Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 383: It Is Already Not Important Whether the Story Is True or False

Chapter 383: It Is Already Not Important Whether the Story Is True or False

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"Looking at your face, it seems like you have some problem with my high strategy?"

Seeing the livid face of King Yunyang, Wang Lu unexpectedly said, "Yes, although this method can work theoretically, in order to ensure that the princess can conceive and give birth within a year, she must have frequent intercourses. Coupled with her now weak physique, the pregnancy would be difficult. And with her life hanging on my elixir, it would be even worse, so for her to be able to successfully conceive, she would have to have intercourse day and night, not resting for a moment. I can understand your aversion to this as a father who loves his daughter, and it is quite counterintuitive. And if you find it hard to accept, I am not surprised either."

King Yunyang was silent for a long time, and then asked in a hoarse voice, "If-if that were to happen, after she gives birth to a child, what… what is going to happen to Yunyue?"

Wang Lu said, "Naturally she would die. Moreover, it might happen before the one year is over. The pain of childbirth alone is enough to kill her. But for the royal bloodline, this is nothing."

"How could it be nothing?" King Yunyang uttered a low roar, "She is my only family!"

"After the birth of the child, wouldn't you have another one? So cheer up a bit." Wang Lu lightly said, "Or do you want to try that Ten Thousand Spirit Blood?"

King Yunyang's whole body trembled, thinking that the young cultivator seemed to have seen through his secret.

"Immortal, actually… actually, I already…"

Wang Lu smiled. "Actually, you have already dispatched people to collect the Ten Thousand Spirit Blood?"

With just that word, King Yunyang unexpectedly found that his legs suddenly weakened. Indeed he was the sovereign of a country, but in front of an immortal path cultivator, there was no different between a king and an ant. If this cultivator wanted to uphold the uprightness and punish the evil, he...

"As a matter of fact, in my travel, I always don't like to deal with the kings and emperors in mortal world. However, when I was at the foot of the Fog Root Mountain, I saw this savage act that makes one's hair stand up in anger. And when I looked for clues, I eventually ended up here. However, here, unexpectedly, the heavy inauspicious influence is not less than that in the Fog Root Mountain, so I thought that there might be something going on here… I have been waiting for you to admit this matter, to see if you are worthy of my help. In the end, though you hesitated, you finally have the courage to tell me the truth. In return for this, for the time being, I will not hold you for your crime of civilian killing."

Just as King Yunyang felt a bit relieved and somewhat in a daze, Wang Lu's face sank. "King Yunyang, who taught you to collect the Ten Thousand Spirit Blood?"

"It's, it's a wandering monk…"

"A wandering monk?" Wang Lu sneered. "Using the Ten Thousand Spirit Blood to treat the illness from the rotten corpse grass, even if it's me, if I didn't know it before hand, I wouldn't be able to think about it for a little while. Yet, a wandering Daoist Priest is able to think about it! King Yunyang, what else has he left here, let me have a look at it."

If Wang Lu merely showed up at the door and asked something from King Yunyang, King Yunyang would unavoidably hesitate. After all, the wandering Taoist Priest had come and shown his prestige first. However, after several rounds of tricks, Wang Lu had vaguely established a prestige that was higher than that of the wandering Taoist Priest, which made King Yunyang more inclined to believe him.Thus, in order to save his daughter's life, King Yunyang disregarded the exhortation from the wandering Taoist Priest by spilling the beans on everything, including giving the prescription that was left behind to Wang Lu.

Seeing the prescription, Wang Lu's complexion gradually turned solemn. Noticing this, King Yunyan was immediately worried, so he asked, "Is there a problem with the prescription?"

Wang Lu said, "The prescription itself is fine, it's even quite good. The problem is the piece of paper where the prescription is written at."

"This piece of paper?" King Yunyang doubtfully said, "This piece of paper came from my study room, could it be…"

"Do you even need to ask this? He has cast a spell on this paper." Wang Lu somewhat impatiently pinched the paper where the prescription was written. "Everything within the radius of three hundred meters from this paper could be seen in panoramic view by that Taoist Priest. At the same time, he has also put a trace of his primordial spirit in this, so if needed, at any time, he can send his avatar. If he is like you say just floated away after leaving this paper, no longer involved with the cause and effect of this, then how do you explain this piece of paper?"

Wang Lu sneered and then burned the piece of paper into ashes.

"Although currently there is not enough evidence, with several guesses, I think I have understood the whole picture."

King Yunyang eagerly asked, "Please enlighten me!"

"I repeat, at present, I do not have a reliable evidence, all of these are just my personal speculation. First, the rotting corpse grass is not a simple spirit grass. It must be grown on the remains of a fine spiritual being. Moreover, it has to go through a special method to grow. If it were to grow naturally, it needed to grow on the carcass of upper-class spiritual creature such as dragons. But in your little Cloud Country, how could it have the blessings as the place where there is the remain of the finest spiritual being?"

King Yunyang exclaimed, "Are you saying that the rotten corpse grass is artificially grown?"

"Then do you think the common people on the Fog Root Mountain know how to grow this rotten corpse grass?" Wang Lu's smile turned colder and colder. "Even if I have to grow this rotten corpse grass, I still need to spend some time, much less those ordinary mortals!"

King Yunyang was, after all, the king of a country. As soon as he made the connections on all of those threads, his face gradually turned pale.

Wang Lu said, "The villagers might have accidentally found this spirit grass on Fog Root Mountain, but it's not natural for them to come up with the idea to use it as a tea and also offer it to the royal family. It is likely that someone is aiding and abetting them and it is this person who grows the rotten corpse grass. Unfortunately, the villagers at the Fog Root Mountain have already been killed by your own guards, so it is impossible to ask for clues. Of course, even if you don't make your move, I believe that person would also use spells to eliminate his traces. In short, this rotten corpse grass was intentionally delivered to your hand, and your reaction was also included in that person's calculation."

King Yunyang said, "Is the person that Immortal suspect… that Taoist Priest?"

"He appeared at the right time, and with the right prescription, how could there be so many coincidences in this world?"

"But, why would he do that? I'm just a king in the world of mortals, what are the benefits for doing this?"

"The benefits are that it could let you do things all wrong, the affairs of the nation ruined, and people fall into a terrible situation. You can kill one village for the ten thousand spirit blood today, meaning that your hands are already bloody. Tomorrow, you will be able to slaughter a city, and then the whole country would be in rebellion. The royal blood will wither as long as you die, and the Cloud Country will have no peaceful days anymore. By then, naturally many monsters and demons would ravage the country. However, pain and evil are precisely good nourishment for some cultivators. In the war-torn country, there will be an opportunity to refine a million spirit blood, and the tens of millions of citizens of your Cloud Country can also be refined into powerful corpse soldiers. Moreover, if a peaceful and prosperous country like this Cloud Country of yours can be capsized in a short amount of time, the atmosphere of chaos during that time is the best tonic for that kind of cultivators."

King Yunyang wryly smiled and said, "For immortals, it would be a breeze to destroy my cloud country, why would there be so many twists and turns?"

Wang Lu said, "Yes, if a cultivator wants to be evil, the mortal world is powerless to resist. However, because of this, the cultivators are very vigilant. If someone is bullying the common people, doing all kinds of evil, then many other cultivators would rally to deal with that person. And under the collaboration of many upright cultivators, any monster or demon would be annihilated. However, conversely, if the ordinary people bring chaos upon themselves, then even if there are killings and loss of life, we will not meddle too much. Immortal path is different than that of mortal, this is the basic principle for cultivators."

King Yunyang was silent for a long time before he nodded with much difficulty, finally accepting Wang Lu's explanation.

"But, to say more is only my personal guess. So you better ask the other party yourself."

With that, Wang Lu stretched out his foot and stepped on the paper that has been burned into ashes.

Suddenly, an angry voice rang up, "Who are you? After destroying my spell, you even dare to trace the root and injure my primordial spirit!"

Then, the ashes of the paper seemed to be wrapped by an invisible force. It rose up and, like a mist, formed a strange face.

"Ah, it turns out it's a small character of Xudan Stage. When your sect sent you to do experiential learning, didn't they teach you that there are people that you couldn't provoke?"

As the black-ash face began to speak, an invisible wave spread throughout the room. King Yunyan was struck by the wave and immediately fell down without saying a word. The breathing of the lying asleep Yunyue even somewhat slowed a bit.

However, when the invisible wave touched Wang Lu, it was like being cut by countless sharp sword tips. The black-ash face muffled a grunt, revealing a slightly pained expression.

"It turns out you have a protective magical treasure from your sect, no wonder you're so insolent… kid, for the sake of your sect, I will forgive this one offense of yours. If you want to keep your life, quickly leave Cloud Country, otherwise…"

"Then come at me, idiot."

Wang Lu lightly said, which immediately made the black-ash face tongue-tied.

A moment later, from consternation, the face gradually turned into anger. It ferociously said, "Reckless thing, do you know who is my superior is?"

Wang Lu sighed. "Although I don't know who your superior is, I know that you're just a lackey. Humph, I originally thought that dealing with you can end this plot. It seems like there are more twists and turns, it's really troublesome."

Upon hearing this, that black-ash face was stunned, and then guffawed. However, just as it laughed, it was immediately suppressed by Non-Phase Sword Qi and completely faded away.

At this time, the room fell into silence once more. Wang Lu was silent for a long time, trying to playback everything that happened in his mind and then made a conclusion.

This should be a chain that emphasized fighting because from the beginning, there is only one single plot. When appearing at the Fog Root Mountain and meeting the soldiers of King Yunyang, any normal people would stop the massacre, and then ask the head soldier about the cause of the massacre. After understanding about the ten thousand spirit blood, pursuing it to the Yunyang Palace is the next logical step. Then, after understanding the existence of the wandering Taoist Priest, the easy next step is to get rid of the evil to defend the upright path.

This was nothing more than speed issue. For an expert in overcoming a hurdle like Wang Lu, with almost no detour, he directly found the Taoist Priest. If it were other people, they might suffer setbacks along the way. If someone was particularly stupid, perhaps that someone would directly kill King Yunyang, leaving the Taoist Priest continuing to hide behind the scene. But that possibility was not very big.

Emphasizing fighting… through the situation just now, the strength of that person should be low level Jindan, but the strength of his superior was more unpredictable.

"But, it's only a single line story, how difficult it would be?"

Speaking to this, Wang Lu's gaze slightly turned and saw the lying unconscious Princess Yunyue, and he could not help but laugh in spite trying not to.

"This time, I have the support from an alien teammate."

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