Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 416: Decapitating One Hundred People

Chapter 416: Decapitating One Hundred People

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In the deep mountain valley, Wangyue Luanyun let out a sincere praise.

In front of him, the previously serene valley was already a mess. The rocks cracked, the vegetation scorched, and the creek water was red with blood.

More than ten oh his teammates at this time were either lying or kneeling, all have lost the power to fight. Most were even unconscious with heavy internal injuries. Fortunately, there was no irreparable loss.

This was not because the opponent had shown mercy, but because before they made their moves, they have collaborated to launch the "Sharing the hardship" spell, which allowed them to share the damage that they received during the fight with anyone. This was their most powerful guarantee to avoid the opposite party from breaking their weakest link and then take them one by one. Were it not for this sharing the hardship spell, Shengjing Sect people wouldn't have survived until now.

All of this was done by one person. While his men were slaughtered, obviously, he should not bravely step forward alone. Yet, in the face of more than ten Shengjing Sect people's encirclement, he was calm and fearless. Calmly taking up this challenge, in a little bit over an hour, he beat all of his opponents and achieved overwhelming victory.

Therefore, even though Xiang Liang was an opponent, Wangyue Luanyun still couldn't help but issue a praise. This kind of prowess, in their peers, might only be comparable to that of Qiong Hua. Even the strongest among them, Jianglu, was still far inferior. No wonder although the Royal Soldier Sect had a low reputation within the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, no one could shake their position. Their fighting ability was really too high.

Through this one hour of battle, Wangyue Luanyun was already able to see most of the ins and outs of Xiang Liang.

Purely based on what was on the surface, Xiang Liang was not outstanding. Because the cultivation base of his magical power was only peak Xudan, moreover, there was a clear sluggish astringency in his magical power circulation, not at all adept—of course, this was to be expected.

Xiang Liang's actual cultivation base was already Jindan Stage. It was just that, in order to enter this immortal dream land, the Elders of his sect used a secret method to suppress his Golden Core so that he could meet the entrance condition. As a matter of fact, in addition to Xiang Liang, Qiong Hua of Shengjing and Zhou Mumu of Kunlun had also used a similar approach. It was just that, the technique to suppress the Golden Core and thus deceive the group of immortal tombs was very meticulous and fine. Even Kunlun Sect, which was very much an expert in such matters, still had inaccuracies in applying it. In order to ensure Zhou Mumu was skillful in utilizing her spells, they accidentally suppressed it too hard, which resulted in Zhou Mumu's actual combat power to be greatly reduced. And this was when Zhou Mumu had just broken through Jindan Stage. If her cultivation base was higher, it would be even more difficult to suppress it. When she reached high-level Jindan, it would simply be impossible to suppress it. This was also the reason why the sect sent their lead disciple, rather than the more senior disciples.

Royal Soldier Sect had never been known for delicate and exquisite spells. Whatever they did, the means were simple and crude, plain and vigorous. For Xiang Liang's cultivation base to be suppressed from Jindan to Peak Xudan, it was all thanks to his really solid foundation, which was absolutely at the front row among the lead disciples from the Five Uniques. If the same spell was used on Zhou Mumu or Zhan Ziye, perhaps their Golden Core would break on the spot and their Jade Mansion would collapse.

As for Shengjing Sect, there was a reason why they dominated the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, not simply because they were filthy rich. The reason why Qiong Hua's strength was above anyone else was that, when she passed through the entrance of the group of immortal tombs, she was still Xudan Stage, but now she was actually a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage… This mystery was even unknown to her Junior Brothers and Sister, but, at least they knew that Qiong Hua was invincible.

And Xiang Liang obviously had no such luck. On paper, he was probably on the same level as Qiong Hua, but in the actual combat...

Wangyue Luanyun helplessly sighed. "Heh, perhaps even three Zhou Mumu wouldn't even be able to defeat one Xiang Liang. This guy is simply not human…"

No matter how bad at fighting Zhou Mumu was, she was, after all, the lead disciple of Kunlun Sect. Her weak fighting ability was in relative to the other lead disciples. At least, Jianglu didn't have the confidence to defeat her in a duel. For Xiang Liang to be able to defeat three Zhou Mumu, his combat ability had already stepped into going against the heaven realm.

However, when he recalled all the details in the fight just now, Wangyue Luanyu really didn't feel that he exaggerated the opponent's strength.

Shengjing Sect people had long been planning for this battle. All of the preparation had been deduced and perfected since a long time ago, making it as powerful as thunderbolt. Relying on the "Sharing the hardship" as defense, Shengjing Sect people went against Xiang Lang alone, whose magical power circulation was not smooth, with their full power. In their view, the way of fighting of the group of savages of Royal Soldier Sect was most likely similar to the barbarians of Flaming Valley, courageously rushing forward after loudly roaring. And facing the superior force of Shengjing Sect, it would be a dead end.

However, Xiang Liang did not hesitate to immediately flee. While excited for the arrival of Shengjing Sect team, with his unprecedented calm mind, he was able to see the threat of the opponent. Therefore, he immediately decided to avoid a frontal attack. Xiang Liang's retreating ability in the battlefield was extremely strong. In just a step back, he managed to completely disappear. No matter what inescapable net was set by the Shengjing Sect team, they could not catch his trail.

With this retreat, more than ten spells from Shengjing Sect came to nothing. All of those spells were for single target, thus after failing to meet their target, they have no area effect such as landslide or cracked ground, and Shengjing Sect people who have been lurking for a long time actually felt a burst of tightness in their Jade Mansion, which was really uncomfortable.

From the initial confrontation, Xiang Liang always avoided charging head-on rashly, but when he made his move to begin to attack, the change would happen too fast that it was difficult for Shengjing Sect to adapt. At the same time, this change was completely unexpected that people turned their gaze towards Wangyue Siblings, hoping that these two battlefield commanders could give the next instruction.

It was just that, just as Shengjing Sect people recovered their spells and waited for the instructions, Xiang Liang came again.

He was still in his original position. He took one step forward and showed his shape, but now, there was a longbow in his hands. It was simple and unadorned, and its color and luster were pale. Its shape was like an animal bone and the bowstring was not tangible, but rather from a highly condensed magical power.

The arrow used by Xiang Liang was the Flaming Valley's strange fire poison arrow. Its arrowhead was the lava essence taken from the depths of the volcano, and its shaft was molded black stone that could withstand high temperature. Xiang Liang's action was very quick. Shengjing Sect people only saw him tread a step, nocking the arrow and pulling the bowstring. While the flaming arrow was still reflected in their field of vision, the arrow was already on their forehead.

This arrow was so fast that no one was able to respond. And after being hit by the arrow, they all felt a trace of fire was ignited within their Jade Mansion, which took a lot of effort to suppress… This was how more than ten people shared the arrow damage. If this was received by a person alone, perhaps even their Master would not be able to launch their life saving secret method in time and thus unable to withstand it.

At the same time, as soon as he fired the arrow, Xiang Liang immediately withdrew again. The next moment, the place where he stood was bombarded with spells, creating a huge pit with more than one hundred meters depth—this was the outcome of the spells cast by Shengjing Sect people—but there was no trace of Xiang Liang.

After a moment, within the woods came a muffled hum. A Shengjing Sect cultivator who was lurking within the shadow of the trees was severely hacked by Xiang Liang and decapitated. Fortunately, their hardship sharing spell was really effective that, in the twinkling of an eye, that person immediately recovered. However, since this fatal wound was dispersed to more than ten people, everyone felt pain deep in their bone.

After two consecutive moves that they couldn't hurt the opponent even the slightest bit, Wangyue siblings saw that their situation was not good. They immediately changed their command, "Everyone get together!"

As soon as their voices fell, more than ten Shengjing Sect people appeared from all over the valley. They rushed over towards the position of Wangyue Sibling with a gloomy expression.

Initially, they thought that in this ambush, they have the perfect timing, favorable location, and good coordination. However, from the beginning of the fight, everything was already beyond their control.

The reason why they could set up this perfect ambush for the lead disciple of Royal Soldier Sect was that there was a traitor in Flaming Valley. Jianglu had 'changed side' to Flaming Valley and created his credentials by giving heavy losses to Sacred Leaf Shaman and wood spirit Zhan Ziye, which successfully won the trust of the upper level people of Flaming Valley. This finally allowed him to obtain Xiang Liang's movement route.

Then he designed this ambush and made every effort to suppress Xiang Liang. Also, precisely because there were some high level people in Flaming Valley that resented Xiang Liang that both sides joined hands. As a result, when Xiang Liang stationed his troops in the valley, he didn't find that there were already people that came here first.

Regardless of that, Xiang Liang was caught in an enormously disadvantageous position.

However, Xiang Liang completely didn't need the fortunate timing, great location, and opportune situation. Alone, he could sweep any opponents.

After Shengjing Sect people huddled up together, the situation changed a bit, and none of them could be inexplicably wounded fatally by Xiang Liang. But at the same time, their ability to act was also greatly reduced. Every action and every move were now exposed under the sunlight.

The valley around them was a very suitable spot for ambush, which they themselves experienced when they ambushed and slaughtered the Flaming Valley barbarians. But now, the situation was reversed, the ambushed and ambusher have changed positions.

"Hang in there, don't forget our mission!"

Wangyue Luanyu coldly said, barely stabilizing the others' morale. She completely didn't believe that the peak Xudan Stage Xiang Liang with imperfect magical power circulation could really knock down their more than ten people team.

"Elder Sis, this time, you finally won the bet."

Lying in the messy gravel ground, Wangyue Luanyun sighed and revealed a smile.

"He really can't knock down all of us. We're all collapsed, but he's also powerless to fight anymore… Well, I know that you can't hear me, but I still want to say, congratulations, Elder Sis."

His Elder Sister Wangyue Luanyu had fallen unconscious beside him, badly injured. Just now, Xiang Liang had tried to use a spear to destroy the Yin and Yang Treasure Chest and Wangyue Luanyu risked her life to stop it. Although the treasure chest was saved, she was seriously injured.

Fortunately, their mission was ultimately completed. Because in his field of vision, not far from the lying bodies of his apprentice brothers and sisters, was Xiang Liang who was also lying on his back.

Although there was no trace of wound on him, and even his breathing was smooth and stable, but anyone with eyesight would not find it difficult to see that Xiang Liang was already spent, his strength thoroughly exhausted.

His mysteriously appearing and disappearing into the shadow skill certainly consumed enormous magical power. At the same time, in order to break their hardship sharing, just now in less than an hour, he had given everyone nearly one hundred fatal wounds! This was equal to slaying one hundred people!

The power of the lead disciple of Royal Soldier Sect caused people to feel despair. However, this had already been expected.

"That Harmony River guy should've arrived by now."

His voice has just fallen when surging waves appeared at the mountain creek. At this time, a blood-colored spear hidden in that mountain creek suddenly broke through the surface of the water and directly flew toward Xiang Liang!

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