Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 378: A Woman Can Hold Half of the Sky, so Two Women Would Be Perfect

Chapter 378: A Woman Can Hold Half of the Sky, so Two Women Would Be Perfect

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On the method of immortal cultivation, perhaps the female cultivators of Yin and Yang School might be inferior to that of the other top rank sects. However, there was a reason why among the hundreds of thousands of sects in Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, Yin and Yang School was ranked in the top one hundred.

For example, although they named their sect Yin and Yang School, and within the school itself the Yin was flourishing while the Yang declining, from ten thousand female cultivators, they only have less than one hundred male cultivators—those male cultivators were not so much as immortal cultivators, but rather onlooker cultivators (although many male cultivators outside the sect who couldn't find female partner were endlessly envious of them, reportedly, their life was rather sad). That being the case, with so many female cultivators, plus the special method of Yin and Yang School that beautify one's appearance, double cultivation with them would be mutually beneficial. Therefore, the relationship between Yin and Yang School and most of the other sects could be relatively harmonious.

Because even though the reputation of their disciples was too controversial due to their open-mindedness and passion, the number of sects who were willing to establish good relations with Yin and Yang School was still numerous. At least the five super sects of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals have established friendly cooperative relations with the Yin and Yang Sect. Among the more than one hundred top rank sects, only about a third of them who managed to have this achievement. And how could a sect with such good diplomacy a weak sect?

Of course, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. When Yin and Yang School spent much of their energy on diplomatic relation, inevitably, people would mock them for not attending to their proper duties. Moreover, there were still many things that were unpleasant to hear, which was not necessary to be repeated one by one. When Wang Lu debuted more than ten years ago, he had also heard many similar rumors. However, now, when he personally faced the passionate, bold, and unrestrained girls of Yin and Yang School, he truly understood where those mocking words came from.

Otherwise, who would hate such a group of innocent little girls?

When previously Tiandao Lan absurdly tried to fit everything for the sake of the next generation, what Wang Lu saw from her eyes were sincerity. She was not talking irresponsibly, but really believed in her own words.

Towards this, Wang Lu had to say his comment, the Yin and Yang School's disciple training was truly exceptional. In the face of this kind of beseech, how many unmarried male cultivators under the heaven could resist it? Fortunately, in order to avoid trouble, Yin and Yang School strictly prohibited their disciples to destroy other people's marriage, which let many people escape by a hair's breadth.

"Wang Lu, what do you think? Do you want to pick one of us, four sisters? Of course, if you pick all of us, that is a whole lot better. Us sisters have been cultivating together for a long time, and we know a lot of postures that we can use to play together with you, okay?"

The youngest of them, Li Qingci, actually has the biggest courage. With her warm and silky hand that was like a tentacle, she pulled Wang Lu's hand, only for him to end up touching the hand of her Big Sister Tiandao Lan.

Wang Lu patted her head. "That's enough, let's get into the village. In the third chain, I will need your contribution."

Mentioning about the proper business, the girls turned serious and emphatically nodded. "No problem, just leave it to us!"

"But when it's done, remember to take a really loving care for us."

"Hehe, you're the father of the child, so we'll do anything you say!"

Wang Lu automatically shielded himself from these girls' nonsense, tied them with the rope again, and then beckoned to the village girl. "I have flattened the black wind mountain, can you open the village gate?"

The female behind the parapet was still immersed in the earthshaking large explosion and the mushroom cloud in the black wind mountain. Her eyes were closed by half, just like the massive mountain that was cut in the middle, and gradually moistened.

However, soon she came to her senses and said to Wang Lu, "Yes, of course, we'll open the door. Welcome to our village, benefactor!"

After entering the village plot, most of his experience was more or less the same as that of Wen Bao and Yue Yun. It did not go beyond Wang Lu's expectation.

The village was called Peach Garden Village, which hosted more than two hundred families, where unexpectedly, most were women. The reason for this was complex. In a nutshell, due to misfortune, nearly all of the men died. However, the village was secluded from the world, so it was difficult for them to find new blood. Therefore, the village women could be described as having been left uncultivated for a long time. When they saw Wang Lu come in, many people's eyes were glittered with hopeful rays.

As one of the thirty-six chains, the structure of this immortal dream land was relatively stable. At the same time, Wen Bao and Yue Yun who previously have explored it before were very careful. After they have managed to finish the previous two rounds, although still not very clear, they also guessed correctly that it would be very difficult to successfully pass through all the plots perfectly. Therefore, midway through, they forced themselves to exit, leaving behind a tail—the coin given by Wen Bao to Wang Lu was the proof that this immortal dream land was not yet completed. If it did, in addition to specific prizes, other items could not be brought out.

Therefore, as the third round of explorer, Wang Lu's experience was highly similar with that of the previous two. This allowed him to quickly overcome the difficulty and laid a good foundation.

When dealing with the monster king's monster core explosion, Wang Lu intentionally let himself injured. Upon entering the village, the village women immediately gathered around him and brought him to the village's skilled physician.

The so-called skilled physician was a pretty girl of around twenty-eight years old. Of course, the story also gave this a reasonable explanation—the real skilled physician was her grandfather. It was just that, he passed away a year before, leaving her alone. However, the girl had inherited all of her grandfather's craft, which made her a skilled physician too.

In fact, the background story just barely maintained its logical consistency. The real key lied in that the immortal dream land had spared no effort to create such a village of beautiful women. The beauties in this village were as many clouds. From the eleven or twelve years old 'fire of my loins, light of my life,' to fourteen and fifteen years old tender teenage girls, to twenty plus years old sexy mature women, each and every one of them was tender, lovely, and alluring, ready to be picked by the gentleman.

"Alas, this immortal dream land is seriously not amenable to reason."

When the young female physician treated Wang Lu's injury with herbal medicine and then bandaged the wound, Wang Lu didn't even care that she, supposedly a normal human, had actually used an elixir that was effective for a Xudan cultivator. He merely ruefully sighed at the abundant beauties before him.

"Hey, Wang Lu, you don't really want to do anything with these illusion puppets right?"

In the spacious house in the village where Wang Lu was assigned, Lin Wan pursed her mouth and unhappily said, "How could us four sisters be inferior to these village women? You don't even try to fake being attracted to us, yet you are interested in them! Moreover, you told us that we'll have a role in this plot, but we clearly didn't do anything these two days."

"It is because we need to do nothing in order to have the next plot."

Sure enough, on the third day, when Wang Lu has had enough rest and his injury has been gradually healed, the village women could not sit still. The glamorous village woman who previously once talked to Wang Lu from behind the wall knocked the door on the third day.

"Benefactor, thank you for solving the crisis of our Peach Garden Village. But, we still have one thing to ask." That village woman was somewhat embarrassed. She then nervously said, "In the last two days, you have seen that due to the previous catastrophe, the village males have been withering and their number is difficult to sustain. However, for some reasons, we can't leave this place. But if thing goes on like this…"

Wang Lu nodded and smiled. This was the real problem of this Immortal Dream Land.

Previously, for this problem, Wen Bao succumbed to the temptation, while Yue Yun managed to withstand but still declared as failed. So, what exactly did these village women want?

Now it seemed like the answer was obvious. What they wanted was not simply the joy of intercourse, but the continuation of the village, i.e., their reproduction. For Yue Yun, by decisively rejecting it, naturally he failed the test. As for Wen Bao, although he succumbed to the temptation, but… alas, there were some things that needed not be said, so as to avoid offending somebody.

Thus, to pass the test, the simplest method was to put a child in the belly of every woman in the village, by sleeping with them, as fast as possible, so that they could produce healthy offspring, and thus multiply.

However, it was impossible for Wang Lu to sacrifice so much just for the sake of an immortal dream land. Initially, this matter was quite troubling for him, but when Wang Lu saw Tiandao Lan and the others near the entrance to the group of immortal tombs, everything was suddenly cleared.

Along the way, regardless how these four girls became a small burden for him that increased the immortal dream land difficulty, and how incessantly noisy they were, it was all for this moment where they could shine.

"You want to reproduce and thrive?" Wang Lu smiled, but his smile was actually filled with sincerity. "Then you're asking for the wrong person. The true experts for those are beside me."

The glamorous village woman somewhat curiously looked at Tiandao Lan and the others. In the last few days, the village women have long been salivating for the injured young cultivator… Young, powerful, mysterious, and good looking, he has all the elements that women were attracted to. However, he was not alone. He has four female companions.

If the four girls were ugly and obese, then it was fine. However, each and every one of them was so stunning that they stirred people's heart, which caused the village women to feel ashamed of their inferiority. Thus, for two days, they did not dare to enter. Only after the third day when they saw Wang Lu's injury was about to heal that she, as the village head, had no choice but to come forward.

As a matter of fact, the women of Peach Blossom Village have quite a complaint towards these four girls.

However, now it seemed like these four were the key to the breeding programme of the village?

At this time, Wang Lu said to Tiandao Lan, "You have also heard about the situation here. Now, I want you to reveal the most miraculous method of Yin and Yang School, the Yin and Yang transformation, and use it here."

Tiandao Lan was surprised. "What are you kidding about? The Yin and Yang transformation is…"

Wang Lu interrupted her, "I know, it's the secret treasure of Yin and Yang School with boundless magical effect. But, don't you think that this is actually the perfect time to use it? It will transform a trace of Yin Qi in these women's body into Yang Qi. Yin and Yang would be harmonious. Female and female could give birth to a son, hence multiplying thus becomes possible. As for the specific method, isn't the legendary lesbian grinding the great invention of your Yin and Yang School? Isn't that how you guys previously have fun with my Master? Moreover, if I am not mistaken, your Yin and Yang Sect still secretly carry out this operation. A lot of the younger disciples are actually the crystallization of the combination of your senior cultivators—aren't your Yin and Yang School also have another nickname, which is The School of Lily?"


Upon hearing many of their sect's secrets divulged by Wang Lu, Tiandao Lan was simply stunned speechless!


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