Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 395: I Can't Recognize the Clothes

Chapter 395: I Can't Recognize the Clothes

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After leaving Stellar Peak, Wang Lu returned to Non-Phase Peak and rested for two days. Then he re-embarked on the path to Plentiful City.

On the question of going back in time, Feng Yin really didn't give him an exact answer. Whether the group of immortal tombs has the ability to turn back the time or not was still a puzzling mystery.

First of all, according to Feng Yin, to date, only Wang Lu had triggered this earth-shaking vision. As for others, although some of the powerful individuals were able to clear the storyline in the immortal dream land with flying colors and even triggered the hidden plot, most people found it hard to complete the hidden plot. Secondly, even if they managed to complete it, no time travel was involved.

According to Feng Yin's analysis, the main reason for this was that the exploration progress of the group of immortal tomb was not enough. Within the entire group of immortal tombs, not every immortal dream land could produce the going back in time effect, which needed specific conditions for it to happen. The number of samples was too few to make a reliable deduction.

Secondly, in theory, going back in time was not entirely impossible. Although Immortal Qin's ability was only limited to Immortal Tea, when that decisive battle happened, his cultivation base was only the level of Supreme, just before he ascended to the immortal world. Moreover, that magical Immortal Tea was a method that could be released by him alone, meanwhile the group of immortal tombs was actually the result of the painstaking effort of the earth immortals in the distant past. And they used the Feng Shui Lines of the Nine Regions as the foundation to create it, which was a magnificent wonder that has never been written down in any historical data.

Finally, while the current theory could not explain the going back in time effect, as well as the confusion in the causal line that it created, a qualified academic researcher must first learn to respect the objective fact. However, at present, there was no clear evidence to support or falsify the going back in time effect. The only thing that might provide future evidence was the Heavenly Silk Headcover obtained from the Peach Blossom Village. The result of the appraisal from the Yin and Yang School would greatly affect the conjecture of going back in time effect.

However, Tiandao Lan and the others have returned to their sect for several days, but during which, no news had ever come out, meaning that there was a change in the situation.

The specification of this matter, however, had already surpassed that of the level of disciples. Therefore, at present, the investigation of this was taken over by the Elders of Heavenly Sword Hall. As for Wang Lu, his task was to pave the way in clearing the thirty-six chains as soon as possible. Therefore, after recuperating, he immediately returned to Plentiful City.

For the next one month, Wang Lu fully concentrated to bring about the best problem-solving ability and professional devotion for the immortal dream lands to make up for the previous lacking in result from the Spirit Sword Sect in clearing the first eighteen chains on the third thread. He completed fourteen chains in a single breath. If the previous two chains, the Peach Garden Village and Cloud Country, were added, he only needed to clear two more chains to complete the eighteen chains.

It was just that, in these fourteen chains, there was no turning back in time effect. Even the hidden plots were only triggered three times.

It was not that Wang Lu was incompetent, but that some immortal dream lands didn't have hidden plot at all, and there were also some that the conditions for it to be triggered could not be met by Wang Lu. According to the information that he got from the map of the group of immortal tombs, some immortal dream lands have harsh requirements for the sex of the cultivators and other conditions. Moreover, by finishing everything in a single breath, it was impossible for Wang Lu to trigger all the hidden plots.

However, what mattered now was not the hidden plots—when he was two chains short of the thirty-six chains, Qiong Hua of Shengjing Sect happened to lead her team to pass through the longest and time-consuming chain, and finally obtained countless rare treasures. However, the crucial point was that, she also needed two more chains to complete the thirty-six chains, which was exactly identical to that of Wang Lu.

And taking into account that there would be an unprecedented comprehensive story line in the last chain, the main force would certainly be the Elder level cultivators of the various sects; the disciples were mostly there just to give their support or become spectators. Therefore, whether it was Qiong Hua or Wang Lu, they would only truly shine on the penultimate chain.

At this time, the two sides have made the same progress, which made this a good chance for a fair competition. As a matter of fact, Wang Lu was eager to try to go all out to defeat Qiong Hua, his opponent in the penultimate chain.

Towards Qiong Hua, Wang Lu has no shred of hostility. The two have never clashed before, so naturally, there would be no enmity. As for reputation, in the past year, Qiong Hua was indeed radiant, which even eclipsed the fame of the lead disciples of the other Super Sects. However, Wang Lu's one month of crazy chain clearance had also earned him a lot of reputation point. Especially when Tiandao Lan and the other girls from Yin and Yang School spread out the news of him triggering the hidden plot matter, Wang Lu's body was enveloped with a layer of aura which could be vaguely seen as neck and neck with the achievement of the Jindan Stage Qiong Hua, not the least bit inferior.

Not to mention that Wang Lu didn't really care about a catchy title. What he cared most was the attitude of his sect. Although the Heavenly Sword Hall Elders didn't directly express it, he could see that they were very concerned with the progress of the thirty-six chains. Obviously, this matter was critical, or that this thirty-six chains involved a deeper level of competition. For example, there was a very lucrative immortal dream land, but only the sect who was the first to complete the thirty-six chains would be able to enter it. Or perhaps, in the Management Committee, the Spirit Sword Sect's seat was challenged. In short, his sect needed to increase its own weight, and Wang Lu was the key figure to this.

And in this last chain, Wang Lu was still going to enter it alone. The elders have asked him whether he needed the help of Zhu Shiyao, Liu Li, Bai Shixuan or other people but was refused by Wang Lu.

Judging from the map in his hand, the structure of the last (penultimate) chain was far more complicated than the previous immortal dream lands. It would be an out and out great scene. In this scenario, the test for the cultivators would also be unusually harsh.

The harshness was not about the strength level of opponent—such as sending a Deity Stage level opponent to deal with a Xudan Stage cultivator, but rather the scenario that would be given to them were exceptionally complex and diverse, and it involved a wide range of factors. Under such circumstances, the ability of the cultivators to deal with a complex and varied situation was far more important than the fighting ability of said cultivators. Admittedly, both Zhu Shiyao and Liu Li were outstanding geniuses in the immortal cultivation path. In a single fight, even Wang Lu didn't don't have the confidence that he would surely win—especially facing his Big Sister Zhu Shiyao, not losing was already a good outcome. However, Wang Lu believed that throwing them into the immortal dream land with such complexity would basically result in them being double killed.

Regardless of whether it was Zhu Shiyao or Liu Li, none has the ability to adapt in a complex environment. If it was a common immortal dream method where it was already known to have a simple and rough test, they could steamroll everyone. However, in the complex situation, it was not humane for them. When it came to the level of intellect, Wang Lu has no doubt that even their bones would be crushed.

As for Wang Lu himself, his ability to clear the test solo was indeed really strong. However, once there were too many participants, he no longer could perfectly control the scene. Once there was a mistake, he would not be able to afford it. Thus, before it came to a point where it would be too late for regret, he would rather prevent it from happening in the first place.

Of course, in all honesty, from the few candidates proposed by the Elders, Bai Shixuan was probably a really good choice. With Jindan Stage level of power which specialized in auxiliary skills, as well as level headed and above average wisdom, at any time, she might not become the most dazzling one, but she could become an excellent help.

Unfortunately, although in theory Wang Lu could bring anyone with him, it was not as convenient as going in alone. Therefore, after much deliberation, he still chose to do it solo.

In view of the fact that he would soon face an unprecedented test, Wang Lu didn't dare to show off. In Plentiful City, he spent the whole day to make purchases. All of the expense of course would be reimbursed by the sect—speaking of which, this was the kind of treatment that his Master Wang Wu had dreamed of for many years but simply unable to be realized. But Wang Lu was not modest either. With his current level, even early stage Jindan level talisman might be useful. Thus, he included them all in his purchase just in case.

As for how his Sixth Uncle would go crazy when the bill was sent back to the sect, for the time being, it was not within Wang Lu's consideration. Moreover, if carefully checked, no matter how much Wang Lu's expense was, it could not be compared with that of Qiong Hua and her teammates. The entire expense of Shengjing Sect's Qiong Hua could sufficiently shock any sect. This kind of flashy expense had blinded the eyes of many people. For Wang Lu to seriously compete with such a team, he had to come up with one hundred percent of his skill.

After the purchase of the last magical treasure, Wang Lu didn't waste any more time and just go straight to the entrance of the group of immortal tombs.

Along the way, there were many people in Plentiful City that paid attention to him, which was also accompanied by the sound of discussion. At this point, compared to the past years, Wang Lu already has a certain reputation in the entire Nine Regions. Although his reputation was limited due to his cultivation base that has yet to reach Jindan Stage, but in Plentiful City, almost everyone recognized him, his every move in the city would attract people's attention. He was truly a veritable celebrity.

Towards this, Wang Lu neither enjoyed nor disliked it. He was always not good in unwarranted reputation, so other people's admiration or envy was meaningless to him. Moreover, as one of the Plentiful City Management Committee members, in any case, he would not be harassed by these ordinary cultivators.

It was just that, as he continued to walk on the road, Wang Lu always felt that today's crowds were exceptionally dense and particularly enthusiastic… Did all of them know that he would start a big action, thus they especially came to cheer him? That should not be. The matter regarding the thirty-six chains that Shengjing Sect, Royal Soldier Sect, and Spirit Sword Sect tried to clear was top secret level news, so how could everyone know about it?

However, when Wang Lu came near the entrance of the group of immortal tombs, he found out that this was just a really big misunderstanding.

In Plentiful City, elders from several sects have joined hands to arrange a large scale array which was capable to isolate the perception of each cultivator. This caused most of the people in the city to become like ordinary mortals. This could well protect the privacy of cultivators, but under the effect of this array, Wang Lu hasn't heard the content of the people's cheers and comments.

At this time, near the entrance to the group of immortal tombs, where the array scope ended, he finally heard those cheers.

"Qiong Hua! Qiong Hua! Qiong Hua!"

"Qiong Hua, we will always support you!"

"Qiong Hua will definitely win!"

"Sister Qiong Hua, I will give you a baby!"

Wang Lu turned his head and saw that, not far away from him, the momentum of Shengjing Sect's team was as brilliant as the rainbow. In contrast, his star was bleak.

This psychological contrast was so strong that momentary, Wang Lu unexpectedly froze on the spot.

When Qiong Hua, who walked at the front, saw Wang Lu, she slightly smiled and spoke.

"Long time no see."

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