Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 420: Just Looking for the Meaning Behind the Intention

Chapter 420: Just Looking for the Meaning Behind the Intention

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"Senior Sister Zhou, think of the bigger picture. Don't make a scene okay?"

In a secluded tree hole in the Eternal Tree, a tired and irritable Zhan Ziye shook his head. In front of him, there was a woman with a sneering face and eyes filled with contempt.

"Don't make a scene? You actually have the cheek to say that, Zhan Ziye! Good or bad, Ten Thousand Arts Sect is at least a prestigious upright sect, yet its lead disciple has a lewd desire toward a man's wife, and you want me to turn a blind eye to it…"

"I've told you, there's no affair between me and Shaman!"

"Now there's none, but if left unchecked, someday it would end up exactly like that!" Zhou Mumu stretched her finger and pointed at Zhan Ziye's nose. "Do you think I'm blind? I've seen both of you flirting with your eyes! I'm telling you, I want you to immediately break your relationship with Shaman, then I would still recognize you as Junior Brother, otherwise…"

"Otherwise, what are you going to do?"

The cold sound of Zhan Ziye caused a sudden drop in the temperature in the tree hole.

"After all, when did our relationship ever become so harmonious? From the beginning, this is a competition, if you insist on provocation and refuse to give up, we might as well settle the victory or defeat right now I have no patience for such an unruly person like you."

"I am unruly?" Zhou Mumu nearly blew up on the spot. However, by force of will, she restrained her anger and made a final confirmation. "Good, since you're this obstinate, then there's nothing to say anymore. I'll see you on the battlefield!"

Zhan Ziye, however, sneered. "On the battlefield? Are you the master here? Harmony River and Eternal Tree are bound by marriage, do you think just with your few words you can drive a wedge in the relationship between the two of them?"

Looking at the shameless face of Zhan Ziye, Zhou Mumu felt extremely annoyed. Nevertheless, she had to admit that, as long as the relationship between A Ye and Shaman was still strong, it was very difficult for her to settle her disagreement with Zhan Ziye on the battlefield. That fool A Ye was hopeless.

Half a day ago, when A Ye returned from his ambush mission in Golden City, he directly returned to Eternal Tree with Zhou Mumu to bring back his plentiful mission achievements. However, after they arrived at Eternal Tree, Shaman's reaction was far colder than expected, and the ambiguous look between her and Zhan Ziye could be seen with anyone's eyes.

Zhou Mumu was shocked, because she previously thought that since Zhan Ziye came from a prestigious upright sect, he at least would have a bottom line. But in the end… that sick person A Ye finally got his long-cherished wish!

Zhou Mumu suddenly burst into anger and recklessly rebuked Zhan Ziye's moral behavior. However, Zhan Ziye was perplexed. He and Shaman had been cultivating together, so no doubt they appeared to have a tacit understanding and warm feeling for each other. But to say there was something untoward happening between them, that was simply absurd. Zhan Ziye asked himself, as the lead disciple of Ten Thousand Arts Sect, he wholeheartedly gave his life in the pursuit of academic since childhood, how could he have the time for an affair? No matter how Shaman surprised him, she was nothing more than a skeleton with flesh to him. The two have had a close contact, but that was to wash the bones and change the marrow of Shaman, and for the entire night, Zhan Ziye just held Shaman's hand, nothing more.

Moreover, at that time, they were interrupted by Wang Lu halfway through, so the situation was extremely awkward. However, Wang Lu didn't even misunderstand him and just made a joke, yet how could Zhou Mumu be so insistent?

Therefore, for Zhan Ziye to counter word for word with Zhou Mumu was a matter of course. He originally had a general friendship with Zhou Mumu, but at this time, he was so annoyed that he did not want to yield even an inch. Meanwhile, Zhou Mumu was so angry that her immortal heart even shook: "No wonder some people said that the people of Ten Thousand Arts Sect, those nerds are shameless perverts." They lacked the opposite sex friends for a long time, so in order to experience sexual intercourse, they were even willing to do some low things. Originally, Zhou Mumu thought that those were malicious rumors, but now, it seemed like they were not groundless!

Zhou Mumu could not just let this shameless Zhan Ziye get away with that, so she directly sent a message to Wang Lu for help.

There were some things that, though helpless for Zhou Mumu, but she believed that Wang Lu must have a way—Zhan Ziye once tried to pursue Wang Lu's exclusive property Liu Li. In Zhou Mumu's view, it didn't matter if someone touched Wang Lu, but if they dared to touch his woman, Wang Lu would absolutely destroy them.

Thus, after she sent the message, Zhou Mumu just smirked and waited for Wang Lu to join her to get rid of this kinky evil together. Finally, not long after she sent the water curtain message, she heard Wang Lu's roar in her ear: "Hey you, surnamed Zhou, don't you have nothing else to do? Right now, the important thing is to build a united front against Qiong Hua, yet you told me that you don't want to share the same sky with Zhan Ziye?"

Upon hearing that roar, Zhou Mumu's beautiful countenance changed. After gawking for half a day, she bewilderedly roared back, "Y-You're actually yelling at me? Do you know what happened here!"

Wang Lu peevishly said, "What else can happen there? That's other people's marriage and emotional problem, what has that got to do with you, an outsider?"

"Y-You…" Zhou Mumu was speechless for a while. "Then you already knew! Yet you turned a blind eye to this?"

"I'm not as sick as you… Senior Sister Zhou, think clearly, this is a story set in the immortal dream land, and we came here not to safeguard the happiness of other people's marriage. Our goal is…"

Zhou Mumu angrily interrupted, "Enough! All of you are the same! Because this is not the real world, so you can do whatever you want? And you don't even care about any bottom line? Haven't your Spirit Sword Sect Elders taught you to be sincere no matter what? Wang Lu, I thought that you were a good man, but it seems like I was wrong! You are willing to collude with that villain Zhan Ziye by turning a blind eye to what he did. Let me tell you, this kind of thing, I will not tolerate it!"

Wang Lu took a deep breath. "Very well, Senior Sister Zhou, calm down a bit. I will go there and carefully explain this thing to you… Hello? Damn, how dare you hung up on my phone call!"

After shutting down the conversation with Wang Lu, Zhou Mumu took a deep breath and then temporarily suppressed her anger.

She also couldn't tell why she suddenly couldn't control her emotion.

Actually, what Wang Lu said was right. This was a realm in the immortal dream land, so whatever she did in this realm, once this story was cleared, it would turn into a dream bubble… let alone this problem indeed belonged to someone else's family. If even A Ye himself didn't say anything, what qualification did she have to interfere as an outsider?

It was just that, remembering when she went hunting with A Ye, whenever their hunt was successful, the latter would reveal a childlike innocent smile, as well as his unreserved love for his wife… Zhou Mumu felt that such feelings should not be tarnished.

In fact, she didn't really care about the five blood spirits crown. In this five spirits power struggle, there would only be one final winner. In the face of such powerful rivals like Wang Lu and Qiong Hua, from the beginning, Zhou Mumu didn't think that there was much hope for her to stick to the end. Thus, compared to the result, she valued the process more. Although she had always been rough with A Ye, and his maverickness repeatedly angered her, but it gradually grew on her. A Ye was a passionate person, and such a person could be defeated in the battlefield, but he should not be emotionally betrayed.

Knowing that all of this, in the end, was just an illusion, Zhou Mumu still couldn't help herself. Perhaps many people would laugh at her for going too deep, that she was a fool...

However, it was because she could be willful and foolish for a long time that she tread the immortal path. If even in the immortal path she must be cautious, everything must be done in a step by step manner without the least bit of joy, then she would rather not cultivate this immortality!

Thinking to this, Zhou Mumu suddenly felt that the dull golden core within her Jade Mansion once again gradually bloomed. The golden core that was forced to sleep by the secret method of Kunlun Sect seemed to be awakened. After realizing this, Zhou Mumu's mind was moved.

With that, she closed her eyes and forcefully suppressed the restlessness of her immortal heart with the immortal method of Kunlun Sect, took a couple of deep breaths, and evenly spread the magical power into her whole body. Then she opened her eyes and revealed a smile.

Not far away from her, seeing that Zhou Mumu had calmed down, Zhan Ziye loudly humphed coldly. "Are you done? For the sake of the two forces alliance, I'll consider this thing to have never happened. You can stay here if you want, I'll take my leave."

With that, just as he was about to leave this tree hole, he sensed a danger from his back. He immediately launched his thunder body and flashes of lightning appeared around his body.

Lightning was formless and substanceless, so once Zhan Ziye launched his thunder body, he would not be fettered by any explosive force. However, this time, when he launched his thunder body, he felt as if he had fallen into a cage. His whole body was under the pressure of an irresistible force that he felt as if his body was about to fell apart.

On top of his head, a diamond ring buzzed with vibration as it slowly rotated. That repression force spread out from the ring.

"Zhou Mumu, you!"

Zhou Mumu coldly said, "Junior Brother Ziye, after this is over, I will visit your Ten Thousand Arts Sect and apologize. But, please leave before me!"

"You actually dare… dare to sneak up on me!"

"Stop struggling, although I am not good at fighting, in my Diamond Ring's snare, it's absolutely not easy for you to disentangle yourself… Junior Brother, don't damage your Jade Mansion just to break free from this ring. Just let it happen. Although I despise your act, I don't want to hurt you."

"In your dreams!"

"Very well then, let's wait until your body collapses, and the mechanism will sort itself." While saying that, Zhou Mumu increased the magical power output. Zhan Ziye roared and there were more and more lightning that flashed around his body.

"Junior Brother, next time remember this, a person must have integrity."

"Stabbing people in the back, yet you want to talk about integrity?"

Zhou Mumu was silent, but her right hand flashed out. The Diamond Ring began to violently oscillate. It dropped away a primordial chaos ring of light, which gradually tightened the restriction on Zhan Ziye's neck, slowly strangling him.

Zhan Ziye did his best, but he still couldn't break free. Although he mastered ten thousand methods, he was sneak attacked by the Diamond Ring and had no way to fight back!

And just as he was about to be strangled, suddenly, the tree hole was opened and a tall figure appeared.

With the spear on his shoulder, A Ye curiously asked, "What are you guys doing?"

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