Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 404: In a Harmonious Family, Husband Ranks the First

Chapter 404: In a Harmonious Family, Husband Ranks the First

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The girl's distant ethereal voice echoed in the hall. However, when it spread to the edge of the hall, it was blocked by an invisible force, unable to leak out even the slightest bit.

A quiet but heavily fortified prison barrier...

However, another different voice sounded up in jail.

"Yes, it's urging the tiger to swallow the wolf. A certain lead disciple who is good at imitating has slaughtered the people at the border outpost of Flaming Valley using the Ten Thousand Sword Art of gold-clad celestial general. After which, he ran to the periphery of Golden City territory to summon the celestial fire. Such a ridiculously simple trick yet has one hundred percent effectiveness, those groups of savages of Flaming Valley have officially torn up their face and declared war towards Golden City. Their vanguard army is in the midst of assembling, and the fisherman 1 seems to be in sight."

With that, a looming blue figure slowly condensed within the hall. A moment later, a man of great stature appeared beside the girl with a mocking and resentful look.

The girl was indifferent to this and just asked, "What did the city master say about this?"

"What else? In this region, Golden City is accustomed to being overbearing, has it ever suffered grievances? It's already fortunate if it does not take the initiative to provoke others, but now that the Flaming Valley is already at our doorstep, how could the fight be avoided? The city master has already ordered the troops to be ready, to prepare for the all out fight with Flaming Valley. Tsk, this completely played into someone else's hand! If he wants to do exactly what the enemies want him to do, then so be it, but during this time, this group of mediocre fools still want to continue the internal strife and put you in a house arrest in the cool palace hall!"

The strong and stout man became more and more angry and could not help but punch the pillar in the hall. The pillar let out a buzzing sound, which drove the whole hall to tremble endlessly."

"Calm down," the girl lightly said, and along with that, the shiver in the hall abruptly stopped.

The big man shook his head and angrily said, "Senior Sister Qiong Hua, you… alas, your self control is really good, even though you're being bullied by people, you're still not impatient. If later on Golden City and Flaming Valley end up mutually wounded, the other three would perhaps laugh at us to death!"

Qiong Hua said, "That's normal. If Golden City is not in contradiction with the other four powers, and if the Golden City can sincerely cooperate with us, the struggle for the five blood spirits crown would have no suspense. And without the suspense, this immortal dream land is meaningless. Although immortal dream land will not necessarily create a balanced situation, it will also not make a situation that is too unbalanced either. Our difficult position corresponds with the huge advantage that we have, both are objective conditions we should not deny."

"... Yes, what Senior Sister say is reasonable. But nevertheless, we have to respond to this scheme, right? Golden City has now completely lost their trust in us. Previously, according to Senior Sister's instruction, I took great pains to let Luanyu lead the gold-clad celestial soldiers, only to encounter the really unreasonable king of Harmony River. After this defeat, we and Golden City have indeed become estranged."

The big man helplessly complained, but after listening to his complaint, Qiong Hua smiled instead.

"Being estranged is actually the best though. Regardless of which side, both of our sides have the strength advantage to suppress everyone else. If there's no infighting, even if there's no coordination in everything, our odds of success should be around forty percent."

"Only forty percent?"

"In this five-way struggle, us Shengjing Sect taking forty percent odds is already unique. If we are not satisfied with this and want the support from Golden City, we will have to spend our energy and mind to deal with Golden City, which would suck us into a deep mire, unable to extricate ourselves. Thus, from now on, being estranged is an ideal situation. If we can get rid of Golden City off our back, we can fully display our ability, and we will still have a great advantage."

With that, Qiong Hua finally stood up, but as she got up, the entire cool hall began to fall apart. However, just as the hall disintegrated, there was an even stronger force propping them back up. Qiong Hua's figure slightly flashed, and against her will, she was forced to sit down again.

The big man tried to reach out to support her but was stopped by Qiong Hua with a stern gaze.

"It seems like it's not my time yet to make my move… then, Junior Brother Jianglu, will you please lead our brothers and sisters to suppress the Eternal Tree over there."


"Also, the opponent is also the lead disciples of one of the Five Uniques, so don't try to be brave."

Upon hearing this, Jianglu slightly bent forward, cupped his hands towards Qiong Hua and said, "Jianglu will certainly not disappoint Senior Sister!"

Before his voice even fell, he turned into a wisp of breeze, disappearing without a trace from the hall.

Qiong Hua somewhat helplessly looked at the faraway Jianglu and then softly said to herself the other words that she held back.

"Those who try to be brave will die."

At the same time, Wang Lu was walking with his hands behind his back on the secluded riverbank of Harmony River.

This was the border area of Harmony River—although there shouldn't be a concept of boundary for a river that runs through, but in fact, if you want to approach the downstream of Harmony River where it connects with the Eternal Tree, you have to pass through some certain checkpoints. Otherwise, you would be lost in the boundless wave.

The special characteristic of Void Spirit root allowed him to be able to drive the spiritual energy on the riverbank to surge with each breath that he took. However, during this surge, the surrounding scene remained tranquil, showing that, at this time, Wang Lu's control of spiritual energy and magical power had reached such a high level, more skillful and with finesse.

This meant that the realm of Jindan was already very close.

And just as Wang Lu's mind gradually sank into the unique atmosphere of Harmony River and began to meditate, a voice behind him suddenly interrupted his contemplation.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

Looking back, he saw the smiling face of Zhou Mumu. The young woman seemed to be in high spirits, radiating health and vigor, and her white-jade-like cheeks seemed to have a trace of redness. Obviously, she just had gone through drinking at the dining table.

Seeing that the person was Zhou Mumu, Wang Lu restrained his thoughts, while at the same time circulated the magical power within his body using his primordial spirit, and then let out some foul air. Then he said with a smile, "Let's take a walk."

Zhou Mumu asked, "Take a walk?"

Wang Lu explained, "As the saying goes, after a meal, walk one hundred steps…"

Zhou Mumu immediately pursed her mouth and somewhat funnily said, "And live to ninety-nine years old? You look like a guy who is about to become Daoist Master of Jindan Stage, so your lifespan should be around two to three hundred years, why would you want to live just until ninety-nine years old? This joke is really cold that it's not like you at all."

Then, Zhou Mumu turned serious. "You're not at ease?"

Wang Lu asked back, "Are you?"

Zhan Ziye's urging the tiger to swallow the wolf tactic was flawless. In fact, under the normal trend, the war between Golden City and Flaming Valley was also inevitable—if these two didn't strike each other, how could the other three have the chance to live? And what would be the meaning of this five spirits showdown?

However, on the other hand, regardless of how strong Golden City was, behind it was Qiong Hua of Shengjing Sect. If Zhan Ziye could urge the tiger to swallow the wolf, couldn't Qiong Hua pretend to be a pig to eat the tiger? Currently, it looked like Qiong Hua's team seemed to be pinned down by Golden City, but who knew how much she still had in her hand? Who knew if this was just her trying to show weakness in front of the enemy? In the past few years, there had been no direct conflict between the several lead disciples of the Five Uniques. However, apart from this, all of the opponents that Qiong Hua ever came across were defeated by her.

In the face of the invincible Qiong Hua, it was never too prudent to be cautious.

"The people of Ten Thousand Arts Sect have always been proficient in spells but negligent in the customs and affairs of the world, so it is understandable that Junior Brother Ziye's mind is quite simple. But we don't have that good fortune." Zhou Mumu smiled. "In fact, when Junior Brother Ziye said his mission is accomplished, I already guessed that Shengjing Sect people would come."

Wang Lu was a bit surprised. Zhou Mumu was actually able to think ahead this much? Did this belong to 'even a stupid person can occasionally have a good idea?'

Seeing the doubt in Wang Lu's eyes, Zhou Mumu explained, "In this five spirits power struggle, the Five Uniques' lead disciples entered the immortal dream land in succession. Among which, Shengjing Sect people are the earliest, followed by the Royal Sect Soldier nearly a month later. Then around fifteen days ago, Junior Brother Ziye and I entered here in one or two days interval. Junior Brother Wang, you're the last one to enter here, but as soon as you entered, the five spirits power struggle officially began, which did not leave you any buffer time. Consequently, you have the least amount of intelligence, so there are many things that you don't know about."

"In this chain, although Shengjing Sect people received the most restriction, their oppression is actually the strongest. Before you came, we have already had some frictions with Shengjing Sect people, and though the engagement is limited that it didn't go to an all out war, the aggressiveness of Shengjing Sect people is without a doubt. Even if there's no Qiong Hua, they would not curb their aggressiveness. Junior Brother Ziye calculated that Golden City and Shengjing Sect people are unlikely to be willing to take things lying down. And from the point of view of the overall strength of Shengjing Sect team, even if Qiong Hua herself does not make her move, we might still not be able to compete. After all, their numbers are simply too many. Thirty-six inner court disciples of Shengjing Sect is no small matter."

Wang Lu said, "So Senior Sister, you came here to help me? Well, I appreciate it, but I think it's better for you to go back."

Zhou Mumu wrinkled her brows. "Junior Brother, do… you not believe me?"

Wang Lu rhetorically asked back, "Senior Sister, do you not believe me?"

Upon hearing this, Zhou Mumu was startled for a moment. She somewhat curiously and earnestly gazed at Wang Lu's clear eyes. A moment later, a cheerful smile climbed her face again.

"Okay, Senior Sister believes you, but don't disappoint me, okay."

With that, Zhou Mumu flew off with a burst of laughter.

After sending Zhou Mumu away, Wang Lu turned around and looked back at the vast Harmony River. Amidst the silent, a smile hung on his face.

"Come out, aren't you guys uncomfortable in the water?"

As soon as his voice fell, dozens of waves rippled across the calm water, which was accompanied by cold murderous intent.

At the same time, inside A Ye's residence in the capital city of Harmony River, the long banquet was not yet over, and the laughter in the dining room was endless.

"Holy cow, how many dishes already? You, this girl, have poor strength and poor mental ability, but your food capacity is actually against the heaven!"

A Ye's fussing voice pierced the narrow courtyard until it reached the street.

Upon hearing A Ye's tipsy voice, Zhou Mumu who has just arrived from the border checkpoint of Harmony River could not help but sigh.

"What? You still want to eat? Holy cow, do you know that my storeroom has already been emptied clean by you and that what you are eating now is the Harmony River's public reserve? What? You're still hungry? It's none of my business! You might as well starve to death! What? This is not what hospitality should be? Holy cow, do you even have face? It's for the sake of your earth blood spirit that I invited you to my home, do you really think you're some kind of esteemed guest? Shaman, don't try to persuade me! This waste is not worthy of our hospitality! I… ouch, oh, don't be angry, I'm just saying, that's all! I'm not being serious! Hahaha Lan girl, go on, don't hesitate to eat! Since you've come to my house, how could I not give you food until you satisfied! Even if you dug out the Eternal Tree to eat it, I have no objection!"

Upon hearing this, Zhou Mumu didn't know whether to laugh or cry. However, no matter how funny it was, the girl never showed any smile.

She turned around and lightly said, "Come out, don't hide. Let's finish this so I can get back to eat."

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