Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 384: Fiercely Fighting the Tentacle Monster

Chapter 384: Fiercely Fighting the Tentacle Monster

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As a professional, when exploring in the Immortal Dream Land, Wang Lu was more inclined to take the initiative.

When he found the wandering Daoist Priest's trail in Yunyang Palace, although there was no further clues, Wang Lu quickly found out that person's origin.

Since he had understood the intention behind all of this was to induce King Yunyang to become a tyrant, then by inferring in reverse, at this point the person behind all of this should be in the palace, and from only a few places...

And from these few places, the royal tomb was undoubtedly the first choice. The dozens of generations of the kings of Cloud Country were buried here, guarding the prosperous and beautiful country after death. And the ancient monument that symbolized the glory of Cloud Country stood erect in front of the royal tomb. Once the country changed, it was the first to bear the brunt.

Wang Lu rushed to the royal tomb and found out that a change has already happened. The soldiers guarding the area were obviously affected by a spell. Their faces were pale and stiff; without exception, they kept the inflexible appearance.

In fact, as the army guarding the royal tomb, they were the finest elite of the kingdom, determined, loyal, fully aware of what they were responsible for, and when they arrived here, they have already regarded themselves as a dead person. At the same time, living near the royal tomb for long periods of time inevitably caused these soldiers to become infected with a bit of cadaverous aura.

Such troops were the most stable and most frightening. Even the team sent by King Yunyang to slaughter people could not be compared with the troops guarding the mausoleum. However, in the eyes of cultivators, the combat strength of ordinary mortals was immaterial. The more important thing was, these troops were simply the best material for the corpse soldiers.

With Wang Lu's eyesight, he was able to clearly see that they have been under a brilliant spell. Although the traces of the spell's effects were intentionally hidden, they could not be hidden from Wang Lu's eyes. At this time, these soldiers were still alive and have not been converted into corpse soldiers, however, it was highly likely that this status would not last long. Right now, they were already in a critical state, as long as the spell caster applied a password, they could rapidly complete their transformation.

And through this, he could also see that the wandering Daoist Priest has basically completed all the preparatory work. It could be said that he was only waiting for the right opportunity. Were it not for Wang Lu who stumbled here, the collapse of the Cloud Country could happen in a single night.

And by this point, the other party was certainly unable to reconcile to this. Therefore, even if that person knew that he was a disciple of a prestigious sect, that person would not back down and instead would fight tooth and nail.

Sure enough, when Wang Lu really stepped into the boundary of the royal tomb, a sorrowful Yin voice sounded in his ear.

"I knew a disciple from a prestigious sect like you is very much fond of showing off. You think that since you have a profound cultivation base and magical treasure as a protection, you can go anywhere unhindered. And you especially like slaying demons, as if the world's evil sects and devil cultivators were just fish on the chopping block, completely at your mercy."

That voice was erratic, coming from left but suddenly appeared on the right. However, the malice from the tone of the voice was overflowing like a surging tide.

"But you don't know that in our eyes, that isn't really it? When I first began to cultivate, I heard enough of the story of an evil genius who slaughtered righteous idiots like you. In fact, over the years, the upright path cultivators who died in our hands were countless. Twenty years ago, I personally captured a female cultivator who just entered the Jindan Stage but didn't know the immensity of heaven and earth. Can you guess how I concocted her?"

Originally, Wang Lu couldn't care less for this ghostly voice, but when he heard the last part, he could not help but laugh, "An idiot who displays his meager skill before an expert, do you know who you are showing off your tiny skill to?"

With that, he finally locked the opponent's position. The Sword of Mount Kun flew out. Although the power was not big, it flew as fast as lightning toward the tallest structure at the royal tomb, which was the ancient monument of Cloud Country.

The ancient monument of Cloud Country was the country treasure. Its majesty was even higher than the current king of Cloud Country. Any person could not subject it to any blasphemy. However, at this time, a person in black clothing and stooped stature was actually standing on the ancient monument, not in the least bit respectful.

In the face of the flying sword attack, he let out a strange laugh and released a ball of fire wisp with a wave of his hand toward the Sword of Mount Kun.

That fire wisp was a malicious demonic fire that he refined by chance coincidence. It was full of corrosive Yin energy. For a person's body, it would be like a highly toxic pus. For magical treasures, it could pollute its power, greatly damaging that magical treasure. This fire wisp was a very effective tool employed by devil cultivators against upright path cultivators. Twenty years ago, he managed to capture an upright path female cultivator because her magical treasure was was polluted by the fire wisp, and thus carelessly defeated.

And this evil cultivator—seeing that Wang Lu's magical treasure was formidable, though he didn't know that it has reached the level of spiritual treasure and how it was only sent flying straight at him without changing its path at all—thought that it was just a simple target.

In fact, Wang Lu's ability to hurt his opponent was not strong. With his cultivation base of Peak Xudan Stage, in fact, he could barely control the smooth flight of the flying sword, which was completely without any lethality compared to others with the same cultivation base as him.

However, Wang Lu also needed not bother to control the flying sword. The Sword of Mount Kun belonged to spiritual treasure level weapon. The sword spirit Autumn Beam has been painstakingly cultivating for more than a thousand years. In the ancient sword tomb, she managed to have an opportunity to breakthrough the bottleneck. Right now, even if she acted independently without her master's control, she could still let out a very strong action force. Seeing the several balls of malicious demonic fires before her, she directly turned sideway and continued to rush toward that black clad evil cultivator.

That evil cultivator was surprised. When he released the several balls of fire wisp, it seemed like he sent them in a hurry, but it was actually carefully calculated by him; they could perfectly block the flying path of the flying sword. However, the flying sword steered away. It was very flexible and incredibly quick. It directly drew several arcs as it flew to bypass those fire wisps and then threw itself at him!

Seeing that the flying sword was already very close to him, the evil cultivator finally somewhat panicked. Compared to the upright path cultivators, the means of evil cultivators were more weird and varied, but in a head on straightforward clash, they were not the opponent of the upright path cultivators.

Although his own cultivation base was obviously higher than that of the opponent, in a direct engagement, he didn't have the means to ensure victory. The story about the upright path cultivators who managed to defeat evil cultivators with higher cultivation base in just a single move might not just a mere story… Let alone this flying sword was really mysterious, absolutely far from ordinary. If he were to be hit directly by it, it would be difficult for him to not have his soul flies away and scatters.

Thereupon, he gritted his teeth and waved out a three-meter tall and twelve to fifteen meters wide wall of fire. This wall of fire seemed ordinary, but it was actually the combination of the rest of his fire wisps. By letting them all out simultaneously together, he seemed to want to gamble.

In this fight, from the start, he soon fell into a disadvantageous position. If he didn't make a comeback as soon as possible and just let the opponent continuously press him, he probably would suffer a crushing defeat. The method most liked by the upright path cultivators was exactly this suppressive fighting method. After all, they were better at frontal fighting, while the evil cultivators were good at surprise attacks. This wall of fire was exactly his capital to make a comeback.

If the other party was determined to hit the wall head on, even a spiritual treasure would be greatly damaged. And when the magical treasure was damaged, it would inevitably have damaging effect to its master. Then he would have the chance to reverse the situation.

However, what happened next was once again beyond his control. Just as he released the wall of fire, he immediately saw a blur of change. That simple and heavy yet incredibly sensitive flying sword suddenly became a red-white robed young man. And that young man was not afraid of the power of the fire wisp as he directly touched that wall of fire.

The evil cultivator didn't have the time to congratulate himself for meeting an uppity opponent as he saw the malicious evil fire in front of him suddenly turn erratic and then lung toward him as if it was overwhelmed by an irresistible force.

This change came too quickly. In his astonished eyes, the evil cultivator was already surrounded by the fire wisps. He then successively cast out three spells, yet they couldn't stop the incoming wisps of fire. Eventually, he watched in desperation as the malicious evil fire devoured him, turning him into a pool of pus liquid in a flash.

After using his Non-Phase Nameless Sword to rebound the fire wisps, Wang Lu took a deep breath and calmed the shock to his Jade Mansion. What happened just now was tantamount to eating the full power strike of a Jindan Stage evil cultivator, so the taste was indeed not so pleasant.

Of course, if he were just a disciple of an ordinary sect, it might not just be a 'not so pleasant' feeling. Perhaps the malicious evil fire would've directly burned his body. However, Wang Lu didn't feel like this was something worth to be proud of.

After all, he merely killed a family dog, the real master was still hiding behind, and that would undoubtedly be a bitter battle. Against a family dog, Wang Lu could simply steamroll his opponent, dispatching the opponent in just three strikes. However, if the opponent was an evil cultivator elder with even higher cultivation base and adept at strange pervasive method, Wang Lu had to be careful to cope with it.

Thinking to this, Wang Lu could not help but sigh with emotion at this immortal dream land that emphasized fighting. Solely on this black clad evil cultivator alone, the fighting capacity was already equivalent to that thousands upon thousands of demons and monsters that looked like a black cloud at peach blossom village. While the immortal dream land of that peach garden village was done as a five-person team, this Cloud Country was done as a solo run.

Amidst his pondering, Wang Lu suddenly felt a tremor from under his feet, as if something was about to emerge.

He sneered and stepped right on top of it, only to feel as if there was a volcanic crater that was about to erupt right under his foot. An enormous irresistible force gushed out.

However, Wang Lu refused to back down even half a step. He took a deep breath and circulated all of his magical power. The two hundred and six Non-Phase Sword Bones shone brightly under the command of the Emperor Bone and the simple and thick Sword of Mount Kun was firmly pointing down toward the ground. Then he launched his famous three feet sword defense, which abruptly pushed back the 'volcano'.

The next moment, three hundred meters before him, a thick and giant tentacle shot up towards the sky. Its tip was badly mangled and poisonous pus blood fell down like a rain. It seemed like the damage was not light. At the same time, a gloomy voice floated around.

"Good kid, this motionless like a mountain move is indeed somewhat on point. Unfortunately, you're still too young!"

With that, the ground trembled, and then, one, two… a total of ten blood red tentacles shot up from the ground, reaching into midair.

Just now, it was quite hard for Wang Lu to fend off that one tentacle. If these ten tentacles came at him at once, he would be forced into a dead end. However, seeing this scene, Wang Lu instead calmed down.

"Using corpse beast to capture corpse people? By the shape of these tentacles, are they the result of the crossbreeding with the ancient huge earthworm? Unfortunately, the corpses of such a high grade huge earthworm were turned into this kind of neither fish nor fowl thing by you. Looks like you're a Peak Jindan right? Tsk, I thought I would meet a Yuanying Stage opponent, but in the end, it's still a small fry."

The person who drove the corpse beast maliciously laughed and said, "It doesn't need a Yuanying to deal with a kid who doesn't know the immensity of heaven and earth like you. A Peak Jindan is enough."

"Yes, there is a large number of formidable people in the world. And Jindan Stage that can easily crush me is indeed many. But no one is as waste as you!"

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