Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 414: Thou Have Kept My Wife

Chapter 414: Thou Have Kept My Wife

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Eternal Tree, the abode of Sacred Leaf.

In addition to the necessary living place, the leader of Eternal Tree had a hole in the middle of this towering tree.

In that hole, the essence of the sacred tree was condensed. The wood type spiritual energy was so rich there that it appeared like an essence. Moreover, after thousands of years of quenching, the walls were indestructible. It was indeed the best place to cultivate.

Shaman's natural disposition was calm, so her cultivation was primarily mediation based. Usually, everything must be carefully considered before they were put into practice. This tree hole had been passed down to her for many years, and most of the time it was peaceful without any noise.

However, now the hole seemed to burst with rolling thunder. Although there were multi-layered sound-dampening arrays outside the hole, there was still a bit that was leaked out, which caused the residence of Eternal Tree to look askance.


"... Wrong again. This spell should have thirty-six variations, to meet the needs of different situations. But what you just did at most only have up to ten variations, and the rest will not come out."

The voice of Zhan Ziye was gentle but stern. His pair of thunder-like eyes instantly saw the variations in the spell, and the Ten Thousand Methods Comprehension immediately let him carried out the deduction analysis, and then gave a rational suggestion.

For most people, if they encountered such teacher, they would readily accept it, but Zhan Ziye's student had her own ideas.

"Thirty-six variations are flashy, and for the sake of complications, I must spend ten percent of my magical power, which is unnecessary. Ten variations alone are enough to accomplish the function of this spell, so there's no need for excessive demand anymore."

Shaman said and then slowly put away the vine from her hand. Just now, this humble vine, under the spell, could drill into the rock to take root, which caused a hard object to collapse. But it could also tie the opponent, making it difficult to struggle. The vine was thorny and highly toxic, which had many variations according to the spell. Although Zhan Ziye was still not satisfied, Shaman had already decided to stop there.

For Shaman's refutation, Zhan Ziye merely furrowed his brows, and after deducing with the power of primordial spirit, he finally nodded after a long time.

"Make sense, then let's follow your suggestion to stop it here." After a pause, Zhan Ziye laughed. "This is an eye-opener."

If anyone else had seen this, it would not be a surprise if they could not close their mouth. In the study of spells, the lead disciple of Ten Thousand Arts Sect who always have eyes above his head had actually succumbed to the opinion of another? Moreover, he actually knew how to praise other people!

However, for Zhan Ziye, whose opinion it was was actually not important. The more important thing was who was the more correct. The lead disciple of Ten Thousand Arts Sect was haughty simply because as opposed to other people, few were more correct than him.

However, the woman in front of him… although she was just a puppet in the immortal dream land, she was extremely bright, with excellent talent and learning capacity. Although her coarse inheritance was far inferior than that of Ten Thousand Arts Sect, with her perception, it was enough to make up for everything. At first, Zhan Ziye thought that this would be a one-sided teaching, however, soon it quickly turned into undifferentiated research. Though Shaman's spell casting was greatly improved, wasn't Zhan Ziye's harvest also abundant?

For such a long time, Zhan Ziye had never seen a woman with such a tacit understanding with him.

Suddenly, looking at the sweat-covered beautiful face of Shaman, he was immediately aroused.

At the same time, the woman smiled slyly, which was difficult to cover the surprise in her heart.

She initially thought that this wood spirit follower of her was a bookworm who did not know the ways of the world. However, in their daily interaction, he was meticulous in taking care of her.

Shaman of course didn't know that, as the lead disciple of Ten Thousand Arts Sect, the sect placed high hopes on him, thus in recent years, he had been painstakingly learning the ways of the world. Although he was not gifted in this, he had already known by heart the innumerable books that taught him how to get along with other people, which he applied slavishly, and combined with the resulting nuance from his own academic research. Thus, Shaman was indeed moved.

This tensed atmosphere lasted for only a moment when Shaman was suddenly awakened and hurriedly shook her head.

"Our magical power has been exhausted, so let's call it a day."

Zhan Ziye was about to nod when suddenly a strange voice came in.

"Magical power exhausted? Heaven really helps me this time."

The next moment, the prairie was set afire.

Within the territory of Golden City, the flames of war were blazing.

The invasion of Flaming Valley caused the most powerful force to finally realize that the war had already arrived. The prosperous and leisure era had entered a new era. The bustling city began to transform into a fortress, and the lazy people began to train and cultivate. The flashy but lacking in substance devices were changed into sharp pointed weapons...

Even in the face of the crack troops of Flaming Valley, not to mention most of the preparations were useless, but Golden City was still like an armed behemoth that had slowly begun to show its sharp edges.

At the same time, a militant soldier who went deep into the enemy's land before Flaming Valley was also looking for his own prey.

The king of Harmony River has not had a successful hunt for several days.

His goal was the golden element blood spirit, which meant Shengjing Sect people. However, for a few days, let alone Shengjing Sect people, even the usually easy to catch ordinary gold clad celestial soldier was now elusive.

Golden City was like having a reversal of meridians. It completely changed the mode of operation and became as deep as well. Thus, the lurking in the shadow A Ye had become increasingly irritated.

"Tsk, waiting for so long is too boring, why don't I just find a city and blood-spear massacre them, and then write with blood that the killer is the king of Harmony River?"

Regarding A Ye's proposal, the blood spirit Zhou Mumu that accompanied him could only sigh. "How long are you going play this? Do you think it's fun to penetrate deeply into the enemy territory alone while being surrounded by danger on all sides?

"Not fun."

A Ye did not hesitate in his answer, which caught Zhou Mumu by surprise.

Along the way, A Ye was always in high spirit and would often laugh, which caused people to think that he had been indulging himself in this game of hunting too much that he could not extricate himself anymore. The rapturous look on A Ye's face on each successful hunt of Shengjing Sect people was by no means fake.

Yet he said it was not fun?

"War is not a joke, so of course it's not fun. Alone entering into the enemy's territory, if they make dumplings out of me, I'd lost my entire life's reputation, and that's even more not fun." A Ye repeatedly shook his head to show his stance.

This actually aroused Zhou Mumu's interest. "Don't you always brag that you're handsome and unrivaled, how come you're afraid?"

"No one can be invincible because of handsomeness, but only invincible people are handsome." A Ye softly said, "I am such a handsome guy, how could I not understand this truth? Right now, I am alone in Golden City territory, always taking a risk… but if not, how can I be worthy of my seriously injured wife?"

Upon hearing him mentioning Shaman, Zhou Mumu couldn't help but become annoyed. "I really don't know whether you're really stupid or just acting stupid. Do you think by braving this danger alone you're worthy of her? She is seriously injured, so the things that she needs the most are for you to care and be considerate of her, not on how much credit you get by bringing back enemies' heads! You already have children, yet you don't even understand this basic truth!"

A Ye shrugged his shoulders. "How could I not? She's a woman. Unfortunately, although I understand the reasoning, after a careful consideration, I really can't do it."

"You're just making excuses."

"You women always think that as long men put all their intention and effort, nothing can't be done. Unfortunately, many things that you think are easy are in fact as difficult as ascending the heaven to a man." A Ye lightly laughed. "As for me, I actually am not talented at anything. Although I am revered as the king of Harmony River, the truth is, I don't understand how to rule a country even a little bit. Farming, fisheries, cultivation of livestock, construction, forging… I don't know any one of them. If I wasn't born with a good blood lineage, I wouldn't even be as good as a small fry."

Listening to him say such serious words made Zhou Mumu in an awkward position. She would like to whisper some comforting words… but she didn't know what to say.

"However, precisely because I grew up without knowing anything that I understand this truth: if there's something in this world that I am good at, I must firmly grasp it and cherish it more than anything else. Settle down and get on with one's pursuit since I have no other things to rely on."

With that, A Ye picked up his spear.

"Fortunately, although in my childhood I was dull and unruly, I eventually found something that I am good at. And now, I will use this thing that I am good at to fulfill my wish."

Upon hearing what he said, Zhou Mumu suddenly felt that this stubborn and unruly master before her had suddenly become pleasing to the eyes.

However, the next moment, A Ye's words hit her heart really hard.

"As for Shaman, while she is recuperating, there's already someone who will accompany her, take a good care of her, and comfort her."

Zhou Mumu could not understand this at all. "Do… you know what you're talking about? Although Zhan Ziye is definitely not an immoral person, but… she is, after all, your wife!"

"That's why I must be particularly considerate of her wants, but what she wants, I could not give… Since childhood, Shaman has been reading poetry and literature, but for god's sake, I know nothing about her favorite literature. However, the wood spirit is clearly well-read." A Ye said, then his flourishing smile fell. "My special skill is to leave the matter to its genuine expert. I am not good at governing the country, so I let Shaman do it on behalf of me. Even in battle, I'm not good at commanding people, so I divide the power to the generals. This is the same reasoning that I use when I willingly act as the vanguard…"

"This is not the f*cking same reasoning!" Zhou Mumu grabbed A Ye's collar and lifted him up with one arm. "How brain-dead really are you! How could you push your wife to other people? Are you sick?"

"Hahaha, from the earliest time I can remember, I don't know how many people have said the same thing to me. I have already known that I am sick, so I would hand it over to people who are not sick."

"You… are a rotten wood that can't be carved!" Zhou Mumu let loose of A Ye but just couldn't calm her fury, so she immediately lifted him up again using her other arm. "No. Thinking about it just makes me angry. If I don't know about this, then so be it. However, since I am now aware, I just can't sit and watch, otherwise, I could never let that thought go!"

Zhou Mumu then began to mull over. "I remember you said earlier that your greatest blessing in life is to marry a good wife, do you really want to put your wife into other people's embrace? Moreover, what do you think Shaman is? She loves you so much, but you…"

A Ye said, "Shaman never likes me."


"I did say that my greatest blessing in life is to marry a good wife, but I did not say that the greatest blessing of Shaman is to marry me. The reason why she married me was that there is generational marriage pact between Eternal Tree and Harmony River, so she didn't have a choice. Otherwise, how could such a fine woman possibly marry me?"


"Although our marriage is beyond our control, after all, I use her lifetime's misfortune for my lifetime's happiness. My childhood elders taught me that I have to clearly distinguish gratitudes and grudges. If I receive kindness, I have to pay it. Therefore, I will do everything that I can do to compensate her. And now, there's only one thing that I can do…"

Zhou Mumu didn't know how to persuade him. She herself was also ignorant of the affairs between man and woman, however, she subconsciously felt that A Ye had made an unusually stupid mistake… and she just didn't know how to voice it out.

Perhaps if Wang Lu was here, he would be able to break through A Ye's ignorance, but she hated herself for not having that skill… However, even so, she was not about to give it up.

"Listen, your idea is fundamentally wrong. Although I couldn't explain it clearly to you through words, but first you have to…"

Just as Zhou Mumu began her persuasion, a green light suddenly lit up from A Ye's palm, and then a green leaf appeared.

Zhou Mumu knew that this was the information transfer spell of Eternal Tree.

However, when A Ye saw that green leaf confidential letter, his countenance turned exceptionally ugly.

Zhou Mumu had never seen A Ye silent for so long.

He always loved to talk and his mouth almost never stopped talking. However, now his lips were tight and his face was livid.

"... Now I am going to do two things."

With that, he clenched his palm, breaking that green leaf.

"Flaming Valley, I will extinguish your flame."

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