Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 43: New Pet

Chapter 43: New Pet

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The news about the brutal looting of the Small Clear Sky Peak quickly spread inside the sect’s inner circle.

This time, the repercussion was quite severe. The furious second Elder Liu Xian quickly pulled the Disciplinary Elder Fang He by the sleeve and directly flew onto the Stellar Peak to make a case in front of the Sect Leader.

The Sect Leader couldn’t help but ruefully smile as he listened to his two Junior Brothers’ argument and watched their towering rage. In the end, he had no other choice but to declare his order to detain and interrogate the Fifth Elder.

However, a twist happened! When the Disciplinary Elder arrived at the Non-Phase Peak, the robber had actually absconded!

This was something unheard of in the Spirit Sword Sect for hundreds of years! If someone told an outsider that an Elder of the Heavenly Sword Hall had absconded with precious spirit grass worth one hundred thousand spirit stones, no one would believe that!

The only thing that she left behind was, in addition to the “innocent” Wang Lu, a letter filled with sincere feeling of repentance.

“To Senior Brothers, Junior Brothers and Junior Sister: I was wrong, really wrong… After a night of repentance, I profoundly understood my sins. From this day forward, I will wander around the Nine Regions to do good deeds wherever and whenever I can, making amends for my own greed. Please don’t look for me before my sins are cleansed. Signed: Wang Wu.”

Looking at this written-with-blood letter, Liu Xian and Fang He almost choked in anger. The mischievous fellow had never changed in this one hundred years! She was always a f*cking devil! However, things have gone this far, but what else could they do? Should they dispatch the Elders of the Heavenly Sword Hall to hunt her? It was not as if it was an especially grave sin either. And most of all, the Sect Leader had told this matter to the master of the Clear Sky Peak, who was still in the distant Eastern Region. That person brushed this matter off with a chuckle and said, “It’s okay, we’re all brothers and sisters. If she wants some herbal plants, she just needs to ask me and I will give it. No need to muster such a large force; it’s too excessive for Fifth Senior Sister.”

The master of the Clear Sky Peak was known as an incredibly kind cultivator. Since even the owner of the robbed place had given this sort of reply, they had no choice but to let this matter go.

What about Wang Lu? The Elders didn’t make things difficult for him. Firstly, he had made a tremendous contribution to the sect by saving the lives of his fellow disciples on the trip. And secondly… Two years ago, they had let him become the Fifth Elder’s disciple, so they should've expected that something like this would happen. This was the consequence of their own action, so they felt bad if they make things difficult for a child like him.

After the dust had settled, it became business as usual again in the Spirit Sword Sect. Except in the Non-Phase Peak where, in the absence of its master, Wang Lu’s daily habit of cursing his Master behind her back had also come to an end.

Although the Fifth Elder had left a seemingly sincere letter of repentance, it was obvious to Wang Lu that she was just looking for a place to refine the drugs and sell them.

Of course, before his Master left, she didn’t forget to leave him a box which filled with twenty bone strengthening pills to supplement his training, which was enough for Wang Lu to use during his training course. Moreover, she had also written down the complete training method for the next stage of the Non-Phase Sword Bone, so that Wang Lu could study it by himself.

Since he already had the drugs and the written method, Wang Lu no longer cared for this perpetually lazy Master and went back to his daily routine before this—an easy and comfortable life.

However, in less than two days, some people actively seeked him.

As it happened, there was no class in the Teng Cloud Hall that day, so Wang Lu was planning on sleeping until the afternoon. However, just as he finished his breakfast, he heard someone knock on his door. When he opened it, that person turned out to be Zhu Qin.

Towards this person that he had spent his last two years bickering with, Wang Lu was actually far from loathing him. But, upon seeing him at that moment, he had an uncontrollable impulse to quip.

“Are you here for another round of tongue lashing?”

Zhu Qin initially had a forced smile on his face, but upon listening to Wang Lu’s taunt, he immediately became annoyed. “You…”

But before he could say his next words, a pair of strong palms patted his shoulders and interrupted him.

“Senior Brother Wang Lu, please forgive us for disturbing you.”

When he turned his glance to the side, he saw a black and white dressed Yue Yun in an amiable smile. There were also Huo Ying, Yue Xinyao, Wen Yin, and Wen Bao… All of them were the people who went on the recent trip to the Clear Sky Peak together with him.

Seeing this line-up, Wang Lu immediately knew what their intention was; he sighed. “Did you climb all the way to me early this morning just to thank me?”

Yue Yun said with a smile, “Yes, it’s precisely that. We came here to express our gratitude. A few days ago, I was still in the Misty Peak recuperating from my injuries, so it was difficult for me to walk. Today, as soon as I was able to walk again, I immediately convened everyone together. I hope Senior Brother Wang Lu won’t blame us for being late.”

“You want to come earlier? In the middle of the night to call the chicken [1]?” Wang Lu peevishly said, “Fine. You’re welcome. If there’s any gift, just put it on the ground. And if there’s nothing else, then please leave.”

Huo Ying became upset. “What’s with this attitude? We came here to sincerely express our gratitude. Other Successor Disciples are not as arrogant as you.”

Wang Lu thought, “This is not arrogant, but grumpy for being disturbed by someone so early. If you don’t understand this, I’ll visit your room tonight to call the chicken, so you’ll understand.”

Yue Yun was the most sensible one. “Junior Sister, you misunderstood. We came here too early and disrupted Senior Brother Wang Lu’s rest. We are really sorry.”

Yue Yun’s courtesy and thoughtfulness made Wang Lu unable to vent his anger. Finally, he decided that after these visitors left, he would visit his “neighbor” the black bear.

After exchanging some pleasantries, Huo Ying, Zhu Qin and the rest, one by one, expressed their gratitude to Wang Lu and left behind their respective presents. Most of which were drugs or magical tools. However, Huo Ying actually gave him a set of Cloud Thread, which was a grand seventh rank magical tool; this could be considered as the best quality item for a cultivator in the initial stage of Qi Cultivating Stage.

As for Zhu Qin, he simply gave Wang Lu one hundred spirit stones. Although it couldn’t be considered as a small amount, the meaning behind it was exceptionally dubious, like jeering the opposite party as a poor person.

Wang Lu accepted them all one by one and, after the pleasantries had been over, Yue Yun and the rest began to leave. However, at this time...

“Um, Senior Brother Wang Lu, can I talk to you about something in private?”

Wang Lu was taken aback. Because the person who stayed behind was actually the most unremarkable one amongst them, Wen Bao the fatty!

Speaking of this fatty, two years ago in the Immortal Gathering, a lot of people didn’t expect too much of him. Although he possessed a second rate Earthly Spirit Root, he was a coward with ordinary intelligence. Two years later, Wen Bao’s cultivation progress seemed to confirm people’s low expectation of him. Although he possessed a respectable second rate Earthly Spirit Root, regarding cultivation level, even Zhu Qin was slightly better than him; he was more comparable with the outer court disciple, Yue Xinyao.

If people were to tell what were his strong points, it would be his honesty, simple-mindedness and benevolence. However, Immortal Cultivation was not “virtue” cultivation. One couldn’t become an Immortal no matter how nice one treat other people.

However, in Wang Lu’s eyes, Wen Bao actually has many positive points in his body, and he wasn’t as unbearable as a certain someone.

For example… He was very fat! Two years passed by and he was actually fatter than before! As if his body refining incomprehensibly increased his roundness rather than decreasing it!

Being sized up by Wang Lu with interest, Wen Bao began to sweat out. Two years ago, he was already afraid of Wang Lu. Two years later, although they were already fellow disciples, he couldn’t be like Zhu Qin who had the courage to hurl insults at Wang Lu!

Moreover, three days ago in the trip to the Clear Sky Peak, Wen Bao’s deep-seated fear of him became even deeper. And now, standing before Wang Lu, he had almost spent all his courage just to take the initiative to talk to him.

Fortunately, although Wang Lu was kind of impatient to others, he still found it amusing to tease Wen Bao. “What’s the matter? Just say it.”

Wen Bao was startled and hurriedly said, “I-I-I-I-I want t-to-to-to cultivate with you, Senior Brother!”

Wang Lu went silent for a long time, and his face gradually turned hostile. “You want to do a double-cultivation with me? Very imaginative, you dead fatty.”

Being coldly looked at by Wang Lu, Wen Bao’s knees went soft, and he almost fell on the ground. “N-n-no, what I mean is, could Senior Brother Wang Lu guide me in cultivation?”

“Oh, you want to acknowledge me as your master.” Wang Lu withdrew his hostility. “Why do you want that? You don’t find Martial Uncle Liu Xian’s teaching good enough?”

While talking, Wang Lu moved over a bench for Wen Bao to sit.

Wen Bao quickly sat down and began to explain, “It’s not that Master’s teaching is bad, but rather he seldom had the time to teach us personally. So, all this time, I mostly received instructions from several Senior Brothers. Unfortunately, I was too stupid and thus, have very little progress.”

“And then what? If your Senior Brothers in the Misty Peak couldn’t teach you, do you think I, who is still in the second level of the Body Refining Stage, could successfully teach you?”

“That’s not the same!” Wen Bao shook his head. “Senior Brother, although your cultivation level isn’t high, considering that you were able to defeat that Full Moon Roar, your martial art is real!

“Good, very insightful, but still useless. You can’t learn my martial art; it’s an entirely different method.”

Wen Bao said, “I know that I lack in talent and thus, certainly couldn’t learn your martial art. But, Senior Brother, just like in the Peach Blossom Village, you can point me in the right direction. I-if you are willing to help me, then I… I won’t hold other people back anymore.”

Speaking to this, Wen Bao became dejected. It was obvious that his slow progress in the past two years had given him such a huge pressure.

However, upon hearing his plea, Wang Lu was instead quite surprised. He thought, “This fatty is not a fool! He knows that when he meets an insurmountable obstacle, he needs to find a way around that. Moreover… it’s a way that is suitable to him.”

Three days ago, in their trip to Clear Sky Peak, Wang Lu had personally seen this fatty displaying his martial arts. He was able to brandish a heavy black iron sword like it was just a thin branch. Although it was without any form or flow, his power was deeply profound—no defense couldn’t be overcome. However, this dead fatty was even slower than a pig, so it was hard for him to hit any moving target. Moreover, his sword move has no defense at all. Like a buck naked person, even a kitchen knife could kill him.

With such a “wonderful” martial arts and performance, it was easy to doubt the sincerity of the Misty Peak to train their disciples. However, in Wang Lu’s opinion, the growth path of a person depended on one’s talent! This dead fatty has the second-rate Earthly Spirit Root with enormous innate power. Thus, generally speaking, the most suitable cultivation method for him was the one which focused on defense; he could become a great tanker! However, once one took into account of Wen Bao’s timid character, no one would feel comfortable to assign him that role.

However, was this dead fatty really that hopeless? Not necessarily. After two years had passed, not that many people remembered his incredible performance in the Cloud Wave Map - The fatty came out of the Cloud Wave Map after he, Wang Zhong, Hai Yunfan and the three idiots. Hidden behind his fat face’s indecision was a powerful explosive force, which if it could be fully unearthed, would become a perfect match for the “Black Iron Sword” [2] swordplay.

Unfortunately, even after these past two years, the Misty Peak failed to uncover Wen Bao’s true potential. Even though he had undergone a strict training regimen, the fatty was still a fatty; not only he did not turn into a fierce warrior, he even degenerated into one resembling a flabby house pig.

Currently, even the Carefree Peak disciples began to suspect that the Elders were wrong in their decision to accept him as they considered him to be a waste. However, Wang Lu was very clear that it was simply because the Misty Peak’s teaching method of him was incorrect.

If he, Wang Lu, had been the one who handled him, this fatty would’ve resembled a human in no time. But now, this fellow ran to him to seek help; although a part of it could be said as a desperate move, it was actually a clever one.

Not only did Wang Lu has the means to help him, but he also has the willingness to help.

The reason for that was because, one: although they rarely interacted in these past two years, the fatty was a kind, thoughtful person with a fantastic etiquette, so there was no bad blood between them.

Secondly, currently, Wang Lu needed a person like him in his cultivation. The next stage of the Non-Phase Sword Bone not only needed to be supplemented with the Bone Strengthening Pills everyday, his entire body needed to be slammed by an object with a powerful force. Furthermore, according to the note left behind by his Master, this powerful force should suffice to kill an ordinary person in an instant.

Thus, this time, Wang Lu generously nodded his head. “So, you want me to teach you martial arts, huh? Okay.”

Wen Bao could not believe his ears. His little eyes widened, and he severely pinched his thigh until his whole body trembled in pain.

Wang Lu laughed. “Of course, there's one condition.”

The fatty nodded again and again. “I understand, I understand. As long as you, Senior Brother, are willing to teach me, I will do anything.”

As soon as he said that, a trace of fear flashed through his eyes as if Wang Lu would give him an impossible condition.

Wang Lu chuckled. “Don’t worry, my condition is not that hard, only a little. From now on, you have to treat me as your Master.”


“No need to kowtow and do the obeisance ritual. However, you have to listen to everything that I say, just like you obey your Master’s order. It’s as simple as that. Can you do it?”

Wen Bao was overjoyed. “No problem, no problem! Senior Brother is willing to teach me, not only will I regard you as my Master, I will also treat you the same courtesy that befits a Master! No matter what you say, I will do it!”

Wang Lu smiled and thought.

“Very good, I’ve acquired a new pet: Wen Bao.”

[1] Slang for visiting prostitute.

[2] Refer to the Yang Guo’s heavy sword in the novel Return of the Condor Heroes.

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