can deal with Jindan. Even if we have to face with Yuanying, as long as it's low level Yuanying and not an elite cultivator, I can still deal with it."

After he said that, he thought that since he was just casually saying it, other people would find it difficult to accept. However, unexpectedly, Tiandao Lan and the others completely believed it.

"So formidable!"

"'It's okay, I can deal with Jindan', that's so cool! He truly is the disciple of Sister Wu!"

"I want to give him a child, and no one can stop me!"

Since his debut more than ten years ago, what kind of storms that he has yet to see? Yet, at this time, he felt that he was about to pass out. His mind began to wonder whether it would advantageous to bring them with him or not. However, he immediately thought that their average IQs should allow them to survive in the group of immortal tombs...

At this time, Yi Xiaolou finally arrived and eagerly said, "Daoist Master Wang, I have gathered the things that you want… huh, are these four your friends?"

As a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage, in a single glance, Yi Xiaolou was able to determine that Tiandao Lan and the others came from Yin and Yang School. Thus, he immediately said inwardly, a leader is indeed a leader. Although young, with cultivation time only a third of me, this leadership style is truly gold—how could messing with women be regarded as leadership?

Wang Lu, however, did not explain to him. "We will go in, so can you help us register?"

"Huh, you want to leave already?" Yi Xiaolou was surprised since the committee had prepared a dinner feast for Wang Lu.

However, Wang Lu would not delay even for a second. After he told him his intention, he directly waved goodbye and headed towards the entrance to the group of immortal tombs with the four young girls.

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