Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 428: I Am Definitely Not Wang Wu’s Dog

Chapter 428: I Am Definitely Not Wang Wu’s Dog

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"Hahaha, believe in Holy Light, heretic young lady of Nine Regions!"

This laughter was like a thunder in the spring, which caused Qiong Hua's mood, that had never been shaken for a really long time, to shake.

After the facial features of the youth vanished, suddenly, like a burning candle, his whole body began to melt. At the same time, the hill and their entire surrounding began to distort and deform. The grey smoke swirled from the horizon and quickly covered her vision. In the area nearest to her, the flowers appeared withered under the contamination of the grey smoke.

Everything outside and inside the Jade Mansion was exactly the same. It was as if the breakthrough by the combined primordial spirit and flying sword didn't play any role. She was still trapped in the cage of Jade Mansion.

Within the cage, the laughter of Faceless One resounded again and again like ghost, sometimes it came from afar, but sometimes it was near. However, the light that shone from the sky appeared more majestic, which attracted all the flowers so that they all looked up towards the light. The light nourished all things, and all things believed in Holy Light. This mysterious transformation between life and death incessantly emitted a fantastic charm against cultivator. The more one's perception transcended the worldliness, the more the feeling became difficult to control. However, as long as the longing for immortality was slightly shaken, one would immediately be attracted by that light.

… What a powerful illusion! Qiong Hua inwardly exclaimed in surprise.

Everything that appeared before her tried their best to shake her immortal heart. As long as her immortal heart was broken, she would immediately fall into the devil's hand.

Even though the devil from Western Continent had been weakened for a long time because of the seal suppression, but before he was sealed, he was probably one of the strongest players on Western Continent. His strength utilization and mastery of human heart had reached such a high degree of proficiency. Although she was the best cultivator among her peers, in front of this Western Continent devil, she was but a young child. Every action and every movement of her were completely under his grasp. This was really a desperate battle with a slim winning chance.

However, the more desperate it was, the calmer Qiong Hua was. She took a deep breath and then operated her primordial spirit to seal all of her five senses.

The opponent's illusion was too strong. Under the effect of the illusion, she had no way to tell whether her surrounding was true or false. Under such circumstances, the five senses would only become a drag. However, as a cultivator, she had the ability to perceive beyond the five senses and not be confused.

Back inside the Jade Mansion, although the diamond-like dazzling immortal heart was still wrapped by the holy light, it still stubbornly released its own light, symbolizing the perseverance of Qiong Hua that would never admit defeat. Immediately, the young woman began to shake her Jade Mansion. Her golden core and primordial spirit began to displace, fusing with her immortal heart.

As the trinity gradually formed, the illusion outside the Jade Mansion began to collapse.

The most persevering and tenacious immortal heart in the world that could accommodate the arrival of primordial spirit and golden core, the best golden core that could operate independently within the immortal heart without stagnation, and the purest primordial spirit that could be freely accommodated inside the immortal heart without being contaminated—this trio formed the most powerful combination.

With the unprecedentedly high degree of synergy of Qiong Hua's method, dao , and heart, the unrest brought about by the flesh had been entirely eliminated, and the distracting thoughts within her primordial spirit disappeared without a trace. In Qiong Hua's heart, only the tireless pursuit of immortal path that was left. Therefore, it became difficult for the all kinds of methods of Faceless One to confuse Qiong Hua. The illusion outside the Jade Mansion seemed like a tree without the root as it gradually withered away.

Qiong Hua retreated in order to advance, using defense as an offense. With the trinity way, she achieved an unprecedented self-purification. And along with the increasingly dazzling immortal heart, Faceless One's laughter gradually died down.


Amidst the grey smoke, a young man in red and white robe seemed to be hit by a heavy blow and involuntarily spewed out blood. Among the blood that spray, there was a bit of diamond-like sparkle, which looked so beautiful. However, for the person who spat out that blood, it was actually highly poisonous.

After spewing that mouthful of blood, Wang Lu suddenly issued a contemptuous sneer.

"Faceless, can you f*cking do it or not? An imposing quasi-Holy One can't even deal with a Jindan Stage young woman, are you being deliberate?"

His voice had just fallen when his expression suddenly changed, becoming stiff and empty. Through his mouth, he said, "What you say really makes people disappointed you know. She even used the trinity. Her immortal heart's radiance can even directly shine into the opposite side's immortal heart, just like a poisonous attack. Even your Non-Phase Sword can't block it, what do you think I can do? Even if I am a true Holy One, relying on your body's negligible magical power, how could I come up with even more tricks? Not only its nature is at odds with me, its amount is also less… By the way, do you have any interest in believing the Holy Light? If you are willing to convert to Holy Light, and then transform your whole magical power and primordial spirit into a type of Holy Light, perhaps I might be able to do something about it."

Wang Lu's face showed a vigilant look. "... If I hadn't known that you had been taught by my Master to be a loyal dog, I would've flushed you along with this suggestion right away."

Then his expression became cold again, but the voice was still vivid in its rhythmic change. "Those are not the appropriate words. I have not been trained by anyone, but instead was awakened from the heart, and I realized that it is my true mission. And for my mission, I can put down the so-called enmity. Moreover, as the most faithful executor of the Holy Light, there's no personal enmity to be made in the first place."

"... Your so-called mission is to serve my Master?"

"Correct, my existence, my everything, all are in order to carry out her will. You are her disciple, and since she handed me to you, naturally I will give you a helping hand at the crucial time. So, at this moment, I will do my best to help you."

"... I now really want to know what my Master has really done to you."

"She showed me the truth."

"Oh? Is her truth something along the line of D cup?"

"Wang Lu, although I understand the close relationship between you and her, but in front of me, you best put away your disrespectful behavior toward her. Otherwise, I'll let you deeply appreciate the price of blasphemy."

"Come on, I've been with her in a Master-disciple relationship for years, so I've already touched her more than once."

"... I really hate you."

"But you still have to help me do things. Now I want you to take Qiong Hua down! Otherwise, when she comes around, she'll definitely kill me. And since you're currently possessing me, it would also be a dead end for you. Thus, your plan to be loyal to the queen would be finished!"

"I now feel that it would be better for her to get rid of you, so that she could take another disciple… Well, now that Qiong Hua is basically immune to illusion, no matter how brilliant it is, a change of tactic is necessary. The initial forceful possession to teach her humiliation plan has to be abandoned."

"Mm, although it is a pity, but reality matters. Let's just change to the next option, stalling for time. Stall for time until the situation changes for the better."

"Agree. Although the trinity is highly pure, its slow reaction to external thing is its fatal weakness…" Faceless One slowly explained by borrowing the mouth of Wang Lu. Then he raised his right hand, and a river of Holy Light flew out from it. It was like a beautiful ribbon. The end of the ribbon expanded and turned into a large river with big waves. This large river then moved upward towards the peak of the hill, and then wrapped Qiong Hua who stood at it.

The river of Holy Light was mighty and turbulent, but the motion of all things touched by the river became extremely slow. This was actually the result of an extremely clever skill of Faceless One, which basically simulated the river of time. To simply put, manipulating the time on a small scale!

Qiong Hua's self-purification made her immune from evil illusion and invasion, but at the same time, she was also highly self-contained. Under this condition, although it was difficult to hurt her, she could be trapped in a special way.

"Good, washed with this river of history, at least she wouldn't be able to see the difference in three days. But after three days…"

"Humph, after three days, whether the Eternal Tree has any reaction or not, it doesn't matter." Wang Lu uttered a sneer and then frowned. "The next step is to solve my own problem. Faceless, take control."

In the mysterious realm, Qiong Hua didn't know how much time has passed.

The high degree of integration of Golden Core, Primordial Spirit, and Immortal Heart was actually an immortal level method inherited by Shengjing Sect from before the Age of Chaos. In thousands of years, only a few people were able to practice it, and those who did all have earth-shattering power. At present, the immortal path was in a decline, but although Shengjing Sect was revered as the number one sect in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, within the sect, only Qiong Hua alone could use this method.

Under this fusion state, Qiong Hua was immune to all kinds of invasion, because in every moment, there was the simultaneous integration of the three forces in each move, and all of them had great power… Unfortunately, Qiong Hua's practice time of this method wasn't long, so this trinity state wasn't really smooth, thus, it could only defend but not attack. Otherwise, taking advantage of the collapse of the illusion, she could immediately launch her counter attack. If she launched her sword in her powerful fusion state, no matter if Wang Lu's Non-Phase Sword suddenly became several times stronger, he would still be defeated without a doubt.

However, right now, Qiong Hua had gradually regained the initiative. Until the end of the fusion, she still had the absolute advantage—she had already grasped the illusion from the other side, thus, she would not be confused the second time.

Without the illusion, what could a Xudan Stage lead disciple of Spirit Sword Sect and a Western Continent devil who barely managed to maintain a feeble existence do?

However, suddenly, Qiong Hua's immortal heart trembled and the fusion state of the three came close to collapse.

Her intuition told her that a huge crisis was imminent. This sudden outburst of alarm even shook her immortal heart.

What crisis in this world could threaten her so seriously? Just now, even the devil of Western Continent was not enough. Could it be… Impossible, it should not be possible to do it!

With this in mind, Qiong Hua began to dissolve the fusion state and started to unblock her five senses.

When she opened her eyes, she was shocked by the setting sun.

In her impression, the showdown between her and the devil of Western Continent at most only lasted for about two hours, and the fight started before noon, so how could it suddenly turn evening?

However, she had no time to think it through because from afar came the fluctuation of terrifying magical power, which attracted all of her attention.

Behind the countless mountains, a big tree that shrouded the sky shook, pulling the entire world with it. Countless roots that tied together to form thick and powerful legs rose up and then loudly fell, sending waves of water from Harmony River to the sky.

The violent tremble seemed to overturn the earth and flip the sky. And the shockwave was transmitted miles away into the distance, which caused the people's footing to be unsteady. At the same time, rain fell from the sky, which was the water of Harmony River that was previously sent to the sky.

When the Eternal Tree moved, there was such power. However, why did this Eternal Tree suddenly move when previously it had always been silent?

At this time, two tender but angry voices, accompanied by the stretching of the branches and leaves of the Eternal Tree, resounded throughout the world.

"Gold spirit, prepare to die! We are going to avenge Uncle Ziye!"

Upon hearing this remark, Wang Lu couldn't help but laugh.

Senior Brother Ziye, I'm really sorry. Those words that I told you at that time were not intended to force you to kill those two children...

But rather to hound you to death. Sure enough, you really died, hahaha!

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