Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 408: Doing What I Can

Chapter 408: Doing What I Can

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Food is the god of people...

Until this time, Wang Lu finally deeply understood the true meaning of the old saying that was circulated in the mortal world.

Because I am full.

Such a simple sentence could let the master of Grey Mountain who was recognized as a waste be reborn in just half a day, becoming strong enough to easily overcome the combined strength of four elite Shengjing Sect cultivators. It was unbelievable to anyone who had not witnessed it.

Yet, this incredible scene, indeed, has happened. Come to think about it, there was naturally a reason why years ago, Grey Mountain was known to stand shoulder to shoulder with Golden City. If this marvelous ability of swallowing the world was displayed to the extreme, its power might be called as going against the heaven. At the same time, the reason why after a hundred generation, Grey Mountain could degenerate into this state could be explained as: no matter how rich you are, nobody could sustain such eating capacity. It was also the reason why Grey Mountain at that time was able to stand side by side with Golden Mountain as the two most powerful forces.

Fortunately, by being reborn like this, Lan didn't waste the entire food in A Ye's store house in vain, and even caused a huge change for the entire scene. Shengjing Sect team had fallen short of success, and their initiative had completely collapsed. They didn't even succeed in killing any important person, and had no choice but to unleash their magical talisman to evacuate their whole army in order to prevent anyone of them from falling into the enemy's hand.

The cost of this emergency evacuation was also very heavy. In order to prevent Zhan Ziye, Zhou Mumu, and Wang Lu, the three lead disciples from interfering, the ten elite disciples of Shengjing Sect had no choice but to use themselves as the price, by forcibly launching the magical talisman. This resulted in them being expelled from the immortal dream land, permanently lowering the number of people in their team.

However, the core of the team was finally saved. The seriously wounded Jianglu and the several key disciples were sent away back. Otherwise, in this battle alone, Shengjing Sect was tantamount to wasting half of their team.

After Shenjing Sect people left, the seriously wounded people in the courtyard could no longer hold themselves any longer and fell to the ground one by one with a dejected look.

This battle was incomparably bitter. Although Shengjing Sect people indeed suffered heavy losses, it was a pyrrhic victory for the three forces alliance. Two lead disciples and three forces' masters were badly beaten by Shengjing Sect team, yet from the beginning to the end, Qiong Hua herself didn't even come forward to make her move!

What if this raid was led by Qiong Hua? If Qiong Hua was present, even if Wang Lu was not separated from the rest, would his Non-Phase Sword be able to block Qiong Hua? Shengjing Sect team was too strong. Previously, everyone has never had a full head on clash with this team, thus had not accurately estimated their strength. Previously, they thought that although the comprehensive strength of Shengjing Sect team was strong, but without the help of Golden City, it would be difficult for Shengjing Sect team to confront two large forces like Harmony River and Eternal Tree. However, with a precise surprise attack, Shengjing Sect team crushed the plan of the opposite party.

Perhaps Shengjing Sect team couldn't really compete against two huge forces, but when Shengjing Sect team resolutely wanted to deal with them, even the three forces alliance could not resist it. Even in the face of two lead disciples and three forces leaders, they could still be badly beaten. With such a terrifying strength advantage, it was difficult to see any hope of winning.

Thinking about this, in the courtyard, even Wang Lu fell into silence, and Lan's sudden outburst simply lost its brilliance.

Only A Ye seemed to be still full of energy.

Although this king of Harmony River was seriously injured and even unable to stand up, but his monstrous anger seemed to diffuse like a spirit in the courtyard. Obviously, he could not reconcile with the result.

"Next time I meet this group of lowly bastard, I will tear them to pieces…"

As he spoke, the smell of blood reeked out everywhere, which showed that A Ye's injury was actually heavier than what it seemed

"Enough, just recuperate and don't talk!"

Frowning, Zhou Mumu interrupted A Ye. In a normal circumstance, once Zhou Mumu opened her mouth, A Ye would immediately make concessions. However, this time, with blood red eyes, A Ye instead fiercely stared back at her. "Is this really the time to recuperate?"

Being talked back by A Ye, Zhou Mumu was also angered. "Otherwise, what can you do? Do you want to go to Golden City to look for death? If you want to die, that's your business, but don't implicate me!"

"... In blood spirit hall, I heard that you're a powerful lead disciple, then you should know what kind of disgrace it is for me to be sneak attacked at my own home and my wife be injured! If I can't get revenge as soon as possible, it is in vain for me to be a man!"

And with that, A Ye stood up and staggered outside the courtyard with his spear.

"Hey, you're going to die! I know that you're so proud of your handsomeness, but no corpse, no matter how it is dressed up, is ever be counted as handsome, you know!"

"Nobody is going to die."

A Ye said as his step became more and more stable. And with each step, the blood on his body was shaken away bit by bit. His broken leather outfit and coat were also repaired slowly by magical power. And when he arrived at the entrance, he had actually fully recovered.

Of course, those with discerning eyes could see that this was just pretending-to-be-relaxed move. With how heavy his internal injury was, how could he recover that easily? Even if he was the water spirit master, his recovery power could not be possibly that strong. However, A Ye finally went out of the courtyard in perfect posture.

At this time, there were already many people who have gotten the news about the commotion, but they just gathered outside the courtyard, without anybody daring to go in. Seeing that A Ye walked out, people gathered around him and asked what happened.

Most of them did not realize how fierce the fighting at the courtyard was, and their king nearly lost his people and even died in battle. In the context of five spirits power struggle, it was hard for anyone in Harmony River to be spared. However, at this time, they were just curious why there were a huge voice and blood mist that spread out from the courtyard.

When A Ye walked out of the courtyard, he had a bright smiling face hung on his face. "Hahaha, no need to worry everyone, it's alright. I was just teaching a lesson for my blood spirit for being disobedient hahaha!"

A Ye's words immediately drew laughter from the crowd. Because he usually never put on airs, people of Harmony River boldly took liberties with him, "Aren't you the one being taught a lesson by your blood spirit for being disobedient?"

A Ye snorted. "What a joke! You think she can teach me a lesson…"

This kind of lack-of-evidence, lack-of-momentum argument immediately drew several snorts which turned into a chorus of 'boo', drawing even more joking. People loved this without-airs king, but also trusted in his strength. His weakness in front of his subjects did not harm his reputation.

After the crowd joked to their heart's content with A Ye, people gradually dispersed, with no one wanting to occupy too much of A Ye's time. They all knew that during the five spirits power struggle, he couldn't act leisurely the entire time.

Still, a handful of people remained with him. However, seeing them, A Ye's expression turned serious.

A Ye gestured to the two people in the middle of the crowd. "You two each share half of it."

The two of them looked like common people of Harmony River that could be seen everywhere within the three cities. Their stature and even temperament were ordinary. However, their eyes revealed that they were not just mere mortals.


The two of them nodded in pleasant surprise while respectively reaching for A Ye.

While holding their hands, A Ye sighed. "I never thought that one day I have to draw support from your strength, this is a bit unsightly."

The two of them smiled and said, "It will be our shame if in our lifetime we can't do anything for our king, so let the two us be handsome for once and use this power to the fullest."

As the two voices fell, two lumps of black and red sphere bubbled out from A Ye's stomach and respectively flew into the arms of the two people and into their bodies.

The next moment, the two people let out a chorus of muffled humph and black blood poured out of their seven orifices, and then softly slumped down. However, A Ye was actually glowed with astonishing imposing manner, without the slightest trace of injury.

Everyone present was taken aback by this scene. Apparently, A Ye had just exchanged vitality with the two people, passing his injuries to other people so that he became lively even though he was previously weakened by the battle just now. This magical technique was simply unheard of before, even for Zhou Mumu as the water element spirit. No simple character could become the master of the forces in this world. Lan had the divine skill of eating, A Ye had the great method of vitality transfusion. As for Shaman, it was highly likely that she had an unknown divine skill. It was just that, for the moment, there was no way to see it.

After transferring his injury, A Ye looked back at his still unconscious wife at the already-ruined courtyard. With a complex look, he shook his head and then walked away carrying his long spear.

Zhou Mumu looked back but found out that Wang Lu had no intention to stop A Ye, which angered her. However, this also made her realize that the alliance was merely temporary—they were still essentially in a competition, so some things couldn't really be counted on others. But she also knew that she could not stop A Ye from taking revenge, thus, she earnestly exhorted, "Remember, don't try to show off, your life not only belongs to you."

"Rest assured, I am not going to show off." A Ye smiled. "Because those who try to show off are not handsome."

A Ye did not lie, he did not go to show off and die.

In the next half a month, he, alone, repeatedly penetrated deep into the territory of Golden City, assassinated fifteen celestial generals, killed hundreds of celestial soldiers, and drove away three Shengjing Sect cultivators out of immortal dream land

During this time, all of the killings were by assassination. In each action, he quietly lurked in the darkness, and when the enemy relaxed, he attacked their vital point with his spear, and after he took their lives, he immediately escaped. He never provoked too strong of an enemy, and every action was done in a very cautious manner. Before he took his action, he reaffirmed his escape route again and again. Like an adept and vicious hunter, he successfully hunted time and time again.

Spear was first used as a weapon to hunt animals, and in the hands of the king of Harmony River, naturally, it made an excellent hunter. According to his temper, he previously didn't bother to use his hunting technique to prey the weak, hoping to face a formidable force's leader in a one on one duel.

However, the surprise attack from Shengjing Sect allowed him to cast off his own preference and became a hunter in the shadow, setting off a wave of terror in the territory of Golden City.

Judging from the number of people that he managed to dispose of, A Ye's revenge was quite successful. In addition to the weakening of Golden City and Shengjing Sect's team, his successive assassination successes further widened the gap between Golden City and Shengjing Sect team, which caused Shengjing Sect team to have no time to deal with Harmony River and Eternal Tree.

However, from another perspective, when A Ye went out on this solo expedition, signs of instability appeared in his backyard.

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