Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 379: Reproduction Is Just the Beginning

Chapter 379: Reproduction Is Just the Beginning

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Information is power!

Although most of the time, cultivators in immortal cultivation world believed in sheer pure power, the role of information could never be underestimated. Even if it was just a gossip, it could play a role at a critical moment.

Although these several girls of Yin and Yang School looked innocent and ignorant to worldly affairs, they were by no means naive. They freely made their moves on Wang Lu out of their friendship and trust for Wang Wu. However, if because of that Wang Lu became so presumptuous, by planning to take inappropriate advantages, these girls were really not that silly to fall for it. For example, if Wang Lu brought up the idea to pass on the secret of Yin and Yang Transformation, the girls would certainly raise their vigilance immediately and just keep their quiet.

However, at the critical moment, Wang Lu threw in a key gossip, which immediately penetrated the heart of Tiandao Lan, forcing her to feel that, since everything has been known, then… it would be useless to deny it.

"Moreover, think about this, once we pass the test on this immortal dream land, everything here will vanish, your sect's secret will not be leaked out. Besides, it's the five of us who will pass the test and together share the reward. Thus, our interest should align. Moreover, the proof of passing this test can bring great benefit to your sect, so what is there to worry about?"

Compared to Tiandao Lan and the others, Wang Lu's skill in convincing people was quite sharper. Tiandao Lan hesitated for a moment, and then finally nodded.

Wang Lu clapped and said, "A wise choice!"

After a few days, the four girls of Yin and Yang School looked unbearably tired.

The Yin and Yang Transformation was their sect's secret, but it didn't mean that only their cultivators with deep cultivation base could use it. Deep cultivation base merely affected the quality of the spell. Even Li Qingci who was only at Peak Qi Cultivating Stage, could use the method to circulate a trace of her innate Yang Qi, which although weak and impure, was actually a precious valuable treasure for the ordinary people of Peach Garden Village. Thus, the four female cultivators toiled days and nights, until they were physically and mentally exhausted, to help the people in Peach Garden Village to eventually achieve the magnificent feat of girl on girl giving birth to a child.

When the glamorous and mature village head happily caressed her flat but pregnant belly, the whole village erupted in vigorous cheers, which was their joy of hope.

Of course, this was not enough. An example of success could not really perpetuate the entire village. Thus, according to Wang Lu's order, everyone must do the same procedure. In any case, since the first time was a success, fifteen and more should be possible. Big Sister Tiandao Lan simply wrote some basic methods of Yin and Yang School into a book, to provide for the villagers who were fated with immortal cultivation. As for how this mountain village could have suitable number of cultivators, Wang Lu simply fished out his big batch of artificial spirit root.

At this time, the investment of Wang Lu and his four companions in Peach Garden Village has been astronomical. The several days of effort from Tiandao Lan and the others ran the risk of being held responsible if their sect's elders investigated it. At the same time, Wang Lu's artificial spirit roots were already worth more than a million, which made these four young female cultivators doubt whether Wang Lu would be able to recoup the cost or not?

These several people have heard a bit about exploring the immortal tomb. According to the experience of the people before them, it was indeed necessary to put an investment in the exploration. However, the amount of resources and effort that they put into this was simply unheard of. In particular, they were baffled about one thing. These artificial spirit roots were basically a long term plan, however, in this immortal dream land, why should they even consider a long term plan?

"This is because you are not a professional," Wang Lu said with a smile but didn't explain further.

But soon, the girls understood the significance of this step from Wang Lu.

After accepting Wang Lu's artificial spirit root and personally realized the feeling of immortal cultivation, the women in Peach Garden Village already regarded Wang Lu as a celestial being, and prostrated themselves in worship. Under such sentiment, the village head, Yanzi, finally decided to present the greatest secret of Peach Garden Village to Wang Lu.

"Benefactor, your grace toward us is as heavy as a mountain, but we hate ourselves for not being able to return the favor. Even more, our women's beauty can't even enter Benefactor's eyes, therefore… after we consider the past cause and future effect, we can only present this thing to benefactor. We wish benefactor would accept it."

The village head Yanzi devoutly knelt in front of Wang Lu while holding a piece of broken slab. Its surface originally depicted mysterious and profound patterns, but now, after enduring years of wind and frost, its original appearance could no longer be seen.

"This is an array diagram obtained by chance coincidence by the ancestors of Peach Garden Village. Legend has it that it was an inheritance left by an immortal from heaven. It is extremely powerful that even ordinary people could use it. It was also because of this that we were able to survive the oppression from the demons of Black Wind Mountain. Although this array diagram is already old and has lost most of its effectiveness, I think it might be a bit of use by Benefactor."

Upon hearing these words from Yanzi, Tiandao Lan and the other girls turned solemn. This array diagram was not only useful… This was probably the most important treasure! Able to be used by an ordinary mortal and still could resist the horde of the Black Wind Mountain demons even after the vast majority of its power has been lost. At present in Nine Regions, it was definitely categorized as a high rank array. Even if it was not that priceless, such a treasure was still considered rare in the beginning part of the group of immortal tombs. And for disciples of Yin and Yang School, it was even more precious.

Who knew Wang Lu actually shook his head. "This array diagram is a legacy left behind by the ancestors of Peach Garden Village, but this is also an important guarantee for the survival and reproduction of this village. Although it has been corroded by the demons of Black Wind Mountain, if placed in the spot where the Feng Shui Lines converge and kept warmth, it could slowly recover. How could we take away such a treasure?"

Upon hearing these words, Tiandao Lan was simply stunned. "Wang Lu, what, what are you doing?"

After all of the previous investments, he would just give up the harvest? If they were not aware that Wang Lu has several female confidantes these several years, Tiandao Lan would've really suspected that Wang Lu has already fallen in love with this beautiful and mature Yanzi, to the extent that she would've believed the rumor that said the lead disciple of Spirit Sword Sect was trying to be on good terms with everyone.

Wang Lu, of course, was not someone who wanted to be on good terms with everyone. It was just that, as the map holder, he guessed that the structure of this immortal dream land was more complex than what people expected. Anyone knew that the more you invest in the immortal dream land, the more harvest that you will reap. However, the question was, when were you going to invest and when were you going to harvest? If when the time of harvest you still threw in some investment, then you would simply lose everything. In Tiandao Lan's view, after helping the village repel the Black Wind Mountain demons, and then helping the village to complete the reproduction program, the investment that they threw in should be enough. However, in Wang Lu's view, things were not that simple.

However, after seeing that Wang Lu was determined to refuse the village's array diagram, she felt both 'what a pity' and also 'luckily'. This array diagram was really important to the Peach Garden Village. If it was really given away, in the future, the village's safety would be threatened. It was just that the Peach Garden Village people thought that the grace given to them was as heavy as a mountain that they really couldn't think of a better way to repay it!

"A good life is the best repayment," Wang Lu lightly said, and then made his last investment. "A decade, a hundred years, or even a millennium, I want you all to seriously live a good life and multiply. Let Peach Garden Village become the real master of this place."

Upon hearing Wang Lu's encouragement, Yanzi was immediately filled with excitement that she continued to kneel and bow on the ground. "Benefactor has commanded it, everyone in Peach Garden Village must remember it in their heart! We must also industriously cultivate hard the immortal method passed on by Benefactor, even though our aptitude is not up to par!"

With that, she suddenly put down the headscarf that wrapped her head and respectfully handed it to Wang Lu.

"Benefactor, this is a keepsake left behind by the ancestors of Peach Blossom Village. Although it has no miraculous effect, it is actually the village head token that has been passed down from generation to generation. I wish to present this thing to you. If in the future there is something that you want us to do, even if Peach Blossom Village has to go through water and tread on fire, we will not hesitate!"

Wang Lu was stunned for a moment but immediately nodded in appreciation. "You are indeed informed and tactful. No wonder you can become the village head."

For Wang Lu, the willingness of a mere Peach Garden Village to go through water and tread on fire for him was really insignificant. However, Yanzi also promised him that the Peach Garden Village would multiply and grow until it has the qualification to do something for the benefactor. If accounted for the future of Peach Garden Village, then this thing was indeed very valuable. After all, Yanzi didn't know that she was just a fictional character in an immortal dream land, thus, the weight of this commitment was actually heavier than the previous array diagram.

However, while nodding, Wang Lu was also puzzled, thinking, then what?

According to the map that he held, he vaguely guessed that the harvest in Peach Garden Village should be more than just an ancient array diagram. However, from a rational point of view, among the thirty-six chains at the front, how much magical content was reserved for cultivators below Jindan? That ancient array diagram was already a pleasant surprise because its grade seemed to approach that of spiritual treasure. If he brought it back and let the Elders of Heavenly Sword Hall restore it, it would definitely be ranked as a low rank spiritual treasure. Moreover, previously, when the Jindan Stage Qiong Hua entered the group of immortal treasures, she only got a few low level spiritual treasures, which if compared to Wang Lu, was already astonishing. And Peach Garden Village has basically given him the future of the village, what else could they give him?

Rationally, when Yanzi offered him the array diagram, he should've just taken it. It was just that, Wang Lu resolutely tried to gamble. But now, it seemed like he was in an awkward position of not knowing what to do despite this should be his harvest time.

Was his judgment wrong?

Just as Wang Lu was considering the adjustment of strategy, he suddenly heard a girl's exclamation voice from beside him, "Isn't this the Heavenly Silk Headcover?"

Immediately, the rest of the girls of Yin and Yang School exclaimed one after the other, "It's true! It's exactly the same as the picture in the book!"

"This is indeed the sect's most precious thing, the Heavenly Silk Headcover, which has been lost for many years. But, how could it be here?"

"I remember Master taught me that Heavenly Silk Headcover is an important part of the Nichang 1 feather dress. Not only it has magical effects, it is also an important token of the sect. It's just that, it has been lost a long time ago and never been recovered. But… how could it appear here?"

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu was startled. This Group Of Immortal Tombs was different than the Golden King's Treasure House. He never heard it could collect the lost treasures in the world. As a matter of fact, its principle was that, the treasures were autonomously generated at the immortal dream land. If this headscarf was accidentally obtained by the ancestors of the Yin and Yang School in immortal dream land, then it would be reasonable. However, now the causal relationship was obviously reversed.

Regardless of how he thought about it, Wang Lu was unable to crack it. Therefore, he simply took the headscarf and asked, "Take a closer look, is this really the treasure of your Yin and Yang Sect?"

However, just as Wang Lu grasped the headscarf, time seemed to stop, everything beside him was completely stationary. The village head Yanzi and the petals that rose upward in the Peach Garden Village blown by the spring breeze were all motionless. Only he and the four girls as outsiders who were looking around in confusion.

The next moment, time resumed its flow. However this time, it was accelerated by billions of times. Wang Lu and the others seemed to be separated, and he could only look helplessly at the rapid change around him. He was like a bystander who has renounced society and lived alone.

They saw that after receiving the support from Wang Lu and the others, Peach Garden Village quickly went on the right track. The inheritance of Yin and Yang School was passed to everyone in the village, and through Wang Lu's artificial spirit roots, there was finally the first group of cultivators within the village.

One of the fastest to enter the path of immortal cultivation was the village woman Yanzi. Her perception surpassed that of the others, plus she was the ordinary mortal who controlled the ancient array diagram. Moreover, after receiving the artificial spirit root, she painstakingly cultivated, plus this place was rich in spiritual energy and also had a good Feng Shui. Because of all of these, with her insignificant Nine Yin Spirit Root qualification, a century later, she actually managed to break through the Jindan Stage.

And by that time, Peach Garden Village has become an important force in the mountain. And after a century of reproduction, the original village population of several hundred people has increased by more than tenfold, and there were many who were born with natural spirit root—the probability of the birth of natural spirit root in this mountain seemed to be far higher than that of Nine Regions.

And seeing this, Wang Lu's complexion drastically changed. He quickly showed a look of disbelief.

"This, this is impossible!"

Tiandao Lan and the others have yet to realize what Wang Lu saw. They just guessed that Wang Lu's reaction stemmed from the realization that, after seeing the fast forward story, it meant that this story had ended. The four of them, after accompanying Wang Lu all the way, and after all of that, it was ultimately for nothing? Then… After suffering such a setback, Wang Lu should be very upset, and if they suddenly swoop in, perhaps the could get what they wished...

And just at this time, Tiandao Lan finally also found the problem. She stood up, gently covered her small mouth, and then exclaimed, "My god, that, that is Yin and Yang Armillary Sphere!"

Her several Junior Sisters then also cast their gaze one by one. They saw in the place that was once the location of Peach Garden Village, the village girl Yanzi—who was already a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage, with a solemn expression, was refining a huge statue of thirty meters high. And from the outside, it clearly looked like it has eighty to ninety percent similarity to that of the peak spiritual treasure of Yin and Yang Armillary Sphere which was the treasure in the main mountain of Yin and Yang School!

Although the thing refined by a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage could not be compared with the current Yin and Yang Armillary Sphere, this was clearly the prototype of the real Armillary!

"How, how could it be here…"

By now, even the most insensitive Li Qingci has also guessed the meaning of the scene before her. The girl stared with eyes opened wide and jaw slackened, in utter shock, and her mind went completely blank.

The next moment, the flow of time suddenly slowed down. In Peach Garden Village, with a happy expression, Yanzi wiped the sweat from her forehead, looking very pleased at the colossus before her.

"From now on, we truly have our own school, our own root."

Beside her, several young female cultivators curiously asked, "Sister Yanzi, are we going to set up a school? Is it Peach Garden School?"

Yanzi shook her head. "For our Peach Garden Village to have today's situation, it's all because of the gifts from Benefactors a century ago. We must not forget the source of all of this. The method taught by Benefactors is called Yin and Yang, and all of our achievements are also based on this, so we would name it Yin and Yang School."


Along with that voice, the immortal dream land also broke into numerous fragments.

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