Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 399: You're A Jerk!

Chapter 399: You're A Jerk!

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"It's really run down."

The person with the spear sighed with emotion as he walked. The gigantic spear was shouldered by him on the shoulder, which from time to time scratched the wall of the hall, causing sparks and a sharp shrill sound. Alone, he intruded the stronghold of Gray Mountain like he was strolling in his own courtyard, and his cold murderous intent caused the temperature to fall into the freezing point. Even the torches were extinguished one by one as if awed and subdued.

"In the past, Gray Mountain and Golden City shared the same honor, who in this world wasn't aspired by it? However, a hundred generations later, it has actually fallen to the point where it tries to fish advantage from other people's situation. That's just sad, pathetic, and despicable."

With that, that man finally came forward and under the dim light, his face was finally exposed.

He was a leopard-like man—although his physique seemed to be not very big, every inch of his muscles and bones contained infinite power, and his blood and vital breath circulated like surging tide, extremely powerful.

Wang Lu had no doubt that if he fully wielded that spear, he could pierce a mountain, truly a warrior that tempered his flesh to the fullest. Although for cultivators, physical strength was only part of their power, no one could belittle a warrior who has fully tempered his flesh.

And upon seeing the appearance of this person, Lan immediately became tense. She held a dark heavy shield in front of her and beads of sweat glittered on her forehead.

Seeing this, the spear wielder just sneered. "An ant."

In Wang Lu's view, Lan's strength was not too weak, but compared to the spear wielder in front of them, she was indeed more like an ant. Once the fight broke out, even though Lan was covered in heavy armor, the spear wielder could poke a hole in her.

The spear wielder sneered a few times and then pointed the spear in his hand towards the shield.

"My Harmony River once received grace from the ancestor of Gray Mountain, so I just couldn't bear to see his descendant to tarnish his name. Therefore today, I will destroy you to save your ancestor from being further humiliated. As for you, this earth blood spirit, blame your bad luck for following such a useless master."

Before his voice even fell, Wang Lu saw a flash of light before him. That huge spear was actually more like a snake as, in a twinkling of an eye, it came right at his chest. Just now, that spear wielder had obviously concentrated all his energy on Lan, but when he made his move, it was actually to deal with Wang Lu, which was really unexpected.

While holding her shield, Lan was focusing all of her attention, for fear that when the opponent made his move, she would expose even the slightest flaw. In terms of strength, she was far worse than that of her opponent. However, with a heavy shield and armor, she should be able to persist for a short time. And then together with her earth blood spirit, they might be able to contend with the opponent… But not in a million times did she actually think that her opponent would actually abandon her and go straight at the earth blood spirit. In her shock, she was unable to respond and could only watch helplessly as the devil spear, that had drunk the blood of many heroes, flew towards Wang Lu.


In the face of the magnificently sharp devil spear, in this region, perhaps no one could withstand it except for the master of Golden City. Plus when she summoned the blood spirit, she especially prayed for someone whose characteristic was opposite of her, or someone with fiery or lightning offensive, so that if combined with her defensive ability, they could have the possibility to turn the situation around. However, for a blood spirit that was good in attack but bad in defense to face this as-powerful-as-thunderbolt, life-snatching devil spear, wouldn't that mean...

However, just as she thought of this, a burst of deafening explosive sound came sweeping at everything, and the subsequent violent shockwave wreaked havoc in the hall. Even fully armed and with shield, she still felt somewhat shaken and unsteady. However, through the raging air flow, Lan was actually able to vaguely see Wang Lu standing straight while holding a sword in front of his body.

"Good swordsmanship."

Amidst this madness, the spear wielder praise could be clearly heard. "To be able to withstand my spear strike in such a short distance, you truly deserve a praise."

"But how long can you hold on?"

With that, the spear wielder took a step back. However, it was actually a retreat in order to advance, and the murderous intention that he set off was even stronger. Obviously, he was gathering momentum for an unprecedented attack.

Lan knew fully well that if the other party went all out, even she would not be able to withstand it. However, she took this opportunity to step forward two steps to stand in front of Wang Lu.

Regarding this magnanimous act, Wang Lu frowned and used his Non-Phase Sword Defense to keep Lan outside.

"Don't get in the way."

"Hahaha, good, good, you, this earth spirit, is actually a bit interesting, I like it. If you can withstand my next attack, I will kill that little girl, take her blood mark, and make you my subordinate to fight together with me!"

Wang Lu was startled. "So you're actually not the water blood spirit, but instead, the master of Harmony River."

However, before his voice fell, like thunderbolt, the spear wielder fiercely erupted the momentum that he saved. In a split second, in a ten square meters area, that lightning-like spear split apart into thousands and then tens of thousands. It was as swift as lightning, dazzling people's eyes. After which, the light beams once again converged into torrential waves and about to drown Wang Lu in it.

However, Wang Lu just moved his Sword of Mount Kun an inch forward. That torrential waves seemed to crash into the reef and thus collapsed. Despite the spear wielder's attempt to make the spear attack even more strange and difficult to prevent, he could never push the Sword of Mount Kun backward, even just a tiny bit. For him, this was a really new experience.

"Formidable, truly formidable! A truly formidable swordsman like you is rare in this world!"

Amidst the rolling waves, the spear wielder's voice became more and more excited.

"Then take my last move!"

The spear wielder shouted, and then put the spear away on his back. And then in the blink of an eye, it completely disappeared without a trace. Only the messy puncture marks on the ground showed just how intense and fierce his offense was. However, although he had withdrawn his spear, it was for the sake of the next even stronger attack. This time, it was no longer the endless tide, only the condensation of the entire killing power of the spear wielder.

As the saying goes, even a soft thing would have incomparable penetrating force if applied over the years. And this born spear wielder from Harmony River, in an instant, could unleash the thousands of years of erosive power of water in a matter of seconds.

Water was mostly soft but also hard. He would surely let this good defensive swordsman grasp this truth.

However, just as he was about to unleash his power, suddenly, a clear ice mirror blocked his way. Its thick cold air sent a shiver down his spine. Initially, the accumulated power of the spear was about to burst out, but now it actually shrunk back.

"What are you doing?"

Having his momentum blocked, the spear wielder's anger was self evident. He turned around and pointed his spear forward. From the entrance of the hall, a blue-dressed girl strode in, fearless in the face of the spear wielder's trouble-inciting spear.

"You're still asking me what am I doing? I am saving your life, understand?"

"Saving my life? What kind of joke is that! Just now, I have completely occupied the advantage that the opponent can't even move, you…"

"Just play on the side."

However, the girl completely didn't listen to his explanation. She just reached out to push the spear to the side and walked passed the spear wielder towards Wang Lu. Her pretty lively face was seventy percent puzzled and thirty percent dissatisfied.

"How come it's you?" With both hands on her waist, the girl's waist appeared even more slender and her posture graceful. It was just that there was a repressed irritability in her face.

Wang Lu cocked his head and thought for a moment. "I also want to ask you, this is clearly my immortal dream land, so why did you come barging in, Senior Sister Zhou?"

The girl who came in was exactly Zhou Mumu, the lead disciple of Kunlun Sect who had said goodbye to Wang Lu previously at the entrance of the group of immortal tombs.

"What 'your immortal dream land'?" Zhou Mumu was somewhat annoyed. "This is obviously mine! I finally managed to convince the elders with great difficulty to let me fight solo, but in the end, I have to run into you, this jerk!"

Wang Lu's mood immediately turned sour. "Why are you calling me a jerk?"

Zhou Mumu said, "If someone suddenly broke in while you were showering in the shower, would you call that person noble?"

"Hey, when did you shower and change your clothes here?"

"I'm solo running this immortal dream land okay! So the privacy here is very big! Moreover, I originally thought I could easily win this, but now that I've run into you, this jerk, how am I supposed to win?"

This time, Wang Lu was even at a loss for words.

While the two of them were quarreling, the spear wielder came over and asked, "You two know each other?"

Zhou Mumu peevishly glared at him. "If I don't know him, how could I save you just in time? Did you know that if you really thrust your spear at him, he would immediately be able to bounce it back using his Non-Phase Nameless Sword to you so that you'd die on the spot!"

The spear wielder still shrugged disapprovingly, apparently unconvinced that someone could actually bounce back his full power strike.

"But since you two know each other well, why don't you tell him to surrender to me, so that we can fight against Golden City together. This Gray Mountain has fallen into such a bad shape, unworthy of such a splendid swordsman."

Although his winning strike was blocked by another person, which caused him to not be able to enjoy the sweet victory, the spear wielder had already been truly impressed by Wang Lu's Non-Phase Sword, to the point that he was bent on wooing him.

With that, the spear wielder also smiled at Wang Lu. "What do you think? Do you want to come with me? Just now you saw it yourself, my skill is not bad, right? At least I'm a lot better than your current master."

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu couldn't help but chuckle, then he went to Lan's side and reached out to pat her head. "My family's girl is indeed good for nothing that you gave her a lot of trouble. Unfortunately, as the master, I really can't discard her just because she's good for nothing."

That spear wielder immediately froze. "You? The Master?" Then he looked at Lan and became even more surprised. "Wait a minute, where are your blood marks? Don't tell me you…"

After gawking for a moment, the spear wielder broke into laughter. "You have actually squandered all of your blood marks! Then you let your blood spirit be your master? Ha! Although I had guessed that this Gray Mountain's people are good for nothing, you're still far beyond my imagination!"


While the spear wielder was laughing, he was slapped on the head by Zhou Mumu. "You think you're so amazing, huh? If you have the ability, why don't you use the blood mark to show off your authority as the master!"

The spear wielder smiled and shrugged, but the smile was a bit helpless. Apparently, his relationship with Zhou Mumu was not simply master-follower.

"But Wang Lu, do you really not want to consider about joining forces? According to this situation, without even the need to guess, I think I already know who the other three followers, and it is not good. Although in the end there's only one winner, wouldn't the second winner always be better than the last one?"

Wang Lu sighed. "Rather than considering whether to join forces or not, I think we should consider the more immediate problem."

With that, Wang Lu pointed his hand straight towards the ceiling.

"How are we going to survive the full fire power of Golden City?"

In the sky outside the hall, above the summit of the towering Gray Mountain, tens of thousands of golden light glittered into the distance, making it look like a golden-cloud-shrouded mountain.

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