Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 385: The Emphasize of This Test Is Fighting!?

Chapter 385: The Emphasize of This Test Is Fighting!?

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Bickering with Wang Lu was honestly a foolish thing to do. Perhaps he was not necessarily the first in the world in terms of scolding, but almost none in a hundred people could compare to him. At the very least, the person who drove the giant corpse worm, in just a few word exchanges with Wang Lu, has already felt that his evil fire was about to well up, thus unable to say anything anymore.

Since talking was out of the picture, naturally, the only thing left was fighting. From mid air, the ten tentacles swoop down, trying to crush the small young cultivator with great mountain-like pressure.

Wang Lu was without haste as he shrunk sword defense radius by a foot and subsequently, the simple but deep Non-Phase Sword Qi became more compact and solid.

The three feet sword defense was the distance Wang Lu was most adept at, with strong defensive power and range. However, when the defensive range was reduced by a notch, the defensive power would be lifted also by a notch. However, this kind of entrenched posture made him very passive, it wasn't agile or mobile at all.

However, in the face of a powerful and overbearing opponent, Wang Lu also didn't need mobility. As long as he increased his defensive power to the extreme, he would witness a miracle.

As the ten tentacles fell from the sky, the corpse person who drove the corpse worm was amazed to find that Wang Lu unexpectedly did not dodge at all, but just let the tentacles fall upon his body.

This kid is dead , He thought.

The first reaction by the corpse person was to check the mustard seed bag on the body of his target to see if there were any good magical treasure in it. However, he quickly found out that things were not like what he expected. From the tactile sense of the tentacles, he found that the young man's resistance was actually exceptionally tenacious.

Of course, there was nothing unusual about this. The upright path cultivators, especially their elite disciples, would always have several life-saving magical treasures with them. Moreover, even though he had ten tentacles, the power that he could use against Wang Lu was not really ten times as much as one tentacle. Because the tentacles were too large, when they bombarded Wang Lu, at most, they could only touch Wang Lu with one or two tips of the tentacles. The rest of the tentacles could only be used to cover any of Wang Lu's escape route.

Wang Lu being able to withstand the first round of bombardment was not strange, and also not worth caring for. Because the ten tentacles could take turns in the bombardment, even after one hundred round of successive bombardment, they would not get tired. Meanwhile, no matter how powerful a Xudan Stage disciple that relied on magical treasures was, he could not possibly withstand one hundred rounds of continuous bombardment. The big gap between Peak Jindan and Peak Xudan was something that was not easy to cross.

Out of caution, the corpse person didn't get too close to Wang Lu. Just now, he saw that his own servant died a tragic death. The young man has a magical flying sword and a spell that could make him instantly appear on the flying sword, as well as an invincible close combat magical treasure. As a Peak Jindan Stage, he did not want to die like his subordinate.

Therefore, when the ten tentacles came together to continuously bombard that young man, only two were really used for attack. The other eight were used to seal off his flying sword. The corpse person then found out that Wang Lu was, in fact, trapped in the tentacles formation. However, he soon found out that his most proud of giant corpse worm actually did nothing to that young man. The other side just simply held the sword in front of his body, and the two feet area around him became like an indestructible fortress, isolating all the attacks on the outside.

One time, two times… one hundred times, two hundred times, until it became difficult for the ten tentacles to recover the damage caused by the collision. Yet, Wang Lu was still standing, and his breathing was even smooth and long, looking very comfortable and without any distress at all.

The corpse person could hardly believe his eyes.

Was this guy really just a Peak Xudan? If it was another person, even if it was another Jindan Stage cultivator, that person's physique would still shake and Jade Mansion crack. Yet that young man was safe and sound, and he did not seem to rely on a magical treasure but purely by his own method!

After hundreds of successive bombardment, in theory, even a tall mountain could crack and collapse. However, everything within the two feet radius around Wang Lu and his sword, even the ground under his feet, did not have any impact at all. All the impact from the giant tentacles was completely absorbed and dissolved!

This perfect and invincible sword defense was simply unheard of, utterly shocking! The corpse person hesitated for a moment and then decided not to dwell on it.

Although up to now, he was mainly on the offensive and the opponent was mainly on the defensive, but what he was most afraid of was that long delay would usually lead to many problems. He did not want to compete in endurance with this exceptionally strong kid. Moreover, their long battle has already alarmed a lot of people. Although the army guarding the royal tomb could be fully converted into a corpse army, thus would not leak this battle, however, some civilians around the royal tomb might feel the shaking of the ground or hear the noises and find that there were anomalies.

It was impossible for a person to drive a worm to kill all the people within hundreds of miles of radius, and once the matter was discovered, the righteous cultivators would come, and he would be in a very deep trouble. The royal tomb of Cloud Country was not a good battlefield, and he also didn't want to expose his real strength here. Fortunately, he already did most of the preparatory work, so even if he discarded this royal tomb, his plan could still continue.

"Young man, be proud of your luck, but I have remembered the smell of your magical power. From today onward, you will never have a peaceful day. Whenever nightfall comes, and you close your eyes to meditate, you need to watch out, or else my baby will silently bite off your throat…"

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu's countenance truly changed.

Of course, he wasn't worried about the threat to him. First, in his practice to reach the Jindan Stage, Wang Lu's Non-Phase Method has already reached the small stage perfection, meaning that his magical power constantly sheltered his body, protecting him. Thus, sneak attack was meaningless. Second, the corpse was just an illusion puppet in the immortal dream land, so this long term threat was simply a joke.

However, those words meant that the corpse person now has the initiative to retreat. And if he let him retreat, how could he find him next? If he couldn't find him, how could he get rid of him to smoothly pass the test? Wang Lu didn't intend to spend too much time in this immortal dream land.

However, just as Wang Lu felt a headache, a dull and angry voice stirred the royal tomb.

"Who dares to disturb my slumber?"

When the voice swept over him, Wang Lu's countenance greatly changed because that voice has actually caused a slight tremble in his Jade Mansion, and with his current realm, that was almost impossible.

The next moment, before he could think of anything, Wang Lu heard a pitiful scream. Just now, that person who drove the corpse seemed to see something incredibly terrifying that he suffered great pain and torture.

"No! No!"

After two simple 'no' words, the person who drove the corpse went into silence. And the tentacles that trapped Wang Lu suddenly turned wild. They fiercely jerked away from him and burrowed back into the ground, as if they were trying to escape from an ancient beast.

Unfortunately, their movements were too slow.

"Filthy beasts, how dare you appear in my territory!"

The ten tentacles were suddenly startled in mid-air, as if they were swept by an invisible force. Soon, the outer skin of the tentacles was infected with a layer of grim gray color, and then their swift action became sluggish. A moment later, fine sand and gravel dropped from the tentacles, and the whole tentacles disintegrated, becoming cracked stones.

This was a soul-stirring scene to Wang Lu. The strength of any one of these corpse worms, crossbreed from the ancient great worm, was comparable to that of a Jindan, but now they were just quietly turned into stone, depleted of vitality!

Who was that angry voice in the royal tomb? Since it was so easy for it to crush a Peak Jindan Stage cultivator, how strong was the owner of that voice?

Was this really an experiential learning for a Xudan Stage in the immortal dream land? Was the person responsible for setting up the formation that generated the immortal dream land accidentally used the wrong script?

No matter how confident Wang Lu was, he also realized that the owner of this voice was not an opponent that he could match. Thus, he immediately wanted to withdraw.

Unfortunately, he was still a few steps late. Just as he moved for several steps, a terrifying aura dropped from the sky. Wang Lu felt that his Immortal Heart in his Jade Mansion seemed to freeze, and his magical power would not listen to his command.

"Is that you who awoken me?"

Obviously, nothing was beside him, but that sound exploded out of thin air right next to Wang Lu's ears. Even when Wang Lu had tried to resist it with his Non-Phase Sword Qi, his ears were still inevitably shocked that they bled.

Facing this terrifying voice, on the one hand, Wang Lu suppressed the turbulence in his Jade Mansion and body, while at the same time, his mind ran full speed in thinking, trying to come up with countermeasures. He gritted his teeth and then asked, "Who… are you?"

"Me? I am the master of this land. You are standing on my territory, yet you don't know who I am?"

While it spoke, the terrifying wave was getting closer and closer. Wang Lu felt that every bone in his body quivered. If he was just any other ordinary Xudan Stage Cultivator, that roar alone would've instantly evaporated his flesh and blood, causing him to die an unspeakable death. And by relying on his Non-Phase Method, Wang Lu managed to hold on, yet it was just barely.

"I am just a cultivator who happens to pass by, do I have to know who you are?"

"A cultivator who happens to pass by?"

Wang Lu's answer did not lead to a more intense anger, but instead, it made that voice fell into doubt. "Just passing by?"

At the same time, Wang Lu felt that the pressure on him began to ease. That voice seemed to carefully examine Wang Lu. "Since you're just passing by, why would you come to the forbidden area of my royal family?"

Wang Lu's heart suddenly skipped a beat. 'My' royal family? Who the hell is this guy?

Meanwhile, his mouth replied truthfully, "I came here to get rid of someone who does harm…"

Then he put everything out in the open, without concealing or distorting anything.

After he finished telling the story, that mysterious voice fell into a long silence. Wang Lu thought for a moment and then tried to say goodbye, "Now that the chief culprit has been removed, if there's nothing else, I would take my leave."

"Removed the chief culprit?"

That voice coldly asked, "Your so-called chief culprit, is it him?"

With that, a stooped dwarf was lifted up and suspended in mid-air by an invisible force. The dwarf himself was already unconscious and covered in blood. Through that blood-soaked body, one could see that the dwarf was unbelievably ugly and his stench was an affront to the nostrils.

Without waiting for Wang Lu's nod of confirmation, he heard that voice said, "Your so-called chief culprit who planned to seize the throne and try to capsize the country refers to my direct bloodline? The true master of the Cloud Country?"

Wang Lu was immediately shocked. "Holy shit! What the hell is this!"

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