Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 41: Shoot! Senior Brother, Where Did You Buy That?

Chapter 41: Shoot! Senior Brother, Where Did You Buy That?

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Under Huo Ying’s panic-stricken eyes, a certain red and white disciple trod lightly towards that Chimera-like monster with the purple soft sword

“Haha, yet another ‘Full Moon’ monster! Wow, you look so big! Are you the Full Moon Fox’s dad?”

Huo Ying could not help but inwardly roar, “Dad your sister! How could a Chimera-like beast sire a fox! Its mom must have been really something! Just because they have the same ‘Full Moon’ name, it doesn’t mean they are the same ‘Full Moon’ race! What did you learn from Wen Yin’s book of monsters anyway!? Although they are both unique to the Full Moon Valley, there’s a big difference between the fox and that chimera-like monster, just like there is a big difference between your brain and a normal human’s brain!”

Now, she finally understood his Senior Brother Yue Yun’s position. Dealing with this Successor Disciple was truly a headache—a head cracking headache!

Her master said it right; people from the Non-Phase Peak was indeed the sworn enemy of their Misty Peak.

But in any case, she couldn’t let him face the Full Moon Roar alone, that would be suicide! Hui Ying spread her Cloud Thread again to tangle the legs of that Full Moon Roar, but that behemoth immediately noticed the foreign sticky matter and shook its legs, rendering the Cloud Threat useless.

Huo Ying inwardly sighed, thinking that the level difference between them was indeed too much; even the wind type spell, which she excelled at, was completely unable to restrain it. The only thing that she could do was to use the five element power of the magical tool Five Elements Sword.

However, at the same time, Wang Lu was not going to let himself be the sacrifice. While Huo Ying was preparing her sword, he took two steps forward so that now he was five steps away from that Full Moon Roar. He then swung his soft sword upward according to the move from the Soft Cloud Sword.

The Full Moon Roar looked down and focused its attention on the person in red and white. Its beastly instinct then told it that the little guy in front of him was no threat at all, so it no longer paid him any attention and simply waved its front paw to brush him aside.

However, Wang Lu’s first move almost coincided with the first move from that Full Moon Roar. He easily bypassed its front paw as he dashed towards the opposite party’s front!

The chest and abdomen were vital points, so the Full Moon Roar could no longer ignore the little fellow in red and white. It immediately lunged its huge body forward to strike the opponent, however, like a fish, its opponent easily avoided that charge by inconceivably adjusting his center of gravity and arriving at its back. The gleaming purple soft sword directly threatened the vital point on its flank!

Although the Full Moon Roar wasn’t famous for its intelligence, it had never been in this difficult situation. The little red and white fellow that it dismissed as harmless had repeatedly threatened its vital points! This time, noticing the severe threat, its pupil turned red as it prepared to launch its real skill.

“Wang Lu, get back here!”

Huo Ying loudly called him from behind. The spell for her Five Elements Sword was yet to be prepared, so she couldn’t charge forward to save Wang Lu. At the same time, she still had to protect the other disciples, putting her in a dilemma.

“Ha! No need to be alarmed, Junior Sister, this idiot can do nothing to me.”

The next moment, that Full Moon Roar raised up its Ox-head, and indescribable loud roars came out from its mouth in waves.

“Uh…” Huo Ying’s countenance turned pale. She immediately cast aside the Five Elements Sword and swapped it with Five Elements Wooden Sword. Flashes of green rays of lights protected her and the junior disciples behind her.

Even so, her Junior Brothers and Sisters were still shocked by the billowing shockwaves of that roar. Their faces were deathly pale, and their body could not stop trembling. Even the rays of light from Huo Ying’s wooden sword were on the verge of collapse.


That behemoth kept on roaring. Moreover, its power kept increasing by the seconds. This was the reason why this Full Moon Roar became the tyrant in this Full Moon Valley—it had the ability to send powerful roars almost infinitely!

This blood-curdling roar could paralyze the body and couldn’t be stopped by any spells if it were to hit directly. If it reached its peak, it could even destroy the gold and crack open the stone; only a monster like the previous Western Mammoth could withstand it. Although the young disciples behind her had some magical power and their bodies had been refined, ultimately, they couldn’t compete with this monster; their minds trembled, their souls shook and their blood churned.

This roar was not the unique technique of this monster, but rather its natural ability. Because of this, Huo Ying couldn’t counter it with all sorts of restraining spells and could only use the barely-perfected Spirit Sword Wind Array using her Five Elements Wooden Sword. It could absorb some of the shockwaves, but this was a wrong kind of technique to counter it, so the effect was rather limited.

Fortunately, her Junior Brothers and Sisters did not disappoint her. Yue Xinyao used the Peaceful Mind Technique to calm everyone’s minds, while Zhu Qin applied the Blood Stabilization Technique. Even Wen Bao exceeded her expectation by unleashing the Rock Body Technique—although it was a wrong technique to use, it’s still better than nothing.

After supporting each other, the pressure somewhat lessened, but the situation was still less than optimistic. Huo Ying did not even dare to think about Wang Lu who directly faced that roar.

In such a close proximity without any cover and incomplete body refining… it was entirely possible that his body was smashed into pieces. She hated herself for ultimately failing to save everyone. As one of the team leader, she felt endless streams of remorse. Shockwaves upon shockwaves later, Huo Ying finally started to succumb to its pressure and gradually knelt on the ground.

However, at this moment, a voice suddenly floated into her ears...

“Sh*t! The mating season [1] is still half a year away, what f*cking nonsense are you yelling about!”


The next moment, the roar suddenly stopped. Huo Ying looked up and saw the Full Moon Roar clutching its bleeding nose as it wailed to the heaven in grief!

Wang Lu pulled back his right foot, lifted up his purple soft sword and condescendingly said, “This idiot doesn’t even know how to fight, yet it’s quite an expert in moaning. Oh, what a letdown!”

Although the Full Moon Roar didn’t understand human words, it knew that the opposite party had just belittled him. An even more intense growl brewed in its throat.


“F*ck! You want to taste my foot again!?”

The Full Moon Roar roared loudly; its body seemed out of control, but then with peerless accuracy and ruthlessness, Wang Lu kicked its nose once again. The roar that was full of fervor suddenly turned into a whimper.

Huo Ying could not believe what she just saw. The guy was actually immune to the roar! It didn’t make sense at all! In the past, whether it was a group of Ghost Monkeys or a group of senior disciples part of their team, she had never seen anyone dare to directly face this Full Moon Roar alone… Unless they were formidable senior disciples with abundant magical power, otherwise, nothing could stand in its way.

Moreover, what made Huo Ying even more amazed was that she noticed that the beast’s jaw was somewhat dislocated! It meant that Wang Lu had at least stood-face-to face with the beast to be able to deliver such a blow! With such a distance to the roar, even her Senior Brother Yue Yun, with the metal and stone property of his Spirit Root strengthening his body, would be seriously injured. Yet, Wang Lu was completely unharmed!? He was clearly still in the Body Refining Stage, but how could he possibly be so strong!?

“Is this the difference between an Inner Court disciple and a Successor Disciple? Master, I want to be your Successor Disciple!”

While Huo Ying was still in a daze, Wang Lu once again launched a sword art from the Soft Cloud Sword to clash with the Full Moon Roar’s deadly roar. The ox-head monster bared its teeth and brandished its claws, yet it couldn’t do anything towards the combination of the Winding Steps and the Soft Cloud Sword. Wang Lu’s winding movement made it dizzy and caused its eyes to slowly lose their light. And although its claws could occasionally land on target, the opponent could withstand most of its strength and hardly eat any injury.

And whenever it tried to raise its head to roar, Wang Lu would always seize this opportunity to kick its nose...

After struggling for several rounds, the Full Moon Roar finally admitted that it had been bested by the opponent. Thus, clutching its bleeding nose with its paw, it turned around and fled!

However, Wang Lu wouldn’t let it go just like that. “Yo? You want to run away after you offended me? How could it be so easy!?”

Wang Lu reached out his hand and caught the rear hoof of that Full Moon Roar. Although his strength was not big, the timing was incredibly ingenious, and the huge behemoth lost its balance and stumbled down.

Wang Lu immediately seized this moment to dash forward and hold his purple soft sword right on top of the Full Moon Roar’s genital… Realizing its precarious situation, this monster suddenly went motionless like a statue.

“Hehe, come on, you want to run away, right? Go on, you’re going to be sooo ‘happy’!” Wang Lu burst out laughing, patted its sturdy hind muscle and then retracted his Purple Cloud Sword.

However, the Full Moon Roar no longer dared to act rashly. It just demurely lied on the ground and turned around its ox-head to look at Wang Lu, seemingly waiting for his instruction.

But at this moment, not far from him, Yue Yun could no longer contain the two beasts anymore. The cage was finally overwhelmed and fell apart.

The two Stone Wood Apes growled as they ripped apart the cage. At the center, Yue Yun appeared half kneeled on the ground and his robe seemed to be stained with blood.

Huo Ying was alarmed. “Senior Brother, what happened to you? Are you okay!?”

Yue Yun barely managed to open his eyes and was surprised to see his fellow disciples were still there. Through gritting teeth, he suppressed his anger and yelled, “Why are you guys still here!?” But then he caught the sight of that ox-head monster and immediately spurt out some more blood.

Wang Lu raised his palm and slapped Full Moon Roar. “Damn! Why are you so ugly? Don’t you see that you scared my Junior Brother that he vomited blood!”

The Full Moon Roar didn’t dare to talk back at Wang Lu and just warily looked at him -- To it, nothing could be painful as long as the sword wasn’t pointed at its genital.

Wang Lu pointed his finger and said, “Go handle those two stupid apes for me.”

Although it didn’t understand human words, the Full Moon Roar was still able to guess Wang Lu’s intention. It just so happened that it was currently depressed, so the two stupid apes became the target to vent its frustration! It immediately pounded the ground with its hands and roared.

“F*ck! What are you yelling at? Do you want your nose to kiss my foot again?”

The Full Moon Roar instinctively covered its nose and then quietly charged at those two Stone Wood Apes.

Although it couldn’t use its strongest attack, based on its robust body alone, it was more than enough to match those Stone Wood Apes. Seeing the Full Moon Roar charging at them, dread immediately filled the two huge Stone Wood Apes, so much that they could not display their full strength, even though it was two against one.

At this time, Huo Ying and the others seized this opportunity to launch a concerted attack, sending out sword light, spells, and so on towards those two stone wood apes, beating them black and blue

Before long, in the face of the team and the Full Moon Roar’s onslaught, the two Stone Wood Apes finally prostrated on the ground side-by-side. Huo Ying, who was currently helping Yue Yun up, felt that she was in a dream. The figure of this disciple in red and white seemed incredibly tall.

Successor Disciple was indeed a Successor Disciple. In the face of the Full Moon Roar which was seemingly impossible to defeat, he successfully created a miracle. But one thing she couldn’t put her finger to was that, how could the all-conquering sonic attack of the Full Moon Roar seem to be invalid against him? Could it be the always impoverished Fifth Aunt had given him some treasure?

“No… It’s because his basic skills are more solid than any of us.”

Yue Yun coughed up some blood as he continued to explain to the rest of them. “The sonic attack directly attacks a human body which is difficult to defend against just by using spells. Although we have passed the Body Refining Stage, our physiques still couldn’t be compared to a martial art master of Xiantian Stage. Therefore, we couldn’t withstand the attack. But for those who temper their body, including the blood vessels, muscles and bones to perfection, those martial arts grandmasters, could easily withstand the sonic attack from that Full Moon Roar… While a cultivator would have a hard time defeating this beast, it would be fairly easy for a martial art grandmaster. Although Senior Brother Wang Lu’s strength isn’t that immeasurably deep, his physique alone has far exceeded me and the others… Alas, no wonder Master advised me not to care too much about him; it was because Master already knew that a Successor Disciple need not be looked after…”

Hearing this explanation, the several young black and white and blue and white disciples seemed to understand only half of it. After a moment, Huo Ying raised a question, “But his speed and strength are still on the second level of Body Refining Stage. Does he have a hidden strength?”

“No, I think this is probably related to his cultivation method. I’ve heard that Fifth Martial Aunt is very good at defense, thus… even though his other attributes are only on the second level of the Body Refining Stage, his defense capability and vitality have gone very far.”

Speaking to this, Yue Yun ruefully smiled and said, “Although what I am going to say may seem bitter, but if the opponents are not the likes of the Full Moon Roar and Stone Wood Ape which must be dealt head on physically, but instead the likes of Ghost Monkey, the situation would be different. Wang Lu happened to meet the suitable opponent; therefore, we don’t need to be discouraged. All of your performances have exceeded my expectations.”

The few black and white and blue and white disciples suddenly gained back their confidence -- It was not that they were incompetent, it was Wang Lu who was too abnormal!

“But now, we couldn’t continue our trip anymore… I’m sorry. Because of me, everyone is implicated!”

Yue Yun coughed up some more blood once again. Although his Junior Sister had just given him some medicine pill, it would still take some time for the effect to appear. Because one of their team leaders had been basically incapacitated, the only available course for the team was to withdraw.

Several of his Junior Brothers and Sisters immediately comforted him. “Martial Brother, don’t be. If not for you trying desperately to stop the two apes, we’d be finished.”

“No, you guys should thank Senior Brother Wang Lu. If he didn’t stop the Full Moon Roar, none of us could escape.”

Wang Lu waved his hand. “No need to say thank you. Right now, the key question is, Junior Brother Yue Yun, you’ve received such a heavy injury, how are we gonna get back?”

Yue Yun pondered for a moment. “Properly speaking, upon the occurrence of a serious accident, we could request reinforcement, but…’

He didn’t continue to say the next words out loud. “But, whoever the reinforcement is, they simply couldn’t arrive in this place in an instant, so they couldn’t help in case there’s emergency. Secondly, once I request the reinforcement, the sect credit for this trip would be greatly reduced for all the team members. Moreover, the team leader marks would be deducted.”

However, it was not the time to think about the marks. Thus, Yue Yun fished out the distress-signal talisman and was about to activate it.

“Wait a moment.” Wang Lu held out his hand to stop him. “Junior Brother Yue Yun, who is the person that this talisman would notify?”

Yue Yun replied, “Currently, it’s set to notify my respected Master, what’s wrong?”

“Oh, I just think we shouldn’t disturb Second Martial Uncle. I am sure there are many sect affairs that he has to attend to. So, we might as well call an idler.”

“An idler?”

“Yes, for example, my retarded Master.”

“What?” Yue Yun was startled. “F-Fifth Martial Aunt? How could we disturb her!?”

Wang Lu bitterly smiled. “This is not so wide of the mark. She is, after all, a Jindan Stage cultivator. Moreover, recently, she has nothing important to do, so this is a good way for her to contribute to the sect.”

Yue Yun and Huo Ying looked at each other in doubt. This matter had never been stipulated in the rules. Although there was some truth in what Wang Lu just said, intuitively, they felt it was wrong.

Finally, Yue Yun gritted his teeth and made the decision. “This time, my life was saved because of Senior Brother Wang Lu, so we’ll do according to what you said.”

Then, he reached out to re-set the talisman and infused his magical power into it. A golden light immediately shot up to the sky and flew towards the distance.


[1] Originally Spring

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