Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 401: This Precipice Is Bought!

Chapter 401: This Precipice Is Bought!

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"What do you think, this is Harmony River, whose reputation is well-known throughout the world. Although it has the word river in its name, its scale is magnificent, and its atmosphere is majestic, which matches me really well."

By the river bank of Harmony River, a group of four people was talking as they walked.

Not long after repelling Golden City force, Wang Lu decided to abandon the Grey Mountain and formed an alliance with Harmony River. In this regard, the pair of master-follower of Harmony River was glad. Although in the competition for the five blood spirits crown, each side was in a competitive relationship, in view of how strong the Shengjing Sect side was, the alliance was imperative.

The spear-wielder walked at the front and his mouth never stopped moving along the way.

"In this region, the strongest one is Golden City, the second is Flaming Valley, while Harmony River and Eternal Tree are at the bottom. However, we have always had each other. This Harmony River flows from the void in the firmament, then it flows towards the eternal tree. Half of the river water then pours into the endless abyss, forming the famous great waterfall of harmony. The other half is absorbed by the eternal tree, which is its source of life. Because of this, the Eternal Tree forms a stable foundation with Harmony River."

"In this way, our relationship is closely related like husband and wife. And by joining hands, even Golden City has to consider twice if it wants to deal with us, especially my conquering-everything-in-its-path spear. Even the master of Golden City himself didn't dare to clash head on with my spear. So far, the one who can resist my angry sea and mad wave is only you. Therefore, I'm very optimistic about you. If you and I join hands, in this competition, we will be able to walk unhindered."

Apart from showing off his military force, an important issue was pointed out in this remark from the king of Harmony River. The relationship between Harmony River and Eternal Tree was far more intimate than what Lan previously said.

Of course, Wang Lu had to be certain, so he asked, "Right now, the five spirits are striving for hegemony, so the situation is delicate. Are you sure that Eternal Tree won't have any second thoughts?"

Who knew, upon hearing this, the master of Harmony River burst out laughing. "Second thoughts? My brother, you think too much. Anyone in this world can betray me, except for the Eternal Tree!"

Wang Lu smiled but refused to comment. In terms of military skills and bravery, this king of Harmony River was indeed superb. But as a leader, he had too many shortcomings. This kind of political relationship wisdom thing would've been better if Wang Lu didn't hear it in the first place.

While speaking, the group had arrived at the heart of Harmony River. They saw flourishing cities on both sides of the great river, and hundreds of barges flowing on it. Within the city walls, there were endless streams of horse and carriages. What caused people to click their tongue in amazement was that, in the middle of the Harmony River, there was also an imposing city. And the residents of that city were humanoid creatures with fish gills on their cheeks. Looking at their attire, their civilization was not in any way inferior to the civilization of the city by the river banks.

"This is the essence of my Harmony River. Although not as prosperous as Golden City, it is full of vigor and vitality, and it has a promising future. Now that you've abandoned Grey Mountain, you might as well set up your camp here, so that in close range, you can appreciate my elegant manner, and thus surrender to me as soon as possible."

Wang Lu acted as if he heard nothing but just carefully looked at the scenery on both sides of the Harmony River. Although this was just one of the chains of the immortal dream land, the design of this place was exceptionally fine. Three cities divided into three places, but integrally connected with each other. Whether it was the layout of the city, or the residents of the city, all were not just crude decorations. They were living persons, living cities. It was hard for Wang Lu to imagine that these were just temporary cities to test the cultivators. Perhaps they were the same as Peach Garden Village, produced according to the historical context, making it fine and realistic, it was just that...

While pondering, he suddenly heard a burst of cheer. When Wang Lu took a closer look, it was the sound of the city people, who were lining on the street, cheering and waving.

"A Ye, it's A Ye!"

"A Ye, you can do it!"

"Come on!"

"You will definitely win the five blood spirit crown, all of us support you, A Ye!"

There were also some bold girls who passionately confessed, "A Ye, we love you! You are the most handsome!"

Hearing these cheers, the king of Harmony River exultantly waved his arm that held the spear and loudly shouted, "I love you too! I love your vision!"

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu was stunned. "A Ye?"

"Hehe, it's my nickname." The king of Harmony River who was nicknamed A Ye (Night) unashamedly nodded to acknowledge it. "Although it's a bit strange to have a nickname when you're already a grown up, but given the fact that this name is also quite handsome, I just don't care about it."

Wang Lu was actually curious about another question. "You are the king of this Harmony River, but your relationship with your subjects is actually quite amiable."

A Ye laughed. "Can't help it. Although some people have advised me to maintain the dignity of a king, everyone here has already watched me grow up, so it's not really dignified in the first place. Moreover, I don't think that putting on a serious face and keeping aloof is handsome. It's more fun to be able to play with everyone."

As soon as he finished saying that, A Ye's eyes lit up. In the city, there was an exceptionally pretty girl who looked at him and showed him a faint smile, which exuded the faint outpouring of teenage passion.

A Ye immediately let out a whistle. With his formidable cultivation base, this whistle was enough to wake up half of a small city. That girl was taken aback, and couldn't help but shyly turn away. At the same time, the other girls who were cheering at A Ye felt betrayed, and they immediately began to throw him eggs and tomatoes. A Ye laughed out loud but didn't care about it.

"Hah, it's good to be back home again."

With that, A Ye stopped before an exquisite residence. "We've arrived, come on in."

Wang Lu looked in amazement at the small house, which, though exquisite, was not entirely worthy of a monarch, and asked, "Is this your royal palace?"

A Ye shook his head, and then pointed at the distance. "The palace is over there, I am just too lazy to go there. Although this place is small, but it's comfortable to live at. There are not many noisy people that want me to do this and that and also tell me to observe the palace etiquette and do national affairs thing. In short, everywhere there is uncomfortable. Obviously, I am the king and they are the officials, but they're not obedient. No matter what I say, every sentence would be opposed by nine sentences by them. When I saw that some people's lives are difficult and wanted to exempt tax for the entire Harmony River and then sell the palace and the resulting money to be given to everyone, everyone was so anxious that their faces turned red; they're so f*cking stingy!"

"..." Wang Lu sincerely sympathized for the ministers of Harmony River.

"In short, this is my turf. I think in this world, there's nowhere else better than here. So you don't need to think too much, just hurry up and surrender to me. In any case, your Grey Mountain don't even have a place anymore."

Wang Lu smiled but didn't say anything.

"Are you worried about her?" A Ye pointed at Zhou Mumu. "Indeed, I've already got one blood spirit…"

Before he could continue, Zhou Mumu had raised her eyebrows. "You said one?"

A Ye ignored her and just continued, "But for me, you are more pleasing to the eyes than her. So as long as you are willing to follow me, I will immediately kick this woman away, I guarantee no one will fight over the five blood spirit crown with you. What do you think?"


Regarding A Ye's warm invitation, Wang Lu inwardly sighed with emotion: "This A Ye is indeed born in Harmony River, so water has already entered his brain since he was a child, thus he dares to say anything."

As to whether he would accept this invitation or not, it was not a problem at all. Because before Wang Lu could answer, someone had already answered on behalf of him.

"Kick me out? You dare to say that, and in front of me no less?" Zhou Mumu's Diamond Ring unceremoniously hit him. A Ye immediately blocked her attack with his spear and rebutted her, "You this woman is fierce and stupid, everyday you beat me up. If I don't kick you out, then who should I kick? At that time, my eyes were really blind for summoning you to be my blood spirit…"

"Damn, you want to pick a fight with me!"

Seeing that both sides were about to fight, Wang Lu let out a loud cough and said, "A Ye, I have a question for you."

A Ye immediately broke free from the engagement with Zhou Mumu. "Please."

Seeing this, Zhou Mumu somewhat reluctantly withdrew her Diamond Ring and waited for Wang Lu to speak.

In immortal cultivation path, Zhou Mumu's self confidence was not inferior to anyone, but Wang Lu's miraculous performance in the Ancient Sword Tomb had left a really deep impression in her mind. Thus, in this struggle for the five blood spirits crown, she had more confidence in Wang Lu.

"A Ye, how much does this Five Blood Spirits Crown mean to you?"

Upon hearing this question, A Ye was startled, so he immediately frowned and thought hard about it. After a long time, he finally said, "In my opinion, I don't really care whoever loves that thing. As long as you don't bother me, I couldn't care less about who is the king of the realm."

Wang Lu couldn't help but become curious. "This explanation is inconsistent with your behavior in rushing alone to Grey mountain."

A Ye waved his hand. "It's not that I'm willing to go, but my wife is reading at home, so I have no other choice but to speed away. But at the beginning, she insisted that I have to bring the army, at least I have to take my personal bodyguards. But I am especially talented so I didn't listen to her. Who knew that there's only a little girl in Grey Mountain? If I had brought many people, wouldn't I lose my face instead?"

"Wait a minute, you have a wife?"

This information truly surprised Wang Lu.

"What's the matter?" A Ye was also surprised. "With how handsome I am, it's natural that I have a wife. Moreover, my wife's beauty must rank among the best. Oh, by the way, I also have two children. Although they're not as handsome as I am, they're still counted as number two and number three."

"You also have kids?"

"Hahaha, isn't that natural? I am a man amongst men, how would I be if I don't have children? Ah, my wife and children have just come back, I'll introduce them to you."

A Ye then went out of the house and greeted them. "Wife, come here, we have guests!"

Looking at the direction where A Ye's finger was pointing at, Wang Lu saw a green cloud slowly descending from the sky. A woman in a splendid green-colored attire stood gracefully on the cloud. Both of her hands were holding the hands of the twin brothers who stood behind her. The woman really has peerless elegance. Her wonderful eyes moved towards Wang Lu and the others. Her smile made all the flowers by the river banks of Harmony River lose their color.

However, what truly caught Wang Lu's attention was that, the woman has vast as ocean of wood element of spiritual energy. Although the woman looked delicate, in terms of strength, most likely that she was not below A Ye. However, in this realm, to have this kind of cultivation base...

"Hehehe, she's beautiful, isn't she?" A Ye boasted. "This is my wife, the chief of Eternal Tree, (Sacred Leaf) Shaman!"

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