Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 430: The End of the World

Chapter 430: The End of the World

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When the two words Immortal Dew printed on the sword body changed into Kill Immortal, it was as if an invisible force was suddenly released. Between the heaven and the earth, the spiritual energy violently moved in an ever-changing way. The whistling of gale fled along the gap between mountains, the billowing dark clouds from the horizon gathered and dispersed, and the lightning snaked through the layers of clouds.

Qiong Hua quietly presented the Kill Immortal sword. Her mind was like an ancient well, waveless, totally without any emotion. The sword qi trace of the Kill Immortal sword wound around her body so that all external forces could not invade it, and also could not disturb her state of mind.

The Kill Immortal sword was one of the most famous immortal treasures in the Nine Regions prior to the Age of Chaos. Its immortal treasure rank was not just in name, but also reality, such that even in the true immortal world, it was really hard to withstand its sharpness. It was just that, as time went by, the Big Dipper has turned and the stars have moved, so now, the immortal aura of Kill Immortal sword had almost completely dispersed. As of now, it only remained in the form of sword kernel, similar to a dried corpse, its magical ability and power quite possibly have been nearly exhausted. By chance coincidence, Shengjing Sect found this sword a thousand years ago, but it couldn't be used freely.

Qiong Hua obtained the Kill Immortal sword from the sect Elder, becoming her personal collection. Day and night she refined it until finally, when she broke through Jindan Stage, the Kill Immortal sword was integrated into the sword platform in her Jade Mansion. She then used her boundless potential to help it regain its vitality, turning it into the basic shape of Immortal Dew. Although it was still far from its prowess in its heyday, it was still an extremely rare spiritual treasure.

Until this time, when Qiong Hua picked the Kill Immortal sword again, even with her current stage, she could not freely use the power of Kill Immortal sword and could not restrain the sword momentum that came out. And this was the huge fear of the sword cultivator. The sword must be quick and agile, how could it be as rough as an ordinary ax?

However, at this moment, Qiong Hua didn't really need any precise control.

Because the target was simply too big that even if she purposely tried to miss it, it would still be difficult. This thought brought a slight chuckle to Qiong Hua as she lifted the last seal that she could unseal.

The picturesque landscape was re-attached to the wall of the Jade Mansion, and the clear spring that came down from the mountain had completely vanished.

The Immortal Dew had finally become the Kill Immortal. Within the quick and agile flying sword seemed to hide a whole new world, the world of ocean of blood and raging wave.

This Kill Immortal sword was her last card in this world.

Whether you are the inheritor of Royal Soldier Sect, invincible in the battlefield, or Ten Thousand Arts Methods Comprehension, possessing the Thunder Body, or divine Non-Phase, and unbreakable Diamond… under the Kill Immortal sword, none were worth mentioning. She had been cultivating for twenty years, and this Kill Immortal sword had accompanied her for twenty years, but this was the first time she showed its sharpness.

Even when she managed to form the golden core, her magical power complete, and her mind was free and unrestrained, she never thought of releasing the Kill Immortal sword. Because Qiong Hua was very clear that she should wait for the harvest time.

And now, the harvest time had finally arrived.

The process of washing the Immortal Dew to reveal the Kill Immortal only took a short moment of time, but it actually appeared extremely long. However, when the Kill Immortal sword appeared in this world, the time seemed to stop. The Eternal Tree that had just lifted its leg in the distance, after crossing over more than ten mountains, before its stout leg composed of roots landed, it seemed could no longer relieve the earth anymore.

Because the Kill Immortal sword had attacked.

Qiong Hua's movement was very elegant and lithe. The immortal sword was famous for its killer attack—it was like a bunch of wickers as it was swung by the woman's slender arm, drawing a careless arc.

This was not Qiong Hua's mercy, but… with her cultivation time, this was the limit that she could do. The Kill Immortal sword seemed light, moreover, at this time, in the middle of the sword, there was still ten extra seals placed by Daoist He Tu, which could be excessively heavy in regard to a Jindan Stage cultivator. Qiong Hua felt that she was holding the entire world and her best effort could only result in her gently wielding it.

Because she barely managed to control the immortal sword, the direction of the swinging of the sword was even somewhat out of aim. Although the target Eternal Tree was very big, because it was separated by a long distance, the sword light of the flying sword seemed to miss by several degrees, and thus did not reach the Eternal Tree.

For Qiong Hua, this was an almost unthinkable blunder, but soon people realized that this error was irrelevant.

Along with the movement of Kill Immortal sword, a clear crack appeared in mid-air across it. The crack was narrow, from which came a pulsating red glow. It seemed like a rift had appeared in space.

However, the next moment, like a burst dam, the red glow from the crack burst out and, in the twinkling of an eye, submerged the mountaintop in front of Qiong Hua. And it continued to expand rapidly. Very quickly, it spread along the mountains and rivers.

Whenever the red light passed over a place, the place immediately became barren, with all the vitality severed. But each death aura only made the red light grew stronger, and it rapidly spread until it reached a jaw-dropping situation.

Yes, the target was so big, and even the Kill Immortal sword could not be freely handled, but so what?

Because Qiong Hua's target was the whole world...

The Kill Immortal sword was an ancient immortal sword. Its magical ability of slaughter was far beyond what ordinary people could imagine. Even if Daoist He Tu has given it heavy seals, it could still be an incredible power in Qiong Hua's hand.

She used her Jindan Stage to match with the secret method of trinity, and also used the power of the master of Golden City, as well as the power of gold spirit and water spirit. All of that combined was then poured into the Kill Immortal sword as the sacrificial offering to the temple of slaughter. And then the Kill Immortal sword summoned the ancient object of massacre, which was sufficient enough to threaten this little world.

This was not a complete world but merely an immortal dream land generated by the group of immortal tombs. Although Qiong Hua could not break the world with her sword, she could break a dream land.

The red light rushed out of the crack and greedily spread to the rest of the world, setting off monstrous slaughters. However, with every slaughter, the red light became even formidable, like the spear of a plague and could not be stopped.

If it was an independent and perfect world, in the face of crisis of extinction, the will of heaven would drop to defuse the crisis. For example, the Divine Tribulation in Nine Regions was a way of balancing the world. However, this immortal dream land was still one step away from the real world. Thus, it was unable to quell the crisis, and could only let the red light to spread and continue to slaughter to disintegrate this world.

What about the Eternal Tree?

When the red light appeared, the entire world had been put under Kill Immortal sword by Qiong Hua, thus the Eternal Tree was no longer in her eyes.

And at the same time, while the Kill Immortal sword destroyed the world, the Eternal Tree did nothing. Previously, it had lifted its foot high, as if it was about to trample all of its enemy that blocked its way. However, that step actually never fell. It just hung there for a very long time. No matter how the two angry children urged it, the Eternal Tree refused to move again.

Because the Eternal Tree already had no time to take care of itself.

In a small world where the strongest was limited to Jindan Stage, a powerful divine tree with power close to Supreme of Unity Stage in itself was enormously unreasonable. Behind its extreme power lied its weakness. And Qiong Hua has just learned this weakness.

The Eternal Tree was the foundation of this world. Its strength was supplied by the entire world. When the world was in distress, it also bore the brunt of the feedback. This blow to the world was exactly the killing strike for the Eternal Tree!

Countless charred scars suddenly appeared on its thick trunk. Pieces by pieces, its rough bark fell off, the largest of which was as big as a hill, which shook the ground when it fell. Looking up, the Eternal Tree which once covered the sky, as well as the treetop that hid behind the clouds, began to shrink dramatically. The withered yellow leaves fell like pouring rain, and the twigs at the end of the treetop rapidly deteriorated, until it turned into grey ash and faded away with the wind.

Within the Eternal Tree, billions of creatures quivered in their heart, which then turned into endless panic.

They have lived in the Eternal Tree for generations and established their own cities in the vast tree. The Eternal Tree sheltered them, kept them from wind and rain, and provided abundant resources for their production. Even if at this time the Sacred Leaf urged the divine tree to rise, the cities within the tree remained still. This was the blessing of the divine tree… But now, they suddenly felt the shelter of the tree has disappeared.

The withered leaves fell from above like rainstorm, the gust of wind that blew by its ears was a storm that hurt the skin. Faint tremble came from under the feet, which made it unstable.

The next moment, the sky collapsed and the earth split.

On the Eternal Tree, a stout branch broke from it, and at the same time, a city broke from its center. Half of the city fell along with the branch, and thousands of souls fell in shock and fear into the abyss of death

Before it even reached the ground, the red tide burst into the sky and devoured that half dried branch. The weeping and wailing of thousands of lives suddenly stopped, leaving behind a deeper fear throughout the world.

This world was finished.

It was hard to imagine that a world of hundreds of millions of creatures was killed just like that by Qiong Hua. However, from another point of view, a strong man might also die from a small wound. For this imperfect world, the Kill Immortal sword was more than just an infection—it was highly toxic.

The red tide surged, and the killing energy seemed loose. However, there was actual intelligence hidden behind it. After expanding to an extent that it was difficult to contain, it would focus on those who were strong in this world and attack them one by one.

Xiang Liang and his master, the king of Flaming Valley, disappeared under the red tide.

After the battle with Qiong Hua, Xiang Liang was at his lowest point. The king of Flaming Valley was naturally irascible and hot-headed—he abused his blood marks thus no longer had enough to heal Xiang Liang. And in the face of Qiong Hua's world destroying blow, Xiang Liang tried his best until he exhausted all of his abilities, then he silently chose to leave.

In addition, the Harmony River was also the focus of the red wave. This country, which was sheltered from wind and rain for many years by A Ye, finally could not escape their fate. The clear river was stained with red blood, and all the vitality was annihilated.

The slaughter of Kill Immortal sword lasted for three full days.

Three days later, the world was clean and devoid of living. Qiong Hua nodded lightly and put away the Kill Immortal sword.

As the Kill Immortal sword returned to the sword altar within her Jade Mansion, the red tide throughout the world also began to converge. Compared to when it appeared, its killing power has been inflated by an unknown amount of time. The hundreds of millions of souls in this world had turned into the nourishment of the Kill Immortal sword.

However, this was also the primary purpose of Qiong Hua.

Five blood spirit crown? Compared to this immediate gain, it was simply too small. As the lead disciple of Shengjing Sect, what kind of rare treasure she could not get? What kind of method did she lack? In addition to the ticket to enter the next round, she actually did not care about the trial's reward in the immortal dream land. If she wanted to, she could take it herself.

Of course, this world destroying blow was in fact something that she was quite reluctant to use. To perform the ritual to launch the Kill Immortal sword, she had to offer the throne of Golden City, as well as the power of gold spirit and water spirit. All of these and she barely managed to draw the ancient object of slaughter, which narrowly implicated her.

According to her original plan, it was best to first occupy the power of the three forces before launching the Kill Immortal sword. But facing Wang Lu's step by step pressure, Qiong Hua must take this risk.

Fortunately, everything went back on track, and she finally completed this ring.

With a trace of smile, Qiong Hua was ready to leave. She didn't care about the five blood spirit crown, and moreover, this world was already devoid of life, so it was uncertain whether that blood spirit temple still existed or not.

However, at this time, a familiar voice suddenly sounded from behind her, which fiercely shook her heart.

"Senior Sister Qiong Hua, don't leave just yet."

Turning around, there was Wang Lu's brilliant smile.

And in his clear eyes, a perfectly round golden core was rotating!

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