Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 422: The Person Behind

Chapter 422: The Person Behind

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"I want to fight with the master of Golden City!"


Despite experiencing several dramatic transitions just now, Zhou Mumu's spirit turned numb—A Ye's idea was still a big shock to her.

When mentioning the master of Golden City, A Ye's face was filled with eagerness, his eyes shone brightly, and the spear in his hand continued to dance.

"Actually, I want to do it from the beginning. The five kings in the realm are always headed by the master of Golden City. People say that he's invincible, omnipotent even, but I've never seen it before! As a warrior, if I don't ever experience this strongest man in the world, I would die with injustice! Previously because I have too many worries, I never dared to act on a whim, but now I have no regrets."

Zhou Mumu somewhat stiffly asked, "How are you going to fight him? Do you think he even wants to meet you?"

Without hesitation, A Ye said, "Therefore, I must pay him a visit! I will march straight from here and directly hit his capital Misty City. Let's see if he still not going to meet me!"


A Ye lightly laughed and then said, "Single-handedly going straight towards the opponent's territory, a king to a king, when I think about it, its handsomeness is simply against the heaven!"


A Ye froze his self-satisfied smile, looked back at the sluggish face of Zhou Mumu, and then somewhat embarrassedly said, "Speaking of which, I really didn't do you right. You have been following me, a dead man master for so long, but this five blood spirits crown… is doomed not to land in your hand from the start."

Zhou Mumu coldly humphed loudly. "Oh, so you realize that you didn't do me right?"

A Ye said, "So you see, that's why from the moment I summoned you, I have been totally submissive to you. Even if you hit me with your Diamond Ring, I never complained even once…"


Zhou Mumu threw her face sideway, looking very unhappy. However, in fact, she didn't have any entanglement in her heart. Like he previously thought, once she learned that the opponents were the other four lead disciples of the Five Uniques, especially such strong opponents like Wang Lu and Qiong Hua, she gave up the idea of winning. The process was more important to her than the end result.

Even though this was just a game in the immortal dream land, she would still devote herself to it. No matter whether she felt happy or sad, she would strive hard for her own conviction. This was more important to her than anything else.

And when Zhou Mumu was ready to say something, she heard A Ye said, "What will happen next is my personal battle, so you don't need to follow me anymore."

"Your personal battle? That's really nice to say!" Zhou Mumu sneered. "You are my superior, so your life and death will certainly implicate me!"

"Mm, if the master is dead, then the follower will also disappear. However, it is easier to be taken back by the blood spirit temple than to die on the battlefield. Moreover, I'm actually used to doing things alone, so if you're by my side, you'll likely drag me down…"

"Drag…" Zhou Mumu was tongue-tied, and then the fire in her heart could no longer be suppressed. She unceremoniously pulled out her Diamond Ring and hit A Ye dizzy with it.

"Now lead the way! I want you to experience the auxiliary power of Kunlun before you die!"

A day later.

"Whoa, is this the home of the master of Golden City? It's so spectacular!"

A Ye stared in amazement at the towering imposing city before him. His eyes were firmly attracted to the tens of thousands of stone steps that reached through the clouds.

Behind him, Zhou Mumu unceremoniously scolded him, "Get a hold of yourself! The Golden City army would soon come, and if you don't want to die, then move! My magical power can only hold for a few more rounds!"

A Ye suddenly realized the same thing, so he took his eyes back from those stone steps and turned around.

He saw several clusters of golden cloud rapidly approaching them from the horizon. Those were the pursuing troops of Golden City who were rushing at them in a sorry state. At the same time, there was a long stretch of blood from below him that extended to the horizon. On both sides of this stretch of blood were countless piles of corpses.

Just like what A Ye planned, he went straight to the capital city of Golden City while killing all that stood in their way.

This rampant attitude sent a strong shock to Golden City. More than ten gold clad regiments, as well as more than ten times as many regular soldiers fully encircled, just for the two of them! Properly speaking, with that amount of soldiers, they could easily crush even the entire Harmony River.

However, with his own life force as the sacrifice, the blood mark divine spear of A Ye had reached a new realm, which was not a match for any common army of Golden City. One full power strike of this blood mark divine spear can disperse one golden cloud. And with Zhou Mumu's help, A Ye could suddenly mysteriously appeared and disappeared, which made it doubly hard for the army to deal with. The huge strength advantage of Golden City couldn't play its role. Instead, due to the large number of people, they appeared bloated and thus could easily be toyed with.

The two of them only spent one day to break through layers upon layers of defense and smashed the capital of Golden City, Misty City. When the two of them looked back, everything seemed inconceivable.

They actually did it… With just the two of them, they killed their way through all of the defensive lines of Golden City!

Of course, there were many reasons for this. Such as the main army of Golden City was still in Flaming Valley engaging with their opponent; or that the elite force of Golden City, which was Shengjing Sect team, was nearly annihilated in the ambush in the valley; or that Zhou Mumu had made a breakthrough in the past one day, her dull golden core nearly renewed its vitality, which was in perfect harmony with A Ye. Well, there was also A Ye that had used thirteen blood marks in a day, which was simply shocking.

No one knew when his behavior to overdraft his life force began. According to A Ye's estimation, he could only use another eight to nine blood marks at most. However, unexpectedly, when he later tried to refine them, the more he fought, the braver he was, and the coagulation of the blood marks did not become a burden to him.

"Perhaps my handsomeness has moved the blood spirit temple that it simply exempts me from death?" A Ye laughed, paused for a moment, and then his countenance turned gloomy.

"Since I have no more worry, then I won't be polite… master of Golden City, please kindly accept this gift on our first meeting from me!"

A Ye uttered a long laugh, then he threw his spear, which moved like a flash of lightning towards the top of the stone steps.

Behind him, the pursuing troops were menacing, but he and Zhou Mumu were like a completely dried oil lamp. However, in this desperate situation, A Ye still gave his all for the offensive, not considering his own survival at all.

How could you fear death, when you've basically died?

This spear, which took his life force, directly pierced the protective array wall that surrounded the city. A crisp cracking sound echoed in the sky of the capital city as the spherical shield loudly shattered into pieces. In a split second, gold, silver and pearls fell down like rain. The great array that had shielded the capital city for hundreds of years actually broke!

However, it did not stop the blood mark divine spear as it continued to fly to the throne of the city master.

Gasps and exclaims sounded inside and outside the capital city. For many years, this was the first time a foreign force extended their reach towards the throne! Prior to this, no one had ever broken through the defense of gold clad army.

No one believed that this attack could really threaten the master of Golden City. However, this spear strike actually meant the dereliction of duty of the gold clad army, which meant that Golden City master must use the manpower that he didn't want to use!


The blood mark divine spear exploded in mid air. Blood mist spread out from the explosion, and three golden lights flickered within it. However, this supreme spear challenge from Harmony River was finally blocked.

The gold clad regiments exclaimed, "Pure gold guard!"

Among the gold guards in Golden City, the pure gold was the most revered. It was rumored that the Golden City master had twelve extremely close personal guards. Each one of them was comparable to the tyrannical strength of the gold clad army. Today, this was the first time people witnessed these pure gold guards made their move.

A mere three people were able to team up and block the blood mark divine spear—the pure gold guards truly deserved their reputation. This greatly inspired the morale of Golden City. The crowd scrambled to rush forward, for fear that the credit for killing the master of Harmony River fell into the hands of others. However, they only saw a blur, and the two people, master and follower, in the blink of an eye, had flashed over a long distance, directly passing through the heavy encirclement and arriving under the stone steps of the misty capital!

It turned out that the main purpose of the previous spear strike was to break through the great protective array that shielded the city, which created a path for Zhou Mumu to launch her spell.

"Good, the throne is already in sight!" A Ye growled with excitement. At first, those ten thousand stone steps seemed unattainable, but now, their target was already around the corner.

The meeting with the master of Golden City was imminent!

However, the next moment, the cloud above them turned bright, and many pure gold guards emerged from the clouds. Three, four… in the shocked eyes of A Ye and Zhou Mumu, all of the twelve pure gold guards have assembled before them, forming insurmountable barriers.

With the appearance of the pure gold guards, the atmosphere immediately became heavy. And those tens of thousands of stone steps became very long and very heavy. A Ye somewhat reluctantly reached out to retrieve the blood mark divine spear, looked up and then said with a smile, "Oh, Supreme, are you that timid just to fight me?"

"Then you'll have nowhere to hide!" A Ye roared, then his spear was once again tinted with a red color. The extremely precious blood mark had been added to the spear. The spear tip shone brightly, which was reflected at A Ye's full of vitality complexion.

Zhou Mumu wordlessly stood behind him. Her Diamond Ring shrouded the surrounding area which acted like an impenetrable barrier, a barrier that the magnificent army outside of it could not pass through.

In the battlefield chosen by Zhou Mumu, a battle that exceeded her fighting limit had entered an intense moment.

The bright red light surged endlessly. Under the support of the blood marks, A Ye was unstoppable!

"Shaman, you look really bad, do you want to take a rest?"

In the Eternal Tree, Zhan Ziye greeted her with great concern.

Shaman smiled and shook her head. The woman was pale, but insisted on her cultivation.

"There are several problems that I have yet to figure out."

Zhan Ziye hesitated. "Are… you trying to rush here?"

"Hey, you said that time is the most valuable asset."

In the face of Shaman's sweet smiling face, Zhan Ziye felt that he could not resist her gaze. Thus, he lowered his head and turned his attention back to the drawing of the spell analysis. It was the ancient secret method, the inheritance of Eternal Tree that had been passed down from Sacred Leaf to Sacred Leaf for years. It was quite difficult for them to parse it. Both of them were already exhausted from thinking over it… It was just that, Zhan Ziye always thought that Shaman's physical energy consumption was much faster than normal, especially this day. Zhan Ziye simply watched her helplessly going from full of vitality to withered… Was her dedication to academic even higher than him?

Thinking that his own master was this diligent, Zhan Ziye could not help but show a satisfied smile. In particular, the recent dispute with Zhou Mumu in the tree hole made him feel that the present tranquil time was commendable.

Could you, Zhou Mumu, a disciple who has been conditioned by the ancient relics of Kunlun Sect, understand this academic atmosphere? He thought.

Zhan Ziye felt very pleased, but he did not notice that Shaman's breath was rapidly weakening, and it was far beyond normal!

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